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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj giving his car for repair. He recalls Suhani and smiles. He sees Radhe there and hears him praising himself. Radhe sees Yuvraaj and goes to him. Yuvraaj starts leaving. Radhe stops him and asks where is he going. The man says car is repaired. Radhe says so your bad days have come, ups and downs come in life, I will do your company ad in half rate. Yuvraaj asks him to move. Radhe says I will become star and then don’t ask me. Radhe says if you have thrown Suhani, then who am I. He reminds that its all because of Suhani that he is roaming in car today, Suhani convinced me to give my statement, else you would be in jail. Yuvraaj is stunned.

Dadi asks Menka and Rags to get the items from Yuvraaj’s room. They get shocked seeing Ramesh. Ramesh says he is

cleaning room. Dadi comes there and scolds Ramesh. Rohan is making Suhani smile by the magic. He brings a hen on the plate and it runs. They all try to catch the hen. Lata falls on Pankaj. Suhani laughs seeing their eyelock. They get glad seeing. Suhani’s smile back. Rohan tells Pankaj that finally she smiled.

Yuvraaj recalls his marriage with Suhani and stops the car. Soumya asks Suhani why is she silent, Yuvraaj is her first love and she can’t let her love go by small problem. Pankaj says it was great fun, Rohan made Suhani smile. Bhavna tells Pankaj that she gave this magic show idea to Rohan. Pankaj laughs and asks Rohan what gift he wants. Lata says she made snacks for him. Rohan says if she makes such things for him, then he will stay here forever. Pankaj asks him to stay till he wants.

Soumya says Suhani you can’t forget Yuvraaj, he can act strange, but he loves you. Suhani says this is meaningless talk. Soumya says I was angry on what he said in contest, but he has explained me that I don’t love him, he went against Dadi to unite me and Krishna, as he did not wish to lose you. She asks her not to do any mistake and make her relation fine. Rags and Menka remove Suhani’s things. Menka wears the necklace and Rags asks her not to do so. They argue. Dadi sees Menka and scolds her. She gets stunned seeing Sharad and shuts the door. Dadi asks them how is Sharad at home. Sharad knocks the door and asks Yuvraaj to open the door, he has to talk. Suhani recalls Soumya’s words and cries. Rohan comes to her.

Dadi asks Menka and Rags not to argue and leave before anyone comes. Suhani asks Rohan to go. Rohan tries to cheer her and she scolds him asking him to leave. He asks her to cheer up, he can’t see her dad. She asks him to go away and not interfere in her life. He asks her to smile. She says I have just tears in my life. He says he can’t leave here. She asks why, why are you doing all this to make me smile. He says I love you. She gets stunned and asks what did he say. He says what you heard, I know what I m saying, I like to be with you, I want to marry you Suhani. She is shocked and slaps him. Dadi, Rags and Menka come out and Yuvraaj comes home. Sharad comes in between. Dadi says I don’t think Yuvraaj have seen us. Menka leaves with the items basket. Yuvraaj looks there. Dadi sees the sweater fell there and Yuvraaj too spots it.

Rohan tells Pankaj that he loves Suhani and wants to marry her. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.lekin rohan ke tearing eyes dhek kar bahut bura feel hua.But yuvani is the best

  2. I hope suhani and Yuvaraj unite soon

  3. Nice episode..but yuvraaj is too much…most of time he acts as a stranger…he needs to reform his as to win suhani

  4. Why yuvraaj is not accept that he luv suhani? I’m happy to see that suhani slaps rohan. Now he will understand that he did a big mistake to separate yuvraaj and suhani.

  5. Rohan needed that slap blo*dy stupid

  6. Super episode
    I like see suhani take bold decision…
    we need a such a slap for devil dadi
    if u do early Rohan didnt interrupt y I said u gave a such slap for dadi

  7. Suhani Dnt accept rohans proposal plz

  8. If u accept I will quit for watching this soap Opera
    iam a big fan of u

  9. wow, nice episode. I just hate how yuvraaj always denies his love for suhani, and really, I dont think suhani will ever marry Rohan

  10. I doubt these writers will allow Suhani to remarry so soon, especially to another man. Maybe if she had slapped stupid Yuvraj earlier, their story would have been straightened out already. He’s a terrible husband.

  11. Suhani should say yes to rohan n see how yuvraj react because he don’t treat her rite n his dadi needs a good slap

  12. i stil believe that it’s all rohan to plan unite yuvani.plz accept rohan.iss baar yuvraj akar apne feelingz confess kar jana hoga.

  13. Wow nice episode
    stupid yuvraj no need for suhanis love
    so accept rohan

  14. Dadi never change
    so its doesnt possible to yuvanis unite so u both go outside of birla house plzzzzzzzz
    writers plz add more spice ups

  15. We want yuvi and suhani back…..pls reunite them

  16. Pls writer/director we want yuvraaj and sushani back pls don’t break them marriage

  17. nowadays yuvraj is behaving so strange

  18. great episode

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