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The Episode starts with Rags and Menka having a talk about Dadi going nuts and loving Suhani, as she gave her the business. Menka says maybe because Suhani freed Yuvraaj. Rags says maybe its her new plan. She says she has to find whats happening in Dadi’s mind. Yuvraaj asks Suhani not to doubt on Dadi, as she gave you business and formula. She says its not necessary that whats seen is true. Rohan looks on. Yuvraaj says what about you said. She says she can’t forget it. Yuvraaj says enough is enough, you don’t trust Dadi anytime. Rohan sends the remote car and records their fight.

Suhani says Dadi did not want you to marry me. He asks her to move on. She says Dadi did not… He says it was not because of Dadi, we are still friends, just trust Dadi once. She turns. He says fine, do

what you want, and leaves throwing the file. Rohan sees the recording and why were they fighting, I know you have all the secrets. He hears their conversation. Suhani come and throws everything. He asks why did she break the camera. She asks how can he spy in their personal life. He says I was just deleting the secrets. She says I agree you have helped us, but everything has a limit, stay in your limits and work. She asks him not to try doing this again, and leaves.

Suhani is angry on Rohan and says he should not interfere in my personal matter. She puts clothes for drying, and her mangalsutra gets stuck. She removes it and works. She gets Soumya’s call. Soumya says Krishna is annoyed with me. Suhani says I m sorry, it happened because of me. Soumya says no, its my mistake, I should have spoken to you before coming. Suhani says we can change the coming time. Soumya says we can try. Suhani hangs her mangalsutra there and goes. Yuvraaj comes there talking to Sharad, and asks did he reach in marriage. Sharad asks who, and realizes his lie. Yuvraaj asks him to remember his lies. He asks whats the truth. Sharad makes excuse and ends the call. Yuvraaj says what happened to him. He sees Suhani upset and asks why is she upset. Suhani says I was talking to Soumya.

He sees her and says she is looking strange. She asks why, my face does not have mud. He says there is something missing, you are not looking good. She thanks him and goes upset. Soumya asks Krishna is he going for interview. She brings a gift for him, and shows tie. She says his impression will be good. He asks her to stop wasting money in useless things. She says its not costly. He asks her not to lie and goes. She gets sad and cries. Suhani asks Ramesh to get clothes dried, and realizes she has kept her mangalsutra there.

She goes and asks Ramesh about the mangalsutra. He says he will find it. She goes to find it in hall. Ramesh asks is it in room. She says I did not go in room, where did it go. Menka comes and asks for food. Suhani says my mangalsutra. Rags asks whats the use, as you are going in few days. Menka says maybe she wants to take it as memory. Rohan looks on. Rags says what, about a broken marriage. Rohan says I was saying if you did not break my camera, my car would have got it. Snoopi comes and Suhani tells him that her mangalsutra is lost. Snoopi runs to the terrace, while Rohan tries finding it by binoculars.

He finally gets the mangalsutra, and says why does women cry about a black bead set, and goes to her. Snoopi tries finding everywhere. Snoopi barks near the mangalsutra. Rohan tells Suhani that he has to give her a gift. Snoopi gets the mangalsutra, till Rohan brings Suhani to show it. He asks does this house has ghost. Snoopi goes to Yuvraaj and gives the mangalsutra. Yuvraaj says this is Suhani’s, how did you get it, did it fall anywhere. Suhani asks Rohan not to joke. He says I m not joking, and shows Yuvraaj holding it.

Rohan says I got it. Yuvraaj says snoopi got it and he have me. Yuvraaj says Suhani is looking strange. Menka says snoopi is intelligent. Rags asks Yuvraaj to make Suhani wear it. Menka says what will she do of this. Rags asks Yuvraaj not to hear Menka, and bets with Menka that he will not make Suhani wear it. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani. Dadi comes and looks on. Yuvraaj jokes on Rags. Menka says Yuvraaj will make Suhani wear it. Rags says no way. Yuvraaj makes Suhani wear the mangalsutra. Suhani smiles seeing Yuvraaj, and they have an eyelock. Music plays……………… Yuvraaj gets close to her and makes her hair right out of the mangalsutra string.

Dadi tells Rohan that Suhani is strange for Yuvraaj, they don’t have love in between, they are bearing each other, so I want Suhani to go away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. enough is enough how much suhani has to bear this mariage no pyar just freindship it is beter to just leave the birla family

  3. Very very nice ? episode I just love ❤ it and what a romance infront of everyone……..

    1. Ya I agree with u and I’m also going to say that same thing……

  4. i thk rohan&suhani z d bst jodi. 😉 and also i knw 1 thg dat y dadi smile on seeng rhn&suh togethr.poor dadi thght dat rohn iritatng suh so much . .and she luvd it.

  5. Is dadi as stupid as she looks wat wrong suhani do to her

  6. come on pleaseeee rohani!!
    i hate yuvraj and his stupid silent face. he can’t even love his wife because of her skin color?! seriously! thats pathetic

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