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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani recalling Sambhav’s tortures and crying. She washes her face and says what did I get doing all this, why am I doing this, if I bear all this, what will I teach my daughter, that women have no courage to fight for them and raise voice, men can torture them anytime, no Suhani, its enough now, I have to fight and end that devil, its enough………..

Yuvaan talks to Suhani about being courageous. She gets encouraged by his innocent words. She asks him to go and sleep. He says I m feeling itching, I want to remove this watch. She stops him and asks him not to remove watch, Sambhav gave him by love. He promises he won’t remove watch. She hugs him and thinks how can I ask my son to wear this bomb watch, I have to become that courageous princess.


comes to Rags and says I m very happy and excited, I will get mad, Soumya is finally leaving. Rags asks her to control herself. Menka jumps on the bed happily. Menka shows some pics. Rags says pics are good, our work will be done by this. Menka says I can’t wait. Rags says not now. Menka says I will go. Rags stops her. Menka falls. Rags says I m stopping you, as right time did not come, we have to wait. Menka asks whats her idea. Rags says wait and watch Menka…….

Suhani sits sad and thinking. She gets a call from private number and thinks its Sambhav. She answers. Yuvraaj tells her that he is Rj Aman and asks her to celebrate friendship week with them. She says I don’t want to. He asks her to play for his friends, he will tell a word and she can tell whatever comes in her mind. She says I m feeling sleepy. He asks her does she not believe in friendship. They play a game. She says her friend is Yuvraaj. He smiles and wishes her happy friendship day. The call ends.

Sambhav comes there and asks whose call was it. She asks him to check it. He checks phone and sees private number. Yuvraaj says if Suhani has to keep friendship with me, why did she ask me not to call her, there is something fishy, is she hiding something, what is it, I can’t stay without knowing it. Yuvani comes and laughs asking why is he talking to himself, he looks so funny. He thinks he should talk to Suhani clearly and end this confusion.

Sambhav comes to room and gets his locker. He gets some remote device from it and keeps it back. He closes the locker by code. He leaves. Suhani was hiding under the bed. She comes out and checks the locker. She could not open the locker by right code and keeps it back. She opens the door. Sambhav asks when did she come in room, he just went. She lies she was in bathroom. He goes.

Menka gives books to everyone and says we will do aarti by reading this book today. Rags and Menka smile. Everyone open the book and get shocked seeing Soumya and Sharad’s pic. Sharad and Soumya get shocked too. Dadi gets angry. Sharad asks whats this new drama. Yuvaan asks Sambhav for a happy road cake. Pankaj got that for me. Lata says that shop is far. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to get it. Sambhav says I don’t know where is that shop. Yuvaan says I will call Yuvraaj, he has car, he will get cake for me. Sambhav says don’t trouble Yuvraaj, I will get cake. Yuvaan gets happy. Sambhav asks him to wait, and goes to get cake. Yuvaan goes and hugs Suhani. She thanks him. He asks why, if you are sad and will get happy by happy road cake, I can get that, I promise I will not lie again. She hugs him and says I have to do something.

Menka asks everyone to see now. She asks Soumya does she have any answer now. Soumya worries and tells Dadi that she did not do anything. Dadi says shut up Soumya. Soumya says Sharad say something, its not like this. Sharad asks who clicked the pics. Rags says that does not matter, pics are saying true. Sharad says no, I was just helping Soumya is fixing lights, so Menka and Rags clicked pics. Menka asks him not to blame them. Dadi asks Soumya to say one genuine reason for which she allows her to stay here, else be ready with your bag. Soumya cries.

Yuvraaj says you lied to me, now I have to know truth, you say when we talk, we can find any problem’s solution. Suhani says yes, I lied as I love you, leave from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. NAPSHa J

    The precap.. Awww… No words.. 🙂 :*
    I just wish it won’t be a dream sequence..

  2. Yaa…even im waiting for it since ages!!!…but this sahil matter is only running through my brain…not able see it wholeheartedly. thinking that its only for few days..

  3. Kya bakwas serial hai yr? always viewrs ko irritate karne ka hi bahana dundthe rahathe writers.dud u find any gud reason for soumya character in the serial from first episode to til niw? Pls dnt make a girls chaeacter as sooi cheap. make sambhav nd soumya a pair.uf u dnt hav any story then end d serial.dnt waste the audiance tym wuth d bakwas concepts like this.

  4. If the leap rumors are true then I think Suhani will kill Sambhav and go to jail. when she comes back, Dadi would’ve spoiled Yuvani or both Yuvani and Yuvaan…..I would absolutely hate that….

    1. NAPSHa J

      If that happens, it will be like SNS.. Yuvaan and yuvani would be hating suhani as dadi would have told them that yuvi died coz of suhani!!
      I can’t see that..

  5. I wish precap become true not a dream n plzzzzzzz sahil dont quit the show u r best as yuvraj unite yuvani asap

  6. Gosh!!!…whats happening nowadays in ssel forums…here we ppl r crying for yuvani..and ofcourse sahil..but some ppl out there…demanding starplus for somraj..disgusting!!!….lol..without sahil howcome somraj possible…useless brains????

  7. Guys, SEK is going to telecast in telugu named as KUNDANAPU BOMMA. Which means beautiful girl.

  8. Good I hope yuvraj make her talk Wat going on with that bastard sambhav

  9. seriously no one thinks that Rags or Menka had nothing to do with those photos. Please!! I’m getting so tired that those two never NEVER get punish for any of their dirty deeds.

  10. Jab tak daadi ki mentality change nahi hoti aisa hi chalega Lids……pahle suhani yuvraj ko alag karne ke liye rags , menka ye sab karti thi ,ab sharad ,bhawna ke liye.birla house nahi badlega kyunki writers ke dimaag mein hi bakwas bhara hai.kuch achchha soch nahi sakte…..they show only women ‘s insult and abused by men…….suhani police ki, bomb diffuser,yuvraj kisi ki help le sakti hai..but … TRP thodi badi thi wo bhi down ho gai hai.

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