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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi thinking how to get Mili away. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna to play first. Saurabh takes Rags with him. Dadi says when his game begins, she will start her game. Bhavna plays and holds Sharad. They all clap. Sharad says lets start. Pratima asks them not to go out, and just play inside. They all hide. Sharad counts. Dadi says this is the chance to make her disappear, no one will know. Suhani and Gauri hide. Yuvraaj takes Suhani with him and romances. He says this was your idea to play hide and seek. She smiles. He asks her not to act to be shy. He flirts with her. She says leave me, anyone will see. He says let them see.

Dadi puts mirror light on Mili. Gauri goes and follows the light to catch it. Sharad catches Saurabh. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to leave her and runs.

She goes to Gauri. Dadi wears a shawl and goes to kidnap Gauri. She holds Gauri and shuts her mouth. Yuvraaj and Suhani hide Dadi brings Gauri outside. Suhani sees Yuvraaj hiding and catches him. She asks about Mili. He says don’t know. She would be here. Dadi takes Mili from backside and construction is going on. Suhani asks Mili to come out, and asks everyone about her. Gauri pushes Dadi. Dadi gets hurt and falls down. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to whistle this tune, maybe Mili will come out.

Yuvraaj whistles that tune and hears Mili crying. They all go to see. Gauri hides under the dining table and cries. Suhani brings her out and asks what happened. Gauri hugs her. Pratima gives water to Gauri. Sharad asks what is she doing here. Suhani asks why did she hide her, why is she crying. Dadi wakes up and looks around.

Yuvraaj asks Mili to relax. He says game over now. Pratima says I will take care of Mili from today. Suhani says Mili knows this house more than us, how can she be lost. He says maybe she went somewhere. She says something happened with her. He does not believe Suhani. She says I m not joking. He says fine, if anyone kidnapped her, why would kidnapper leave Mili then, come with me. Rags thinks where is Dadi. Dadi hears the laborers talking. Pratima sees her family pics and recalls Suhani’s words. She thinks of Mili and cries. She thinks no one is permitted here to take my daughter’s name.

Dadi asks for help. The men hear her and stop. But they leave thinking there is no one. Suhani comes to Dadi’s room and sees Pratima finding something. Suhani asks what is she finding. Pratima says I want pic, I left it here that day, you were returning from Suhagi, I went to open the door, pic dropped in Dadi’s room. Suhani asks what was there in pic. Pratima gets the pic under the carpet. Suhani asks whose pic is it. Pratima says no one, I don’t want to talk and goes. Suhani says sorry Maa, I m making your wounds fresh, but I want to unite you with your daughter.

Its night, Pratima cries in her room. Yuvraaj comes there and asks her to come with him, she taught them not to think of past pain. He pacifies her and says if we did not talk about this, why are we talking now, I know Suhani made you upset. She says no, its our past. She goes with him. Dadi calls home to get help. She shouts for help. She gets unwell and faints there. Suhani comes to Pratima’s room and sees that pic on the bed. She sees the old pic and says I will talk to Pratima about this.

Gauri sees the pic and asks why is Gauri not in this pic. Suhani asks do you know who is Gauri. Gauri says yes, I m Gauri. Suhani smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode

  2. Superb Episode …..
    Dadi is doing wrong with her grandchild..
    See now no one is der to help dadi..
    Awesome tomorrow truth vil be out ..
    Waiting for tomorrow episode…
    I think they should give new look to suhani..
    She is good
    I don’t like that evil dadi..
    How can she do vit dis vit her own grandchildren..
    No one knows about dadi evil side..
    Writers time to bring dadi evil side to yuraj…
    Always dadi vil do mistakes nd some how she vil escapes…
    Please please bring her truth now

  3. nice episode

  4. nice episode

  5. Superb epi and ya pls do give suhani a new look

  6. Yaa give new look to suhani

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