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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhi asking Radhe not to joke, as they all are tensed. Soumya says why did Suhani do this. Murali says even I can’t believe this. Lalita blames Soumya for eyeing Suhani’s husband, Suhani has taken revenge, see my son’s state. Suhani recalls Krishna’s words and thinks something wrong has happened, which I m unable to see. She sits and works on the laptop to check some files. She sees a shadow and goes out of the office. Someone sits on the laptop and Suhani goes out to see. She sees someone wearing black clothes. She goes to him and its Yuvraaj. He asks what is she doing here. She says she has seen somewhere near the office. He says it was him, he was not getting sleep.

She says she is confused. He asks is she worried because of Krishna. She says I don’t

know how can he threaten us if he did mistake, I have seen hatred in his eyes, which can’t be seen in any thief’s eyes, we are not catching any link. He says all the evidence is against Krishna. She says yes, that’s why we are helpless, we will see proofs again. He says I think Krishna took money seeing its big amount. She says like he is talking, I feel he got cheated and he can do anything against us, I think we should check everything again. He says fine, and they go inside the door, while the man leaves.

Its morning, Anuj asks Ramesh is there any fight between Suhani and Dadi. Anuj shows everyone the lock at the office door. Pratima says leave these keys, go to your factory office, as all the bans are removed. They all smile. Pratima says Pankaj told me. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to react to this good news. Suhani says she was thinking of the works to be done. He smiles and asks Dadi will she give them the formula now. Dadi says why not, I will just get it and goes.

Pratima asks Suhani whats going on in her heart. Yuvraaj says she is worried by Krishna’s theft matter. Dadi comes and says where did the formula go, its missing from my room. They all get shocked. Dadi says its imp for me. Yuvraaj asks Suhani does she remember. She says I know the ingredients but not quantities. She says she saved formula in laptop, I will get it as it was very imp. She checks the laptop and does not get the formula. She says someone deleted all the files from my laptop.

Yuvraaj says we can recover deleted files. Suhani says I had mailed the formula to my id. Yuvraaj says thank God you kept all the backup. Suhani says there is no mail, how can this happen, I saved it and mailed, whats happening. Yuvraaj says I know this can’t be coincidence. She gets Krishna’s call. Yuvraaj says get it on speaker. Krishna says Suhani, you might know you lost the formula, I have it, I know like you have kept money in my home, you will get the formula too. Suhani says we have seen in camera that you stole the money. Krishna says he has stolen the formula and now they don’t have anything to do, sit and think how did I do this. Yuvraaj says stop it, we will teach you a lesson.

Krishna says you did big favor by bringing Soumya back in my life, I will return the favor, I m not interested in formula, I will return it, but on one condition that my family will stay in Birla house for 15 days and they all will serve them. Suhani scolds him and ends the call. Yuvraaj says this time I will teach him a lesson. Rags sees Dadi playing chess alone and says I m sure there is something going on in her heart.

Yuvraaj says how dare Krishna call us and say he has stolen the formula. Suhani says I can’t imagine Soumya is helping him, she knew my mail id password and I felt there was someone inside the home. Pratima says why will Soumya do this, you always supported her. Suhani says she kept friendship duty well, but just got cheated by her. She asks Yuvraaj to support her. Sharad says I m with you. Yuvraaj also supports her and holds her hand. Menka smiles seeing them. Rags hears Dadi saying she can’t lose so easily. Menka comes and tells Dadi that Suhani believes Soumya and Krishna are her enemies.

Dadi tells Rags that she will not tell her anything. She says she will manage alone. Krishna and Soumya come to stay and bring their bags. Suhani and Yuvraaj are shocked. Yuvraaj says I told you that we don’t agree to this condition. Dadi says but I agree and scolds Pratima and Suhani. Dadi says she has called them and they all have to be at their service. Soumya and Krishna smile.

Krishna tells everyone that he is the owner of the house for 15 days. Suhani asks Soumya to prove her husband right that he did not do theft.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. shameless dadi… i wont blame kriya for dis… bt at the end of this trck dadi should be exposed infront of everyone including yuvraj & shld be kicked out of BH or else yuvani should together walk out of BH….

  2. I completely agree wt u Suhani nt only yuvani whole family should boycott that devil except both of her vamps(Rags&Menka)

  3. When will they get to know abt this stupid Dad, Menaka & Rags actual face..

  4. Dadi should be exposed..its too much drama going on. and its time for suhani to win.

  5. Bad show , Evry 1 knws Dadi s wrong bt every 1 in family Suports her in her bad deeds includng Suhani .nw im gt boara wtchng evn Reading written update

  6. NICE episode, expose dadi chtr fast

  7. Boring episode but it’s quite thrilling too see??………

  8. Omg well he has a point

  9. have not idea where they are going with this show

  10. dadi should be exposed in front of everyone

  11. boring….

  12. too bore chi time waste…

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