Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani crying and telling Pratima and Sharad about Yuvani getting spoilt by Dadi. She cries and says I could not teach Yuvani that nature is imp than beauty. Pratima says I could not explain Dadi, and got you here as I knew you will change Dadi’s thinking, you have to do same thing again, that time your marriage was at stake, and today your daughter is at stake, you have to change Yuvani’s thinking. Sharad tells Suhani about Devki and Yashoda Maa’s love. Pratima says your parents supported you always and you are so strong, you have to do same with your daughter. Suhani says yes, I will change Yuvani’s thinking.

Saurabh comes there and says we did not think we are repeating old things, we were so happy with Yuvani’s birth that we spoiled her, I will help

you in changing her. Suhani says I will talk to Soumya once, she raised Yuvani, she can feel I m snatching her daughter. Pratima says Soumya falls weak when it comes to her daughters, its better we do this. Sharad says yes, we should keep Soumya away from this. Pratima says Dadi will be away from city tomorrow, we can do this then. They all join hands and smile.

Saurabh orders a doll. Soumya asks for whom. Sharad says for Golu. She asks why will Golu play with doll. Suhani says why not, if he plays with doll, it means he will take care of mummy well. Soumya says fine, but I felt strange to hear this. Suhani says we let kids do anything till kids don’t misbehave. Soumya says Yuvani is not that misbehaving, she is good. Suhani asks why are you explaining then, its bad if she insults someone. Soumya sees Yuvani coming and says Suhani you mean I m bad mom, and you will take Yuvani if I don’t change. Yuvani shouts what, I will not go with Suhani. Suhani asks Soumya when did I say this. Soumya goes. Suhani says whether I m bad or good, Yuvani has to be with me.

Soumya cries and Yuvani hugs her. She says I won’t leave you. Soumya says everything changes when someone comes in our lives. Suhani asks Yuvaan to explain Yuvani, as she is like his sister. Soumya asks Yuvani not to give importance to Yuvaan, and patchup with Krishna, she is your sister. Yuvani says yes, I miss her. Soumya hugs her. Suhani says Krishna is nice girl, we have to make Yuvani like this, will you help. He agrees. She hugs him.

Its morning, Suhani sings aarti and everyone pray. Soumya brings Yuvani there. Suhani gives aarti to everyone. Suhani asks the kids to say what Krishna used to complain to Yashoda ji when Radha ji used to meet him. Krishna says Kanha ji has to get complex, its boy’s name, don’t know why mumma kept this name for me. Pratima says because you are like Kanha ji, he used to ask his mum why is he dark. Yuvaan says Yashoda maiyya used to say nature should be good than beauty. Suhani tells Yuvani that good face fades with time, but nature stays always, so nature should be good. Yuvani says you can’t look best if you don’t look beautiful. Rags says yes. Suhani asks Yuvani am I beautiful, no, anyone can become beautiful by makeup, being good person means helping others and making them smile, and apologizing on making mistakes, if you have this, everyone become your friends and you look good. Sharad gives them roses.

Krishna and Yuvaan thank him. Sharad tells Yuvani that he did not get lily. She says I don’t want, I have lily in my room. He says fine, I will keep this rose, tell me if you want it. Soumya asks Leela to make less oily food today and tells the menu. Rags provokes Soumya against Suhani. She says I don’t think she moved on, she did not forget Yuvraaj. Soumya says no, she told me she moved on. Rags says you know Suhani gets what she wants, she started changing Yuvani. Soumya says Yuvani is my daughter, I know what to do and when, Dadi loves Yuvani and she won’t allow Suhani to do anything like this. Rags says you really think Suhani needs Dadi’s permission, my work was to warn you, rest is your wish. She goes.

Suhani keeps the roses. Sharad and Saurabh get the gift boxes. Saurabh says Yuvani will come knowing I got gifts for her. Yuvani goes to Krishna and asks her to talk to her. Krishna stays annoyed. Krishna says you should behave well, why can’t you behave good. Yuvani says Dadi is eldest and she knows much, she says she should look good and that too just by makeup. Suhani tells them that Saurabh got gifts for them. They get glad. Saurabh says I got gifts for everyone. Suhani asks them to see gifts. She shows the dolls. Suhani says the doll is not of good quality. Yuvani takes doll with good looks and bad quality. Krishna asks Yuvani to think, the doll will look bad once its makeup is gone. Soumya gets angry.

Soumya tells Yuvani what to do. Yuvani throws the other doll and shows her anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys now iam not gonna ask about ssel but about yhm , can u guys pls say alia and ruhaani’s age Luke they 15 or 16 right????

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Ruhaan’s agree is 15 and aliya’s age is 20

      1. Thank u , oho so aaliya is almost adi’s age right??

  2. Pleased do not show kids being rude or spoiled because for the show’s sake

  3. saumya is so selfish. …suhani should leave the birla house. …I can’t see saumya any more…the show becomes very boring

  4. Yes, the writers are portraying the kids wrong. This track is still dragging. Suhani should take yuvani with her, or realise that soumya is putting wrong thoughts in yuvani’s head. Please bring some positivity in yuvani’s thinking.

    1. Annoying story..chihh yukk..director is a looser

  5. I dont believe such a stupid story…..

  6. When will this yuvraj come ? I hope he isnt changed. Sahil is good enough…

  7. Suhani and soumya are bestiess from childhood but sowmya never understood abut suhani…….sowmya is too selfish…..she is thinking about krishna if they leave the birla house what will be the future of krishna……

  8. Getting so sick of yuvahis attitude my kids no longer watch the show as we have never seen disrespectful behaviour before plus shows going of track

  9. o goshhhh this serial,s director love to drag tooooo much nd suhasini she is vry shameless birla houses all member alwz insult bt she lv to eat insult nd cm birla again again kick.on her…nd about dadi she nvr caught red handed n she,ll nve mend

  10. This film is good soumya vs suhani wow i like weiters drag more

  11. plz director finish it now ……we,ve had enough no.more patience to watch this disgusting….give a chance to cm other choiceable serial……we r just unable to tolerate ur serial chihhhh

  12. u r ryt simz..this serial become boring u knw channels makers r bg to finish dahleez serial it is more good than this serial seem no finishing why they r going to air off dahleez they should finish this typ of nonsense serial lyk SNS,,YHM,,DABH,YRK

  13. I just hate soumya character. …and by d way she was from a vry rich family. .whn soumya in laws didnt accepted her aftr krishna death she should hv gone to her mother’s house. ..why birla house….and yuvani…she is shown such a wierdo… cant she feels sumthing for suhani…aftr all mother daughter relatn is der…

    1. yea..i too hv the same doubt since long….soumya shud hv gone to her mother’s place..

  14. Omg I don’t you soumya is teaching bad with yuvaani then how can she b a gud mother to yuvaani and when will Dadi got caught bcox suhani got a big punishment for just had a belief on sajan but Dadi did all bad thing except a right thing????????

  15. Director sir, why are you throwing your shit onscreen. Crappy bullshit story..

  16. Annoying drama plssss finish it on a happy note

  17. Can somebody please tell me where d heck is Yuvraj????

  18. Stopwatchingtv

    All this was not because suhani brought sajan for work but because dadi brought that barbie. Sajan was doing what she told him. If it was not sajan she would have sent someone else. But barbie was main person behind the blast conspiracy and it was dadi who brought barbie into birla house. And yes. Soumya’s mother is never seen at time of need. And where are suhani’s parents? How can Suhani still be good to soumya after what she has done to her daughter. Yuvani is such a spoilt brat… please show some sense in that old witch dadi.

    1. yea..u r rite…Suhani did a big mistk by not exposing dadi…she shud expose her now and let evryone knw hw she planned to kick out suhani b4

  19. Sumya is a selfish b*t*h! Suhani should slap her!

  20. Same old shitty story, what’s wrong with Star Plus, are they trying to inculcate evil and bad in human by showing all evil . Everyday evil wins. People watch TV not get more stressed out or get mad at anything . What you guys doing is really wrong. Bad examples on family life, extremely bad examples of children’s behavior and at the same time freindship. Is this the Indian culture ??? Can grand parents so all the worst things in the world and still go bad advice their children ?,,, how stupid and ignorant. If you can’t bring about a fine , better story line, let another serial come in and stop this nonsense for Gods sake.

  21. somuya is a bad parent…. she is a bad friend….. she is a horrible person, hate her shes such a witch

  22. Plse unite yuvani soon

  23. director sir please finish this story. I hate the character of yuvani and the yuvaraj is useless

  24. Yuvraj is not seen since so long becoz he is getting married,must b vry busy….so hez in leave….

  25. And I hate dat soumya….d way she look at suhani….wanna slap her…nd suhani god knowz what she think of herself…is she devi, superwomen or what…she alwayz saved dadi…so she is bearing all dis…nd datz good..

  26. Please writer plz explain why is Suhani being dutiful when the others should amend their doings.Why does Pratima need Suhani to teach Yuvani ..where were you and why did you not appose Soumya and you are getting Suhani the dirty work and look bad in Yuvani eyes??.Suhani why you being good to Soumya..she is no friend.l and now she is filling Yuvani with bad thoughts about you..please open you eyes there is no one for you …when Yuvraj comes he will side with Soumya and Dadi..Pratima will aslo become ill and side with them.The 2 monkeys bahus are useless and should be shown the door.Saurabh is strong please don’t become weak.Suhani expose Dadi stop being a one understood you back than ..why would they change now??Yuvraj is useless and weak..if he loves you he will find you..but todate he has’nt bothered so why would he now?? possibly for his son but is that not being selfish and again for his selfish needs..

  27. Soumya is well suited for the birla house, it should have been soumya and yuvraj. Not Suhani and Yuvraj. I say Yuvraj should marry Soumya, because he is at peace with her. If suhani come back into Yuvraj life again, it well be back to plotting and backstabbing again. Let’s have some peace. Anyway the actor’s that play suhani and Yuvraj don’t get on in real life, that is why the writers did this story line.

    1. No for me dere will be yuvani…

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