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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj saying I did not get hurt that day, that’s not my blood. Gupta says you are lucky to have a daughter like Suhani. Inspector comes with blood reports and says its not matching with Pankaj’s blood. Lalita scolds Soumya. Soumya says Suhani is not wrong, Radhe went to Gauri’s room. Radhe says I did not do anything, its good there was blood found there, so I got saved. Krishna asks what blood. Radhe says there is blood found over glass and its tested to prove Pankaj innocent.

Gupta says Pankaj ji, reports show its not your blood. Suhani turns her face and cries. Gupta says I will go and find out whose blood is this. He goes. Pankaj cries and wipes Suhani’s tears. He pacifies her. She says now we have proof for your innocence. He says yes, I trust you,

we will get the culprit punished. He hugs her.

Soumya says Radhe, it happened good that you are proved innocent, now that real culprit should be caught. Krishna worries. Police comes there. Lalita asks why did you come again inspector. Inspector says whoever was present in Birla house that day, come to Birla house soon, its court order.

Yuvraaj sees Gauri crying. He says you should be angry as I could not do anything, real culprit is still out and free, don’t worry, truth will be out. Aditya comes and says we know the truth, Gauri saw Mausa ji, you accept this soon. Yuvraaj says there was someone in room, don’t you want real culprit to be caught. Aditya says for us, Pankaj is culprit. He takes Gauri.

Yuvraaj says there was someone else in the room that night. Dadi says I m not interested in knowing this. Yuvraaj says when we get evidence, we will know Pankaj is innocent. Saurabh says but Gauri saw him. Yuvraaj says he went there to take his phone. Aditya says but maybe he is lying. Yuvraaj says even Radhe was there in room.

Gupta, Leela and police come there. Leela tells Dadi that they want blood samples of all members, as it does not match with Pankaj and Radhe. Dadi panics and asks why all this, you know culprit. Gupta asks inspector to take all blood samples. Inspector says yes, we should take even Gauri’s samples. Rags says Saurabh, Anuj and Yuvraaj are Gauri’s brothers, how can you ask them. Inspector says we want their blood samples as well, its necessary to solve this case. Suhani says Krishna was also there and calls Soumya. Soumya says we are leaving, but Krishna went out, we will come soon. Yuvraaj says his phone is off. Soumya says even I m trying to call him. Suhani says get him here for blood test. They all wonder where did Krishna go. Yuvraaj says it will be one reason that he disappeared. Rags asks why this new drama now. Gupta asks Leela is Rags her assistant, she can’t become lawyer. Suhani says don’t know where is Krishna. Gupta says call his family. Suhani says they don’t know. Gupta says it means its his blood so he has run away. Suhani says no, we can’t be sure, he can’t do this. Menka asks then who did this if all are innocent, you will say Dadi did this. Dadi asks what nonsense.

Aditya says we all know real culprit. Suhani says we don’t have proof, real culprit is out. Aditya says Pankaj is in jail, I m irritated, they don’t want me and Gauri to move on. Dadi says I understand. Leela says its court hearing tomorrow, I will make sure this case ends tomorrow. Gupta smiles. Gupta asks Suhani to relax, nothing will happen.

Dadi scolds Suhani and says you can’t insult Gauri daily and what happened to you Yuvraaj. He says I m doing this for Gauri to reach real culprit. Dadi says its enough. He says we will reach new culprit soon, I think its Krishna’s blood. Dadi says I know everything, Suhani is blaming Krishna to save her dad. Suhani says no, I don’t think Krishna did this. Menka argues. Suhani says don’t worry, I will not blame anyone like this. Aditya says enough, I can’t bear this now, come Gauri. Gauri’s phone falls and Suahni picks it. Gauri takes her phone and goes.

Suhani says Yuvraaj, Gauri will never forgive me. Yuvraaj holds her. Rags says none of us will forgive you. Soumya calls Krishna. Everyone worry as Krishna is not answering. Yuvraaj and Suhani are on the way and talk. He says like Krishna is behaving, it looks he is guilty. She says don’t know. Menka asks Gauri to see the pics and recall who came in her room. Rags says no need to show pics to Gauri, she told us the truth, Pankaj uncle did this. Saurabh says court will decide Rags. Rags argues. He asks all of them to go, he has to talk to Gauri. Menka tells Rags that Saurabh is insulting her. Rags says shut up and leaves.

Saurabh holds Gauri’s hand and asks her to recall what happened exactly. Police comes to Krishna’s house. Soumya cries and says Krishna did not do anything. Police checks the house. Yuvraaj and Suhani come there. Soumya asks Suhani did you send police to arrest Krishna. Suhani says no. inspector tells Yuvraaj that maybe they got their culprit, Krishna has run away knowing about blood test.

Gauri tells Saurabh that she was going to her room, then I heard someone coming, light went and I have seen Pankaj there. Saurabh says relax, did you hear any sharp sound. She says no. He says okay, we will find that culprit soon. Soumya asks Suhani whats all this, you are blaming Krishna, I helped you in proving uncle innocent. Lalita scolds Birlas who always cheat. Soumya cries and says Suhani cheated me, I did not expect this. Yuvraaj says enough Soumya, we are not doing this. Suhani says we are doubting as Krishna has run away. Soumya says he did not do anything. Yuvraaj says then prove it, he is proving he is guilty doing this. Suhani says he is putting himself in trouble. He asks Soumya to bring Krishna tomorrow in court, else arrest warrant will be issued.

Judge asks why is Krishna hiding. Soumya says he is not hiding, and brings Krishna. Krishna says its my blood on the glass pieces.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m damn sure Gauri and Aditya plan to accuse pankaj for molestation. Actually nothing happened to Gauri. How they both get nervous and tempered ,keep on accusing pankaj. I wonder y suhani didn’t notice this? I wish whn they got exposed, she should give a tight slap.

    1. Guari didn’t know that is adity planned it he doesn’t want the marriage but wants the riches guari thinks he loves her the real truth will come out of the bag and adity will get caught. Cause I know he has something to do with pankaj

  2. I wish molestation is fake. …Dadi &Guari should be involved in the conspiracy &punished.If Adi is the only culprit, Dadi will make suhani’s life hell.

  3. If the incident was real then must say that being immatured for Guari is a boon, so easily she forgot everything &smiled in yesterday’s epi ,showed the possessiveness towards adi too.

  4. Ugh this serial is f**ked up like shit

  5. I dont think krishna is the culprit it aditya

  6. I wonder if something is hidden in Gauri’s phone, they way she got anxious and wanted it quickly when it dropped out of her hand.

  7. Ya tuffy i also felt the same but now i think it’s only her angry towards suhani,anyway..the culprit is aditya…

  8. When suhani find gauri,no one was ready to accept her and suhani prove that she is the daughter of birla house and now when everybody accept her,she is against suhani and through gauri’s actions i felt that she is eager to put the blame on pankajji….

    1. Meaningless serial

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