Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj supporting Yuvaan. He says lets play 2 on 5,k whoever wins will get the ball. The boy says fine, lets start the game. Yuvaan says now it will be fun. Yuvani asks for candy floss and does not like the small one. She scolds the lady and Suhani looks on.

Yuvani comments on the bad people in the hotel. She says I take best things from best people. Menka scolds Krishna. Krishna cries and says I did not do anything, he is my brother… Menka says no, he is not your…. Soumya stops Menka. Krishna hugs Soumya and says I did not do anything. Menka wants to tell about Yuvraaj. Soumya stops Krishna and says Yuvraaj is in office. Menka says since when will you lie. Soumya says I will say when I have to, think what was your son doing alone, where was Rags that time.

Rags scolds Soumya and says I went to boil milk for the boy. Pratima comes and stops them from fighting. She says Krishna is smart girl, I m sure she won’t feed anything to baby. Krishna says yes, I was having chips and it fell on baby’s face. Rama said all this to them. Pratima scolds Rama. Rama apologizes.

Suhani stops Yuvani from throwing the candy floss. She asks whats this way to talk to elders, where are your parents, return this packet to them right away. Yuvraaj and Yuvaan remove their coats and fold it to play. They have same mannerisms. Yuvaan says Sir, our hairstyles match a lot, lets start, all the best. Yuvraaj says same to you. He holds Yuvaan’s hand and they go to play.

The match begins. Yuvaan jumps and boy stops him. Yuvraaj lifts Yuvaan and they make the basket. Yuvraaj and Yuvaan win the match. Yuvaan thanks him. They smile. Suhani realizes something and looks around.

The manager gives Suhani’s purse to her. Yuvani argues with her. Suhani pays for the candy floss and money for the damage. Yuvani says my papa will pay money, I will not say sorry to anyone, I m best, Dadi says best people get best things, else they can fight and take it. She applies hand sanitizer and cleans her dress. Suhani gets sad and recalls Yuvraaj seeing Yuvani.

Yuvraaj says well done, whats your name champ. Yuvaan says I m Yuvaan, you are smart too Sir. Yuvraaj says fine, I will go. Yuvaan calls the boy Sadu and Yuvraaj stops. He recalls Suhani. Yuvaan gets the ball. He says they felt I will give my mummy’s gifted ball like this. Yuvraaj says your mom gifted this, she is lucky to have you, pleasure meeting you. Suhani scolds Yuvani. Yuvani says my Papa will understand me, he knows I never do wrong, wait here, my Papa will give your money. Suhani says don’t know how are her parents to give such upbringing, I m not interested to meet your Papa, if you were my daughter, I would have not taken you without making you apologize. She takes her room keys and goes. Yuvraaj comes and Yuvani complains that an aunty has scolded her. He turns and says there is no one there.

Krishna asks Soumya why did Menka talk like this. Soumya says she did not mean so. Pratima gifts Krishna. Krishna likes the doll house. Pratima asks her to go and play. Krishna thanks Pratima and goes. Soumya thanks Pratima. Pratima says no need to thank me, I gave gift to my grand daughter, we can’t repay your favors Soumya, Rags and Menka did wrong today.

Suhani tells Sharad about Yuvani, she has no manners and values, don’t know what her parents taught her, where is Yuvaan. Yuvaan comes there. Yuvani tells Soumya that aunty was bad, I always take best things. Soumya says you should not talk badly. Dadi says she should not listen to any stranger. Soumya goes. Yuvani tells everything to Yuvraaj. He says Yuvani you did wrong, why did you throw candy after taking it, its very wrong to misbehave. Dadi asks him to leave it, Yuvani is little girl. She hugs Yuvani.

Yuvaan says that uncle was very nice, he got my ball back, else I would have lost this ball, he was like me, you should have met him, he was cool types. She asks name. He says sorry, I forgot to ask. Sharad says we have to met him. Yuvaan says then you would have become his fan. Suhani asks him to change clothes and hugs him.

Snoopi goes to Yuvani. She asks him to go away. She says maybe its candy floss or that aunty’s smell which he likes. Yuvraaj sends her. Menka and Rags argue over Menka’s baby, who is the only heir of this house. Rags says your value is not much that you get into fight with Yuvraaj’s wife and daughters, don’t insult me, Yuvraaj is Dadi’s fav, you won’t get profit by being rude to Soumya and Krishna. Menka says you always insulted Suhani, I will insult Soumya. Rags says you are not Rags, and Soumya is not Suhani, she does not interfere in your work, we will be good to her and do our work, if you agree, then I have a plan. Suhani wakes up from sleep and sees Yuvaan. She gets tensed.

Suhani runs on the road. The goons surround her. She falls down and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. is yuvaan kidnapped

  2. Iam sure tmrw yuvraj will come a save suhani

    1. no yarr.. i felt it wnt ill happen coz always yuvraj insulting suhani…
      yuvraj realised suhani was missed in his life… aftr that they ill meet face to face each other… otherwise it wnt ill happn..
      as a new person was rescuse fr suhani…

  3. After reading today’s written update it looks like Suhani doesn’t know she’s got a daughter and yuvraj doesn’t know he’s got a son. But how and why? Soumya has married yuvraj – how? When will they show flashback?

  4. Oh no.. Suhani in danger!!
    I guess Yuvraj will come to her rescue..

  5. Huh? Wow goons now hmm now who will save her?? Maybe some new hero?? Or maybe yuvraj?? Oh wait this writers don’t have the brains to bring yuvraj and suhani face to face!!! Yesterday’s episode was so annoying!!! They were RIGHT THERE BUT THEY DIDNT SEE EACH OTHER!!!! When will these writers get the brains to stop showing right now things and show us flashbacks on how all this happened!!!!! When pratima said in today’s episode to soumya that we can never repay your favors as to what you have done for us or something like that now I’m getting a feeling that when the farmhouse burned and all she probably told birlas she will marry yuvraj but only for the kids or maybe in flashback they might show suhani and soumya talking at the hospital after they delivered their babies or something that it’s all he fault and all and she tells soumya she has decided that she will leave everyone behind and she probably made soumya promise her to marry yuvraj for the kids and that’s probably how soumya and yuvraj married and she probably took the boy with her and left her girl kid!!! I have a gut feeling that soumya knows where suhani is and that she also has a son but she can’t tell anyone because suhani probably made soumya promise her!!! But did suhani ever think that when her kids grow up they will be harder to handle and they will be more smart and find out that soumya isn’t he mom and yuvraj and suhani are seperated and all then what will she tell her kids!!! And what if soumya actually starts liking yuvraj then what will suhani do!!! She just wants to be great and sacrifice everything!!!!

  6. I think yuvraj will save saves her

  7. Mostly I.think tat many peoples might stopped watching tiz spoilers for tiz serial nothing available.just we have to see blankly.yuvani`s character is soo poor due to tat dadi.

  8. Wats tiz always putting suhani in a days the comments r very less rather than other one is commenting.always there is no spoilers for this serial.

  9. Suhani looked beautiful with blue sari and hair style 🙂

    1. Agree.. Recently she has become my favrt.. She looks gorgeous.. 🙂

  10. There is always no spoilers only for ssek

  11. I think someone else make a heroic entry tomorrow to save suhani and this will be another twist……..

  12. No.. Yuvraj can’t marry soumya… It should not happen.. Yuvraj is only suhani’ s.. No one can take suhani’ s place.. They r made for each other..

  13. I want the entry of a new hero 2mrw who will feel her awesomeness and fall in love with her. Yuvraj dsnt deserve her. I want the new guy to be smbdy like rajiv khandelwal, hiten tejwani, apurva agnihotri, etc.

    1. u r right.Bt guys u choose are not so good expect the first.i want some cute charming who look more young than yuvi and very handsomevlike mishkant varma karan tacker.yes karan awesome.he will suit for suhani.

  14. Not like that sana.I think in that farmhouse J hanvi n Krishna got died that’s y yuvraaj hate suhani. Soumya also hates suhani

  15. Sorry, I want suhani to be rescued by sharad ,a friend or by any other stranger but not yuvraj. …….I don’t want yuvraj to see suhani in such a pathetic condition instead he should see her as strong, confident, personality, a woman with self respect, whom he should feel proud of.
    What was that pratima talking about, the writers r trying to put soumya in good books which is never acceptable, fr if suhani was in her place the story would hv been different. Soumya has never been trustworthy, she is an apportunist.
    I agree with u Tuffy. …..

  16. I think we should not be waiting for spoilers for SSEL …coz unlike other serials SSEL does not drag the story line that much.. we just need to hold our curiosity and let the story unfold on its own. The writers are smart enough to not let Yuvraj and Suhani separate. I guess Krishna is still alive and in jail perhaps for his crime. Gauri might have died in the blast. I somehow feel Dadi is still responsible for Yuvraj and Suhani’s separation. Maybe they all blamed Suhani for the accident and that made her go away! But nevertheless it is really very irritating to see Yuvraj with Soumya together- i mean how can they get married or stay together in the same room! I think Soumya too might have blamed Suhani but if Suhani trusted her with Yuvani then Soumya has failed as the mother in bringing up Yuvani. For tomorrow i think someone new or maybe Rohan/Krishna(for that matter even Snoopy) may save Suhani….very remote possibility that Yuvraj will save her but you never know!

    1. If Krishna was in jail then why would Soumya name her child after him

  17. Cg u r right we want to see them together becoz only yuvraj is suhani’s happiness ,her life, her world but what about yuvraj? He is always a confused character to me, he never speaks out,or supports when he has to ,he has always been a dependent, he wants suhani to tell him everything but if she tries he doesn’t believe her. &Then the blame game. & moreover he should have learnt a lesson after marrying barbie but no he is the same old. May be or may be not he is married to soumya, but it’s clear they r portraying themselves as husband &wife in public so has he decided that he will never be with suhani in future?

  18. @ lakshana in a way it’s better v don’t hv spoilers, they tend to give us heart attacks.

  19. Agree with you Sushma … enough of Suhnai being potrayed as always sacrificing and family oriented women…she should now be shown independent and confident. That is how Yuvraj should see her as. In fact more than Yuvraj it will be a lesson for Dadi, Rags and Menaka! Yuvraj never really valued Suhani…she always had to prove herself to him! Even Soumya does not deserve Suhani’s friendship, she always changed with times and situations!

  20. yuvaan as a frnd of him papa (yuvraj)
    but yuvani was met her mom(suhani) lik a stranger i cant axpt it..
    pla yuvani also like her anty(suhani)… as she knows suhani her mother…
    nw the story line waz gng really good lets rocking … ssel

  21. It may happen that yuvraj will come to save her and when he will be beating the goons, she will leave before they see each other..

  22. what happend to this serial… was running very nicely before the blast but now it changed in all the serials got changed by the families as here suhani went out,yhm ishita went out bcoz of nidhi……may b akshara also goes out from tara and naksh….just this people want ratings…..plz end this one as soon as possible dear director

  23. I am eagerly waiting for their confrontation..

  24. Yeh Krishna aur yuvani age meh yuvan se barde lagte hai agar CVS members neh yeh bola yuvani pehle paida hui aur bad meh yuvan to hum nehi mange this is not possible because they are twins I hope new aur handsome hero suhani ko rescue kar neh aye

    1. ya u r rite..Krishna and Yuvani looks older than Yuvan,,,.3 of them are supposed to be of same age

  25. Kartik(Director's friend)

    Huge spoiler finally out
    Rohan has arrived in Allahabad for some purpose he is now more cool and smart
    He still loves suhani and will come to make save from the goons and he will confront yuvraj

  26. Suhaani again taking and teaching class OMG
    She has only interest in taking class of others… What is this upbringing? Respect elders OMG I hate her stupid idiot

  27. the serial is still running? Horrible.

  28. Is it really necessary to put twisted stories and i wonder if the writer has the brain to make up and match the story and comes smoothly.

  29. Plz Jaldi udate karo badi der lag rhi h

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