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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Golu getting angry and shouting that Yuvani and Krishna did not take me along. Bhavna says you were busy in having food, that’s why you did not listen to them. Sharad asks Golu to have burger, then he will get cake for him. Golu goes. Bhavna says I think there was something in pizza, she did something. Sharad says its fine, she did not do anything to you. She says I can’t forgive Soumya. Sharad asks her not to overthink, leave everyone on their state. Dadi hears them. Bhavna says I want peace in this house, they all have to change, I won’t let anything wrong happen. Dadi goes.

Suhani comes to Sambhav and asks him to rest on the bed, she will sleep with Yuvaan in his room. She goes. Sambhav gets angry. Dadi goes to her room and is angry on Bhavna. She opens

the clock and sees the Birla family members photos inside the clock. She says I will ruin the person on whose photo this wheel stops now, its because of Bhavna, entire family will say the same. The wheel stops at Bhavna’s pic. Dadi says its good, if Bhavna is not in this house, how will peace be here.

Its morning, Pratima asks Rags and Menka about the drama. Sharad stops Bhavna from saying. Rags asks what did we do. Saurabh says I knew you will react this way, so I kept proof. He shows Rags and Menka their video. Rags and Menka get shocked. Rags says this is not me. Sharad jokes. Rags says I m sure Soumya did this. Pratima says its too much, nothing such will happen again. Dadi says you both won’t go to parlor for one month. Rags says this is not fair. Dadi asks Soumya to take their jewelry too. Menka faints. Sambhav goes to room and acts. He asks Suhani to help him in removing his tshirt. He thinks now you are alone here, I will see who saves you.

Rags and Menka ask Dadi to forgive them. Rags and Menka say Soymya did this. Parcel comes for Dadi. Dadi receives the parcel and goes to her room. She throws the box outside and sees some wires in a box. She smiles.

Suhani goes to help Sambhav. She says you will have problem to take bath. He says I was also going to say this. She says I m foolish to not understand this, you do a lot for me and Yuvaan, you don’t need to say anything, I will take care of you. She calls Pankaj to help Sambhav. He gets angry. Dadi goes to kitchen and thinks who will save Bhavna now. She replaces the steel box.

Yuvraaj calls Suhani and asks about Yuvaan She thinks he is asking about Sambhav. She says he is fine, he is going through a lot. He thinks what is Yuvaan going through. He says tell him that such things happen, I spoke to him. She asks what, did you talk to Sambhav. He says why will I talk to Sambhav, I m talking about Yuvaan, not Sambhav.

Dadi throws the other steel box in bin. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Yuvaan was upset. She says sorry, I did not know. He says you are busy with Sambhav. She says I m busy and ends call. Yuvani and Krishna tie Golu and say they will give him chocolate. Yuvani says Golu eats my chocolate every day. Krishna sees the box and says they throw junk anywhere. Yuvani says it has caution sign, and they ask Golu about it. Golu says I know who will know about this, free me and give me chocolate. They agree. He says Suhani will tell us. Yuvani and Krishna call Suhani and tell her about box. Suhani says its caution, leave it. Yuvaan comes and asks Suhani to see the news. She reads someone is selling mini bombs. She gets shocked and says Birla house also got such box, something is fishy.

Dadi throws salt in the sink and flush it. Bhavna goes to kitchen and starts cooking. Dadi asks what are you making. Bhavna says khichdi. Dadi asks her to add salt in it. Bhavna sees salt box empty. Dadi smiles. Suhani comes to Birla house, and talks to Yuvani and Krishna. Yuvani shows the box. Dadi tells Bhavna that there is salt bottle at dining table, call me when khichdi is made. Suhani takes Yuvraaj’s help. Yuvraaj says this company does not exist, its something wrong. Dadi thinks Bhavna will not be able to stay fine, and goes. Suhani goes and meets Bhavna. Dadi looks on and thinks if Suhani gets hurt, its also good.

Bhavna tells Suhani that she is making khichdi. Suhani asks about courier. Bhavna says I did not see. Golu takes the salt sprinkler. Dadi stops him and says you don’t need this. She gives that to Bhavna.

Dadi goes to meet original Dadi and says I really pity on you. She laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Please give punishment to that stupid soumya

  2. I think the writer like soumya so much that’s why no punishment to her

  3. Sambav will be exposed and punished what about soumya will she again be let Scott free

  4. sambhav’s true face is going to be revealed.i hope suhani will come back to yuvraj.

  5. Yes ,anu u r right .writers ko bhi soumya ne pata liya hai so every time they don’t punished her .I think soumya ko dheere dheere suhani ka supporter bana kar punishment se bach lenge …….I really fedup with this false drama jo lady 6 year tak yuvraj ke sath bina shadi ke rahti hai suhani ke wapas aane par bhi uski jagah nahi chhodti .upar se daadi , sambhav ke saath mil kar yuvraj suhani ka rishta tod deti hai wo aurat maafi ke layak nahi hai .agar writers soumya ko uski galtiyo ki saza nahi dete to bahut galat hoga……aage ke episode se yahi lagraha hai soumya ko daadi ka peechha karke daadi ki twin wali pole khol kar usko achha bana denge …….i really feel bad ….ssel mein bakwas dikhne se achha hai stopped the serial……

  6. nahi denge somya ko saza, kyuki cvs ke dimaag me wo permanent hai. jaise dadi ko kuch nhi hota, waise somya ko bhi much khas hoga nhi. oshi, aap ki baat sahi hai, usse dheere SE suhani ke paksh me kr ke positive bana denge. abhi bhi lagta hai ki somya ke kaand bhula ke usko victim dikhana chahte hai.
    kya suhani ko sambhav pe shak ho raha hai?Anu ki teesri comment ke karan pooch rahe hai. jab tak sambhav ke jaane ka naam nhi, suhani ko CVS akkal nhi aane denge.

  7. Please tweet about soumya punishment more than yuvani reunion I want soumya to be punished

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