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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying something fell from Menka’s basket. Dadi stops him and says she will pick it. Rags takes the sweater and Dadi sends her. Everyone come to Suhani and asks whats happening. Rohan says I will say. He tells Pankaj that he loves Suhani and wants to marry her. They all get shocked. Suhani says stop this nonsense Rohan. Rohan asks why, Yuvraaj does not care for you, I do, I promise I will keep you happy all my life. Pankaj says this is not the right time. Suhani asks Rohan to leave. Pankaj also asks him to go.

Rohan packs his bag. Lata comes to him. She recalls what happened. Rohan apologizes to her. Soumya asks what, are you serious, did Rohan propose you for marriage. Suhani says yes, I asked him to leave from here. She gets the box with few memorable

things and recalls Yuvraaj. She says it was unwanted relation for Yuvraaj, but I loved him, I came back to free him, it does not mean I forget everything and move on so soon. Soumya says I don’t know why Rohan did this knowing everything, I m coming, we will talk and find some solution. Suhani asks her to come soon. Soumya takes an auto. Suhani sees the souvenirs and smiles recalling those moments. She says this is part of my memories which no one can take away. She shuts the box and keeps it.

Rags and Menka come to meet Suhani. Lata opens the door. Rags and Menka pass some taunts that Suhani has left Yuvraaj and broke the relation. Lata says husband and wife have problems and everything will be fine. Rags says sorry, it won’t be fine. Menka says Yuvraaj has removed the memories from his life, and sent all the items belonging to Suhani. Pankaj says Yuvraaj can never do this. Suhani gets sad.

Yuvraaj apologizes to Sharad. Sharad says you are my elder brother, you have full right to beat me, get angry on me, why did you do this. Yuvraaj says Suhani crossed limit, she insulted Dadi. Sharad says Dadi started the fight. Yuvraaj asks him not to blame Dadi. Sharad says lets forget this, your relation was strong, why do you want to break the relation. Yuvraaj says I did not do anything this time, someone else started. Pratima asks him what does he mean.

Rags tells Pankaj that Yuvraaj did not wish to marry Suhani, and asks her to accept it. Menka and Rags get shocked seeing Rohan there. Menka asks what is he doing here. Rags says wow Suhani, you give lecture on relations and see the scene here, great Suhani, you will move on so soon, I did not think this. Suhani says enough, you are guest here so I m respecting you, it does not mean you can say anything. Rags asks can’t I say anything, if you can do anything. Lata asks them to sit, and goes to get lemon water. Menka shows the items and asks her to check well, if she does not want the jewelry, then.. Rag says she does not have any option, as Yuvraaj does not want to keep anything related to her.

Soumya comes and asks Rags why should they trust her. Rags says I don’t care. Soumya says I want to cross check from Suhani’s side, I will call Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka get shocked.

Pratima talks to Yuvraaj and says relation is not from one person, both persons have to work it out, you have to fight to save this relation, to make Suhani helpless to keep this relation. Dadi hears them and looks at Pratima. Suhani asks Soumya not to call yuvraaj. She asks Menka to keep the necklace. Menka gets glad and takes it. Lata makes lemon water. Rohan comes in kitchen and sees some castor oil. He asks Lata to add some ice cubes and she goes. He adds some castor oil in the lemon water and mixes it. He says Rags and Menka will relax now and smiles.

Menka drinks the lemon water in one sip. Rags asks her to have her glass of lemon water too. Menka says I like it a lot. Lata says last time too you had Rags’ share. Rohan says now she will go washroom. Menka says she has to go washroom. Lata says its there. Menka says she knows the way. Menka comes to Suhani’s room and thinks what to steal, that Dadi gets glad and gives her ruby necklace. She gets Yuvraaj and Suhani’s wedding pic and smiles. She gets stomach ache and runs to washroom. Rags asks Menka what happened. Soumya asks what are they doing here and sees the box. Rags takes it and says its mine, we are leaving now. Pratima argues. Dadi asks her to just dream. Pratima says I think my dream will surely be fulfilled, Suhani will come here as my bahu again. Dadi fumes.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that Suhani has sent this for you. He gets shocked seeing their wedding pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG WHT THE HELL is this dadi…..isnt she a woman…..and her two assistants…the same story which happened with soumya and krishna, the same thing its happening for yuvraj and suhani………enough of this boring track………..until now viewers had hope that suhani and yuvraj will sort out misunderstandings……but now the great evil dadi will spoil their relation forever and ever…… dear cvs…thanks for this unwanted Television soap…you can wind up the serial forever. i quit…..

  2. i wish menka n rags get ill treated by their husbands or their husbands should give them divorce notice or send them packing to their parents home to teach them a lesson n see who helps dadi

  3. I think rohan is better for suhani,because yuvraj hamesha apna dadi ke side lete hai,chahe wo kuch bhi kare.

    1. Ya I agree with you…

  4. How many times are they going to show the same stuff over and over again? Misunderstandings life mein itni and all the time it’s the same ppl? Don’t they get tired if it? And the writers ?! Seriously! You can’t writes more than menaka stealing this or that? It’s cheap and the audience deserves better writing. We aren’t dumb. We just have limited options if drama serials on TV so we often are forced to watch these rubbish story lines with little joy!!

  5. Same thing tis Dadi doin wit yuvraj n suhani wat dey did wit sowmiya n krishna …funny even child can think better…don drag too much ??

  6. Better u conclude the serial forever if u don’t know how to lead the story but don’t repeat thz these much of times and this idiot dadi as a cruel type of lady with wicked intensions always to create misunderstandings between suhani and yuvraj??wat is this blo*dy track..better change the mode or else conclude..otherwise the trp rate for this serial will definitely reach below abnormal line in no time!!!

  7. what’s the hell with this stupid track… all the time same divorce drama between couples??? what you wanna show the world by this stupid track… hello, CVS if u can’t write other than the same thing again and again, just give an opportunity to new ones… that’s it… don’t spoil the show… its has become the time to end this show rather than showing the same old story….. pack up guys,, say good bye and end on a good note with a good message.. then it would be good for us viewers….

  8. Rohan is better for Suhani rather than Yuvraj who trusts dadi blindly and does not believe suhani

  9. Suhani should accept rohan’s proposal!! Tab agar yuvaraaj ko thoda akal aaye!!
    Yuvaraaj always supports dadi!
    That’s so wrong!
    If he actually loved suhani then he would have never gene against her!!!
    Maybe he doesn’t even love suhani!

    1. Yeh kya laga rakha aap sab ne huh baar baar bol rahe ho ki suhani ko rohan ka proposal accept karna chaiye agar tum sab ko lagta hai ki woh shaadi karke khosh rahe gi aur yuvraj ko ehsaas hoga ki woh pyar karta hai suhani si toh tum sab galat ho kyun ki agar suhani yes boligi shaadi ki liye toh phir yuvraj ko aur galat misunderstandings hogi woh sochega ki suhani ne yes bola kyun ki woh saach mein rohan se pyar karti hai lekin woh saach nahi hai aur phir dramatic aur karab and bakwaas hoga toh tum sab aisi comments nah kare toh ajaa hoga sorry if I hurt any of you guys feelings

      1. No no u r also right I didn’t think about that….

  10. Yuvraj (YV) can’t let the families know that Suhani (SH) has sent him signed divorce papers, at least, not before having it out with SH. So the onus is on SH to make this known to families not YV, and since she knows nothing about it, that won’t happen. Now, YV can broadcast the divorce papers, but only if he is clear what he wants. At this point, YV does not know if he is willing to fight his ego and Dadi’s to have SH in his life. He’s not sure if he loves her and just how much. This time is for YV to figure it out and then act. Also, maybe here is where Dadi’s part , at least, and Rohan’s part, at most, in this drama will come to light and so bring SuhRaj back together.

    Guys, I feel the same way you do. This is really hard to watch especially when there are 10 other serials doing the same exact hogwash. “The names, dates and places have been changed to protect the unintelligent “ :-). Let’s just wait and, watch or read.

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