Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi giving clothes packets to Suhani. Suhani looks for balloon packet and thinks where did it go. A lady scolds Rita and complains to Soumya. She says that servant misbehaved with me here. Soumya asks who. Rita says she is saying about Radhe. Soumya gets angry and apologizes to the lady. The lady asks her to call Radhe and make him apologize. Soumya says he is my brother in law. The lady scolds Soumya and goes.

Balwinder says I did this on your saying, you made me a thief. Yuvraaj says thanks, do you know to know this machine. She says yes. He shuts the windows. He asks her to blow the balloons and keep them outside. She says fine, if anyone calls me. He says don’t worry, I will manage. Suhani looks for balloon packets and Yuvraaj collides with her. She

says sorry. He asks when will you see and walk, why are you not ready yet. She says even you did not get ready. He says I don’t like photoshoot and all. She gets irritated and says I m finding something. He asks what. She says heart shaped balloons packet. He asks that one, you got it from store room and lost it, did you see on terrace, Ramesh forgets things, come, we will see. She is annoyed as she did not celebrate valentines day well. Snoopi barks and Balwinder closes the door. She thinks how will she go out now.

Yuvraaj checks Anuj’s bag and says everyone forget things here and there these days. Suhani says you have gone mad, I m going. Yuvraaj smiles and gives the bag to Anuj. Balwinder takes the balloons and wishes snoopi is not around. She sees Suhani and hides. Yuvraaj looks for Suhani. Snoopi stops Balwinder and runs. Snoopi gets after her. She calls out help. Suhani gets the balloons and Balwinder’s bag.

Balwinder shouts and everyone come in the hall. Yuvraaj says Balwinder relax, Snoopi won’t do anything. The cloth tied to her hair come out, as Yuvraaj holds her. Her hair get loose and everyone stare at her. Pratima asks who are you, you don’t look like a servant, tell your name. Dadi says we will call police. Balwinder says I m not Balwinder. Dadi says we know, that’s why we are asking real name.

Balwinder says I m orphan, my uncle and aunty raised me and was making me marry a 60 year old man, they were selling me. Suhani comes and says you are lying, this is your bag, this is the wedding card, why did you hide balloons. Yuvraaj signs no. Balwinder says I lied because of Dadi. Dadi asks what do you mean. She checks the wedding card, and says you are my friend’s grand daughter. She reminds she went in some marriage, where bride has run away from mandap. Balwinder says yes, I m Barbie, I did not wish to marry in that greedy family.

Dadi says but you can’t take such step. Barbie says that guy loved someone else. Suhani says you should have thought about your family. Barbie asks why, did they think about me. Dadi scolds her for ruining family respect. Barbie says I would have been not happy with that guy. Suhani says maybe your family was helpless, they were not wrong, situation was wrong.

Dadi says your grandma is broken, you are giving lecture here. Barbie cries and says I m saying truth, trust me. Yuvraaj says its okay, past is past. Barbie says I can’t go back now, I did not know this is your house and you have seen me before, I thought if you identify me, you will send me back, so I changed my look. Dadi says do what you want. Suhani asks Dadi not to say this to her friend. Dadi says yes, she can’t bear this shock, I will tell her on right time. Barbie asks them to understand. They all go.

Soumya tells Rita to celebrate her valentines day, as she is shutting parlor early today. Rita thanks her and leaves. Soumya thinks where is Krishna, and thinks to surprise him. She keeps a crackle bursting box at the door and shuts the door and some man comes there saying he has come to shut this parlor forever. She asks what.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to keep his clothes ready, he will go for bath. He hides the balloons. Suhani says if I knew truth at that time, I would have not married, I don’t know Barbie did right or wrong. He says it depends, you did not know truth and married me, today we are happy and together, Barbie/Balwinder found truth and ran away, maybe she would be not happy after marriage, don’t know, get ready, Dadi will get angry. She goes. He smiles.

The lady asks for Radhe. Soumya says Radhe did mistake, I m really sorry. The man says no, call Radhe. Rakhi says Radhe is not at home, I m his wife. The lady says Radhe misbehaved with me, I m here to punish him. Rakhi gets angry. The man says we will kidnap Radhe. Soumya asks Rakhi to apologize. Rakhi refuses and pushes the lady. Soumya says Radhe will be punished by Lord. The girl and Rakhi fight and the cracker bursts.

Sharad and Bhavna wish each other happy valentines day and gift each other. She likes Golu’s toy and says you think for Golu first, this is big gift for me. Yuvraaj decorates the room with lots of balloons. He leaves from the room and someone else enters the room.

Suhani likes the heart balloons and bursts it. She coughs by the poisonous gas and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi. Precap is good

  2. I think that balvinder or dadi did poisonous gas in the balloon. I think that yuvraaj will take Suhani to hospital in next epi

  3. OMG!!! Now whats gonna happen.. Not someone again coming between Yuvraj and Suhani.. OKAY??? Pls…

  4. Episode is good but we would love to see some rromantic moments between yuvani

  5. eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode , what will happen

  6. who is the culprit..??

  7. very nice epi

  8. nice episode.we want to see yubraj’s reaction after suhani’s accident. we want to see something for suhani.

  9. Nice episode. ….
    S Nabila v want to see yuvraj’s reaction

  10. Nice episode. Waiting for tmrw”s episode

  11. Waiting for tomorrow
    Khuch accha ho

  12. Waiting for tomorrow

  13. I think it rags

  14. Guys just relax I think rohan came back to the episode so he wants to take revenge from suhani

  15. Revathi Anandh

    it is also daddi plan.. she bring that new character plan to murder suhani and plan to marry with that new girl… at last that girl will realize how much yv and suhani love each other and she will feel sad and go. like sowmiya….

  16. Sandra s thannickal

    I think Barbie\Balwinder did this.yuvini scene was so nice.soumya ko wallpaper se hadatho sirf yuvini .so…..nice..?

  17. Sandra s thannickal

    I think Barbie\Balwinder did this

  18. Sandra s thannickal

    Epi was nice

  19. Ohh noo ….. But İ want too see yuvi reaction

  20. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like Yu/Su….ronance.nice haircut cute mwah Yu

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