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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya talking to Pratima and Dadi. Suhani waits for Bhavna. Bhavna comes and says I got late. She drops a letter and shows Suhani. Suhani saks her whats that. Bhavna says I forgot to say, I met Lata, she gave this letter for Aditya, check this Aditya. Suhani asks whats this. Bhavna says maybe a job offer. Aditya gets glad and tells Dadi that Gauri is lucky for him. Suhani reads it and says such a good job, monthly salary is 3 lakhs. Gauri comes there. Pratima says this is nice thing. Gauri says Aditya, we will go to study. Bhavna tells about Aditya’s job offer. Dadi asks Aditya to call on that number. He says yes and leaves. Gauri gets sad.

Dadi says see Pratima, our Gauri is lucky for Aditya. Suhani says but he got job in Mumbai, and he will go London for

2 years. Pratima asks will he go? Suhani sais no, if he values Gauri, he will not do this work. Bhavna says I will go and see Golu. Rags tells Dadi that Aditya has gone getting the papers. Menka says what will he do after getting job. Gauri worries. Suhani says but Aditya did not say yes to job till now. Pratima says if he says yes then.. Yuvraaj comes and says if this job is imp than Gauri, then we will get answer, we will understand he is not right for Gauri.

Aditya likes the job offer and calls on that number. Sharad answers the call and talks to him. Aditya says he will come anytime for the job, he is not married. Sharad says good, you can’t marry till 2 years. Aditya says I will do as you say. Sharad asks him to come office today. Aditya thanks him. Suhani and Bhavna look on. Sharad says I did right? Bhavna says yes, I know Aditya will run after this job.

Suhani tells Pratima that Aditya is taking the job. He left from here. Yuvraaj says he has no courtesy to inform us. Gauri cries and runs to her room. Yuvraaj asks Gauri not to cry, and no need to hide her face behind this mask. She cries. Suhani and Pratima look on. Yuvraaj says Suhani, what shall I do, Gauri is feeling so bad. Suhani says yes, Aditya chose job over Gauri, any girl will feel bad knowing she is not valuable to the guy.

Dadi tells Suhani that you made all the guys here work, and now we are getting a guy who gives importance to Gauri, it means Gauri will get a good life, he will find a good job if he wants to marry. Pratima says Dadi is right. Suhani calls Aditya and asks for his help. She says we all are out and are busy, Gauri is at home and is scared, can you reach Birla house. He says my interview is starting in 5mins. She says its about Gauri, please come. He says you know its imp day of my life, how can I leave interview. She says fine, we will reach home and I wish Gauri is fine. He says fine, call me after reaching home.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani what was this. She says I wanted to see will Aditya come seeing Gauri is trouble. Pratima asks what did he say. Suhani says he said he can’t come, its his imp day. Dadi says he did not refuse right. Suhani says we will wait. Gauri tells Suhani that Aditya did not come. They hear bell and all rush thinking its Aditya. Bhavna opens the door. Saurabh comes home and asks all of them what happened. Pratima asks is Aditya with him. Saurabh says no, why will he be with me. Gauri cries and says Aditya has left me, he has gone. Saurabh asks why are you crying, where is he.

Suhani consoles Gauri. Rags and Menka says its good Aditya is gone. Saurabh scolds them. Yuvraaj and Suhani argue to make Gauri smile. Yuvraaj says a prince will come for our princess. Gauri takes Suhani’s side. Yuvraaj says you snatched my mother and now my sister too. They laugh. The bell rings. Menka says Anuj has come, do you think its Aditya, he won’t come. Dadi says shut up, open the door. Suahni asks Gauri to come. Menka opens the door and says Aditya. Everyone look on. He says you all are here. Suhani asks why did he come late. He says I came by auto and got stuck in traffic, what happened Suhani. Gauri smiles. Pratima thanks Aditya as this matters a lot. Dadi says yes, you have come and its enough for us. Gauri wishes her all the best for interview. Aditya says thanks, but I will save this for next time, I could not go for interview.

Pratima says call them and say you will come tomorrow. Aditya says I m calling, but its not reachable. Dadi asks will he lose such big chance for Gauri. Yuvraaj thanks Aditya for coming. Aditya says I had to come for Gauri. Nothing is imp than Gauri in my life. Suhani looks on.

Dadi tells Aditya that she will talk to Pankaj and Lata and fixes Gauri’s marriage with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awww
    So adhitya chose Gauri over his job 😉
    Then everyone will agree now
    😀 🙂

  2. Awwww Aditya is so cute…..He truly loves Gauri….Loved their plans which they made

  3. Even I love adhithya but I am also getting to think if adhithya knew that the interview and letter were all fake

  4. I think dadi set that letter up n thw marriage

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