Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna recalling Sambhav torturing Suhani. She says is love like this, does love make someone so bad. Saiyyam drinks wine and comes home. He falls down and talks to wine bottle. He recalls Suhani. Krishna recalls Soumya and cries. She says love means sacrifice, when person forgets own happiness for someone, then how was Sambhav’s love true, its madness, how can it be love. Saiyyam comes to his room and drinks. Krishna looks on. He says I m hungry, cook food for me. She says I will not cook for you. He says I m not asking, I m ordering you. She taunts him to be like his dad. He asks her to shut up. She says I will not leave saying truth by your saying, I did not marry you by my wish to agree to you, I will not cook food.

He asks how dare you refuse me. He slips

over her. She gets hurt by the glass table. Her hand bleeds. She runs out of the room. She goes to kitchen and takes ice bag. Yuvaan asks how did you get hurt, show me your hand. He holds her hand. Saiyyam comes and asks how dare you touch my wife, get lost. Yuvaan says you did this, how can anyone fall so low to hurt his wife, you crossed limits. Saiyyam says shut up, you are not my dad to give me lecture. Yuvaan says of course, I can’t be mean like your dad. Everyone come. Baby asks whats happening.

Saiyyam says you can’t be like my dad, you are like your own dad, who has affair with other’s wife, like your dad married Suhani, do you want to marry Krishna. Yuvaan asks him to stop nonsense. Suhani stops them and asks whats the matter. Yuvaan says he has hurt Krishna. Saiyyam says I did not do this, it happened by mistake. Yuvraaj asks him not to lie. Yuvaan goes to beat Saiyyam. Saiyyam beats him. Suhani and Yuvraaj stop Yuvaan. Yuvaan says he has hurt Krishna, we can’t leave him. Yuvraaj says beating him is not a solution, Saiyyam say truth, did you hurt Krishna.

Krishna says no, Saiyyam did not hurt me. Suhani asks her not to get scared of Saiyyam, don’t lie. Krishna says I have no habit to lie, you and your son lie, Saiyyam was drink and collides with me, my hand touches glass, nothing else. She goes. Saiyyam asks did you hear it, Birla family has habit to lie. He goes.

Baby tells Dadi that Saiyyam has raised hand on Yuvaan. Rags says I don’t like Saiyyam misbehaving, Krishna was taunting Yuvaan. Baby says its because of Suhani. Dadi says she is here, we can’t do anything. Baby says we can do, I have a plan.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani in lawn and says you identify me by my steps right. She says yes, I know its always you to support me, family is breaking and we are just watching, I had to get Saiyyam and Krishna married to save you, Krishna and everyone are unhappy, I could not spend a moment with you, what shall I do. He says I will tell you. He gets chinese lantern and says I got this candle to light it along with you, I will burn this when you manage everything, stop crying, I have come back, if your courage did not get high by my return, I will go back and hide behind mirror. She asks him not to say so. He asks her not to cry, you have been strong always, why did you lose courage now. She says I will not cry now, we will light this together, like a family does. They go.

Rags says Dadi, Baby’s plan is good, we have to do this, else Krishna will also stick to this house, we have to divide them, else we all will be ruined. Baby says yuvraaj saved Yuvaan, if Saiyyam attacks on Yuvaan again, you don’t know Saiyyam, he is a goon, whatever Sambhav did with Yuvraaj, if Saiyyam does it with Yuvaan then, he is Sambhav’s blood. Rags says yes, we can save Yuvaan from Krishna, think if Krishna traps Yuvaan in her emotional drama then…. Dadi says no, I can’t let this happen.

Saiyyam sleeps in the living hall. He hears some sound and goes to check. Suhani recalls Saiyyam’s birth. She looks for Saiyyam. Baby hides behind a car and smiles. Suhani sees the main door open and goes out. Saiyyam checks the car. He gets a walkie talkie and says how did this come in my car. He sees Suhani and puts that back in the car. She stops him and says I need to talk and end your hatred.

He says this hatred will never end from my side, this hatred string will break after my death. They go. Baby says wow, great, now it will be great fun, Suhani has seen Saiyyam near the car. Yuvaan asks Baby where was she. She asks do you care for me, you just care for Krishna and fight for her, I have no value, go to her.

Its morning, Suhani comes for dining. Bhavna gives her ginger tea. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to talk to Suhani. He says I was thinking…. Suhani asks what. He says I was thinking to organize a good family lunch. She likes the idea and says Saiyyam won’t come. Pratima says we will ask once, he can agree. Suhani says I don’t think he will agree. Bhavna says he should be happy that we have sent Sambhav to jail, and did not do anything, Saiyyam does not understand. Yuvraaj says but we are responsible towards Yuvaan and Yuvani too. Suhani asks what do you mean.

Pratima says just filling sindoor does not matter, we can keep a reception. Suhani says Saiyyam may get angry and do anything. Yuvraaj says what will he do. Suhani says you said you will support me in changing him. He says I m supporting you, we have to manage our family too. She says yes, but can’t we avoid this, Saiyyam feels our relation happened by hurting his dad, we should not do anything that proves this right. Dadi says whatever anyone thinks, we will keep this reception.

Dadi asks Baby what’s the plan. Baby says when Krishna sits in car and starts AC, the gas will fill in the air. Krishna calls Suhani and asks her to save her. Yuvraaj suggests something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow! Wow! Love today’s episode! Saiyam and krishna’s scenes was superb! I can’t wait to what happen next…??

    1. Yes I love it, too!
      Did you see saiyyam eyes for Krishna, when she hurt herself. There was love in his eyes.

      I am happy also, that Krishna stood up to yuvaan and suhani.
      When they tried to blame saiyyam for her hand.

      People were saying that Krishna is weak stupid, and dumb.
      There one thing that came out from this marriage. Krishna has a voice!
      She stand up to saiyyam, the most important thing is that Krishna stand up to the Birla’s.

      Krishna is not suhani at all!

      1. Hey, krishna! I agree with you! I saw lots of love in saiyam eyes for krishna and alittle bit of jealously too when yuvaan hold krishna’s hand. I’m so excited about upcoming episodes…

      2. Thank You, so I am, I can’t wait! 🙂

  2. This episode was little bit good from earlier episode. As there was kriyam’s part. Like the way in Krishna taunt Yunnan he deserves this

  3. three evil women number the one that is never getting old ‘DADI’ number two ‘RAGS’ the one who is the daughter in law of the house but you can never see her husband around number three ‘BABY’ i meant number one is dadi and baby was suppose to be sayyam’s girlfriend it never ceases to amaze me how these serials are going will there be a happy ending for krishna and sayyam? i hope so

    1. Mystery

      I thinks it’s not going off air its time slot is shifting

  4. Zai

    Love kriyyam scenes. It’s good Krishna is taking Saiyyam side at least she doesn’t blame him like everybody in this house…
    And I don’t think that Krishna still have feeling for Yuvaan, i mean she told that Yuvaan lie so she has no feelings for him…

    Why is everyone trying to make Saiyyam and Krishna out of this house.

    1. Simple, because they are not birla’s!

    2. Esther

      yup,,,,as x said,bcoz they are not Birlas and are relataed to Suhani,,,,Dadi hates Suhani and everything related to her
      Sayyam- he is Suhani’s son
      Krishna- Suhani loves Krishna and she is her friend’s daughter and most imp,she is lyk Suhani,she hates makeup

      also dadi accomodates everyone who uses Birla beauty products in her house even if they are strangers eg:Baby
      weird dadi

      1. Zai

        Yeah right, they only care about Birlas but at least they should not hurt Krishna…
        anyway just hoping for more kriyyam scenes

  5. YUVANI scene was so nice… bt pl also show yuvani.she s nt at all given screenspace..

    1. Yeah..looking forward for their cute nokjhok and happy moments

  6. I don’t think Suhani and Yuvraaj will ever get a happy ever after and if by chance Saiyam and Krishna work it out they will have to endure hurdle after hurdle. As long as certain people are alive the happy ever after will be more like hell on earth

    1. Esther

      but it will be Happily ever after for Baby and Yuvan,,,,coz here evil always wins

    2. 100% agree wid u.

  7. According to me Krishna is oldest among the new generation I mean soumya gave birth before suhani and according to me Krishna is at least 12 years older than saiyyam

    1. Esther

      No,,,,it can’t be 12…maximum 8

  8. I am happy to kriyam scene why sabhi kriyam ko ghar se nikal ne ke piche pade hain suhani ka rang sawla hain isliye dadi suhani ke piche padi hain fhir dadi pata nahi kyo krishna ke piche padi hain uska to rang sawla nahi hain fhir why dadi hate

  9. i agree bhargavi and asusal nice yuvaani moment rajshri hair style is new

  10. sarita sharma

    ya i agree bhargavi missing yuvaani nok jhok many days

  11. Wait a mint dip i do’nt agree you tumne sns nahi dekha hain kiya sns main dharam meera se atleast 20-23 year older hain fhir bhi people like it wo to real main bhi older hain meera se yadi ek man ek woman se older ho sakta hain to ek woman kyo ek man se older nahi ho sakti krishna fhir bhi saiyyam se jyada older nahi hain ek woman ke liye age matter karti hain man ke liye nahi why real main to she same age tumhari soch old hain aur aap log kehte ho hamari soch old hain

  12. Aarti32

    I’m so unlucky..Today..Only today they showed Kriyyam scenes..N today only I had to miss d episode..?

    1. Esther

      Don’t worry dear….hotstar is here

      1. Aarti32

        But Hotstar is another irritating fellow..It’s so tedious n confusing

  13. Syedul

    Wrong Krishna is around 7 years older than Sayyam. And he show took a 20 years of leap not 15 years . So Sayyam is an adult . And I hope tmw episode Sayyam saves Krishna

  14. I agree with you syedul she not see more kriyam episode kriyam nice jodi

  15. From 26th of jan,SSEL will on air at 5:30pm…am I right ?

  16. I think sayyam will saves krishna

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