Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Akriti to take the contract instead the ticket. Akriti asks but how can you give me this contract for just a ticket. Suhani says this ticket is my son’s life, this contract is just a piece of paper, I can’t risk my son’s life, I can give my life for him. Akriti gives her the ticket. Suhani thanks her and goes.

Menka notes the diamond jewelry she has. Rags asks whats the need to do this. Menka says its needed, if my jewelry gets stolen how will I know. Rags asks what do you mean, who will steal your jewelry. Menka reminds their past, and says you calmed down because of baby, else you are very clever, you can’t ask me to shut up. Why don’t you have baby, if you get treasure, why do you care for figure, you are jealous of me as Dadi gives me

all jewelry. Rags asks for pearl bangles to wear in party. Menka refuses. She jokes and drops the bangles to insult Rags. Rama comes and sees this. She provokes Rags for falling to Menka. Rags gets angry.

Yuvraaj talks on phone and says I will reach hotel for meeting. The girls come to him and say we got gift for you. They bring the sky lantern. He recalls Suhani, and says but I don’t know to fly this. Yuvani and Krishna insist. He flies the lantern and gets sad.

Suhani reaches Allahabad. The driver asks where she has to go. She says chowk. He asks are you local. She says yes. He says you look foreigner. She says yes, I m outsider for this city and recalls Yuvraaj. She gets sad and boards the taxi. The lantern falls there. He throws it and says kids throws it, it would have hurt. She says I m hurt seeing this.

She goes and meets Yuvaan. She says I know good doctor here. He laughs and says I m fine seeing you, sorry I was missing you and lied. Suhani asks Sharad. Yuvaan tells her how he made Sharad lie by not giving him clothes after bath. Suhani says that’s why I told you not to come without me, pack your bags, we will book a suite. Yuvraaj takes Yuvani to the same hotel and is on the way. Yuvani sees mirror and tells him that she wants to look the best, as Dadi tells her.

They play radio and hear the next caller name Suhani. He changes the radio station. Suhani books a suite. Yuvraaj and Yuvani reach there. Yuvani’s purse falls down. Suhani is present there and turns. Yuvraaj bends to pick purse and she misses to see them. The waiter goes and flowers fall there. Suhani leaves. Yuvraaj sits on lobby. Yuvani asks him to go for meeting. He asks her to come along. She asks him to go, she will be here. He asks are you sure, fine I will be back. He goes.

Suhani walks there talking on her phone. Yuvani sees her. She says I m the best. Menka asks Rags to manage her son and says I m going to parlor with Dadi. Soumya interrupts to take Rags’ side and Menka argues with her. Krishna looks on. Dadi asks Menka to come, and asks Rags to manage the kid. Dadi and Menka leave. Soumya offers help to Rags and asks Rags to plan family, then all this nervousness will be over. Rags gets angry and asks Soumya to mind her own business and not try to become Suhani. Krishna gets sad and says why did Rags talk to mumma like this. Yuvaan says I will take my ball and throws to Sharad. It hits a boy and angers the boy. The boy says I will see who has hit me with the ball. Yuvani likes the girls wearing pretty dresses. Yuvaan goes out to get ball and collides with Yuvani. He says sorry and runs off while she starts scolding him.

Krishna calms the baby. Rama comes and asks why did she make baby eat chips. Krishna says I did not feed him chips. Rama says I have seen this, that’s why he is crying. Yuvaan goes to get ball and says sorry to the boys. The boys get angry and joke on him to get girls’ toys. They tease him. Yuvaan challenges them that he will make them lose in basketball and take the ball. They think he is joking and trouble him. Yuvraaj comes there and sees Yuvaan bullied by the kids.

Yuvraaj and Yuvaan have a talk. Yuvaan says his name. Yuvraaj says nice name, come. Yuvaan talks like Suhani and calls a boy Sadu. Yuvraaj looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nizzz episode

  2. Suhani looked stunning!!!!
    Waiting for the confrontation scene…..

  3. Amazing episode. …yuvaan is soooo cute. Loved all the yuvaani scenes .more suspense 1 menka asking soumya to stay away fr family issues. 2 rags saying soumya don’t try to be suhani. 3 dadis attitude towards soumya 4 in the precap yuvraj’s no reaction after the boy says his name. ….quite interesting .seeing the reaction it forces us to think whether he knows he has a son too same with suhani whether she knows about her daughter? Bcoz till date there is no flashback shown suhani missing her daughter .is it again some foul play of Dadi Or dadi &soumya?

  4. I think dadi is behind this separation both yuvarj and suhani don’t know that they have two kids ,dadi said doctor to say her 1 child is dead whatever happened may be dadi made somiya emotional fool too that she was a widow how could she manage her daughter I don’t like this girl yuvani she is not a good actor

  5. Look at soumya trying to be suhani, that girl got no shame. Stupid Yuvrajj replacing his own son, with soumya daughter. What kind of father, husband he is. At least suhani didn’t do that. Now I understand why Dadi hating soumya. Because she hasn’t replaced her grand son. Dadi might have do lots of bad thing in the past, but I support her on this.

  6. Gud episode

  7. If suhaniss twins are yourani and yuran how come there is such a age and height difference

    1. I know, those 2 kids can’t be twins, they need to come up something that is logical.

  8. If yuvraj doesn’t know he has a son then why did they show in previous episode dadi with an album which had pics of Suhani and a boy. Or it could be that only dadi knows about the boy and yuvraj doesn’t. Just wish they would show flashback, then we’d know what previously happened. Maybe they’ll show it when Suhani and yuvraj have a confrontation.

  9. c how stunning suhani look guys she reminds me sometimes of kajol any comment guys

    1. I agree.. Kajol’s get-up in Dilwale..

  10. very interesting episode. Yuvaan is sooo cute!!

  11. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Suhani looking good..sori I missed sum episodes whos Doumya n y is Yuvraj separeated from Suhani? Wetnt they suppose to hv child?

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    The two girls cnt act I tink only boy is teektak lol

  13. Am surprised seeing yuvaan n yuvani… If they r twins thn why their age is different…

  14. I agree with u jaan &both of them r fabulous actresses.
    Do they hv any problem with suhani ?then why do they change the room decor only when soumya enters that room it’s disgusting.
    No one should get a friend like soumya ……..shameless girl.

  15. Y is yuvraj shock isnt yuvaan his son n wat happen to suhani

  16. they are the same age …. twins don’t have to look identical you know,

  17. All star plus serials follow the same pattern and no novelty. In YHM Ishita leaves home for reasons best known to her and Shagun takes her place and takes care of the kids and the family.If she was so sensible in the beginning itself , there would be no Ishita in Raman’s life.
    In SSEL , Suhani left after having twins for reasons best known to her and her place is taken up by Saumya. Children are seperated. Many times Gopi and Ahem are seperated and many women tried to come in between.

  18. Nice episode.. Bit confusing of both kids are twins then they should be same age . the height is ok 1 can be taller than the other. Suhani really looks like Kajol.. Maybe she should try bollywood. Lol

  19. I wish to show some flashback, m so cnfuse . if yuvan and yuvani are twins then why is so their heights so different. i really hate yuvraaj ,how can he be so mean ,does he even know that he had a son . i want suhani and yuvraaj together its so painful seeing them apart.

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