Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuj and Sharad making Rags jealous saying Soumya has taken her place in Dadi’s heart and this family. Sharad tells him that Suhani helped Rags even after knowing she hates her, and now Soumya will rule in this house. He says I can see now itself how Soumya is controlling Rags. Rags imagines the scene that Soumya is the boss and makes her do all the work, and gives punishment of not going parlor for 15 days, she is her new Menka. Rags says no. Anuj and Sharad ask what happened. Rags says stop this nonsense. They laugh.

Pratima asks Soumya to call her Maa. Soumya smiles and thanks her. Pratima says her earrings broke, can you get them repaired. Suhani comes and says Maa. She says sorry, I think I came on wrong time. Pratima says Suhani is guest now and she can’t

ask her to work, Soumya will do the work. Soumya gets glad. Dadi talks to Saurabh and says lawyer is busy in some case. Saurabh says he wants to say something. Dadi says I don’t want to hear about Suhani. He says I came to say sorry, I did mistake to go against you, I want to help you now. She says its fine, its good he realized. She says they have to do many things and do marriage arrangements. He asks her to worry.

Suhani asks Pratima how can she make Soumya do the work, she can’t do the work, she did big mistake last time. Soumya says it was misunderstanding, and takes the earrings, saying its her duty and she will do this. Pratima says Dadi gave me these earrings, keep them safe. Soumya says don’t worry, you can trust me. She leaves. Rags comes to Dadi and sees Saurabh. Saurabh says I will come later, your work will be done Dadi. Dadi says fine. He leaves. Rags asks Dadi what is she doing. Dadi says don’t teach me, everyone makes mistakes, I did not punish you always, as I believe everyone should get chance to rectify mistakes.

Soumya keeps the earrings and goes to freshen up. Sharad and Anuj come there and take the earrings from the box and leave. They bump into Rags. Rags asks them to jog outside. Anuj says sorry. Rahs asks what are they upto. Yuvraaj comes there and bumps into Ramesh. The glass juice falls and Rags scolds him. Yuvraaj says its my mistake. Rags asks Ramesh to get another juice glass for Dadi. Yuvraaj says sorry to Ramesh. Ramesh says its fine. Yuvraaj smiles.

Soumya comes and is leaving for market. Anuj gives earrings to Pratima and asks her to hide them well. Soumya tells Ramesh to tell Dadi that she is going out. Suhani comes to Pratima and Pratima gets tensed. Soumya sees the box empty and is shocked. Pratima says I was hiding earrings, don’t know how do Dadi and Rags do these things easily, I was tensed. Suhani asks her not to do, if she does not like. Pratima says I can do this for you.

Soumya comes to Pratima and says the earrings are lost. Pratima asks what, and scolds her. Soumya says I think Ramesh took it. Saurabh asks her not to blame anyone. Pratima says you will name Sharad too. Dadi comes and asks whats happening. Pratima says ask Soumya, she lost the earrings which you gave me, and she is calling thief to others. Suhani sees pearl handing on Pratima’s saree and signs her. Dadi says I will show where are your earrings and shows it on her saree. They all get tensed. Dadi scolds her. Dadi says stop this drama, else …..Suhani signs Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says else I will be annoyed with mum, and asks Dadi to let him talk to Pratima.

He says I did not like this at all. Dadi asks her to agree to Yuvraaj, else she will lose him. Dadi leaves with Soumya and Rags. Suhani says mum does not know to do this. Yuvraaj says I know and hugs Pratima. Pratima apologizes. He says you tried, its enough for me, I m sorry, you got scolded by Dadi because of me. He says now we have to do something big. Sharad says yes, they are playing big games. Saurabh asks mum not to worry, they will manage. Pratima says I know, my children will manage. Yuvraaj and Suhani have a talk at night. They take snoopi out.

She asks was he going to be angry on mum. He says yes, do only you have the right. I m joking, I would have not scolded her, she does not know such planning, else she would have not heard Dadi’s scolding, but Dadi is very clever, we have hope that we are fighting for truth and we will win. She says its tough way, but we will win. He says I don’t know how to show Soumya the truth. She says no need to do anything, much happened in few days and Dadi doubts on us, if anything wrong happens, she will doubt more. He says yes. She says we will make next plan later. Snoopi ties them by his hand held rope, and she slips on him. Music plays……………..

Dadi scolds Soumya, and says people will ask me why did I choose such a girl who run with her driver’s son and spoiled her name.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Sky

      This show will never learn … only knows how to drag…..this planning by Yuvraj is soooooo boring. It would be much better if Yuvraj announces to the family and Souyma that he love Suhani and she will be my wife for life

  1. Rina

    This serial is so stupid. what is the message of all this drama? Beauty is not everything. All the the serials on star plus are the same. The same drama over and over again.

  2. Xxx

    I read the spoilers and it says that dadi will make suhani sign the divorce papers but there is a twist that suhani has signed fake ones and this is planned by yuvraaj and saurabh..

  3. khushi nd money r waste infront of good is a part of life bt nt a life.this is for 4 darmabaaz somya dadi rag menka

  4. lily

    This track is really annoying me. It is not interesting at all. Who cares about Soumya and dadi. They are criminals and should be punished for that.
    This Suhani is irritating me. Chehra nahi badloongi. Who asked her to change chehra? She has very good features. She has to enhance it to make it beautiful. Eye makeup, nice hairstyle, light makeup and some trendy clothes is all that is needed. Why does she think it is a sin to look good and it is giving up values. It is wrong thinking. She likes to cook dishes to make others happy. She does not do anything to make her husband happy. Pati ke liye thoda makeup to kar hi sakte ho aur acche kapde pahan sakthi ho. He changed so much for her sake unknowingly. This lady is so stubborn and thinks only she is right.

  5. Soumya u r shit of (hum***and bull***) and it includes u also dadi and ragz draging episode and nice romantic scene after long time

  6. suhani could wear light makeup. but i don’t know wht sense dadi hav. wearing makeup now n then will really spoil the skin

  7. going 2 parlor every weeks, using fairness creams daily, doing skin treatments, wearing a lot of makeup-by doing all these things, even a begger can turn into beauty

  8. Someya

    Being the evil person in Suhani si ek ladki is hard bcause in life I would not take my BFFs husband I mean who does and like I hate being Someya I wanted to be Suhani but things went upside down for me and Suhani for her cos she waned to be Someya and I want to be Suhani but the director …..

  9. ñÎçÊ ÊpÎ………. gÛýz,jÛ$t $tÖp d®âggÎñg thÊ $hÖω….Î lÎҜÊd p®âtÎmâ ÎññÖçÊñt fâçÊ…….. Î hÖpÊ ýÛvñÎ gÊt$ mÛçh çlÖ$Ê® Îñ thÎ$ plÖttÎñgs âll ÖvÊ® Ît$ gÖÎñg $lÖω

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