Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani rushes to the hospital. Yuvraaj asks doctor will she get fine. Doctor says we can’t say anything now, take her to OT, its police case and we have to inform police. Saiyyam cries. Dadi says we called police. Saiyyam leaves. Yuvaan says I will not leave Saiyyam. Dadi says police will catch him. Yuvaan and Krishna ask him not to go. Yuvraaj says we have to think only of Suhani now. Dadi says yes, I will manage. Everyone cry and wait. Sharad tells Yuvaan that we will not leave Saiyyam and they go. Doctor says Suhani is sinking. Rags asks Dadi where is police. Dadi says I did not call police, I want to get free of Saiyyam. Rags asks what.

Dadi says if anything happens to Suhani. Rags says you will charge Saiyyam or murder. Dadi says yes, doctor said Suhani

is critical and anything can happen, I will not let my family suffer because of Suhani. Rags says poor Saiyyam has hit his leg himself this time. Sharad and Yuvaan look for Saiyyam. Sharad says I should have agreed to Guru. Yuvaan asks who. Sharad says Bhavna, she fought with me when I supported Suhani. Saiyyam goes to temple in hospital and prays for Suhani. He says I wanted to kill my dad’s murderer, not Suhani, why does she love that man, he is not suitable for her, how does he get saved always.

Pratima says Yuvraaj everything will get fine. Yuvraaj cries and says things spoiled since Saiyyam came, if anything happens to Suhani. Pratima says nothing will happen to Suhani. Yuvani looks on and says why is he worried for mumma, whats their connection. Yuvraaj asks doctor about Suhani. Doctor says she can slip in coma if she does not get conscious else… just prayers can work now. Dadi says Saiyyam tried to kill Suhani, I will call commissioner. Yuvraaj says no, once Suhani gets conscious, we will see what to do. Yuvani looks at him. Dadi agrees.

Saiyyam walks on the road and is sad. Yuvaan kicks him and makes him fall. Yuvaan and Sharad beat up Saiyyam. Yuvraaj comes and stops Yuvaan from injuring Saiyyam. Yuvraaj makes Yuvaan away. Yuvaan says he has hit my Maa. Yuvraaj says enough, stop all this, your Maa is fighting with death for you, you are doing this here, if anything happens to you, what will we answer her. He tells Sharad that he also wants to beat Saiyyam, but what we will answer Suhani. Saiyyam leaves.

Yuvraaj says they are kids Sharad, you are mature, I m sorry, I did not expect this foolishness from both of you. Yuvaan and Sharad leave. Yuvraaj wishes Suhani comes back soon, as he can’t handle it without her. He sits crying. Yuvani comes to him. She asks who are you. Dadi says don’t know why is Yuvraaj interfering. Rags says tell him you don’t know anything, I can do anything to make Saiyyam out of our lives. Yuvraaj says I did not understand, what do you mean. Yuvani asks what are you for this family, Dadi agrees to you on saying once, how? He says actually, I was always close to this family, Dadi loves me as she loved your dad. She asks really, then where did you go after Papa’s death. He says I was abroad, teaching music. She says stop, if you wee doing job there, why did you come here, tell me truth, I want to know truth.

Someone injects in the saline. Dadi goes to the ward and sends nurse to call doctor. Yuvraaj says this time is not for all this, we will talk later. She says no, I want to know the truth, why is everything happening as you say, mumma, Pratima, Dadi support you always, who are you to decide about police case, I can’t believe you doing this as you are Papa’s friend, I don’t feel your intentions are good, why are you trying to take my Papa’s place. He says I m not doing this. She says you are doing this stay away from me and my mumma, you have an affair with my mumma, you are a cheap person who is using my mumma’s loneliness. He shouts Yuvani, shut up, you know to whom you are talking, I m your…… Bhavna comes shouting and cries. She says Suhani is getting critical. They rush. Bhavna says her breath is breaking. Krishna asks Yuvaan not to worry, Suhani will get fine. Pratima says we need to be strong. Rags and Dadi go. Dadi asks what did you do, how did Suhani get weak. Rags says I don’t know, I went to police. Baby throws an injection and smiles. She asks Saiyyam will Suhani get fine.

Everyone worry. Suhani is given cardio shocks. Her heart pulse gets dead. Yuvraaj cries and goes to her. Everyone go inside ward and cry. Doctor says she is no more. They all get a shock. Saiyyam cries and says this can’t happen Maa. He hugs Suhani and cries. He says why did you come in between, you can’t do this with me, get up Maa, please. Everyone cry. Saiyyam says I came to fight with you, I wanted to know why you left me, you have to punish me. Sharad throws Saiyyam away. He asks Saiyyam to get lost. Everyone recall Suhani.

Saiyyam shouts I will not go, my Maa died, can’t you see. Sharad raises hand on Saiyyam, and Suhani holds him to stop. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    Writers bcam pucca mad…..i want to kick them…i want beat them with a cricket bat…they made my ssel to turn crap….i hate you writers……are they serious…if suhani is dead how can she catch sharad hand …..god..pls give these writers some brain…

    1. I totally agree with u…. But they didn’t show suhani holding sharad hand …… Whatever full stupidity…. The truth is not going to come out from birlas

  2. In today’s epi I like saiyyam concern for suhani. How he was crying. I fell bad for saiyyam. already there are many villain in this serial now baby is also come. Don’t know what will happen in future? Really discusting. .???
    I hope saiyyam will be a good son . Suhani will change him.

    1. Yes too many villians…suhani is mad to help dadi again n again….ungrateful woman…everyone fight with only suhani…birla family is the worst family….y cant they bring some business rivals…aaj bhi dadi suhani yuvraj ko alag karne keliye jee rahi hain….they always show love triangle…one person is enough right…whats d use of bringing sambhav ehen there was rohan….thank god soumya died…nahi tho ek aur extra member

  3. Saiyaam made…. today to cry…. superb acting…. yuvan n yuvani too were crying….
    Yuvraj ko transformer la jhatka laga kya…. he was standing without expression…. let truth come out…. y writers don’t have better…. just dragging like elastic….. stupid

  4. When is the truth going to come out? How many more episodes do we need to watch if yuvani badmouthing yuvraj? What are the writers trying to show?

  5. swetha kannan

    is suhani forgot her memory

    1. God I hope not! But I just keeping getting this feeling.
      That Baby and Barbie, is somehow connected. I still don’t know about Barbie coming back. It could be 2+2 =9
      I don’t know.
      But Baby dose know a lot about chemistry. Like Barbie did, you can also say that about Dadi.
      I feel sorry for saiyyam, don’t get me started on that Yuvraj, it is saiyyam faults, but not Yuvraj birla. What about Krishna, she could have told everyone that saiyyam didn’t do anything to her.
      I really hate the entire Birla Family.

      1. I don’t know about Barbie coming back. I hope Baby and Yuvaan get together. It is what the birla family deserves.
        At least Dadi well be happy, also Yuvani also like Baby too.

        I starting to find Krishna irritating, this love triangle thing is boring. I wish cvs well stop this, I don’t find yuvaan and Krishna love story interesting.
        Yuvaan like Baby, and he should be with her.
        The only reason I watch this show is, because of saiyyam, everyone else in this show I don’t care about.

  6. omg! suhani n yuvaraj shud tel d truth immediately superb epi precap was gud and got relieved

  7. I feel so sorry for Saiyyam. I felt like crying. Hate this Yuvraaj and his 2 kids. I mean why is everyone blaming Saiyyam? Why do they hate him just because he is Sambhav’s son? What did Saiyyam do? Idk why. But these episodes makes me empathize with Saiyyam only. I am glad that at least suhani now is supporting Saiyyam and I know that she can change him. Hate this Baby.

  8. Wished if Saiyyam broke Dadi’s head instead.

    1. Amalina

      Ikr same here!

    2. I agree with you. .??

      1. satie singh jee


    3. Nithu

      Im feeling the same…i thought she will doe after leap but bad luck…she dint die….

  9. Episode was fabulous…but singing the same song daily”tumhare papa ka dosth hai”….thank god suhani got up for sayyam..why these ppl r beating him daily..bichara sayyam…akhela lad raha hain…lekin ab uski maa uske pass hain.loved sayyam acting….dadi,rags inlogonke baare mein baat karna hi bekar hain..good for nothing fellows….yuvaan could have showed his emotions well..not upto d mark..but yuvani is rocking today..loved this dialogue door raho mujhse aur meri maa se….yuvani &sayyam nailed it….ofcourse yuvraj afterall she his love

    1. But I think… it was yuvani n saiyaam who nailed todays episode…..

  10. Hate this baby , hope sayyam gets to know baby’s truth

  11. What a story.really suprb.

  12. I am loving this show since Saiyam arrived, before it was boring, but now there is a new twist and Saiyyam will get to know his dads truth, Suhani will accept him and change him into a good son and also the kids know who their dad is. I bet Yuvaan and Krishna are going to fall in love and Saiyaam will start liking Krishna, there is gonna be a love triangle.

    1. Nithu

      Common yaaar there is 7 yrs ahe difference between them…

  13. the most stupid programe ever. i have almost stopped watching it. what was the use of killing sambhav if u had to bring saiyyam. and now suhani should not go against yuvraj because of sayyiam. i mean its such a silly serial. just dragging it like crazy. our minds are going crazy. stupid people. they should unite the family and for some episodes should show good things.

  14. havent seen such a sick miserable serial by now trust me which is just full of negative roles.

  15. That dadi n Rags should have gotten husbands like Sambhav, I would have like to see how they get that same treatment he gave to Suhani. In almost of the serials evil seems to win.

  16. krishna ?Sayyam

    I wish Krishna and Sayyam would start dating already

  17. krishna ?Sayyam

    What the heck when they were young yuvan and Krishna were considering each other brothers and sisters. And now a something else

  18. satie singh jee

    Saiyyam rocks again and Saiyyam and Krishna makes a good pair which will seen happen in the future My Views I only watch this show for Saiyyam and Krishna love them both in this serial

  19. ????????????????????????suhani never died in serial

  20. HOnestly, saiyyam is a 14 year old.. did the writers forget that? did you viewers forget that? 14 year olds should be in school not making love stories or be involved in love triangle or killing people. what are these writers trying to do with the youth of today? teachng them only evil…

  21. U r right fiona the writers of ssel have got mad since 4months they r creatingnonsense n throwing on many villans in one show.dadi rags n now baby.why dont yuvraj or suhani tell truth.dragging too much.n where is pankaj lataeven in suhani critical state they were not informed.saiyyam n krishna love story will not be right.saiyyam is 15 n how can he love7years elder girl.but seriously this sick writters can do anything.old ssel epiodes r so fabulous.yuvi suhani love romance n their nokjhok so cute.just spoiled everything by subhav marriange n now nothing is good.just whatching for saraj.

  22. baby is yuk. just hate this prog. it sucks. it was so nice last year but since 6months its become terrible. just hate it. only n only negative things u show. such kind of serials are spoiling our people. should be stopped or the storyline should be changed completely.

  23. i would like to complain regarding this programe where they are showing crap bullshit spoiling the people around. this serial should be banned. please does anyone know any id or group where complain can be done.

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