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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Sharad that she thinks to tell truth to children before they know from outside.She sees Yuvani and stops her. Yuvani acts rude and says she did not go out, Yuvaan has made the party plan. Suhani says its nothing like that. Yuvani argues with Suhani and goes. Yuvraaj and Pratima look on. Suhani thinks how to tell the truth to Yuvani, as Yuvani is not ready to talk to her well. Yuvaan pacifies Baby and asks why does she bear Saiyyam. She says Saiyyam is my childhood friend, I can’t leave him, will you leave Krishna if she does mistake, when she needs you the most.

Suhani asks Pratima how to talk to Yuvani. Yuvraaj says no use, she will get more angry. Suhani says how to end her hatred. Pratima says she is angry, she does not hate you, give a chance

to her, let her live her way, then see she will get fine. Yuvraaj agrees. Pratima calms down Suhani and says I will get food for you. She asks Sharad to come. They leave.

Suhani apologizes to Yuvraaj. He asks her not to say this. Baby says Saiyyam’s life was not normal, he was an orphan, then he got to know his mum is alive and left him, he stayed angry and felt he is cheated, you can never understand Saiyyam’s feelings, you are raised with family. He says I m also raised without a father, it does not mean I use this to do wrong thing. She says saying is easy, everyone has different way to fight with problems, I feel my friends are with me, one angry young man and other loving and caring, can I regard you my friend. He says of course and shakes hands. Krishna sees them and leaves angrily. He goes after Krishna.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that its not her mistake, you raised three kids, if one is rebel, what can we do, you can’t take her behavior on heart. She says yes, but if my relation was fine, I could have told her about you. He says its all happening because of Saiyyam, we want to tell them truth being afraid that Saiyyam can make our children against us, I m not against you, I m reminding you, he has Sambhav’s blood, you can never make him like you, I assure you, till that guy is in this house, nothing can get fine. Saiyyam hears them and gets angry. He leaves.

Yuvaan stops Krishna. She asks how can you get friendly with Saiyyam’s GF. He says she is not bad. She calls him mad and goes. Saiyyam goes to storeroom and looks for something. He sees a gun and recalls Yuvraaj’s words. He takes the gun and sees Krishna. He hides the gun. She asks what are you doing here. He says nothing, I was finding my jacket here. She asks him to say truth. He says nothing, don’t use your mind. The gun falls. She sees the gun and asks what were you going to do with this gun. He stops her and pushes her away. He picks the gun. She tries to stop him. He pushes her away again.

Krishna recalls Suhani’s words and catches him. She pushes him on the floor and the gun falls far away. He gets angry. She takes a hammer to beat him. Saiyyam makes her fall and tries taking that hammer. Yuvraaj hears Krishna screaming and gets shocked seeing Saiyyam and Krishna. He assumes Saiyyam to be molesting Krishna. He gets angry and recalls Sambhav. He cries and angrily goes to them. He beats Saiyyam. He asks Krishna is she fine.

Krishna runs to Suhani and Yuvaan. Yuvraaj beats Saiyyam. Suhani comes and stops Yuvraaj. She asks him to leave Saiyyam. Yuvraaj says no, Saiyyam tried to molest Krishna, I will not leave him. Saiyyam says I did not do anything like that. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to leave him. Yuvraaj asks her to move and pushes her. She gets hurt. Saiyyam sees this and gets angry. He beats up Yuvraaj. They both fight.

Yuvraaj says I told you he can’t change, he is Sambhav’s blood, he has bad blood. Suhani says you maybe wrong. Yuvraaj says there is no misunderstanding, I have seen it by my eyes, Saiyyam was trying to molest Krishna. Saiyyam picks a metal rod. Suhani says it can’t happen. Yuvraaj says I have seen him. The family comes there.

Saiyyam says you killed my Papa…..I will kill you. Suhani moves Yuvraaj away and comes in between. She gets hit on her head. Everyone get shocked. Blood starts flowing over Suhani’s head. She falls down. Everyone rush to Suhani and take her. Saiyyam cries and runs after them. Rags asks Dadi what is happening, say something, did Saiyyam do this. Dadi says yes. Rags says what will we do now. Dadi says I just know its Suhani’s sin and if his son wrote this fate for her, let it be, I will not let my house fate change.

Yuvani asks Yuvraaj how is he related to Suhani, why is he trying to take her Papa’s place. He says its nothing like that. She calls him cheap person who is trying to use Suhani’s loneliness. He shouts Yuvani…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I didn’t watch today’s epi… ” Sayyam cries and runs after them” ….this line touched my heart….donno why….Suhani is the one who got injured bt I’m feeling bad for Sayyam….sad…he z all alone….nw all yuvan/yuvi/sharad n all will start fighting wid Sayyam….hope Krishna open her mouth and tell the truth……..

    Yuvan….ur situation and Sayyam’s situation are totally diff…u can’t compare urself wid him.,..he suffered a lot

    1. Aqsxxh

      love your name!
      and exactly Yuvaan is being completely immature- he is acting like a love-sick puppy over a useless girl!

      1. thanx 🙂 n yea…Yuvan is acting immature from the beginning and after baby’s entry he has gone mad

  2. n ye dadi kabhi nahi sudharega,,.dnt wanna cmnt more abt her and waste my tym

  3. I like today’s episode. Feeling sad for Suhani and Dadi is so cruel. Yuvraj is mad. .hate him ???

    1. I agree with you!
      Suhani has to be the one, to make a choice. She can’t have both, because yuvraj is not going to let her.
      Baby is not that bad, she care for saiyyam. More like a bother, then a boyfriend. Krishna has to grow up, I know yuvaan care for her as a sister.

    2. Everyone, seem to forget that Yuvraj was always like this. He was never a good man.
      The amount of times I have be telling people. Yuvraj pure love is Dadi, and no one worthy of his love. Not even his own mother.
      Yuvraj is not going to change. Again I don’t hate any of the actor. Please now open your eyes.

  4. I like today’s epi….. I like saiyaam n Krishna fighting….. I liked the way yuvraj kicked on saiyaams bumb???…… I also like krishna n yuvan fighting…. the baby is just irritating…… precap is good…….

    But 2morrow the epic will b boring….. 1 day they r showing good… 2nd day they r making viewers bor

  5. Dadi is very cruel…. rags is back…… where is menka…..???

    Menka was supposed 2 come back na…..???
    Where is she….???
    Saurab also…???

    1. I wish menka doesnt come forever…i just hate her both reel & real….

      1. Ya she was frnd of rajshri… bestie… but now…. they r stranger for each other… atleast they must bring saurab

  6. FGS just tell the truth to the kids and see how they react. Why the delay?Just to hear yuvani being rude all the time.

  7. pakka epi , superb… i liked it a lot

  8. I like the episode. DADI is sick. SHE can’t change. Yuvraj losing his importance day by day. He is doing bad acting ..

  9. Overall epi is nice .

  10. krishna is 8yrs older than sayam then how can he molest krishna,

    1. He didn’t, it all yuvraj fault, as usual. He hate saiyyam, suhani has to make a choice. It is either saiyyam or yuvraj. If suhani a good mother she well choose her son.
      Yuvraj is not going to be a good step father to saiyyam.
      Yuvraj, is the cause of problems, he poisoning suhani mind.

      1. Totally agree with you. Today what happened to Suhani is his fault

  11. episode…loved sayyam suhani bond…..they have gr8 chemistry as mother son..especially im lyking the way sayyam pushing yuvraaj??…jab dekho suhani ke ass pass rehta hai…..loved this dialogue? DOOR RAHO MERI MAA SE….precap is good…lol yuvani….yuvraj ur dead man…???

  12. Why does Yuvraj need to insult Saiyam all the time…. This all happened cuz of him.. Poor Suhani has to suffer… & Saiyam is alone? again… Today that baby seemed better than Yuvraj…

  13. Aqsxxh

    Yuvraaj needs to get over the fact Sayyam is Sambhav’s son.
    I am surprised he never used that excuse of Fake Dadi being blood-related to Real Dadi (in the previous tracks- he love his Dadi toooo much! I am super Surprised as anyone related to Dadi can’t do anything!!!!- *note the infinite sarcasm.*)
    Sayyam the poor thing- he just wants his motherly love- he was deprived of it, Suhani slowly understanding this (THANK GOD!)
    Dadi has always been disgraceful- why on earth is there a gun in the Birla house btw. Like my mind hurts thinking of that (possible that Sayyam brought it, but ugh.)
    I do not like Baby- like what a name.
    From Barbie to Baby?
    are we in a dollhouse?
    Next bring Ken! ????????????
    I would laugh soo much on that day.

    But Srsly- today’s episode some people have started to gain some logic like Suhani is finally agreeing in telling the truth- now wait a few weeks for the truth to come out ??

    I just can’t wait for Sayyam to donate blood like Suhani did to him!
    *loss of a lot of blood* Maybe hinting she needs blood and let’s see who will give her…
    I am thinking either Sayyam or Yuvaan- maybe they would argue who shall give blood?

    overall this episode was mixed, I am partially happy and partially annoyed and a tad upset for Sayyam.
    Angry at Yuvraaj mostly.

    1. Do you think that baby is Barbie daughter?
      Because I am not sure. I could be wrong.

    2. totally agree with u on that dadi part…..N yea atfirst when Barbie came I wa lyk ” why Barbie…” n now baby!!! Barbie was a better name

  14. Yes I agree with you, but Baby, I don’t know, she still a question mark for me.
    Even though I felt a warmth towards Baby. I hope yuvaan understand his brother now.
    As for Krishna she needs to grow up, WHY didn’t she speak up as well. She reminded of Suhani, who won’t let of Yuvraj in the past. I don’t want another Suhani and Yuvraj. Please not again.
    Krishna needs to accept this is it, there not going to be a marriage, between yuvaan and her. Krishna should be happy, that yuvaan care for her as a sister. I know that I would have.

    Yuvraj has to grow up as well, if he can’t be saiyyam step father. He also has to make a choice. He either stand behind suhani or leave.
    Yuvani is right to call him a shameless man. I hope when Yuvani find out the truth. I hope she give not just her mother one. Her father as well. I hope that yuvani doesn’t listen to Dadi, knowing Dadi, she well try to put Yuvraj in a good light.
    I was thinking, Baby, do any of you think that, she is Barbie daughter. Do you think that Barbie, must have taking saiyyam.

    1. Aqsxxh

      I think that Barbie did take care of Sayyam- but I am not sure of Baby being Barbie’s daughter.
      However I couldn’t have said what you said better than you did- Yuvraaj is being very immature.

      1. I just thought of Baby, and Barbie both sounds like dolls. You like a toy. I remember how Barbie liked Barbie dolls. I joked once with a friend. If this character had a child. She well called it, baby, because this is only name she well think of. I don’t know, but if this come true. It would be Strange.

      2. @Aqsxxh & mo

        What made you guys think that Barbie, involved with saiyyam.
        Also what made you guys think Baby is Barbie daughter.

        Do you guys think that Barbie is coming back?????
        Because I really don’t want Barbie back. I thought evil Dadi might have something to do with it. Even there no different between both Dadi. Then you could say that they are working together. To bring Suhani down.
        To many questions Mark???????
        If anyone knows anything, please let us know. Because even if we love or hate the show. We are still watching this show.

      3. @Hassan,
        We don’t know if Barbie, is coming back!
        I asked Aqsxxch, what does Asxxch think about baby, being Barbie daughter.
        If Asxxch think if Barbie, got anything to do with saiyyam. That all.
        I have read everyone comments, when I saw Asxxch comments. I remember that I told my friend about Barbie. This was the time when suhani went missing. Barbie told yuvraj that she was having his and suhani baby.
        I told my friend, if Barbie had the baby, she won’t think of any other name, except baby. Boy or girl.
        Anyway we don’t know anything, and if any of us know anything. I am sure Asxxch would agree. We well let you guys know.

  15. I hate that old witch dadi n rags n I hope suhani don’t loose her memory now

  16. i like the front page since it’s changed

  17. I’m not worried for any of these krishna-yuvan or yuvan-baby pair….I just worry for Sayyam…..
    bt guys…Yuvan never considered Krishna as his sis….he considers her as his best frnd,n I thnk Krishna too sees him the same way,coz they never showed any eyelock scene (plus wind) b/w them,,,,,

    Yuvan even joked once that Krishna is his backup plan after his break up wid his GF….so will any bro joke lyk this abt his sis.,,,from childhood onwards they.are besties

    1. I agree….. I just want yuvraj 2 come over the fact of sambhav son saiyyam… No need to blame saiyyam for yuvani back answers……..

      Yuvraj must get slap…. In the first leap….. He never thought of bringing suhani n he had a fake mrg with soumya …. N the only thing he was saying in 1st leap ….. ” Woh meri bacho
      Ki maa…” N now “usme sambhav ka khoon”

      What wrong with writers….??? They r just show all fake track without completing it

      1. Yea, rite,,,,,N he acts immature at times,,,,,,Yuvan is just lyk him,,,,immature and kinda stupid too,,,,,,the thing is,he hates Sayyam coz he is Sambav N his wife’s son,,,,he z acting lyk a typical selfish step father,,,else what’s the need to blame Sayyam for Sambav’s deeds,,,….N ys writers shows mostof the characters as incomplete/confused,,,,,,

    2. Ya….. yuvan is same like his father….. but in upcoming…. they r going 2 show yuvan taking advantage of krishna……
      I can’t understand….. y cvs want 2 show same story….. first sam taking advantage of suhani n now yuvan

      Stupid writers are spoiling all the characters…. I just can’t understand y yuvan will do like this

  18. Upcoming spoilers:

    15 November 2016 – yuvan n yuvani 2 know yuvraj is their….. where suhani is in critical situation

    16 November 2016 – saiyaam learns the truth that suhani killed sambhav…… nd it was not yuvraj…… N the interpersonal dynamics change between yuvan , yuvani n Krishna…… yuvan will take the advantage of krishna

    1. I think d spoiler is fake….how can he take advantage of krishna…i agree ki cvs ko character butcher karne ki aadat hai….as they wanted to show yuvraj mahaan …they made sambhav negative to great extent..though yuvraj is selfish and always loved snaky?…dadi,yuvraj,yuvaan…are responsible for suhani’s worst fate

  19. krishna ?Sayyam

    Poor sayyam gets blamed for everything . And I feel like it’s Suhanis fault because she the one to abandon him . And he still loves his mother despite being abandoned . And I think they should just patch Krishna up with Sayyam and Yuvan with Baby . Because in the scenes it’s Krishna and Sayyam who have the romantic type of scenes . Sayyam and her are always bumping into each other . He is the one who tried to save her when yuvani cut her cloth . And yesterday he was the one who was on “top ” of her . The “special ” moment .

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