Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna helping out Yuvani. She takes the face pack to apply to Yuvani. Her hand burns by the face pack and she screams. Yuvani asks what happened, and calls everyone. Everyone come and see Krishna’s hand. Yuvani says I got herbal pack from Suhani’s room, we were having fun, Krishna was applying it to me now and her hand burnt, I don’t know what was in that herbal pack. Saiyyam calls the parlor lady and scolds her by showing Krishna’s hand. He asks do you use such products. Lady says I don’t know how did this happen, I made the herbal pack. Suhani checks the bowl and sees the flower petal in it. She recalls Dadi’s words and thinks Dadi was plucking this flower. Saiyyam sees Krishna crying. He tells lady that he will get her arrested. Suhani asks Saiyyam

to let it be. Saiyyam says how shall I leave it, see what happened to Krishna, and if anyone got this pack on face then…. Suhani says its not lady’s mistake.

Dadi says Amma mai is ruining family name, I have to teach her a lesson, I don’t know how did that lep change, Amma mai had to apply that lep, how did she get saved. Suhani hears this and gets shocked. He goes to Yuvraaj. He asks her is she getting romantic in day and jokes. She cries and says Dadi tried to harm me and made that pack. He gets shocked. Baby gets the pack and says Yuvani changed the pack, because of which Krishna’s hand burnt. Dadi says how shall I kill Amma mai. Yuvraaj says why does she want to kill you. Suhani says why will Dadi do this. He says we have to find out, think what would have happened if you applied that pack on your face. They worry.

He goes to Dadi and gives her juice. He says its your birthday and I made this special juice. She asks him to get out. She scolds him and makes the juice glass fall. Suhani comes and shouts Chandrakala.

Suhani shouts and scolds Dadi. Dadi says I did not do anything. Suhani says glass breaking is abshagun, you did this to insult servant and arguing with me, you go and light diya in temple, maybe your sins will get less. Dadi goes. Suhani recalls applying the oil on the juice glass. She asks Yuvraaj to give this to Dadi, and this glass should fall by her hands, so that I can blame her for abshagun. Suhani says sorry Dadi, I have to do this to make her say what’s her problem.

Krishna ties bandage to her hand with difficulty. Saiyyam comes there. She smiles seeing him. He smiles and sits beside. He holds the bandage. He gives her phone and says you like to use internet, do the aid following this. She looks at him.

Baby comes to room. Yuvaan asks her to help. Baby hides the lep. He says in the party today, I m planning to dance with Krishna, you will be keeping this chits. She says Krishna is not interested in you. He says its your work that she takes interest in me. Krishna asks Saiyyam why did you care for my wound that time. He says Suhani was there, so I was just acting, nothing else.

Yuvaan gets Krishna’s help and thanks her. He says I want to make everything fine. She says I don’t want to talk. He says why, I know what you feel, why you liked me. She says stop it, I m helping you as its Dadi’s birthday, everyone would feel bad if this cake fell. He says no, you are helping me as I m your friend. She says we were friends, now we have no relation between us. She goes. Baby looks on and thinks Yuvaan is such a loser, Krishna also left him, so I trapped you, I got this chance by marrying you, I will not lose this chance. Yuvaan goes.

Baby gets wine in a syringe and injects wine in the cake. She thinks everyone will get drunk having this cake, then I will use the leftover pack on Suhani’s face, blame will go on Dadi. Suhani and Yuvraaj see Dadi trying to light the diya. Suhani recalls washing the matchsticks.

Dadi says I m not able to light diya. Suhani gets another matchstick and lights the diya. Dadi says matchstick did not light by me, why. Suhani says maybe you have something bad in heart, this is second abshagun, its your birthday also. Yuvraaj says if you did wrong wrong and apologize to Lord, Lord forgives you.

Dadi feels guilty. Suhani and Yuvraaj hide and look on to hear Dadi’s confession. Dadi tells Lord that she is bad, she made the face pack so that….Krishna comes and interrupts saying cake is ready, come. Dadi goes. Suhani says we have to make Dadi speak out the matter. Dadi smiles seeing the family.

Dadi cuts the cake. Everyone clap. Baby asks Dadi to have Amma mai eat cake first. Suhani says you have first, its your birthday. Dadi eats cake and then feeds Suhani and everyone. Baby looks on.

Suhani, Yuvraaj and everyone dance on Humma humma…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sayyam is getting scared to show his love and concern for Krishna though…Krishna needs to stop over thinking things and getting shy so easily…be more bold girl!!!

    I can honestly say that she’s gonna have to take the first major step towards Sayyam and break the ice so that Sayyam gets the confidence to realize that he is capable of loving AND receiving love!

    1. Also…Sayyam totally started freaking out amd panicking when Krishna questioned him on why he cared for her…cute guy…??

  2. And Sayyam IS a sarcastic guy…so telling to watch a video instead of bandaging her hand himself was only natural…besides, think of it this way: he’s encouraging Krishna to come to him with her problems instead of relying on the internet ??

    1. The way he was smirking though…killed me..ahhhh!!! ???

  3. I hope we get an angry Dadi confession…where she tells everything to the whole family…sharad’s pribably gonna laugh in her face cause she saw “Suresh and Amma Mai” together?

    Besides guys, did anyone notice how dumb Yuvaan’s evil smile looked!!! #Cringe

  4. P.S. Sayyam must have a high tolerance for alcohol since he drinks so much…and it looks like baby only injected a cup into the cake…no logic at all…but still…excited for drunk and happy Sayyam…

    Btw, the syringe Baby used to inject the alcohol looked like one of those rabies-wala shots??

  5. Aarti32

    YuvAni hv become so chalu!! They’re tricking Dadi d player!! Too good..

  6. Also guys…I’m planning to write a Kriyam ff…but my 10 standard boards are coming up in 3 weeks…so I might start it after my exams…tell me what you guys think…should I?

    1. Aarti32

      Get registered then..Bcz for writing posts we need to be a registered member of Telly Updates..Btw I’m also thinking of writing an FF in April..

    2. Hey kriyam rocks
      Are you appearing for icse 2017 ?

  7. Aarti32

    Saiyyam moving g towards Krishna..N moreover Krishna’s smile..I had almost dreamt of Saiyyam bandaging Krishna’s hand..But dis idiot!! He showed her his phone!! N she was hurt yaar..How will she do d bandage wid one hand.. Saiyyam, sometimes we shud keep our ego phego aside n help others..We won’t become weak by doing dat!!

    1. Aarti, are you an aquarius…cause I am too…btw your dp is awesome??

      1. Aarti32

        Thank u..U’re Aquarian by birth date??

    2. I agree neither krishna nor I were Unable to stop smiling wen he was moving towards her ?but I guess v R not lucky ?

    3. Its better to not have high hopes aarti. The cvs are never going to give what viewers want. So do not keep hopes high….

  8. Aarti32

    Hey guys, KJo ka bday kab h??

    1. It’s 12 th of September

    2. 12 september as per an interview

    3. It’s on 12th September.

    4. Zai

      12 September, i think

  9. I totally agree with u A! $#@… shi kha saiyyam krishna ki care krta h but use express nhi krta or jb krishna kuch puchti h toh koi na koi bahana bna deta h….
    Waiting to see tomorrow’s episode…
    The humma hummma humma song!
    Everyone was dancing looking superb….
    Especially suhani nd yuvraj nd ya saiyyam nd krishna also

  10. I also thnk dat srishti is dating wit manoj

  11. Hi guyz i m a new fan of kriyam nd im frm bangladesh

  12. Can anybody tell me that is karan is dating with anyone??

    1. Zai

      No he is not

  13. Where does baby get all this stuff from, the stuff she injected in cake etc? No one sees her. Hope suhani finds dadi’s truth. Hope yuvaans plan fails. When will baby be caught?

  14. farina hossain

    Hi Ela welcome here.I am also from Bangladesh.ya shrishti is dating manjot.and karan I think he is single may be someone I don’t no .I wish karan and shrish were actually dating ,both are very cute.but now it’s impossible.

    1. Zai

      I think srish and manjot broke up as before new year there were lots of pics of them on manjot acc, but now nothing.

      And Karan is not dating anyone

      1. Swetha7

        but manjot in his Instagram has mentioned in valentine day that spent with loved one or something for sristi.i can’t remember what he has said.sristi has also responded it with a heart . i think she is still dating him.manjot has some pictures with sristi with Instagram….come to karan, i have seen some pictures with a tall fair girl.he hasn’t directly mentioned her as his girlfriend.but the way he has introduced her i am sure that she is his girlfriend.i can’t remember her name.but recently i didn’t see ant photos of him with her.i don’t know whether he has broken up with her or not.may be he is still dating her and keep it as very personal.

      2. Srishti is still with manjot. He put up a post on his Instagram that he spent Valentine’s Day with her

      3. Rockstr

        I dont think so…u should check his insta accnt…check out manjots post on vday tagging srishti…

    2. Zai

      Ahhh ok

  15. Zai

    Karan was just live on insta for more than 30 minutes…
    he got injury on his nexk during upcoming scenes. I hope he gets well soon.
    He also said to watch the 2 upcoming episode as it will be very fun with everyone drunk. So guys, be ready for tomorrow and watch it

  16. farina hossain

    No Zai you are wrong check manjot instagram, they are still dating

  17. Swetha7

    karan and sriti date whoever you’s your personal life.we want’s up to you to give us what we want.we are kriyyamites.we want to see kriyam love.we want both of you to be best in your reel life.

  18. Swetha7

    we want you to forget that you are sriti and karan in-front of the camera and be sayyam and krishna.still waiting for kriyam surprises

  19. I’m dead watching tmws episode . ND I like kriyam. Buh like dis in much . I want more kriyam. Like I hope smthn happens tmw. When Krishna and Sayyam get drunk if they get intimate accidently . Tht b nice

  20. Hey karan has got a serious injury in his neck while shooting. Still he attended the next day’s shoot coz the show must go on. Wow what a determination as an actor.

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