Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying I have to do this reception, because I want to bless you both doing this. She says I can do anything for Yuvraaj’s happiness, and I have seen Suhani, she can also do anything for you, if she does not want reception then… Suhani says no, its not like that, I m glad you are accepting me, I want your blessings, I m ready for reception, can’t we do it outside home, else Saiyyam will get angry. Yuvraaj says sure.

Yuvaan apologizes to Baby. Bhavna says Sharad and I will come along. Baby says fine, go with him, I m going with Dadi and Rags. Yuvaan says Baby is annoyed with me. Krishna gets ready. Saiyyam says you won’t go anywhere. She says let me go. He says you don’t need to become part of this nonsense celebrations. She says I will go. They

argue. She says everyone cheated me except Yuvraaj, he never cheated me, I love him as my dad, none can stop me from supporting him, I hate Suhani, but I will become part of Yuvraaj’s happiness. He says fine, if you want to go for him. She says there can’t be comparison between your Papa and Yuvraaj. She goes.

Dadi, Baby and Rags look at the car. Baby tells the plan, when Krishna sits in car and starts AC, the gas will leak. Dadi asks will she die by it. Rags says it won’t matter. Dadi says we are not murderers. Baby says she will just faint, Suhani will get angry, Suhani will doubt just Saiyyam, no one else.

Sharad asks Krishna not to alone. She says I m alone. He says Bhavna and I are always with you. She says I know. He asks her to come with him. Dadi stops Sharad. She says I have some work, I gave gift order for Suhani and Yuvraaj, pick it up. He says fine. Krishna asks Sharad to go, Yuvraaj needs him, I will pick the gift. Dadi says fine, I will message address. Krishna leaves. Baby says I wish she dies. Rags says Dadi will not leave you.

Krishna gets Suhani’s call and does not answer. She starts the AC and leaves. Sharad also goes. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks why did you not get ready. Suhani says Krishna is not answering. He says she is annoyed, as her life got ruined. She says Saiyyam is my son, don’t say this. He says wow, I can’t believe it, you are like Dadi to support son, I will do a good thing, I will make you talk to Krishna. Krishna gets dizzy by AC gas. Yuvraaj says Krishna loves me more than you. Suhani says no, she is annoyed with me. He says she loves me more, you came later.

He calls Krishna. She answers the call and shouts for help. Suhani asks what happened. He gets shocked and puts phone on speaker. Suhani asks where are you. Krishna says in car. They ask her to pull hand brake and stop the car. Krishna shouts help and hits the tree. Suhani shouts Krishna.

Doctor checks Krishna at home. Suhani says Krishna has hit car to tree to save herself. Bhavna says its good you were talking to her on phone. Yuvraaj asks doctor how is she now. Yuvaan says Saiyyam would have done this. Suhani asks Yuvaan to be quiet. Doctor says AC gas leaked and it went in her body. Yuvraaj asks Saiyyam did you do anything. Saiyyam denies. Sharad says someone has cut AC pipe. Yuvraaj says I know you did this, you did not wish Krishna to reach reception. Saiyyam says I did not do anything. Suhani recalls seeing Saiyyam near the car. Baby says its your car and you have the keys. Saiyyam asks her to shut up. Suhani asks what were you doing near the car.

Rags asks Suhani to understand, he would hurt Krishna to take revenge from you. Suhani asks Saiyyam to answer. Saiyyam says wow, it means you all will blame me for wrong. Krishna gets conscious. Yuvraaj asks Saiyyam to be quiet, you have hurt Krishna and arguing now. Saiyyam says I said I did not do anything, will you believe if I say, why shall I waste my energy, you are not my father that I answer you. Yuvraaj says if I was your father, you would have not been like this, but I m Krishna’s father, of anything happened to her then. Saiyyam says the day you get proof against me, come to talk to me. Saiyyam goes. Suhani stops Yuvraaj and says we have no evidence against Saiyyam.

Dadi says you have seen him near car. Suhani says yes, but he did not do anything to car, I don’t think he did this. Dadi scolds Suhani and goes. Saiyyam is angry and says do they think it will happen as they say, how dare they blame me. Saiyyam gets a call and goes. Dadi says he has run away. Suhani says he will come back. Baby laughs off. Bhavna asks her to go to her room. Rags says Saiyyam won’t come. Yuvaan says I will find him and punish him. Yuvraaj says you won’t do anything. Suhani defends Saiyyam. Rags and Dadi ask Yuvraaj will he not punish Saiyyam. Dadi provokes Yuvraaj.

Saiyyam accepts he is bad like Sambhav and wanted to hurt Krishna. Suhani raises hand on him and stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love you saiyyam

    Why suhani accept dadi demands like a servant and blame her own son for something which he didn’t do
    Even servant will have more self respect than suhani

    1. Esther

      Nope,today Suhani defended Sayyam,,,for the first tym in the history

  2. Poor Krishna she always get hurted. I want saiyam to realize his responsibility towards Krishna. Happy to see that yuvraj has came back who cares for Krishna more than anyone

  3. Esther

    ‘you are like Dadi to support son’ –what does that mean!!!
    moreover what happened to Sayyam in the precap !!!
    glad that cvs is trying to save Suhani-Sayyam relationship

  4. Who called saiyyam? Again bh members plotting and no one sees/hears anything. Dadi will never learn.

    1. Esther

      maybe there is a twist in the precap

  5. what is wrong with you people.saiyyam mentions decent relationship with krishna and he speaks truth.if he did ,he will say yes else he can say yes.stop blame him….

  6. Some people say as you get older, you become more wiser.

    This is not the case for suhani and yuvraj. I was laughing Yesterday, when suhani said, even Dadi is not happy. But Didn’t say anything, because everyone was happy.

    Now yuvraj got a new punching bag. First it was suhani, now it is saiyyam.
    Why is he doing this, to cover Dadi badness.
    I have say, dadi is stupid. If she wants Krishna to go. Instead of trying to cause an accident. She should make Krishna to leave with saiyyam.

    As for suhani, wow I am glad that she has baby, as her daughter in law.

    That is why I said saiyyam should leave, but now there is a problem, his innocent. How can he prove this. Baby played a stupid game.

    Poor saiyyam, he didn’t deserve to have suhani as his mother.

  7. Aarti32

    Y does dis yuvaan always hv to speak unnecessarily.. Irritating!! Jst like his Baby ??

    Imagine if yuvaan calls baby as ‘baby baby’..??

    Saiyyam nowadays behaves somewhat better.. Atleast wid Krishna..
    But I hate it when Krishna or yuvaani say daidu!! It sounds too weird.. Daidu!!

    1. Esther

      haha,,,,I just said it sounds cute,,,hehehehe,,,,,maybe it’s weird now,,,,Yuvani calls him as papa,,,It’s Krishna who calls him Dadu……bachpan mein cute tha…maybe it’s weird now,,,,,I donno as I’m not watching the show….just reading updates….LOL…u also noticed dadu

      1. Aarti32

        Not dadu..Daidu..D way nargis fakhri used to call her father in d movie main tera hero..Dat Daidu..
        But I think dat in childhood it may sound cute, but now it’s more weird

      2. Esther

        Ohh is t…I donno abt the film,,,,but I used to see SSEL before the leap and Dadu sounded cute those days….yea maybe weird now …will watch the show to knw that

  8. I’m happy that YuvAni have a somewhat mutual understanding now…but I was upset when Yuvraj immediately blamed Sayyam…Suhani defending Sayyam, telling yuvraj that Sayyam is her son, and telling yuvaan to shut up were the highlights of today’s show…I hope Suhani and Sayyam are slowly able to understand each other and bond slowly

    The precap was disappointing…Sayyam shouldnt have said that he was guilty…I hope Krishna somehow defends him again since he was the one who was against her going in the first place…why would he stop her if he had wanted to kill her?

  9. sarita sharma

    i like yuvaani nok jhok wo v saiyam ko lekar

  10. Esther

    I think Yuvraj and Krishna have better father-daughter relationship than Yuvraj-Yuvani…the way Krishna calls him dadu,,,that’s cute…

    they used to have special bond and she still remembers that but was not able to identify Yuvraj when he entered as Kumar

    N Yuvan= 2times Yuvraj…

  11. i like that part when suhani said he is my son yuvaani nok jhok was nice

  12. Vitharva and KRIYAM fan

    Hi,guys.I’m actually a silent reader. I feel very disappointed when I visit ssel written updates.Bcoz I’m also a big fan of JNDSD and just visit jndsd written updates site on Telly updates ,u can find at least 100 comments everyday.Fans of JNDSD r very much interactive.
    Well,why ssel fans lack comments?
    Coming to today’s episode,I didn’t understand the precap.Why did Sayyam say that?ANYONE PLZ REPLY…..
    I have questions to all the fans
    1. How much is the possibility of KRIYAM union and how much time will it take?
    2.Sambhav is in police custody and he may be back in suhani’s life again?
    3.Will krishna know that Yuvan was not about to propose her ?

    Another thing I noticed that SSEL updates publish after1:30 hours where JNDSD updates publish within 10 minutes due to lack of readers/comments.

    Please guys,do comment and prove your love for the show.I only watch these 2 shows and I’m glad to be a VITHARVIAN, now I watch SSEL for Kriyam.
    Hope u all will response.

    1. I totally agree with you…I’ve also seen all the comments that the jndsd comment section gets and how fast the episodes updates are published

    2. Esther

      yea dear..The page used to have many comments before when the serial had a logical story line…then decreased and I think now again it’s increasing with more and more members

      1. They will unite for sure but will take long tym to confess,,,,,YuvAni’s confession was after a looooooooooong time…..cvs love dragging

      2.Sambav came back after getting burnt so escaping from police custody is simple for him,but hope that won’t happen

      3.maybe….but Krishna already believes that Yuvan cheated her,,,coz she called him liar yesterday

    3. Hi Vitharva.

      Saiyyam said this, because his mother suhani and others, are blaming for Krishna accident. So basically saiyyam is saying fine, I am just like my father, and I want Krishna dead. Is that what you wanted to hear.
      Saiyyam said it in anger
      You see vitharva I do understand my son.

      To your 1 question.

      It depending on how long the show is going to last. If cvs decided to keep the show running, they the cvs, I have to remember, it is number 1 in the UK.

      Other wise I believe, it well take 9 month to get together ( union). 3 month for both of them, to realise that they have feelings for each other.

      Yes I do believe that sambhav well come back. His character is still open.

      I believe that Sahill is going to leave, don’t know when, or how.

      I don’t know why, but I have this feeling, it going to be yuvraj. I feel that in some time in the future. Yuvraj is going to see sambhav, and tell him that, he lost his son. That he yuvraj birla son now. Because he gived his name. There’s a say, that my mother used to say. A father, is not by blood, it is by name and right. So if yuvraj give saiyyam his name and let saiyyam call yuvarj father. Then yuvraj give saiyyam his right.
      I believe yuvraj going to do this, to wind up sambhav. That is going to cause his death. Or accident, cvs might replace him.

      3) oh yes, I do hope so! I think that this is going to happen very soon. I believe that baby next plan. Today it back fired a bit. I think Dadi and gangs, going to make it was Krishna doing. Because she wants yuvaan.

      I hope that this answers your questions.

      1. Your no 3. I believe that Dadi is going to make out, that Krishna made the accident. In order to get yuvaan.

      2. 9 month! That is a very long time for you mo, I thought that you were going to say 1 yrs.
        By their first wedding anniversary. Krishna and saiyyam, well get together.
        Hi vitharva,
        how are you, I hope things are very good for you.
        Sorry I can’t think anything else.
        Yeah, I believe also, yuvraj is going to make his undoing.
        That how sambhav come out of jail. Because sambhav lost his son, Saiyyam.

    4. Aarti32

      Kriyyam union will happen, for sure..Bcz in tv shows, marriage once happened, they don’t break it 99.9% of times, which I like..It should not be like Ekta Kapoor shows where marriage is a mere joke..But I don’t know how much time it’ll take..

      Tv serial mein villain mar k bhi wapas aa jata h, to sambhav to jail gya h..Hope u understand ?

      Krishna has to know dat yuvaan nvr loved her..aise kaise nhi pata chalega..Samajh Kya rakha h Krishna ko..Lol..??

      1. Yes I agree, it a very good point.

  13. Sayyam got a call from the police station and he’ll meet sambhav who’ll poison his mind against Suhani and the Birlas…thats why he says what he says in the precap…but I’m sure the truth will be revealed soon…they cant keep dragging
    Can’t say anything for Baby though…no one will ever doubt that girl..its plain irritating

    1. Esther

      lol.. don’t know why these ppl still trusts Baby

      1. Esther

        they have no reason to trust her…

    2. I read somewhere i think tuesday or wensday he will know that his dad raped suhan n he is outcome of that act

  14. Vitharva and KRIYAM fan sweetie no one will respond to your questions i find the persons on this site have their own circle of friends they are very selfish so you are wasting your precious time in waiting for them to answer you but i will hun i think this is my opinion that krishna will end up with her husband and it is a possibility that sambhav will come back i cannot answer your third question because i do not know anything about that and i do not want krishna to ever end up with yuvaan because hat will be a slap in the face and i call them selfish because they did the same thing to me i had asked a question and no one see it fit to respond so i just let it go i did not born with company i am an only child and i meant that and not hat sorry for the mistake never the less keep commenting

    1. So sorry sweetie, I already have answered to vitharva question.

    2. Esther

      Oops…..I started commenting recently….I didn’t see ur question actly…else I would have replied….sorry for ur bad experience,,,,,Atfirst I never read all comments so maybe I missed urs…
      anyways are you the same Sia who is commenting in Udaan page

    3. Aarti32

      Don’t say like dat..If we know d answer, we’ll surely comment.. Atleast I promise!! Plzz smile dear??..But if I don’t know d answer, I’m lazy enough to comment ??

      1. Aarti32

        *to skip comment

  15. Aarti32

    Actually, he’s/she’s right..We hv to save d show by showing our fan power..Be it for YuvAni or KriYyam

  16. Syedul

    Wow I expected some Kriyam scene like Sayyam 2 save Krishna risking his own life then she begans to fall in love with him

    1. Esther

      Nothing is easy in SSEL…there will be one jealousy track for sure and love will be after that only…**my guess**

  17. Mystery

    According to the news…suhani will tell the truth to saiyyam in the reception only….n saiyyam will leave BH

    1. Esther

      Will Sayyam believe that….why will he believe Suhani

      1. He will but after going to jail n confort his dad if this is true n sambav will blutout the truth that yes he raped his mom

      2. Oops sorry imean he will ask his dad if what suhni told him is truth.sambav in anger will agree that whatever suhan told him is true

      3. Esther

        Oh…..poor Sayyam,,,that’s gonna hurt

  18. If saiyyam gets told truth, why can’t he check with police as suhani didn’t go jail because of her condition, and then at that time she wasn’t with yuvraj. Just hope suhani gets hint who caused Krishna’s accident. Why everyone shown dumb? Shared should guess, dadi stopped him with going with Krishna and why dadi now talking of Krishna as family as she never liked her.

  19. I like kriyam scene i am disappointing precap why saiyyam accepting false i think krishna ko kehna chaiye he is not my accident krishna ko sochna chaiye yadi saiyyam ko krishna ko marna hi hota to saiyyam pehle jab wo cerosin dal rahi thi to use bachata kyo and jab krishna ki khir khakar saiyyam ka dog ill ho gaya tha tab saiyyam ne krishna ko kuch nahi kaha wo to apne dog ko kitna pyaar karta hain kyoki saiyyam vishbas karta hain krishna par krishna ko sochna chaiye and use vishbas karna chaiye saiyyam ne car kharab nahi ki hogi

    1. Thats so true..i think so too..krishna ko bhi sayyam par vishvas karni chahiye…hope she defends sayyam again

  20. Ya friends you save kriyam jodi from fan power

  21. Vitharva and KRIYAM fan

    Thanks to all who responded and replied.Good to see SSEL fans are also Interactive????
    Sorry, I could not reply instantly bcoz of network problem.
    Also THANKS for sharing ur views☺☺☺☺☺
    @mo, Good prediction about Sayyams words?????
    Hope for the best and Keep supporting the show specially KRIYAM
    I agree with Kriyan fan.Let’s save KRIYAM JODI by fan power???

    1. Thank You,

      Saiyyam, is the son, that I never had.
      Only a mother would always understand their children. 😉

  22. Mystery

    According to the news…suhani will tell the truth to saiyyam in the reception only….n saiyyam will leave BH …….oh god ….skriyyam will take a lot of time

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