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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj talking to Suhani on phone. He says we have to find the pendant piece. He sees Pratima going and stops her. He says our lawyer Leela called Pankaj a blackmailer first and then Gupta called Gauri mad, they are just ruining each other’s name, and in our fight, real culprit is hidden, I really need you, Suhani and I are trying to prove. Pratima hugs him. Rags looks on and thinks whats Yuvraaj and Suhani going to prove.

Suhani meets Soumya and says I got a locket, and shows it. Soumya says I m not sure, but maybe I have seen Radhe wearing this. Suhani asks what, is this Radhe’s. Soumya says wait, I will call him, and calls out Radhe. Suhani says no, let it be, we can’t blame him without proof. Soumya says what to do. Suhani says there is a way. Radhe

comes and hears them. Suhani says we will get DNA test of chain, and fools Radhe seeing him hiding. Radhe worries.

Menka says Gauri when you were mad, you used to do drawing and now, I mean when everyone thought you are mad.. Gauri asks her to leave. Menka says your Vyu cheated you. Gauri says no, he can’t do this, you don’t know him. Rags says sorry Gauri, but Menka is right. Aditya asks what. Rags says Yuvraaj joined Suhani’s team and said he will prove Pankaj innocent. Aditya says we have to tell this to Dadi.

Soumya asks Suhani to hide chain. Suhani says I have hidden it. Soumya asks what. Suhani signs her to see Radhe. Soumya asks where did you hide it. Suhani says I have hidden it behind Big B’s pic in my room, I will give it to police. Radhe hears them and leaves. Suhani says I will leave now. Aditya tells Dadi that I m ashamed of my family. Ramesh says I did not get mushrooms, and made matar dish. Gauri scolds Ramesh and says Aditya will eat mushrooms only. Aditya says its okay Gauri, sit. Dadi asks Gauri to order mushroom dish from hotel for Aditya. Ramesh goes. Aditya smiles and says I don’t want paneer or mushroom, I want a good smile on Gauri’s face. Gauri smiles. Dadi says you are everything for Gauri. Gauri says yes, I don’t like anyone misbehaving with Aditya and hugs him. Yuvraaj looks on.

Suhani and Yuvraaj keep an eye on Radhe. Suhani says Gupta said reports will come soon, if Radhe’s sample matches with it then… Yuvraaj says then I will not leave him. Radhe wears helmet and comes in Suhani’s room via window. He sees Big b’s pics on every wall and gets confused. Something falls. Lata hears it. Sharad says I will see. He comes there and Radhe hides. Sharad sees the fallen pic frame and goes.

Radhe comes out of the cupboard. Radhe gets the chain pendant from the pic, and wears it. Yuvraaj says Sharad messaged that we caught him. Suhani says come, we will go. Yuvraaj catches Radhe red handed. Sharad, Yuvraaj and Suhani stop Radhe. Yuvraaj and Sharad slap and beat Radhe. Radhe falls in Lata’s feet. Suhani says Radhe, you did that cheap thing, you went in Gauri’s room. Sharad scolds him and says Pankaj is bearing all that because of you.

He asks Radhe to answer. Radhe says listen to me. Suhani says police will listen to you now. Yuvraaj says you have women in your home and don’t respect women.

Gupta and police comes there. Suhani says take Radhe, he did this. Radhe says I did not do anything, I swear. Inspector says blood report will come, it will be clear. Radhe says I have lovely wife, why will I do this. Yuvraaj slaps him and asks how did your chain reach in Gauri’s room.

Dadi tells Leela about Suhani. Leela says really Menka is irritating. Dadi says I m saying about the girl who ruined our life. Leela says how can you say this about Gauri. Dadi says no. Leela asks when who is it. Rags says Dadi is telling about Suhani. Leela asks can’t you take name, you are wasting time.

Radhe says I have gone to Gauri’s room, don’t beat me, Aditya and I had fight that day, so I thought to scare Gauri to take revenge, when I reached there, lights went, then some sound came and I got scared, I left from there. Gupta says lie, small thing broke there and it had your blood. Radhe says no, I m not hurt by any glass piece, some big thing broke there. Sharad asks him to say truth. Gupta stops Sharad and says leave Radhe. Suhani asks why. Gupta says blood report has come, its not Radhe’s blood. They get shocked. Radhe asks are they sure now. Inspector says we can’t arrest Radhe now. Gupta says we will prove by blood sample that Pankaj is innocent, and there was someone else than Pankaj and Radhe in room. Leela gets all this info and is shocked. She tells this to Dadi, that Yuvraaj and Suhani got Radhe’s chain from Gauri’s room. Dadi asks how can this happen. Gauri says no, Pankaj did all this, Radhe did not do anything. Leela says there was some glass piece with blood sample, it was not Radhe’s, it means there was someone else. Aditya says maybe its Pankaj’s blood. Leela says I hope so. Dadi asks how can you do this. Leela says we have no option that to wait. Aditya asks Gauri not to worry, they know real culprit. He worries.

Soumya asks Suhani did she send police to arrest Krishna. Suhani says no. inspector says maybe we got our culprit, Krishna has run away knowing about blood tests. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is all very well finding Krishnas blood, but the real culprit will be Aditya mark my word.

    1. Yes Salina I also think the same.

  2. Aditiya is culprit but why pankaj and Suhani hding fact that aadtya has cheated bank

  3. Dadi is Aditya’s sugar mama so he is kissing up to her…what a loser!!! Rags and Menka are total nutcases, they character has nothing substantial in this show except to be followers of Dadi and instigate people, no real family values to share.

  4. Ouh viewers
    Dont expect anything good again
    Because in tjis serial dadi is allways winning

  5. Y krishna run away he is guilty

  6. Karolin Khtryan

    I…… Think Its Aditya Too

  7. Gauri r aditya one among these two

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