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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri getting the baby cow. Everyone smile. Suhani sends the calf to the cow and hugs Mili. She tells Pratima that Lord heard them mum and child got united, I wish no mum and child get away. Pratima says I will just come, I forgot my medicines. Suhani says I will come with you. Pratima says I m fine. Suhani asks why are you lying, tell me, you are making medicine excuse since morning. Suhani says no one can see child getting separated from mum, why did you get sad. Pratima cries and asks her to stop it, she is sad as she can feel this pain, I m away from my daughter, I had a 4th child too. She cries and says pandit said right, I had 4 children.

Suhani asks you had four children? Pratima says yes, she left me and went away. Suhani asks was it a daughter? Where

is she, why does no one talk about her, what’s her name? Suhani hugs her and asks her to tell something about her. Pratima says she has gone away. Suhani consoles Pratima and says I m with you, your daughter.

Dadi gives Prasad and asks Ramesh to give everyone. Suhani looks at Dadi. Dadi asks what happened, why are you staring like this. Suhani says I came to ask something, which happened some years ago. Dadi asks what are you saying. Suhani says it happened, but you did not tell anyone, whatever you try, you can’t hide the truth. Dadi says there is no truth. Suhani asks really, why are you sweating. Dadi says I m not sweating. Yuvraaj comes and asks what happened Dadi, why do you look worried. Dadi says Suhani is saying nonsense. Suhani says I will tell you Yuvraaj. Dadi says no. Suhani asks why, let me tell.

She says she got this while cleaning storeroom. She shows Dadi’s old pic and says when I showed this to Dadi, she is getting shy. Yuvraaj smiles and says wow Dadi, you look really nice in this. Suhani shows the pic to Dadi, and Dadi gets relieved. Yuvraaj says sorry, I need some signs, come. Dadi goes with him.

Suhani and Yuvraaj have a talk about his work. He keeps the files and they have nok jhok. He says I don’t remember things. She says even people, like your sister. She says Pratima told me everything. He says I… She asks do you remember anything about her. He says its very old thing, please… since she died, no one took her name in this house, don’t mention her, I have much work and goes. Suhani recalls Mili. She says is Mili Yuvraaj’s sister.

Its morning, Suhani takes milk for Mili and tells Pratima to give it to Mili, she has to make tea for Yuvraaj. She says Mili will not drink easily, you have to make her drink. Pratima says fine and goes to give milk to Gauri. Pratima makes her drink. Suhani looks on and smiles.

Yuvraaj recalls Suhani’s words and wishes he had his sister with him today. He turns and sees Mili. Suhani does bhaidooj rituals with Sharad. Saurabh and Anuj miss their sister and get sad. He says we have to see our faces on Rakhi time too. Suhani says we will do one thing, you all can get tika done by Mili, she is also alone, and is like your sister. Saurabh says yes, we did not think so. Mili says fine, bhai dooj tika. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to agree, as Mili calls him Bhaiya. Yuvraaj agrees.

All the brothers sit and Suhani takes Mili to do rituals. Everyone smile. Mili does tika to them. Bhavna asks Suhani why did she get emotional, the idea was very lovely, see Mili is so happy. Suhani sees Pratima crying. Dadi comes there and gets tensed seeing Mili doing rituals with Yuvraaj. Suhani looks at Dadi. Dadi angrily levaes. Mili asks for gift. Saurabh says what to gift her. Yuvraaj asks what does she want. Mili thinks. They all suggest few things. Mili says we will play hide and seek with everyone. Anuj says see what gift she asked. Suhani says now you have to play. Yuvraaj says kids play such games. Saurabh says we promised her, now she is our younger sister. Anuj says how will we play without Menka. Saurabh says so what, Rags is here. Anuj goes to call Dadi.

Pratima smiles happily. Suhani hugs her. Dadi talks to someone and asks did you like the place, I don’t want to hurt her, I will bring her today itself. She ends call and turns. She sees Anuj. Anuj asks whom was she talking on phone, is she fine, why is she sweating. Dadi says nothing, my friend’s grand daughter is ill, I m taking her to specialist. Anuj says Mili wants to play, come. Dadi says no, I have to take her to doctor. He says fine and goes. Dadi says so they are playing hide and seek and gets idea to kidnap Mili.

Everyone play hide and seek. Dadi holds Gauri and takes her away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode …
    But please don’t drag tooo much…
    Nice show day by day interesting

  2. Suhani vil savi milli …
    This Time dadi truth shd come infront of everyone…

  3. I don’t like new ragini nd saurabh
    Old rags nd saurabh are good
    They did good job
    But now they are not doing good

  4. Why they are showing suhani is black
    But she is not that much black..
    Please don’t show like that
    She looks good…

  5. Nice episode. …….
    It’s high time all the family members should know the evil side of Dadi. Wish yuvraj gets to know each &everything Dadi had done to Suhani &yuvi too (kala jamun scene ) right from the beginning. .
    Elders in the family r considered as the roots of the family, if the roots itself r not strong the tree is sure to fall. They should be the role model to the generations to come. Dadi is disgusting. …

  6. I too agree with you ramchin, suhani is always shown in different skin tones &purposely made to look ugly but inspite of that she looks so preety. They fail to differentiate between dark &wheatish.
    She is one of the best actresses.

  7. Nice episode

  8. Today’s episode was great… want gauri’s truth to come out soon…. MY FAVOURITE SERIAL!

  9. This now dragging too much. When the viewers have worked out that Gauri is you raj sister and Pratimas daughter , why has the producers, writers, director and the caste of the show still beating about the bush. Please give some credit to the viewers intelligence!

  10. Plz reveal the truth .
    they can test patience of viewers!!

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