Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj arguing with Suhani and holding her hand, hurting her and pushing her. He asks Suhani to do anything. She slips and Sambhav holds her. Sambhav asks how dare you. Yuvraaj asks how dare you, Suhani’s boyfriend is fighting with me. Suhani says stop nonsense. He asks Suhani to keep this nonsense away from his house. Sambhav asks are you mad. Yuvraaj says Sambhav will harm my family, Suhani is mother of my children, this matters to me, Yuvaan is my son. Sambhav says we don’t need anyone’s advice about Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says how dare you and holds his collar. He says you are no one, don’t think to decide about Yuvaan. Sambhav says I love him too. Suhani asks them to stop. Yuvaan comes and takes Sambhav’s side, asking Yuvraaj to leave Sambhav. Yuvraaj gets shocked.

He leaves Sambhav and Yuvaan falls down, as he was pulling Yuvraaj’s hand. Suhani holds Yuvaan and asks Yuvraaj to stay away.

Yuvaan gets hurt and cries. Suhani hugs him and takes him. Dadi asks Sambhav to have some shame. Soumya asks him to go and see Suhani. Suahni explains Yuvaan that Yuvraaj did not push you intentionally. Yuvaan cries and says Yuvraaj is very bad. She says no, its not like that. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to remember, nothing will happen to you till I m with you. Suhani asks Sambhav to leave them alone. Sambhav goes.

Suhani explains Yuvaan about Yuvraaj. Menka goes to Soumya and asks for necklace. Soumya asks her to first do the work, Yuvraaj is still after Yuvaan and Suhani. She gets Suhani and Yuvaan’s pic there. Menka also sees it and says now Yuvraaj is hiding this. Soumya says I felt Suhani will agree, this time Yuvaan got hurt because of Yuvraaj. Menka says it was little scratch. Soumya says you mean I should hurt Yuvaan, maybe, if I do this, Suhani will agree to marry Sambhav. Menka asks will you really hurt Yuvaan. Soumya says no, it will be an acting, I m doing this for my daughter, Suhani has to say yes at any cost.

Sambhav asks Suhani whats her answer. She says you are nice guy. He says oh no, this line shows the reply. She says I did not mean that. He says then marry me. She says I want to focus on Yuvaan now. He says I can do anything for you. She says I know. He realizes he was imagining all that. He asks Sharad about Suhani. Sharad says she is with Yuvaan outside.

Suhani wakes up Yuvaan and asks him to finish milk. He asks for Sambhav. She says he is outside, you always used to ask me about your Papa. He asks about Sambhav. She says when you have Papa, why do you need Sambhav. He says but I don’t know where he is. She says I know. He says you got him. she says yes, I will tell you. He jumps happily and is excited to know. She says Yuvraaj uncle is your Papa. He says no, this can’t happen, he is very bad. She says listen to me, I will explain. He falls down. She shouts Yuvaan and realizes it was her dream. She sees Yuvaan sleeping. She says no, I can’t tell anything to Yuvaan. Menka asks what will we do, give poison or beat him. Suhani says shut up, we have to be careful that Yuvraaj does not help Yuvaan. The kids play. Dadi asks Yuvani not to play much.

Yuvaan asks Sambhav not to go. Sambhav says I have to go, I have office work. Yuvraaj looks on. Sambhav says I can’t take you. Suhani says I have to talk to you Sambhav. Sambhav says I know what you want to say. She says let me explain. He says you did not promise, my fate is bad, its not your mistake, I m always with both of you. He kisses Yuvaan and hugs him. Yuvraaj goes. Soumya shows the pepper spray and tells the kids if anyone bully you, push or beat you, you can use this pepper spray. Yuvaan also takes one. She tells the girls that she had just one spray and will get spray for them later. She smiles. Yuvraaj goes to Yuvaan and asks him to play.

Yuvaan refuses and scolds him. Yuvraaj asks him to listen. Suhani comes there. Yuvaan puts pepper spray in Yuvraaj’s eyes. Suhani scolds Yuvaan. Soumya comes and takes Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says Soumya aunty gave me this spray. Suhani asks what do you mean. Soumya takes care of Yuvraaj and says I will give you painkillers. Menka signs Soumya. Soumya gives wrong medicines to him. Suhani says you know you have put this on your Papa, I mean Yuvani’s Papa, go and say sorry to him if you care for me. He agrees and hugs her. Soumya asks Menka to keep the bone for snoopi, I can’t do this. Menka throws bone and sends snoopi. Suhani asks Soumya why did you give spray to Yuvaan. Soumya says he was asking me, sorry. Suhani says he does not know to use it. Sharad comes and asks Suhani to come, there is some work. Suhani asks Yuvaan to wait. Sharad and Suhani see off Sambhav and have a final talk. Rags comes home and looks on.

Menka puts the bone in Yuvaan’s pocket. Snoopi runs after Yuvaan. Soumya, Rags and Menka hide and look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shalu

    Why tis Sowmiya is tis much cruel and tis can’t b find by anyon how could tis happen no one hav doubt on her wat a idiotic serial y tis serial is gng senseless ???

  2. x

    If Yuvraj and Suhani get back together, I AM NOT WATCHING THIS SHOW.

  3. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Ufffff bc Soumya,,,U will pay for this,,,,,,U r trying to separate a son frm his papa,,,,U will get separated frm krishna,,,then u will knw the pain,,,,,,.How could u even think abt hurting Yuvan,,,,,,See the precap,,,snoopi got much violent,,,,,I hope,,,Yuvi will come and save Yuvan,,,I want Yuvi to save Yuvan……..this bc soumya’s plan should backfire,,,,,how dare she do lyk this,,

  4. stopwatchingtv

    How cheap can these soumya mensa rags be… they want snoopy to bite yuvaan. Oh my god! And dadi want such mother for yuvani who is only concerned for herself and her own daughter… wow. Great dadi. And who says soumya is beautiful. I agree she looks like zombie…


    This Idiot’s R Now Back Off Yuvaan…..
    They R Making A Good KID Bad…..
    Respect Full Kid Is Bad…. Oh! No…..
    Plz End This Track… Nd Say Yuvaan About His Dad….

  6. Rumeyha

    This is getting dirty and riddiculous. The way they are harassing this lil kid is heart breaking . I’m shocked how come suhani havent come to know anything so far. She doesn’t even have a doubt?

  7. Aamal

    Why are they hurting a little kid??? This is not right and SOUMYA she claims she’s doing this for her daughter. By hurting yuvan you are proving how low you can get. I really want suhani and yuvraj to slap soumya, rags, menka and kick dadi out of home. This is ridiculous ughh

  8. MSD

    OMG…this is not even a fair fight! Unbelievable! What are the writers doing…In reality if I was Suhani I would just walk away…but I wouldn’t be that stupid as to not know what is going on! if they can sneak around then why cant Suhani be up to something!

    I’m getting to a point where I don’t even want to read these updates!

    Are they all men writers? where are the strong women not pathetically dysfunctional females!

  9. Malaika

    ab tu too much hi ho gya es soumya ka drama
    soumya wasy tu kehti hai ky wo yh sb kuch krishna ky liye kr rahe hai ta ly uska future secure ho magr jis ky pasay sy jis ky name sy future secure krna hai usy ko harm kr rahe hai

  10. ci

    soumya sje is suhani dont forgot that she will mot say yes instead she will truth to yuvaan am sure.Bcoz she is suhani.

  11. Nandhinj

    Suhani and yuvaraj should marry again and led a happy life, with kids, sowmya should go back to some other place , leaving krishna to them, this would be a happy conclusion, how much hurdles does suhani face, atleast show now she joins with yuvaraj and led a happy life

  12. Joy

    Soumya is going to far, she can hurt anyone for her selfish motives, she is even wrost than Menka and Rags, even Menka was shocked when Soumya said that they have to hurt Yuvaan.
    I really love Sambhav, he is not pressurizing Suhani, and he understand her and her feeling contrary to Yuvraj. When he was going i just keep on saying, No, please don’t go!
    It’s sad to see what the writters are doing with the leads characters of this show, they are making Yuvraj a dumb man, soumya, a shameless and dangerous woman and Suhani a blind woman, what should be a story of frindship and love has become a story of backstabbing, enemity and nonsense.

  13. neelam

    at first yuvan likes yuvi so much that was very nice when sambav entered it is in wrong track.

    • x

      Sambhav got nothing to do with it.
      It is the whole Birla family fault, YES INCLUDED YUVRAJ AND PRATMA.
      Suhani has become Dumb since she walked back into the Birla house.
      She keep saying I am doing this for YUVAAN. YUVAAN! Or is it YUVRAJ, YOU WEAK, STUPID DUMB, LIKED TO BE ABUSED WOMAN!
      At least Soumya is only thinking for her daughter. Suhani is only thinking for Yuvraj, but did Yuvraj thought about Suhani NO.

    • z

      Being Divorced to someone like that, was a blessing. I thanks GOD for giving me that change in life.
      Trust me girl’s I know what I am talking about. You don’t want a man like Dumbraj in your life.
      When I divorced him, I had a Divorce Party! I called it Good riddles to Bad Rubbish.

    • z

      I also would like to say this. My ex husband never beaten me, but all the things that Dumraj is doing to Suhani. For example, blaming her for everything that goes wrong in the family, making her to apologize, for something she did or didn’t do.
      Yep! That was me. But the difference between me and Suhani. I fight back, I said enough is enough.
      What I have learnt in life is, that you have to have your self respect. If you don’t self respect yourself. Then no one well. Never be weak, always be compassionate. But never let anyone WALK all over you.

      • sana

        exactly, i agree with u. women should have self respect first. here this moron dadi doesnt even call her by name. she calls her ‘ladki’ and dumraj never fought with dadi for that..infact dadi knkws if she even kills suhani none including dumraj is not going to ask her..such a shitty story

  14. utopia

    How can these writers sit down and plot against a child? Child abuse is not a joke, please writers stop this nonsense would you like your children to watch this kind of show where adults plot against a child ? there are so many children suffering right now all over the world. Our job is t teach society against this act not to dramatize it. This is not funny at all even if it is a drama

  15. Toolz

    Soumya is wicked and a b*t*h! Suhani shld take Yuvaan away and have peace. Yuvraaj is soooo dumb. Why is Prathima silent in all this? Meneka will be exposed about her child. And Rags is a fool! Soumya you will suffer when Dadi and Rags turn on you.

  16. sammu

    dadi will tell dumraj tumhe uss ladki se pehle soumya ko chodna padega and dumraj will agree ..hahaha..

  17. ash

    uuuffff….. irreponsible idiot sowmya yuvan is a small how can u teach these things and all… aam shame on u…

    u r not this fr ur daughter u did all these things to ur selfishness bz u want oly luxury and money too…

    y also educated na then y u get out frm birla house and raising ur daughter in single …

    still yuvi as useless oly.. he never have a self mind
    he never trust suhani.
    he never any other personto live with him
    he never love suhani
    he blaming another person easily.
    he wont realised what he did the mistakes
    he never control him anger ..
    he never respect her suhani… as a wife and as a frnd.

    sowmya was a devil..
    yuvraj was a idiot

  18. sharmi

    OMG, can they stop with this nonsense. Is Suhani the only punching bag in this family. It’s torture reading up on this, much less watching it. Why are the main character shown to be brainless. Before Suhani use to find solution but now she is as dumb as a nail.

  19. sakshi

    Do they really realize whts happening in the show n plz stop this serial wherein kids are used for bad motives no fun in this plz plz stop it

  20. Edel

    Disgraceful! Do people actually enjoy this serial anymore? Don’t know about the ratings but if it’s high then obviously the viewers ❤ the message. I want to believe that the disgusting and unimaginative story line of SSEL would have been corrected if it has a low trp.
    Very disappointed at the lose of a beautiful concept and a potentially promising serial. Sad.

  21. Sushma

    If soumya thinks good fr her daughter, she should hv the courage to fight fr her rights face to face with the people instead of targeting the innocent. Hope so everything won’t go frm bad to worst since rags is back.

  22. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    Please stop this serial
    Can’t see more than this
    Actually there is no link between the storyline of this serial
    Noo one is worried about dadi is responsible for babie in birla house
    And no one leave her wife when she was delivering.but yuvraj left and making false drama
    I don’t know why Soumya is in birla house
    How can yuraj believe dadi said one more child is no more
    In home only suhani
    Got pains but no one is der in hospital
    How can they will write the story
    Fed up with irritating and no link of story.
    Missing old ssel
    Better to stop this serial than showing nonsense storyline
    Noooo one knows about
    Soumya evil plans and when yuvraj falls and cake is wasted
    Can anyone soo dumb to fall by a small car
    Sooo much overacting
    And this Soumya why she is in serial
    Devil of dadi she is
    Can’t see more drama

  23. factu

    Same person commenting in different names,,,,Plz…this is a public site,,,,don’t use bad words

  24. Fiona

    In our real world, kids should not be physically abused by any!, but here soumya as a stepmum shows that stepmums are really wicked. What kind of crap is this? so many ppl in this household &nobody can see the wrong done! What kind of msg r u sending? All these serials only show that bad wins? Y? As 4 that old cow Dadi – she has 2 b seen 4 the real witch that she is – dont drag this now! really, cant stand reading this crap anymore as i stopped watching the serials, tawt mayb things will change& good will triumph but sadly not to b seen.

  25. sana

    i want suhani to file case against birla family for harrasmment, murder attempt and yuvraj sleeping with her best friend. she should also divorce dumbraj

  26. sana

    she should also ask him where was he when she was delivering the babies..was he even bothered at that time..son of a b*t*h

  27. sania

    directors make good twists in the story like making birlas suffer big financial loss and shift them to chawl. then dadi, rags and menka and dumraj will beg suhani to help them or shift them to suhanis house..let them live under suhanis kind..bring such twists and make the story interesting..we all will be happy

  28. Mahek

    Dnt let yuvan suffer anymore poor kid,soumya is puting him thru torture blo*dy conniving woman soumya she looks like a giant big head toad

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