Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding the reporter. She asks him to delete recording and pays him money. She tells Yuvani that if Suhani sees you like this, she will create a drama, I have managed media, come, I will take you in any other event. Yuvani and Rags go with Dadi. Suhani says these clothes got fit for you Saiyyam, its like tailor made for you. Saiyyam asks the waiter to serve drinks to everyone. Suhani thinks he is a great guy, Krishna fights with him without any reason. Saiyyam says I will make a call and come. He goes and smiles. The customers drink the juice and get unwell. The kids vomit and cough. Suhani and everyone get shocked.

Yuvaan makes the boy drink lemon water. Suhani recalls Yuvaan’s similar state and asks does Yuvaan remember this. Yuvaan makes the boy vomit.

Suhani asks how do you know this. He says I learnt in hospital. Customers call police and complaint against Suhani. The men ask inspector to arrest Suhani. Suhani says give me some time, we will find out. The lady says Suhani is not at fault, her son helped my son. Inspector says we know there is some fault, Suhani has good respect and earned name by this shack, but we have to follow laws and shut this shack. Yuvaan asks why. Suhani says till food inspector comes and checks… Inspector says shack will be shut. Saiyyam smiles.

Saiyyam says sorry, I know this shack was like your baby, you would be hurt right. Suhani says yes. Saiyyam thinks I m here to fail them.

Rags talks to Saurabh on phone and tells about Yuvani’s rock performance, now we are grooming Yuvani for beauty contest. He says good, take care of Dadi, I will come back soon. Dadi says Rags, I m glad seeing you love Yuvani so much. Rags says I don’t want to talk about Suhani. Dadi says we have to focus on Yuvani, she feels bad seeing her color, we have to do something that she does not feel she is lesser than anyone. Rags asks what will we do. Dadi shows an envelop.

Krishna tells Yuvaan that Suhani will show she does not care, but it matters to her. Yuvaan says our shack will start again soon. Suhani comes and behaves well, even when she is sad. Yuvaan asks Suhani to feed him food. He sees her sad and tries to cheer her up. He feeds food to Suhani. Krishna attends the call. She says our shack is shut for some days, we can’t serve the sandwiches. The man says its my cousin’s birthday, I want it, can’t you make it at home. Krishna tells Suhani about the order. Suhani says we will make at home and complete order. Krishna tells the man. Yuvaan says I will make sandwich. Suhani says no, I will make it myself, have food.

Saiyyam drinks juice and pays the waiter. A girl comes and he asks will she have drink. She says no. He asks why are you scared, you should be happy, I m saving your mum’s life. She says but, whatever you are asking me to do, is wrong. Suhani sees the shack and cries. Pratima comes. Suhani says everything got over, my shack got shut, I got courage to fight by this. Pratima says calm down, I made my son marry a bold girl, your trust joined my family, will you never lose that courage. Suhani says no. Pratima says I have seen Yuvraaj in dream yesterday. Suhani smiles and asks what did you see. Pratima says my memory is weak. Suhani says I will go there, I will fell better. Pratima says no, you stay home and make sandwich, spend time with kids, live normal life, our shack can open tomorrow, you remember the promise to Sambhav right. She recalls her words.

She says yes, I remember the promise, I won’t let his soul get peace easily. Pratima says we will live looking ahead, Yuvraaj, you and I did this promise to each other years ago, we will fulfil this. Suhani hugs and thanks her for support. Saiyyam pays the girl and asks her not to do anything wrong. She says fine. He asks her to leave. He says life is like a sea, deep and limitless, calm, when a wave of problem comes, its all over.

Yuvani comes home and calls out Rags and Dadi. She asks them to see her shopping. Rags and Dadi hide and see her. Yuvani gets the envelope and checks. She gets glad and says I will call mumma. She talks to Suhani on video call. Suhani asks her what did she wear. Rags and Dadi look on. Yuvani says I had western day at college, and had to wear this, listen, I m selected in Miss Allahabad contest. Suhani wishes her all the best, how was your exam.

Yuvani says good. Suhani asks her to study well. Yuvani says I will call you later and ends video call. Suhani says atleast my children are happy. Dadi asks Yuvani why did she inform Suhani. Yuvani says I wanted to tell her. Dadi says Rags got this form. Yuvani asks really. Dadi says we have contest in Birla group every year, and we thought to launch you. Yuvani thanks them. Yuvani says I failed in semester as I could not give exam because of concert.

Yuvaan asks Suhani is she missing Papa, he is with Lord and seeing us. Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s incoming call, while Yuvaan is with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why so late??

    1. Coz no one watching show… that’s y they r updating late… so that we should see…. but really nonsense….. yuvraj yuvraj….. bakwaas bana diya show ko

  2. Going by the precap, has pratima and Suhani lied to the children about yuvraj? I mean what did yuvaan mean by papa is with Lord? Suhani won’t be happy when she finds out about yuvaani failing. Still Suhani believes saiyyam is a good lad.

  3. Boringgggg

  4. Devika V Rajesh

    Why so late?

  5. boring episode?

  6. rekha vaghela

    Saiyyam is Suhani and smbhav’s son. Dadi send him away after his birth. Before Suhani could know about him. Saiyam consider Suhani responsible for sending him away. He thinks that Suhani burnt his father alive so she could return to yuvraj.

  7. Most bakwaas serialjust hate it no sense in the serial at all.

  8. Wow the three yuvaan yuvaan and krishna were 6 when sambar died. Saiyyam should be at least 7 years younger. About 14 years by the story. How can the entire team director, writer and full crew make such big mistake?

  9. In one article… yuvan still believes sambhav as his father… unaware about evil sam…. what nonsense…. itna saal kya kiya pir suhani ne….. worst show in sp… what is the trp of this week…???

  10. P.N. Bhargava

    After leap the serial has become boring.

  11. He looks older then the other kids yet he should be around 14?

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