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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya making keys fall from Lata. Dadi asks Lata to give keys to her, she is going to rest now. She goes. Soumya goes to Dadi to get keys. Dadi gets the goon’s call and he tells about Leela. Soumya takes keys and goes. Dadi says I don’t care if you kill that maid, I will pay you. Suhani asks Lata to grind haldi fast, else they will lose. Sambhav says I m here, we won’t lose. He grinds haldi. Soumya opens the box and takes mangalsutra. Lata sees her and asks what are you doing here. Soumya says I m going. Lata asks her to stay here. Soumya asks do you want me to be here. Lata says yes. Rags interrupts and calls Lata. Soumya hides mangalsutra inside the haldi. She adds whole haldi sticks on it and gives that to Bhavna, asking her to grind it well. Bhavna takes the

haldi. Soumya thinks Lata wanted to see me in white clothes, I will see how Lata feels seeing her daughter’s mangalsutra broken.

Radhe thanks Yuvraaj for meeting him. Yuvraaj says your message was such, I had to come. Rags looks on. Dadi thinks where did the keys go. Soumya comes there to Dadi’s room and keeps keys back.

Yuvraaj asks what 5 lakhs. Radhe says I have need. Suhani says I just have 2 lakhs. Dadi comes and says fine, Yuvraaj I came here to find my keys and I heard Radhe, give him money. Yuvraaj asks Radhe to stay here. Rags thinks something is going on in Radhe’s mind, why is he asking for 5 lakhs.

Yuvraaj tells Dadi that Radhe is fraud, do you want to give money to Radhe. She says yes, give it as charity, it won’t matter to us, I will get money. He gets the keys and gives her. She asks how did you get it. He says it was fallen here. She gives him money and says maybe I forgot, go. He leaves.

Suhani goes to put haldi, and Sambhav stops her from helping her team. Lata says its break, rest now and have this juice. Rags and Menka go to talk. Everyone get drinks. Krishna says I did not had juice. Lata says I will make for you, Menka took two glasses. Soumya says its fine, Krishna does not have to drink cold drink. Lata says fine.

Menka gets shocked hearing Yuvraaj gave 5 lakhs to Radhe. Rags says Dadi gave him, but why did he need money. Rajjo calls Menka and says Radhe iss coming to meet me, he is giving me 5 lakhs to say truth, even if I get jail, I will accept it, I can’t live with this lie, I m fed up hearing your warnings. Menka asks shall we give the baby. Rags asks her to come to senses, what will you tell everyone that the baby was not yours, we have no way than to stop Rajjo.

Suhani asks Bhavna to make kids make haldi’s small pieces, then it will be grinded soon. Bhavna likes idea. Yuvraaj says this is cheating, you are helping by advising them. Suhani says thats not wrong. He also advises the kids. They argue. Lata asks them to stop arguing, go and sit near temple. Soumya says we will mix it this way. Bhavna says if we break it, it will be grinded soon. Soumya gets tensed.

Menka asks Rags how will we manage Rajjo. Rags says leave it to mw. They see Radhe there. Radhe says I came to meet some woman who said she will tell me about my son, what are you guys doing here. Radhe gets some message and says she is asking me to switch on tv, you both come with me. He switches on the tv, and they get shocked seeing Menka admitting everyone. Rajjo looks on and runs with the money. Radhe says you guys have stolen my baby. He gets angry on them.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she cheating. She says I m going bathroom. They argue again. She calls him mad. The box falls down. Suhani says it looks empty, there is no mangalsutra in it. Lata says Dadi had keys. Sharad says it will be at home, we will find later, come, we will grind haldi. Soumya says we will grind haldi, and puts mangalsutra in that. Yuvraaj says we will find mangalsutra first. Suhani says its puja mangalsutra, how did it get stolen, where were Rags and Menka. Rags says you are blaming us. Menka says we did not do anything. Soumya says we will find it, and let others do rasam. Sambhav is about to hit the haldi.

Suhani says I have an idea, that mangalsutra has radium, if we close lights, we can trace it. Sambhav likes the idea and switches off lights. Lata says Bhavna, its abshagun. Soumya asks who did it. Bhavna says its imp that we get mangalsutra. Soumya asks Lata does she think its happening because of her. Krishna finds mangalsutra. Suhani thanks her. Yuvraaj says Krishna always helps everyone. Suhani says but how did this mangalsutra come here. Dadi comes and says someone has out it there to break it, you all are using dry haldi, someone added this in wet haldi, check everyone’s hand to find culprit. Dadi asks them to show their hands. Soumya gets worried.

Dadi asks Rags and Menka to show their hands. Everyone show their hands. Dadi asks Soumya to show her hands. Soumya starts panicking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will soumya grow up. Is property everything. I wish they don’t show that ppl are bad. Best friends has trust and meningitis of friendship is pulled to doubt. They can make story with just wrong situations instead.

  2. This is to writers..have you lost the plot or are fooling the janta??seriously dadi having a twin and no one in birla family know this??LOL.Sourface soumya states Krishna sacrifised for his dtr…what rubbish .He got greedy and caused the himself killed…but No lets blame you can spot problems miles away and Yuvraj you can see Suhani doing wrong BUT both of you fail to see sourface Soumya expressions and her attitude..why you cannot see all the bad doings of shameless soumya..why

  3. Today’s episode was so so .story pata nahi kaha gai???Real culprit ko pakdo,kya soumya ke expression dikhakar bore kar rahe hai.jabki use khud pata hai krishna muzrim tha wo to bomb sajan ki wajah se ghar mein rah gaya nahi to mandir mein hazaro maut hoti.usse pahle bhi soumya ko pata tha holi mein white packets kokin,etc tha bekar hi writers veiwers ko bewkoof bana rahe hai…..trp to bilkul gai ab to dang se dikhao story!!!!!

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