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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Yuvraaj saying now he understood why she was looking strange. She smiles. Dadi and Rohan look on. Rags and Menka leave. Yuvraaj goes from there. Dadi tells Rohan that Suhani looks strange to Yuvraaj, did she see that, they are not happy with each other, she did not get happiness she is good and responsible, but her marriage is not good. She says they both are bearing the burden, they don’t have love in between, and one day Suhani will leave from here forever. Rohan gets worried and looks at Suhani. She turns and he stops her.

He says its just black beads, and you cried as if its diamond necklace. She says this beads are very imp, I can’t explain you. He jokes and says snoopi did not wish you to take this, and Yuvraaj broke his heart. Snoopi barks. Rohan says I understand

your feelings. He jokes and she laughs. She says Snoopi does not bite anyone, he just loves all. She goes. Yuvraaj looks at them.

Its morning, Suhani smiles by the good smell of food. Rohan asks is she imitating snoopi, or does snoopi imitate her. She asks snoopi how did the breakfast early made today. She says this can’t happen and goes to see breakfast ready, and smiles seeing the snacks she loves. Rags scolds Ramesh and asks why did he make it. Rohan says any problem, are you not bored to have same food daily. Suhani says she will have this today and sits happily. Menka takes the bowl. Dadi says how can anyone eat this. Yuvraaj asks Ramesh to get juice for him.

Rohan sits beside Yuvraaj, and says sorry, you can sit here. Yuvraaj says its okay, sit. Suhani likes the food. Rohan jokes on Yuvraaj, eating just salad. Suhani says he never eats any parathas. Yuvraaj says I can eat these snacks too, I m not allergic. Suhani serves him and asks him to eat. He eats one and starts coughing. Rohan laughs and Suhani asks him to stop laughing. She cares for Yuvraaj. Rohan says I think I have put much spice in it, some people don’t digest spicy food. Ramesh says Rohan has added spice. Suhani says great, Rohan made nice food. Yuvraaj goes to take water. Suhani says its here and goes to him.

She asks what happened, I will make something else. He says no need. She asks shall I go and have the snacks, it looks great when its hot. He says sure and she goes. He gets sad. Menka says Suhani’s likes to Rohan and Dadi asks her to stop it. Rags says Suhani loves black jamuns. Rohan jokes on them. Yuvraaj comes and sees Suhani laughing and talking to Rohan. He gets jealous and leaves. Dadi smiles.

Suhani talks to Lata and says she had fun today having great breakfast. Lata asks did Rohan make it so well. Suhani asks how do you know. Lata says he has called me to ask your likes. Suhani asks will she tell her likes and dislikes to anyone. Lata says he has saved Yuvraaj’s life, its good you both became friends. Suhani asks my friend? Lata says he told me that you both are friends. Suhani says she will talk later, and ends the call.

Radhe talks to Lalita and does not like the food. Lalita says she made the food what was available. Krishna asks him to have food or get lost. He scolds him and Radhe argues. He says why to eat money, if they had money from Birlas. Soumya asks what. Krishna says I don’t have money and goes. Soumya goes after him. Rakhi asks Radhe to eat food. Suhani scolds Rohan asking him to manage his own work. He shows the headphones and asks did she say anything. She argues and asks why did he call his mum, how did he get Lata’s number. He says by your phone, and explains. She says its waste talking to you and goes.

Anuj and Yuvraaj workout. Anuj says the snacks were tasty, Rohan is good, I have seen Suhani happy after a long time, Rohan is so funny and knows to make her smile. Yuvraaj gets angry and Anuj says I don’t know how Rohan came to know her likes. Yuvraaj says he does not have to workout. Anuj asks why, did you not like the food. Yuvraaj says Rohan is timepassing. Anuj says you don’t know cooking. Yuvraaj says even I can cook. Anuj asks him to make gulab jamun. Menka hears this and smiles saying she will tell Dadi.

Soumya talks to Suhani that she is worried as Krishna and she are jobless. Suhani asks her to come soon. Suhani tells Dadi that she will give salary as Soumya and Krishna have worked for them for a month. Dadi asks how did she think this, and scolds her. She blames Suhani for all this. Suhani says he did this in anger, Krishna is not bad at heart. She defends Soumya. Rohan looks on and plays with snoopi. Dadi leaves. Rohan says he can advice Suhani. She refuses and leaves. He says there is something going on here. Menka tells Dadi that she has news for her. Dadi asks what is it. Menka says its big thing, she has heard that Yuvraaj will be making gulab jamun for Suhani. Dadi and Rags are shocked. Anuj asks Yuvraaj to see the recipe and make the black jamun, and jokes. He asks him to start and wishes him all the best.

Menka says I wanted to tell this to you, and jokes. Dadi says shut up, Yuvraaj will never do this for Suhani. Menka says let him cook, we will get good food. Dadi scolds her and Rags says Yuvraaj can do this, he is getting closer to Suhani. Dadi asks her to go and see what Yuvraaj is doing. She says she does not want Yuvraaj to do anything foolish again. Menka asks will you plan against him too?

Yuvraaj reads the recipe, and Menka and Rags tell Dadi that they have kept wrong ingredients. Dadi says lets see how he makes the black jamuns dish now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Salman Bhalla Khan

    Good i wouldnt mind seeing Rohan and Suhani getting married, atleast their roles are interesting instead of yuvraaj who is just gets angry and jealous when he doesnt even belivev he loves her.

  2. Wow yuvraj is jealous that’s vry nice to hear… And I wish ? suhani and Rohan closeness will make yuvraj to confess his love to her

  3. Sad to know that Sahil & Rajshri are not on talking terms. Their interviews were very funny and entertaining. Their friendship reflects on the screen. Miss that. Hope they resolve their issues and entertain us with their camaraderie.

    1. Where did you get this info?

  4. I am happy that yuvraaj jealous of suhani and rohan’s closeness. He is jealous but he doesn’t believe that he loves her. I want suhani and rohan’s closeness will make yuvraaj to confess his love to her. So I am waiting.

  5. as expected,this dadi would never change……………where is pratima??????????what is sharad hiding from yuvani????????????hope atleast for now yuvraj realises his love for suhani & confessess his love to her…………

  6. Even I’m happy with yuvraj getting jealous. same is my question. why piyi bhiya i mean sharad was behaving so wierd and who was that child in the phone?

  7. Sneha., it has been a while since I have enjoyed an SSEL episode. Absolutely love Rohan. I’m enjoying this. Let Yuvraaj stew for a while. He’s been having it too good for too long where Suhani is concerned. I’m sure he has never considered not being the object of Suhani’s love. HEE HEE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is FUN. Love it.

  8. This show is is a roller coaster in my opinion. Suhani should just leave the house she is not going to be happy in the birla house. Rohan is alright but he looks like a shady character. Coming to this Dadi, I really hate her, she will go to any extent to prevent suhani and Yuvraj from being together. I really wish that Yuvraj would not be a Dadi ki bacha but what can I say he is. I see Sharad to marry suhani more than Rohan. My opinion again cause Sharad has known her longer and understands her more,

    1. Hey alia what you are saying she considers shared as her brother what you are taking about yaar

  9. We’re is today’s update

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