Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Bhavna that Yuvraaj is not ready for kids, he said he will have kids after 2 years. Balwinder says Golu would like to have a sibling to play. Bhavna says Suhani will have child now. Balwinder says men make excuses to avoids kids, as they don’t want to take responsibility, but once they get babies, they manage. She tells her idea and asks Suhani to try. Suhani and Bhavna leave Golu with Yuvraaj, making excuses that Bhavna has headache and everyone else is busy. Bhavna and Suhani leave. Yuvraaj takes Golu and asks Pratima to take him. Pratima says you manage, I have to go temple. She goes.

Menka comes and Yuvraaj asks did she see Saurabh and Anuj. She says they went out, I can help you in managing Golu. He says no way, I will manage, you go. She

goes. He calls Sharad. Golu plays with Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks do you want phone and take Golu to room. Bhavna, Suhani and Pratima talk about Yuvraaj managing kids. Bhavna says maybe Yuvraaj will realize he will manage kids, and then he maybe ready. Pratima says yes. Suhani says how to know whether Yuvraaj is able to manage Golu or not. Yuvraaj makes Golu sit on bed and gives the phone. Golu calls Suhani. Yuvraaj says Golu I was thinking, I will give you chocolate if you keep quiet, promise me you will wash hands and brush daily. He checks his teeth, and says you don’t have teeth. Suhani puts on speaker, and they laugh hearing Yuvraaj. Golu cries. Yuvraaj asks what happened, are you feeling sleepy, you went on Suhani, when you grow up, I will take you on exercise, like I take Sharad, he was lazy like you.

Yuvraaj says I can teach you cricket, but you are very small, whats this smell, did you… Bhavna laughs and says Golu made diaper bad. Yuvraaj says this is my bed, not potty seat. He calls Ramesh and asks him to change Golu’s diaper. Ramesh says I don’t know all this. Suhani says we will go inside. Bhavna says no need, I trust Yuvraaj, he will do anything but change diaper. Suhani says we will go there in 10mins. They all go and see Golu resting in cradle. Suhani says Yuvraaj you managed Golu. Balwinder comes and gives milk to Golu. Bhavna asks Yuvraaj did you change Golu’s diaper. Yuvraaj says no, Balwinder changed diaper, how can Suhani think this, disgusting. He sends Golu with Balwinder. Suhani, Bhavna and Pratima look on.

Its night, Suhani sits doing some work and smiling. Yuvraaj reads that she is finding 10 ways to celebrate valentines day. Suhani says this is for you, you are Sadu Kumar, valentines day is for romantic people. He says that’s my USP, angry young man are found less. She says fine, keep these tips, read it well and then surprise me. He says I won’t give you any surprise. She asks will you not do this for me. He says no, I m bearing you already. She asks why did you marry me then. He says I heard my heart, not mind, so I got trapped. She says I will not talk to you now. He says then my dinner got saved. She says no, I m not angry. He says you get convinced by food so easily. Someone knocks their door.

Someone is shown entering the house. Dadi comes to them. Dadi says Yuvraaj, I thought to forget everything and plan something good, its valentines day time also, I m thinking to plan something like taking family photo. He asks can’t we delay your plan. Dadi says it means you planned to go out. Suhani says no, we will go sometime else, we will go as per your plan. She says I have to go to storeroom and get heart shaped balloons. Dadi asks why are you going, Ramesh will get it.

Suhani goes to storeroom, and looks for balloons. There is poison gas cylinder there. She gets the balloons packet and goes out.

Its morning, Menka laughs and tells valentines spelling to Anuj. Bhavna asks whats this Suhani. Suhani says Anuj told Menka last year that if Menka tells valentine spelling right, he will plan something special for her. Menka says I practiced since one year. Dadi says I planned something special. Rags comes there wearing a red saree and everyone look at her. Dadi asks Rags to cancel her surprise, as I will have family portrait done today, we will make couple pics as well. Rags says but I did not plan any surprise. Yuvraaj says wow Suhani, Rags is acting well. Rags says stop it, I m not interested in valentines party, I m going to meet my college friend and judge college event, my plan is more important.

Dadi says Rags can go, if she does not feel she is part of family. She asks Suhani and Bhavna to manage the party arrangements, everything should be good, call everyone for family portrait on time. Pratima says but without Rags. Balwinder says it does not matter if she is not part of family. Suhani asks whats this. Balwinder says sorry, I have habit to say truth. Saurabh says its okay, Rags can go, we will enjoy party here, she can enjoy her event. Suhani likes a red dress to wear in evening. Dadi gives her a dress. Suhani asks is this for me, and thanks Dadi. She says I will wear this. Dadi says this is for Golu, I wanted my grandsons to wear such clothes, and I got these clothes now itself to make you save this for that time.

Balwinder says Suhani’s children will wear these clothes. Suhani looks for the balloon packets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What’s wrong with this Dadi? Why is she emotionally blackmailing suhani &This insane girl is already falling into her trap. If suhani continues being like this then there will be no difference between suhani, rags & menka . Dadi whether good or bad she a nightmare in disguise. …..
    Today Golu &Yuvraj were soooo adorable.

  2. Sushma you are right. What’s wrong with dadi? I think that balvinder wants to kill dadi i hope so. Yuvraaj and golu were soo cute.

  3. That was cute yuvraj with golu

  4. Its my guess …may be wrong .i think Dadi hired balwinder to kill suhani bhavna and golu ……..??.something wrong with dadi’s acting .she is acting to get good certificate infront of yuv and they will never suspect dadi if anything happens to suhani

  5. I think balwinder n saurav connected….let us wait n watch

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