Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Yuvraaj and Suhani together. He gives a kerchief to her to wipe her tears and she uses her dupatta. He asks how can Soumya do this, I will not bear anyone behaving bad with my mum, I will talk to Soumya, wipe tears, else mum will feel bad. Suhani says so I came here so that no one can see me. He says but I have seen, I care for you, I feel bad seeing you cry, and Soumya has to pay price for this. Rags scolds Soumya for behaving like she is owner of the house. Soumya argues and asks did she treat Pratima as her mum in law till now.

Dadi comes to them and locks the door. Rags says Dadi see Soumya, she does not respect you, she scolds you and came here. Dadi asks Rags to stop it now. Dadi calls everyone in hall. Saurabh says its looks like a new drama

now. Soumya falls in Dadi’s feet and apologizes to her. Rags thinks whats this new drama of Soumya. Saurabh signs Sharad about this. Dadi forgives Soumya and says she is going to be bahu now, she will take time to learn their ways.

She says the one who is not bahu, what is she doing in this house till now. She asks Suhani to answer, how is she living in their house, by what right. Her presence is affecting her, and she can’t bear her face. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj to do something. Dadi asks Suhani dos she not have any self respect. Rags says she feels something is wrong, Suhani is upto something. Dadi says even I feel so, and asks Suhani what is she trying to do.

Rags asks Suhani does she feel she has second chance. Suhani says yes. Soumya asks how can she say this and eye her happiness. Dadi says I knew she will plan this. Suhani says I had hope. Dadi asks why hope, nothing can happen now, Yuvraaj does not want to keep any relation with you, it will be better you take your bags and leave from here. She asks Rags to kick Suhani out. Yuvraaj says no Dadi, I knew about Suhani’s plan.

He says he did not tell anyone, but today he will tell them the truth. He says I want Suhani to stay in this house, she has hope that I will accept her, I want to end her hope from root, and show her that she does not have any place in my life now, so that she sees me and Soumya together and see our marriage, so that she can see the truth, that I m not in her fate now. He signs Pratima.

Sharad asks Pratima to say anything to Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Sharad not to interfere. Pratima asks Yuvraaj what is he saying. He says Suhani made me helpless to say this. Dadi says yes, it will be good if Suhani stays here, she will know we don’t need her. She says she will stay here as guest and will not have any right on Yuvraaj, don’t have any hope, I will make your and Yuvraaj’s divorce today. They all get shocked. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to call lawyer and ask him to prepare divorce papers.

Dadi says fine, I will do this work. She asks Rags to call lawyer. Pratima asks Dadi to listen to her. Dadi says I won’t, its because of your foolishness. The lawyer’s phone is switched off. Dadi says fine, we will do this good work tomorrow morning. She leaves. Saurabh asks how can we do such big mistake, we did not think Dadi will talk about divorce. Sharad asks what to do. Yuvraaj says I don’t know, today’s idea was Suhani’s I hope she has solution. Suhani says does it matter, this had to happen some day.

She says if she wants to tell Dadi and Soumya that lies can’t make relation, then its also true what mistaken relations don’t stay. Soumya thanks Dadi. Dadi asks Soumya not to talk in high tone with her. Soumya says sorry, it won’t happen again. Dadi says her fate is good, as she hates Suhani a lot more than she is annoyed with her, so she is here. Soumya smiles.

Sharad talks to Saurabh and Anuj, ask what if Dadi really make them get divorce. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani. She says we tried so much to make Dadi and Soumya away, but she has again made Dadi on her side, she really has something. He asks is she feeling sad. Suhani says no, I realized Dadi will not like till I change my face, which I will never do. Yuvraaj smiles and talks to her. Dadi asks Soumya to convince Pratima. Yuvraaj says they will succeed, and Dadi will try to break Suhani, and asks her to promise she will not lose courage and answer Dadi in her way, if she gets weak, they all will fail.

He says he will create situations that Soumya will refuse, he has a plan and he will tell when everyone come. Saurabh, Anuj and Sharad come. Yuvraaj says he wanted to talk and they all discuss their plans. Suhani looks on. She thinks she gets strength by their unity. She thanks snoopi and acts strong.

Pratima asks Soumya to change her broken earrings. Anuj gives her earrings and asks her to hide it well. Soumya sees Pratima hiding it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yuvraj suhani all the best.

  2. i am very eager to know wat will happen next

  3. Nyc .epi yeah soumya has somethng tats y idiot dadi frgve her .pls yuvraj n brothers do sumthng against soumya .anyway waitng 4 tat divorce momen love u yuvani <3 😉

  4. Whn soumya face show in d mirror guyss luk closely her eye half closd n her mouth ewwww 😡 .she is really a witch. .:[email protected] n she is lukng gud wid d pimples .LOL 😀 😀 😀

  5. Nyc episode loved yuvani plz show sum gd moment s b/w yuvani ♡ u guys

  6. Wen ds drama will finish

  7. bad dadi ullu dadi

  8. iam the king so i will decide n judge

  9. y this dadi is not realising her mistake? i think it will take 5 years 4 truth 2 win 🙂

  10. dadi shld learn, soumya will be out of control after marriage. she will even kick out dadi when she grows sick

  11. pls where in this world does a grandma have so much control over the affairs of her grandsons. this show is becoming unrealistic. why cant yuuvraj stand his ground that he wants to stay with his wife. he needs to be rebellious

  12. Too much botox went to Dadi’s brain…she need to age gracefully and teach good values to the young people not act that she is a spring chicken…Suhani has more values for a young person than her.

  13. Hate this episode why yuvraj just can tell that hard face dadi that he love suhani n want to live with her and not soumya if he cant say that to her then why suhani should stay in that house for to get more insults n mores bad words against her if yuvraj really love suhani then he should not let anyone come between the two of them and kick that soumya out of the house and stand against dadi for suhani

  14. In yesterday’s episode when soumya said she would rather live with yuvraj in a separate home then to live with a joint family should’ve been heard by dadi then she would’ve realized how unfaithful soumya is and she herself would kick her out of BH but apparently these Indian dramas have so much drama in it that it’ll take at least 3-4 months for everything to be cleared up and for yuvraj to confess his feelings and suhani too

  15. Yuvraaj and suhani are so cute together. Actually soumya looks like a b*t*h and her face is like ewwww. She might wear modern clothes but they are so bad and she has no fashion sense. Dadi is a real witch… Feel like killing her!

  16. actually yuvraj is in love with suhani. but he himself really don’t know that fact

  17. This track s not goin well. Y do yuvraj care abt soumya feeling. Y s he trying to make her realise abt her mistake. He shud jus confess his feeling to suhani. Then, seeing their love life, soumya will feel ashamed and leave that house herself…. This will be good to watch, instead y r u insulting suhani again and again…. Nonsense….

  18. all comments written here r wrong. i like soumya’s guts. super!! how strong she is?? really wonderful!!

  19. y does bad win over gud alwaz???????????????????/
    c agan soumya saw pratima hiding earrings……..
    y doesnt soumya trantrums r seen by daadi dat fast as soumya sees pratima hiding??????????????????”
    bledy hel wid d story

  20. get lost sunny

  21. abbey john Zara saant rai….. samajhgayo… teko hi milegi saumya jaise khudgarz patni…

  22. ai john sun lai itey … logan kai baare mai aisi baate na karat hain ….

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