Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani and Dadi discussing that Yuvraaj is acting strange these days. Yuvani says he has mood swings. Dadi gets thinking. Sambhav’s goon ties Yuvraaj. Sambhav asks his man to leave. He goes out of the room and sees the mask coming out. He checks it and covers the neck seeing Suhani. She asks him to come. He sends her and says I will just come. Dadi thinks its nothing wrong, I thought so because of Suhani’s nonsense. Sambhav goes to room to fix mask. It gets improper. He removes the mask and says how did this allergy happen now. Someone sees him through door keyhole. He checks outside and does not see anyone.

He applies Yuvraaj’s mask again. Dadi sees him and hides. She gets shocked. She recalls Yuvraaj and angrily breaks things. Everyone come out. Sambhav

hears them. Dadi says I m fine, this fell by mistake, its good you all came here, I have to say something. Sambhav says whats this old woman doing at this time. Pratima says I will call Yuvraaj.

Sambhav worries and thinks where to hide. Dadi says no, let him sleep, he has headache. Sambhav says why is she saying this. Pratima says he was fine, I will see him. Dadi scolds Pratima. Yuvani says I m feeling sleepy. Dadi scolds her also. She says I have to tell something, call pandit home, Suhani and Bhavna do puja arrangements. They all go. Bhavna wonders what happened to Dadi that she was rude to Yuvani, did the bad Dadi come back. Suhani asks her not to think much, its puja at home, shall I call Krishna and Saiyyam. Bhavna nods.

Dadi calls someone and says I m Chandrakala, get some men here tomorrow. She tells her plan and ends call. Suhani calls Krishna and Saiyyam. Dadi says no need to call them, its puja of our house, Saiyyam is not Yuvraaj’s son, Krishna is orphan, you are not Yuvraaj’s wife, go now and sleep. She goes. Krishna asks Saiyyam why do you find excuses to collide with me. He says I don’t care. They argue. Power goes. He scares her. She says I m not scared of darkness. She falls in his arms. They have an eyelock. Music plays…. She shuts window. She gets hurt. He jokes. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Sharad welcomes pandit. Suhani does arrangements and asks Baby to remove slippers. Baby refuses. Bhavna hears Baby misbehaving with Suhani and fools her saying about a ring which Dadi is going to gift one who will do aarti. Baby gets glad and goes to removes slippers. Suhani says its not good to lie, why is Dadi’s mood off. Pratima asks Suhani to call Yuvraaj. Suhani goes.

Yuvani asks Dadi not to say sorry, I have forgiven you. She asks Dadi what will she announce today. Dadi asks her to keep phone on charging. Sambhav could not wear the mask. Suhani calls out Yuvraaj and comes to his room. He hides his face behind cupboard and asks Suhani to go, he will come. She goes. Sambhav shuts door. She stops and says I forgot puja coins in room. She goes back. Saiyyam’s dog enters the room. Bhavna asks Suhani to come, as she has taken puja coins. Sambhav asks the dog to help him in his plan. The dog runs away with his bag. He gets angry and says he took my bag, what shall I do now. Suhani asks him to come fast. Sambhav worries.

pandit asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to come for aarti. Sambhav wears monkey cap. Aarti plate falls. Pandit says its bad sign.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love you saiyyam

    Superb kriyam saiyyam is much better than yuvraj
    Yuvraj always used to insult suhani infront of all

    1. Yes I agree with you.
      Krishna and Saiyyam should get more screen time.
      I find their love story far more interesting, and far more better then Suhani and Yuvraj.

      I get so frustrated, and can’t wait to see Kriyam scene. It feel far to long.

  2. Dadi akhele handle kar rahi hai ROFL…iss budiya ko suhani ko insult karne ke alaava kuch aata hi nahi..yeh kya karegi….sambhav definitely succeeds in his plan and kidnap suhani…so its gonna b ultimately saiyyam vs sambhav…yuvraj tum bass rest karo afterall sab kuch hone ke baad entry maarne ki shauk hai tume…

    1. Yeah definitely , yuvraaj must be most useless hero , never around where he is needed the most

      1. Eventhough hez useless i only expect trust n love towards suhani…but he failed many a times proved his dumbness ….he always entertained his family members to humiliate suhani and kicked many times out of his house. .even now dadi didnt change…yuvaan tho junior yuvraaj nikhla…atleast saiyyam should protect his mother and stand by her

      2. I agree he never took a strong step against dadi to support suhani , all he always says is ” it is enough we should leave the matter ” . And for saiyaam and suhani writers just forgot about their bond , No more mother-son scene , like they are strangers .

      3. @ Bhargavi, Saiyyam does protect his mother.
        The problem is his mother, suhani doesn’t understand the pain, that saiyyam is going thorough.
        Suhani always keep saying. Sambhav son!
        Yuvraj didn’t help matter either.

        Otherwise I agree with what you and Hanna have said.

  3. The main track after the leap was of suhani and saiyaam .
    Writers really could have shown suhani fighting to win saiyaam love and trust , krishna could have helped her and one the other side yuvaan and yuvaani would have insecurities, but nothing too negative. That would be an sweet and realistic story but no they bought all negative people of the show in the same house, it’s all about plotting, kidnapping and sass bahu never ending drama .

    1. So true.

  4. Good chemistry between sayyam and krishna

  5. oh god… laughng heavily… scene of the day in precap. sambhav wearing monkey cap. hahaha… nice epi! dadi jus irritating as equal to sambhav.. when r they going to sambhav chap?

  6. Happy to see kriyam’s seen want to see more in upcoming episodes

  7. Rockstr

    I knw ryt..kriyams da best..

  8. why this sudden pooja? i think dadi got crack. dono for saving yuvaraj she wil do something against suhani to throw her out… stupid dadi

  9. oh my my! Love that teeny weeny scene with saiyam and krishna….i want to see more and lots more of saiyam and krishna…..?

  10. I just don’t understand why they took a leap when they wanted to show suhani and yuvraj’ s boring story only…the new generation story is been sidelined….suhani and yuvraj story seems like they’re now falling in love….saiyam and krishna should get more screen space and sideline boring suhani and yuvraj….

    1. Not boring for every one….and see the title of the serial…this is all abt Suhani….Suhani si ek ladki

      1. I agree with u @kiki not boring for everyone…i watch this scrap only for yuvaani

    2. I agree with seeta!
      Suhani and yuvraj story line, is boring.

      Yes it is called suhani si ek ladki, but the writers didn’t make suhani a strong character.
      Yuvraj never stood by suhani, it always Dadi.
      So they have run out of ideas.
      I am not saying that they shouldn’t have screen time.
      But the story line with Krishna and saiyyam if far more better.
      Because Krishna and saiyyam, is fired up relationships. It is more interesting to watch.

      Suhani and yuvraj relationship is. Yes yuvraj, okay yuvraj. It more how to keep yuvraj happy.
      That is why it’s boring.
      We are just asking more screen time for Krishna and saiyyam.

    3. Kiki i understand what you’re saying but if the writers really wants to show yuvraj and suhani’s lovestory…they shouldn’t have taken a leap…they character have now became very boring as well as they looks…they age r maybe 45-50….everyone is focusing and looking forward to the new generation now

    4. I agree with u seeta.. Suhani and yuvraj should act as parents and not as crazy lovers..they’re acting as if they ‘re in teenage age…. Loollll?

      1. I agree, it is so embarrassing.
        When you see old people act like teenager.
        You are now parents, act your age.
        Are they going to behave like this, when they become grandparents.

        Suhani, both son are married, she is going to become Dadi son.
        Sorry to the rest of you.

        Would you guy’s who love suhani and yuvraj.
        Would you guy’s love to see Dadi and patima new love interest.
        Would you guy’s be happy to see two old woman behaving like teenagers.
        You wouldn’t, you guy’s well say, what is all this, as the writers gone mad!
        So don’t be a hypocrite!

    5. I love both Yuv-Ani pair and Krish-Yyam,,,,Krishna-Sayyam will get the screen space at the right tym,,,,right now the track is all about Sambav and crap,,,,after this Sambav track Krish-Yyam will get more screen space,,,,,,,N Yuvraj and Suhani,,,,,I love them,,,,I don’t get bored seeing any Yuv-Ani scenes,,,,similarly there will be other ppl too,,,,there is nthng wrong if they are showing SUhani and Yuvraj scenes,,,,coz they were always separated,,,,,atfirst for 7 yrs and now they are meeting after 20 yrs,,,,,they are getting to love each other after a looong tym

  11. it will be fun if dadi kidnaps sambhav.. bt these cvs will make reverse of it n again today bhavna got confused of dadi n fake dadi.. i think 1 day the director will get confused bw them (yuvi n dadi)

  12. Agree with u seeta

    1. So do I.
      The one thing in life, that I hate the most are hypocrites.
      If patima as a new love interest, they well be the one to frist to complain.

      1. why should we support Prathima/Dadi’s love interest,,,,,I started watching the show for Suhani and Yuvraj NOT for Dadi and Prathima,,,,,I love Sahil and Rajashree that’s why I’m supporting Yuv-Ani story,,,,It’s not about getting old,,,,,it’s about them,,,,Yuv-Ani,,,,,If U can’t understand then better stay silent than taunting others,,,,,just comment about the show,,,,not about ppl expressing their views

  13. wow! Love saiyam and krishna’s chemistry….

    1. I love watching them Krishna and saiyyam. They are the characters, chemistry. That the writers got it right.

  14. krishna ?Sayyam

    Yo oh my gosh . The sayyam Krishna scene is sooo cute .

  15. krishna ?Sayyam

    I wish Sayyam would shave his beard of so he would like even cuter like he used to before.

  16. He looks smart with beard it suits him..

  17. Chi stupid dadi..sudden pooja…i think she knows he is sambhav.. Wo abhi donoka shadi karanewali … Soooo irritating…..

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