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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj taking Suhani on a romantic date. He gives her flowers and asks why is she sounding so upset. She says nothing. They have a talk. Rags tells everything to Dadi whatever happened behind her back, and Ankit’s story. Pratima comes and greets her. Dadi says I was thinking about taking permission from you to go to my room, as you new owner of this house. Pratima says no, your decision will be final always for any matter as you are elder.

Dadi asks then who decided for Soumya’s second marriage. Pratima says I was wishing her best. They argue about Soumya, and Rags interrupts. Pratima scolds Rags and defends herself. Saurabh hugs Dadi and Dadi asks about Soumya. Soumya smiles and hugs her. She says I missed you so much. Dadi says I missed you too and kisses

her forehead. Menka tells Rags that very soon she will lose the fav bahu crown.

Suhani and Yuvraaj have the pani puris. She says my husband does not have chaat. He agrees and she smiles. She makes him eat the pani puris and Saawre…………..plays…………he says its very spicy and makes her eat. Dadi shows the love letters by Krishna and tells Rags that he wanted to emotionally blackmail Soumya, its good I got it, throw all these things, Soumya should not see this.

Soumya comes and picks one of the letter. Pratima and Sharad talk about Dadi coming back and they have to do something very soon, as Suhani was crying a lot. He says her finger was cut, that’s why. She says no, I feel there is something else going in his shop. H says no, Yuvraaj took her out. Dadi says Krishna has sent this letter to you. Soumya says I wrote it for him.

Dadi says what does he want to tell you, I know he does not care for youy feelings. Soumya says all these are my memories, my love signs. Dadi asks is she thinking to turn back and see, then tell me now itself. Soumya says no, I was just keeping it with m. Menka says you are great, you are keeping his letters and yesterday you saved Suhani’s life, why are you wasting our hardwork. Dadi asks why did she save her life.

Pratima asks Sharad to take care of Suhani and they have to be careful. Sharad asks why is she worried. She says I m worried that truth will be out. Soumya tells everything to Dadi. Dadi smiles and asks Rags and Menka to learn from Soumya, she has learnt all this from me. She says she is proud of Soumya. She says sometimes we have to move back to go ahead. She says you make Suhani blind in your friendship and Suhani will realize her mistake.

She says she will give shocks to Suhani, not being her enemy, but her friend, we will make her lose. Menka says Suhani is very smart, she will understand. Dadi says Suhani will lose Yuvraaj. She asks Soumya to do what Yuvraaj wants, make him sure that you are his better life partner, now it will be fun. Soumya smiles.

Anuj asks Menka about valentines spelling. He laughs on her. Menka sees it on net and tells him. Saurabh says now Anuj has to take her. Menka says now he has to take her on date. Yuvraaj comes and hugs Dadi. Dadi says your jacket is nice. Yuvraaj says Suhani gifted this. Suhani greets Dadi and asks why is she upset, is she not happy seeing her back. Suhani says no, I m fine and happy.

Yuvraaj says Soumya I need to talk, and he takes her to terrace. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj says thanks for managing about the gift matter. She says I m sorry. He says its good we stay friends. She says yes, when a person’s heart breaks, she finds happiness around and then he came infront of her, and recalled his love, give me some time to forget everything. He says fine, but be careful, this should not happen again. She says yes and smiles.

Dadi burns the love letters of Soumya for Krishna, and Suhani sees it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waste of time 2 comment……

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  3. Exactly nikitha its really waste of time 2 read also.

  4. The serial sucks

  5. no progress same story everyday! cant imagine such cruelness even exists

  6. Hope Suhani or Yuvraj with Sharad find out about Soumya’s intensions and turn the tabless on her.

  7. U know when written updates are boring that the show is a bore as well skipped most of the update besides yuvani’s part. Bt thanks very much Amena

  8. true ya..i stopped seeing the serial long i am reading written updates by omitting many interest..this serial will go down!! pakka

  9. yeah xactly… n how can soumya b dat selfish… suhani is nt her 2-3 yrs back frnd.. she is her childhood frnd… y r these writers showng soumya too bad…. at one point she vl realyz.. plz show it quickly.. n show suhani n soumya’s frnship…

  10. Stop running this. Serial


    Fed up with dis drama

  11. Really soo irriting this serial showing soumya face nt suhani face writers/director change the tittle name ‘soumya si ek ladki’ pls change the track its vry boring to c soumya n dhadi again n again

  12. anushka balashanker

    So boring they are just stretching this show everyday

  13. seein dadi wanna punch her idiot

    nt gettin interst to c serial

  14. yuvaraj is also dumb

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  18. Oooooooo Boring please stop the pain writers/producers.
    And get some new people that can act, Neha(Souyma) has to be replaced. She seems she is simply reading her lines without any convincing acting….poor actress indeed.

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