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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani misbehaving with Suhani. Yuvaan asks her to apologize to Suhani and accept her mistake. Yuvani says I never apologize because I don’t do any mistake. The guests leave. Soumya says Suhani, don’t worry, I will manage Yuvani. Yuvaan asks Yuvaan to say sorry to Suhani. She refuses and says I won’t say sorry, your mumma came in between me and my friend. Yuvaan says mumma says we should thank people when they give us gift. Soumya takes Yuvani with her. Rags and Menka smile. Suhani looks at Pratima. Menka says why did Dadi not say anything to Yuvaan for arguing with Yuvani. Rags says did Dadi say anything to Yuvraaj till now, that she will tell his son. Menka worries.

Suhani gets upset and goes outside. She recalls Yuvani’s words and cries. Soumya goes to

her and says Yuvani gets angry soon like Yuvraaj, you know him. She asks how does Yuvraaj react seeing her behavior. Soumya says everyone love Yuvani a lot, when they got they have lost everything, they got Yuvani and Krishna, so their love spoiled them, I m trying best to make them discipline. Suhani says I know you will not let Yuvani go on wrong path. She goes. Menka laughs and says Kabhi Sautan, Kabhi Saheli and Kabhi Sauteli Maa. Rags says Yuvani did too much, she kicked her own mother. Leela hears them. Menka says Suhani came here after a long time. Rags says think what will happen when Yuvraaj comes here. Menka says I wish to tell Yuvraaj everything by calling him now. Rags says we will tell him on right time, Suhani has to know many things. Leela makes the clothes stand fall. They see Leela there. Menka and Rags scold Leela and send her.

Yuvani thinks did I make any mistake. Dadi gives her white lilies and cheers her. Yuvani gets glad and thanks her. Krishna asks Yuvaan why is he angry with her. He says no, I m feeling bad. She says yes, Yuvani should have not done this. They decide not to talk to Yuvani till she apologizes to Suhani. Dadi asks Soumya not to worry, nothing wrong happened, Suhani should know Yuvani is different. Dadi goes. Yuvani asks Soumya did you do this right. Soumya says yes, you did this for yourself and Krishna, else Suhani would have taken both of you.

Suhani tells Pratima that she will make strawberry juice for Yuvani and apologize to her. Pratima apologizes to her and says I m sorry, I could not raise Yuvani well, she got spoiled. Soumya hears them and thinks Suhani is blaming her to be bad mother. Suhani says its not your mistake Maa. Pratima says Dadi does not let us say anything, and spoiled Yuvani. Suhani says its fine, everything will get fine.

Suhani goes to Yuvani and sees her angry. Suhani tries talking to her to get friendly. Soumya looks on. Suhani asks Yuvani to have juice and promise that she won’t kick anyone. Soumya signs no to Yuvani. Yuvani throws the juice. Suhani asks her not to throw things. Yuvani asks her to shut up and get out, and scolds her. She says you are not like my mumma. Krishna and Yuvaan come there. They ask Yuvani to say sorry to Suhani. Yuvani refuses. Soumya comes and asks Leela to clean the floor. She asks the kids not to say Yuvani to say sorry. Suhani asks why. Soumya says I will talk to her. Dadi comes and says Yuvani will do anything she wants, no one will tell her anything.

Dadi asks Yuvani not to worry for anything, I will get new phone for you and pampers her. Suhani angrily goes. Soumya tells Yuvani that you did good today, Suhani tried doing wrong and you punished her, I think she will go from here now. Suhani goes to confront Dadi and asks her what are you doing. Dadi asks her not to forget her limits. Suhani says Yuvani is my daughter, what did you teach her, she throws things, she insults people, what did you make her, her life is getting ruined. Dadi argues. Suhani says I won’t let her life get ruined, she has got spoilt. Soumya comes and shouts Suhani. She asks do you mean I m bad mother, I have raised Yuvani and Krishna same way. Suhani says Krishna says sorry after mistake, Yuvani does not, why did you not teach Yuvani. Suhani says Dadi has spoiled Yuvani, why did Dadi do this. Dadi says because of you. Suhani asks what. Dadi says yes, she has your looks and color, I don’t want people to joke about her, she is a Birla, she should know to keep everyone under her feet.

Suhani asks how can you put your thinking on a small girl, you mean nature does not mean anything infront of beauty. Rags says stop it now, you also believe beauty and looks are imp, you understood now that’s why you changed your looks. Dadi asks Suhani to go from here if she has problem with their upbringing. Dadi and Rags leave.

Suhani goes to her room and cries recalling Yuvani. She thinks of Yuvraaj and hugs his tshirt. She says what did you make our daughter Yuvraaj…..

Pratima tells Suhani that she has to change everyone’s mindset, I told you earlier too, your marriage was at stake earlier, and now Yuvani’s life is at stake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yet again Pratma telling Suhani to change people who doesn’t want to be charged. Pratma never once thought about Suhani when she left. Yes many of well say how can a mother move with out her child. If a child is happy with the life that they have got, then as a parent, that child happiness come first. Do you really think that yuvani well be pleased when suhani takes custody of her, in real life No. Yuvani might be six years old, but all children are not the same. Her up bringing teach her that she is always right. I have seen many things that have happened to people that I have known and as well have meet. Suhani is lucky to have her son with her, she needs to focus on him and him alone. There are many mothers out in the world that they don’t have an other child with them, with the same father, but they have no choice but to move on with their life. If Pratma truly cares for Suhani then she won’t do this to her again.
    As for Soumya it is Yuvraj fault that she is in the Birla family house, you must remember soumya did tell him to tell Krishna about who is her real father is, Yuvraj told her that he is Krishna real dad. Soumya had the same up bringing as yuvani, Soumya was a spoilt when she was little. Her father left her and her mother for another woman. We don’t know what promises yuvraj had made to her. But she realised that now, Yuvraj can’t be trusted, because what he did to Suhani. I know she is going the wrong way, but she can’t see another way.

    1. I’m in agreement with what you said, i don’t understand how can Suhani stay in this house, knowing dadi, she should be afraid that she do something to yuvan. Yuvani is happy with her life and that’s the only think that is important for Suhani, she should go from here and move on.
      As for pratima she is stupid, sorry but after 7 years nobody mindset had change, why to make Suhani struggle with everyone again and being hurt again, i just think that Pratima asked Suhani to do that for her (Pratima), as if dadi mindset changed she will not trouble her (Pratima) anymore.
      After all this years, i think that watching this serial was a waste of time, as it seems like we are back to the beggining, the story is good, but the writters are just making the same thing again and again.
      As for Soumya, i think that Krishna will discover what she is doing with Yuvani and she will be very disapointed by Soumya, and then Soumya will understand her mistake

  2. Pratima is a wimp and her sons are gutless fools! Three men in the family and they all are clueless

    1. love your comments; so tru

  3. Who wears the pants in that family…….. WEAK

  4. I want to hit this stupid dadi and soumya monkey in the head. How dare they. Suhani should take them to court that is what she should do.

  5. feeling sorry for suhani, first yuvraaj hurt her and now yuvani

  6. Amena why did u not write yhm updated that travel girl is just nonsense

  7. It’s better for suhani to leave before yuvraaj arrives else he might insult her more thn her brat…and that witch soumya it’s her behavior to snatch suhanis happiness like before she wanted to marry yuvraaj whle she was married to Krishna…I hate her

    1. Oh i count on that. Expect nothing less from the mighty Yuvraj but to kick his estranged wife out himself

  8. Oh yeah,back at square one.AGAIN. where suhani has to change people’s mindset. AGAIN. dadi joins hands with somu AGAIN, to snatch Yuvraj and in this case Yuvani AGAIN. all this makes me feel like all those changes we saw on soumya and the people of that family were for nothing AGAIN. after this,please dont play with our minds by making soumya a good friend AGAIN coz she clearly isnt.

  9. fr all stake suhani oly s

  10. First of’s serial….yuvani will unite….de serial follows de concepts..of beauty concepts….essential is to have beautiful heart…..n comming to yuvi ya he has faults..but he his same who never reliase to suhani ie he never lov her…..he stood with him gauri case….he always supports pankaj……so dear dis is serial ie how a simple luking girl changes de people’s…….so rather than opposimg yuvani n yuvi supports dem…..

    1. nai yaar….story ko spoil kar raha hain writer; every time daddi,,,soumya…rajni…menka…these 4 are the story line; always since the program started; we hardly saw love n romance between yuvraj n suhani….the story is not even based on these 2 main characters; the main story is those 4 vamps…then the title should be chaar maharathi heheheheh

  11. This serial is a bad one what Pratima is doing when dadi is playing with the life’s of her children and now grand children
    Now a days all serials are of same thought
    Yeh hai mocha attend after 7 years there also Ishika leaves the house
    Same n the case f Suhani
    Don’t show ladies like villans

    1. daddi plays all kandh and still no one notice or do anything; whatever she is elder….if youngers so mids we teach them good thing; what at olders…who will teach them…GOD?????

      yes…all serials are same; nbr 1 YHM has gone the drain. have u seen Diya aur bati,,,omg i cant believe it

  12. Seriously soumya &dadi r so stone hearted they r using yuvani as a puppet. Dadi is pampering her & soumya is feeding all the negative thoughts in her I wish the little girl backfires at them once.
    Don’t understand whether the writers r confusing us or they themselves r confused, after the leap in the 1st episode yuvani is introduced to pratima by yuvraj .where was pratima fr 6 yrs? &at first seeing her reaction I thought she has gone blind may be due to the bomb blast but that was not the fact. ….&now she repents fr yuvani’s upbringing. I don’t find her wrong in pleading suhani to change the mindsets of people afterall she is a mother but only thing upsets me is why can’t she herself take a stand fr the fmly? Why does she feel helpless in front of Dadi? I’m sure sourabh,Anuj &sharadh will support her then why she doesn’t confront dadi? Instead she opts to see all of them doing blunders.these writers won’t punish dadi atall ,she is their 1st luv, I wish dadaji was alive &he would be the rightful person to give a tight slap to his beloved wife &throw her out of the house.

  13. has anyone noticed how soumya sniffe her nose ..just a snake about to daas lol; omg she has always being a witch in character; so hate the story line; yuvraj on honeymoon trip; cant wait fr him to return; how stupid things shown on this episode of today – young girl age 6yrs taught how to misbehave …shoulder clap to the writer; starplus claims in each starplus awards that they are teaching good things for families….what was shown today i dont think we teach or preach in our homes; anyone disagree; i suggest writer if u need help frm janta,,,please ask; we real ppl will give you good stories; SUHANI TO TAKE HER DAUGHTER AWAY and teach her manners

  14. The serial has again became dump and waste of time that’s why I have stopped reading its updates

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