Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Suhani romancing. He compliments her. She says I know I m born best. They hug. Baby asks Dadi to come, picture over. Dadi sees Yuvraaj and Suhani sleeping together. She says Amma mai’s face is the face of Birla house, and she is ruining the respect and fame, I won’t let this happen, meet me in lawn tomorrow morning. Baby says fine, what’s the plan.

Its morning, Dadi sees some plants in the lawn. She wears gloves and plucks the flowers. She says this maid did not come till now. She asks did you get time to come now, and turns to see. She sees Suhani. She says sorry. Suhani says its fine, its your birthday today. Dadi says yes, you never stopped me from doing anything on my birthday. Suhani asks why did you wear gloves. Dadi says I m making lep

of flower and petals to treat knee pain, that’s why. Suhani asks her to say what she wants in birthday. Dadi says I will tell everyone what I want to go. Suhani smiles.

Dadi tells everyone that its her birthday today and she got gifts for them. She asks them to wear sarees in party. They all like sarees and thank Dadi. Pratima says its good to have celebration at home after a long time. They all go. Baby comes and asks what’s this, why did you call me in garden. Dadi calls her lazy and scolds her. Baby says sorry, please tell me your plan. Dadi gets the wild plants flowers, and says if we add this with itching powder, this will become chemical, that servant loves Amma mai’s beauty, I will ruin her face today.

Baby asks Dadi what’s this, will Amma mai die by this. Dadi says no, she won’t die. Yuvani asks Krishna to get ready well. Krishna says such things happen by planning right, don’t you have any plan. Yuvani says no, then what will we do. Dadi says Amma mai’s face will get spoiled by this, if anyone’s life can be made worse than death, what’s use to give peace by giving death, Suresh was praising her face, now her face won’t be left, none will love her, just I will rule in this house. Baby smiles.

Suhani and Yuvraaj have a talk. A beautician comes and says Dadi has called me for Amma mai. Dadi comes and asks Suhani to get the beauty treatment done, it will be good. Suhani agrees. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to sit.

Yuvani says I can’t drape this saree, we will see video. Krishna likes the idea. Yuvani says you follow video and learn, then teach me, I will go to beautician and get refresh. Krihna searches on net. Baby comes to Suhani’s room and gives juice to the beautician. She keeps the chemical powder and goes. Suhani comes there to get treatment done. Yuvani asks Saiyyam about the beautician. He says she is in Suhani’s mom, I m going to my room. She says go fast. He asks are you drunk. She says no, I stay high without drink these days, go fast. He goes. She says he will enter perfect time, Krishna would be wearing saree now.

Yuvani comes to Suhani’s room and asks beautician to come along. She asks Suhani what happened to you, you are getting treatment done. Suhani says I could not refuse to Dadi. Beautician says Dadi will scold me if I don’t complete her facial. Suhani asks Yuvani to let her finish work here. Yuvani agrees. She sees the facial and runs away with that face pack. Suhani smiles.

Krishna drapes the saree and sees the video to follow. She falls on the couch. Saiyyam comes in the room and sees her struggling with the saree. He sees the video playing. He stops Krishna and holds her.

Suhani asks beautician did you get pack. Beautician says yes, lie down, I will apply cucumber first. Dadi and Bay look on. Beautician goes to get water. Yuvraaj comes there and sees Suhani resting. Suhani asks did you had water. He says yes. He sees the face pack and applies to Suhani’s face. Dadi says its good she will burn by his hand.

Saiyyam helps Krishna in draping the saree. He makes the saree pleats and tucks. Krishna gets nervous. He shows her the mirror. She smiles. He goes. Yuvraaj applies the lep to Suhani’s face. She says your hands are soft. Dadi asks Baby where did that pack go. Baby says why did his hands not get burnt. Suhani smiles and catches Yuvraaj. She says you think I m fool. Yuvraaj asks how did you know. Suhani says we are married since many years, I know your touch and your mischief. She applies lep to his face. Dadi and Baby look on.

Krishna screams taking lep in her hands. She cries and shows her burnt fingers to everyone. Suhani checks lep.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    todays yuvani scene is so cute…

  2. Zaiinu

    OMG!!! What Will Hpn To Krishna’s fingers???

    1. Aarti32

      Watever happens, will be beneficial as we’ll get to see Saiyyam care for Krishna..

      1. Zaiinu

        Hmm. You are right… Kriyam scene look gud

  3. Mystery

    Yah swetha…..farina….kriyyamite….etc….I hope all the issues get solved soon…..

  4. Arshi123

    I think we all r deeply involved in the show,we remember that vday has gone in the show and most of us forgot about wishing.
    Happy Valentine’s day ,friends.
    Thanks for reminding it, Thestarkfromhogwarts| took so time to write ur name(don’t mind,just kidding 🙂 )

  5. Hey guys!!! Both Kriyamites and Yuvanians…I got somethin’ for ya…

    The Yuvani scene was sooooo cute….I get Dadi being kinda curious cause Suresh is a servant and she’s shocked that he and her ‘amma mai’ are romancing…but honestly, baby should have some manners…she atleast should have the common sense to not LOOK through a keyhole when her MIL and FIL are romancing for heaven’s sakes…I hope she doesn’t do this when Kriyam start romancing…

    Guys, just imagine if Sayyam and Krishna were in Yuvraaj’s and Suhani’s places for the bedroom-wala scene…gosh!!!…THAT would be sizzling hot!!!

    1. Aarti32

      Ye kya kiya yaar!! After controlling myself sooo much, I had become normal after watching d saree scene..N u again gave me a topic to get crazy n dreamy!!

  6. why siyam and krishna fight man they look perfect togehter.can anyone send me that interview s link.plz

    1. Arshi123

      Go to this link,u’ll find the interview part by part.

  7. Aarti32

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of u

  8. Dadi was insulting Suresh while she was talking to herself (when she was picking the flowers)…there was no one else around…why would she do that with Yuvraaj, whom she loves the most…maybe she really has lost memory…I think when she finally does get her memory back, she’ll keep pretending and torturing her ‘amma mai’…idk…what do you guys think?

  9. Welcome asia!

  10. On another note…I’m surprised that Dadi has enough mind- reading powers or special skills…to create a paste of the same color and consistency that the beautician was using…cause she lost her memory right??? So even if she did know that beautician, she should’ve forgotten her…Idk… someone call the police…have me arrested..”trying to find logic in a indian tv serial”…that too SSEL…geez…

    1. ur an idiot, writng nonsense about sayyam n krishna n all, no english knowlgde also

      1. Arshi123

        Hey,what’s ur problem?? U r not an English teacher or admin of this, why do u comment always like this ??

      2. Aarti32

        Who r u to insult anyone around here!! Behave yourself..It’s a public site

      3. Hey, I really don’t wanna insult your english…but honestly, if you had told me your opinion…I probably would’ve agreed with you or understood your point of view…but if you abruptly start insulting me, what do you expect me to say? and you’re new, but all you’ve been doing is hating on mystery…and now this…honestly: calm down or just comment something positive….plzzz…spread some love 😀

      4. plz bruh…don’t call yourself sayyam…sayyam’s pretty cool unlike you…. we all love him…

  11. I was soooo happy when I was watching that Sayyam and Yuvaani scene…when he was asking her if had drank again since she was acting weird…it was as if they’ve had a normal bro and sis bond for years by the way he was telling her to come closer and smelling her…and sarcastically saying that he was going to his room

    I really would have liked to see more of the sibling bond before….but I hope the cv’s show us this atleast now

  12. and coming to the Kriyam SARI SCENE…ahhhhhhhh!!!!! i was fangirling the whole time….
    Is started hyperventilating when Sayyam pulled some of her hair forward when he was fixing her pallu…and when he was looking right into her eyes and pleating her sari…I. Almost. Died…
    their chemistry though!!!! but it only lasted a minute!!!! Not fair cv’s…

    Honestly though…neither of them said a word to each other…but I FELT their screen presence…ahhhh!!!!

  13. About the precap…it was good and sad…poor Krishna; her hands got burnt…but on the other hand we’ll probably see Sayyam do one of these…or SOME (if we’re lucky…)

    1. Asking her what happened…if she’s okay
    2. Bandaging her hand
    3. Feeding her
    4. Helping her in the kitchen
    5. Telling her to take care of herself and holding her hand in his
    5. Some other form of romance and concern…what do you guys think??

    1. I’d love to see 2,3 or 4 !!! Love your comments by the way!

    2. Aarti32

      I’d luv to see all these on our screens..Kya romance imagine kiya h!! Waah!! Dil khush kr ditta

  14. farina hossain

    Guys who have eagerly waiting for kriyam drunk scene after party forget it because I think makers will not see this type of scene Probably they will see yuvani cute moment and dady baby planing plotting.but they will not see us any drunk kriyam scene may b I think too much.but…..

    1. Yeah maybe…we kriyamites can only keep hoping

  15. Can u plz share the link of kriyam interview because I am not getting it ?

  16. Also guys, I read in the comments that Karan and Srishti…are not getting along lately…how’s that possible!! Karan is such an extrovert and really kind…and Srishti’s also really sweet…I hope that’s not entirely true…they might’ve just been tired in the interview…

    1. Aarti32

      I too hope d same thing..It’s not happening when your favourite reel life couple fights in real life..

  17. farina hossain

    You are absolutely right Hanna its shirist’s fault karan is very extrovert type and sweet person he always take his picture with other co-actor but shrishti always alone and sad mood it’s her fault why she is not communicate others . it’s okay if the problem between them but it seems shristi have issue with other co-actor like rajshi,sahil,midul,polomi.I have sceen many actor actress have issue between but they always will communicate with side actor but shrishti she is her own attitude wake up shrishti??

    1. Mystery

      Agree with u….n I don’t know y she have such attitude ….

    2. Laavanya

      I don’t think Srishti having issues with her co-actors except Karan. I think when Srishti was heartbroken she maintained a distance with everyone… her love life is back….let see how she repair her relation with her co-actors.
      Coming to Karan, he is very friendly, in iv also he liked what Srishti said, but Srishti was only making sad faces, I understand they must be tired but it looks like Srishti wanted to get out of there real quick.

  18. Lead pair having issues in d first few months may be d tradition of SSEL, started by Rajshri n Sahil n now Karan n Srishti

  19. You all can see on youtube on panda network

  20. Hope dey sort out der differences soon !! Kriyam ❤️ Yuvani ❤️

  21. I hope your words come true ‘kroyam rocks’. By the way I think that actors should not let their personal lives affect their screen presence because it is a bit unprofessional (my thought).
    But I hope all differences are sorted out soon so that karan-srishti are back to their best selves and give us drool-worthy kriyyam scenes. Kriyyam rocks and looking forward to more of them.

  22. It’s obvious dadi’s faking memory loss and wants to harm suhani. Baby taking her side for her own gain. Hope suhani senses this now.

  23. Sari scene was jst awesomeeeeeeee guys….i like theway sayyam hold krishna…???☺?☺☺?☺

  24. Sayyam will imagine krishna in coming episodes???????????

  25. I will surely try to follow your advice next time @aarti32.
    Someone please tell karan to tell the writers to read these comments so that they come to know what viewers actually want.
    However I dont think that this dadi-baby track is going to end anytime soon because writers cant stop troubling suhani. And if dadi-baby track ends we may get a new villain.
    Seriously cvs should take tips from our kriyyam ff writers so that they may get some ideas for more kriyyam scenes.

  26. The scene between saiyyam and yuvaani was so cute.

  27. Luv the kriyam scene buh it was so lil. Hopefully there won’t b problems among eo

  28. Nice episode.

  29. Guys guys guys .fu on dance masti on the show.

    Karan full of energy !!! 2017

  30. Rockstr

    Guys..i think srishtis dating this guy..

  31. Nithu

    Hey…guys…im having my..internal xams…thats the reason im not able to give a comment regularly….on..22nd feb..ill b back with a bang….at that time ill concentrate nli…on my ssel…and my ffs…

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