Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi removing Suhani’s bracelet. Sambhav worries and says whats this old woman doing. Suhani says I m getting hurt. Yuvraaj shouts enough. He asks Dadi not to interfere in their matter, just leave, stop doing all this. He talks rudely with Dadi. Dadi gets shocked and goes. Yuvraaj sees the cameras. Sambhav says well done. Saiyyam looks for headache medicine. He gets oil and thinks to do oil massage. Pankaj comes and sees Saiyyam applying the oil. He laughs seeing Saiyyam not able to do hair massage. Krishna asks what happened. Pankaj says go and help Saiyyam, maybe he has headache. She asks what to help. He says do his head massage. She says fine.

Yuvraaj goes to room and is angry. Yuvraaj gets the mic and note from Sambhav. Sambhav says none should know you

are talking to me Yuvraaj. Suhani comes and apologizes. Sambhav says let her say else she will doubt, stay angry. Yuvraaj sees the cameras.

Suhani apologizes to Yuvraaj and says Dadi is also right. He says but we are not kids, she reacted bad. She says I did this to test you, to be safe so that there is no risk. Sambahv says its not your mistake Suhani, I m genius. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to forget all this, I m with you. Sambhav asks him not to be oversmart, kiss Suhani now, I want her to slap you as well. Pratima calls Suhani. Suhani says Maa is calling, I will go. Sambhav says stop her Yuvraaj, kiss her now. Yuvraaj stops Suhani and kisses on her hand. Sambhav looks on. Sambhav says kiss on cheer. Suhani hugs Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj sees the cameras. He says I really hope you did not feel bad. She says I hope you will not be annoyed with me now, whatever happened last night was strange and night, I did not feel it today. He asks her to forget it. She goes. Sambhav threatens Yuvraaj to come, else he will kill Suhani and Pratima. Sharad comes and asks Yuvraaj to come fast, they have to talk. Yuvraaj goes.

Saiyyam throws his shirt. Krishna comes to him. Pankaj says Saiyyam is like Suhani. Krishna says if you have headache, you should say Saiyyam. Saiyyam refuses to take her help. She says I m doing as Pankaj said. He agrees. She does hair massage.

Sambhav comes in Yuvraaj’s disguise. Pratima says I think we thought a lot. Suhani says yes, he is Yuvraaj. Sambhav collides and says sorry. He goes. Suhani goes to meet Bhavna. Yuvraaj explains Bhavna and Sharad why Suhani did that. Bhavna says I m glad you understand Yuvraaj. Sharad says Yuvraaj loves Suhani. Yuvraaj says there is much tension in house, children are more boring than us. Bhavna says why don’t we return them their childhood. Suhani comes and sees Yuvraaj there. She says you were outside just now. He says no, I m here. Sharad says yes, he was here. Yuvraaj goes. Suhani says he was here… Sharad and Bhavna tell plan to enjoy like before.

Yuvani asks Dadi what happened, what did Papa say that you are crying so much. Dadi cries and says its all because of Suhani. Yuvani hugs her and asks her not to cry. Yuvani sees Sambhav and thinks to talk to Yuvraaj. She goes. Yuvraaj comes to Dadi and apologizes. He asks her not to feel bad. Dadi says its okay. Yuvani turns and sees Yuvraaj leaving from Dadi’s room. She gets shocked and asks what was this, Papa was going there, how did he come out of Dadi’s room. Dadi sees Sambhav and says Yuvraaj. She says what happened to him, he called me here. Yuvaan and Baby are leaving for movie. Yuvraaj and Sharad stop everyone. They all dance. Yuvraaj tries to remove Suhanu’s bracelet. Dadi comes and thinks how is Yuvraaj here, he changed clothes.

Jahan teri nazar hai…. plays……. Yuvraaj removes the bracelet and keeps in his pocket. Everyone clap. Yuvraaj goes. Sambhav looks on. Yuvraaj runs outside and throws the bracelet. The bomb blasts in air. Yuvraaj turns and sees Sambhav. Sambhav says you took the bracelet from Suhani’s hand, I did not send you to dance. Yuvraaj asks did you think I will let Suhani die easily. Sambhav says I will not leave you and removes his mask. They both fight. Sambhav’s man hits on Yuvraaj’s head. Yuvraaj falls down.

Sambhav comes wearing Yuvraaj’s mask. Dadi notices him and calls someone at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hyacinth manickchand

    It is time u make sanbav be caught expose him to everyone Dadi needs to change her ways towards Suhani recognise that she is a good person

  2. They are dragging so much sambhav track , is it necessary that the is hero is so stupid. He knows sambhav is dangerous and has goons why did he go alone, he could have take sharad with him . Both suhani and yuvraaj think they are super strong and this overconfidence make them fall in trap.
    Precap: what’s happening, why dadi behaving smartly ?!?

    1. Dadi is super smart when it is to plan against Suhani,,,,, at times of need she acts dumb ,,,, don’t know what’s she up to…..hehe Birla’s totally got confused…..

    2. I am happy about dragging, Hanna.
      There nothing wrong with dragging.
      Dadi is always up to something. I think she well use this to get rid of suhani. Out of yuvraj life for good.

      1. Of course you would be happy, with dragging.

        3 weeks is on 02/January/2017,
        REMEMBER that date please!

  3. Oh today Iam first.yippee
    Tired with suhani yuvraj sambhav track.yuvraj is again trapped.
    But as I told you we got a worth to watch scene from kriyam.He don’t want to hurt his Nanu.And of course he is enjoying the head massage.
    What you think friends? Bolo bolo.

    1. I just wish, there were more of kriyam scenes.

  4. A blissful scene of yuvaraj and suhani after many days. Suhani,Yuvani n dadi got confused seeing yuvaraj n sambhav ~ superb scene. Idiot sambhav want yuvi to get slap frm suhani, bt our hero is genious. Thank god yuvi removed bracelet bt very sad again he got hit by goons. Nice epi 1nce again…

    1. Yeah….always wanted more of yuvaani scenes..this sambhav ?…psycho…they should comeup with other ways of kidnapping rather than hitting on head everytym…mujhe tho bilkul bhi barosa nahi hain dadi par..

    2. Agree… End this sambhav track… Unite yuvani…so much dragging…

  5. Not evil Dadi then, even though make no different.

    Saiyyam and Krishna scene, is cute.
    I know for NOW, it is 6 weeks.

    I can understand Dadi now, why she hate suhani.

    1. to be accurate
      6 weeks——> 26th jan 2017….
      4 weeks——>9th jan 2017
      3 weeks——>2nd jan 2017

      1. Yes exactly! 🙂

        26/01/17. Remember this date!
        This well be the date, that baby, with the help of yuvaan. Get everything.
        Kick the rest of the family out.

        I can’t wait to see suhani, yuvraj, yuvani, rag and Dadi faces.
        Sorry mo, you got lucky on the first bet.

  6. Stop this shitty show

  7. I hate all this why cant they stop sambhav story they dont have any good story again am tired of it

  8. Tired of this suhani ,yuvraaj & sambhav track …they r dragging it 2 much now…kriyyam scene was cute

  9. How many times will yuvraj overcome these blows on his head…I seriously wonder whether his head is made of steel or something similar so that he can endure it.
    Arre yaar bring sayyam.and sambhav face to face and then watch the fun.

    1. Are u the one who commented about this before,,,,I too was thinking the same,,,,,well it’s a silly thing to think why Yuvi’s not dead after getting so many blows,,,that too on head,,,this is the show where a burnt guy who was assumed dead returned to take revenge

  10. You better stop this show if there is nothing more ideas left as how many time will Yuvraj been beaten on head and deaden by Sambar? Who is the leading actor here? Just end his time now let Sayyam witness his dad evilness and be the one to convince Yuvraj to kill him since he already paid for that and then start the new love for the Sakrish as Yucatan and Baby character is not worth it.

  11. Suhani did a great thing by sending KrishYyam (name suggested by Amalina) to Lata’s house….at least we got to see cute scenes b/w them

  12. krishna ?Sayyam

    Awww sayyam krishna look dead ass cute together mann. Sayyam looks better when he shaves his beard

  13. love today’s episode.Kriyaam looking great together.Agree guys??????

  14. even I am getting tired of this show. they keep dragging one danger to the whole year yaar

  15. hey everyone these are my views first of all this serial is not real it is just on a reel why everyone is getting hyper is beyond comprehending why hate suhani? why hate dadi? i do not think anyone of you know these characters why judge them it is not their real life they are only acting upon directions and i am 100% sure most of you hate suhani sambhav saiyyam etc why??? you might even hate me for giving my opinion but i am the least bothered you do not know me so please do not judge me i find that if someone do not agree with the majority they are being sideline everyone is entitle to his/her opinion for all you know sambhav is so nice in real life that it might shock you so please refrain from saying negative things about them for all you know they may be reading TU and will be hurt to know you do not like them,if you write nasty things about me because of this comment i will retaliate as i said these are purely my comments and i did not name anybody

  16. Guys one doubt
    If sambhav is not dead why the hell did yuvraaj got 20+ years imprisonment ?? what rubbish writers doing? i hate sambhav -__-

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