Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Soumya why did Menka say such big thing. Soumya says I was saying thanks to Sharad as he treats Krishna well and cares for her happiness, I don’t know why did Menka say this, I got shut in bathroom and Krishna went to Sharad to take help. Pratima says Krishna is part of this family, all relations turned weak after the fake Dadi came, if Menka and Rags say something, don’t answer them such that things get worse. Soumya promises them that she will not do anything, Saurabh, Yuvraaj and Sharad did a lot for us, I promise I will not do anything that harms the family. Menka smiles. Dadi tells Soumya that she will not leave her alive, if Menka’s words turn true.

Suhani applies cream to her nose and recalls how Sambhav pierced her nose. She thinks

how to stop Sambhav, I can’t let him force me like this. She sees Yuvaan’s watch and recalls Sambhav’s words. Sambhav comes and asks Suhani to come with him. She says I will sleep here, I won’t come. He says you will get punished tomorrow and signs her he is watching her. He goes.

Its morning, Bhavna does Ganesh aarti. Everyone pray. Bhavna gives aarti to Sharad. Soumya takes aarti along him. Sharad asks Soumya to take aarti. Soumya goes. Pratima asks Bhavna to go to Soumya and give her aarti. Bhavna tells Sharad that she trusts him. Sharad asks her to think if she can’t manage one wife, will he die by getting other wife. She smiles. He goes. Soumya comes back and takes aarti. Sambhav gives juice to Yuvaan and Lata. Suhani comes. Lata says Sambhav made the breakfast, aloo puri, its tasty, we are so lucky to get good son in our son in law. Sambhav asks Suhani what do you think, am I doing my duty well. Suhani says yes.

Lata says I have to go to my friend for Ganpati darshan. Yuvaan says I have to go too. Sambhav says you can’t go there and signs Suhani. Suhani asks Yuvaan not to go, there will be crowd on the road. She scolds him. He goes to room. Sambhav asks Suhani why is she getting angry. Lata says yes, you shouted on Yuvaan. Sambhav says I was refusing for viral disease spreading. Suhani says I refused for same reason and goes. Lata says what happened to Suhani. Sambhav says I will talk to her.

Menka turns into a spy and dons detective’s costume. Rags collides with her. Rags asks whats this, are you going in fancy dress. Menka says no, I m spying on Soumya and Sharad, I got an idea of making Soumya leave. Rags asks really, how.

Sambhav shows knife to Suhani and asks how shall I punish you. He scares her and says you did not sleep in our room. She asks why punishment, I m agreeing to you. He says I have to threaten you for everything, and then you agree, you make me helpless to do this. Yuvraaj comes and asks helpless? What is it Sambhav?

Rags throws Menka’s costume and says I don’t want anyone to doubt on you. She asks her to see Soumya, do as I say now. Menka agrees.

Sambhav asks how did you get inside. Yuvraaj says door was open, I called out. Sambhav says but you could not wait, come. Yuvraaj gives Prasad to Suhani and says Maa has sent this for everyone. Sambhav says no, Pratima has sent this just for Pratima. Suhani says yes, as I m her daughter. Yuvraaj asks Suhani is everything fine. Sambhav asks why do you think everything is not fine here. Yuvraaj says because you were not fine. Suhani says we will talk later. The peacock feather falls and Yuvraaj steps on it. Sambhav stares at him. Suhani asks him to send Sharad if there is any work, you don’t need to worry. Yuvraaj gets worried and leaves.

Soumya asks Menka to help. Menka says I can’t help, my height is short. She asks Sharad to help Soumya in fixing lights. Soumya says no, I m fine, I will manage. Sharad says I will help you, and tells her not to worry for dogs barking, elephant does not care. He taunts Menka for her cheap thinking. He makes Soumya get down and holds her hand. Rags records them. Menka goes. Rags clicks pics of Soumya and Sharad, and smiles.

Sambhav comes to Suhani and asks did you have Prasad. She says no, no one has touched it. He shouts and says I m saying truth, you called Yuvraaj here. She says I did not call anyone, you can check my phone. He says you may have deleted the number. She says you have mental illness, you are just thinking. He says you both sign each other. She says its not like that, you are crossing madness. He reminds Yuvaan’s life is in his hands. She says I know well, you tried to kill Yuvaan and standing free here, you are forcing me and blackmailing me. He says that’s why, I will give you second punishment, you won’t be able to do anything. He holds her and feeds her the juice forcibly. She pushes him and goes. She cries in the bathroom.

Suhani says its enough now, I have to fight against Sambhav, and end that devil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh for heaven’s sake. What the f are they showing? End this disgusting track or just stop the damn serial. Is this what you intend to show the audience? That you can get things by blackmail? What f*cking stupidity is this?

    1. Ruksy

      exactly what kind of crap are they showing

  2. Can somebody give short detail of the previous episode plz?

  3. Sachi I have stopped seeing only seeing updates can’t c a torture like dis today woman r bold do not succumb to all dis only illiterates do educated woman won’t take dis husband nonsense

  4. Get lost you idiots and animals, you get paid for showing such filthy crap. all the kamina husbands in this world are learning a lot from you.

  5. Wht…..serial is getting bored

  6. I wish Suhani and yuvraaj get back together and that yuvraaj finds out the truth about sambhav asap!!!!!! Plz reply if u agree

    1. Ruksy


    2. Yvonne Codner

      Totally agree with you..This torture is getting so boring!

  7. Pls agar achchha nahi dikha sakte to stopped this serial…….BAKWAS dikhakar bach khuchi viewers chali jayegi……what nonsense they are writing now…….disgusting …..

  8. guys do u all knw one thing sahil mehta was quiting the show ….
    and they taken an another leap of aftr 20 yrs leapp….


      How did you come to know about this?

  9. Is it true sahil ( yuvraj) is quitting the show…??

  10. Plz confirm any1… I’m going 2 quit the nonsense show….. they must offair… N start any new show… instead of useless dragging

  11. Pls guys go to change. Org snd sign no sahil no ssel petition we need more support ers

    1. Aqsxxh

      where is the petition?

  12. But 20 year leap is confirm news or what…???.. We should not interfere in their personal life but sahil n rajshri r no more frnds n dats the reason may they 2 r avoiding each other… Hope CVS may hear the fans n go for the offair

  13. I think the show should be renamed as Savdhaan India.

    1. Aqsxxh

      I laughed too much at this comment XD

    2. Nithu

      Haha..yeah it’s right cos spoiled the entire show…not I think we should immediately join the so called writers into a mental asylum. ..

      1. Nithu

        Sry for the spell mistake

  14. I think she will make him mad so he can shout at her n everyone will hear him the bastard even yuvaan

  15. No wonder women abuse rape , flesh trade traffiking is on the rise in this country. kill the women, torture them they are not human, they are objects to be tossed from one man to another, how pathetic is this, why cant women organizations protest, we know it is a serial but it is glorifying women abuse, child abuse and torture why are they keeping children away from their parents? please guys walk away from this show while we still have some dignity. You ae damn right i am better if watching Saavthan India at least it is reality and warns us about things going on in the society and keep alert

  16. I request all not to watch this garbage until crappy writers and the character of sambhav.

  17. Yes I feel the same please change the track or end the show…Who will such non sense now a days.

  18. Everyone please sign the petition

    1. I agree with you

  19. Plzzz dont show suhani as helpless women nfr god sake no leap again n no sahil quits the show unite suhani yuvraj asap

  20. what a load of [email protected] I cannot beleive ppl still r watching this serial… or r the writers that dumb?

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