Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani seeing the run and recalling Sambhav’s tortures. She hits the goon and beats him. Suhani Si Ek Ladki…..plays…… The guy beats the goon. The goon faints. The guy picks the gun by the kerchief and gives to Suhani. He asks her not to worry, it will be used for police evidence. She asks him to stop, and says you did big favour on us, tell me if you need my help anytime. He says sure, I have sharp memory, I will remind you this favour when needed. She says fine, take this discount card. He says you are committing this so soon. She says if you saved me, I can do this. He asks her name. She smiles and says Suhani Birla. He gets shocked and says Suhani Birla, it’s a pleasure meeting you, thank you for this card.

Yuvani sings and Rags dances in her room.

Dhunki lage…..plays………..Door bell rings and they both get shocked. Yuvani signs her to change.

Yuvaan cares for Krishna and asks her why did she not fight with that guy, why is she a coward. He asks her to leave it, we will go somewhere else. The neighbours complain to Rags about the high sound of the song. Rags apologizes and shuts the door. Yuvani compliments Rags for her looks. She says I wish Dadi did not leave Birla house, no one would have dared to stop us.

Yuvaan says I would have killed him. Suhani asks him not to say this, I don’t like hearing such things. Krishna calms down Yuvaan and says we did police complaint, he will get punished, thank God that he has sent that guy on time. Suhani says his entry was like Amitabh, I have also beaten the goom. Yuvaan says its good that the guy was not mad like that para sailing guy. Suhani asks who was that who made Krishna angry. Krishna calls him devil.

Its night, Krishna and Yuvaan go for a walk. Krishna says we have met such rude guy, and on the other hand, that good guy who fought for strangers. Yuvaan says like you are good and I m bad. She thanks him. He says you were happy for not going on para sailing, I had doubt that you called that VIP, did I say anything else….he lifts her.

Suhani recalls Sambhav’s tortures and shouts Sambhav….. She wakes up from her sleep. The guy burns Suhani’s pic and says your past has come back Suhani Birla, your down counting starts, first defaming and then ruining, you have my favour on you and have to pay a big prize for it.

Its morning, Yuvaan makes Swastik and asks Suhani. Krishna shows Yuvaan by making it. Suhani says you coped from me and asks Yuvaan not to tease Krishna. She asks them to pray to Lord. Suhani does the aarti. Yuvaan teases Krishna. She asks him what is he doing. Suhani looks at them. Suhani gives them coins to keep with them always. She says I have sent a spiritual thread to Yuvani too. He says yuvani will be happy seeing that, she has exams form tomorrow. Suhani ties thread to their hands. Yuvaan eats Prasad and calls it food. Krishna says its Prasad, not food. They both fight for the tv remote. Suhani asks Yuvaan to let Krishna watch her fav show. Yuvaan says we will keep competition, the one who wins will watch their fav show on tv.

Yuvani reads Suhani’s letter and smiles. Suhani asks Yuvani why did she go away to study, Yuvaan also goes away and I get alone. Yuvani says I m sad, I m sorry I can’t stay with you, I m more happy here. Suhani wishes her all the best fir her exams. Rags comes and sees Yuvani tying the thread to her wrist. Rags calls her out and thread falls. Rags tells her to get ready for the big concert. Yuvani says you are my rockstar, Rags but…. I have exam today. Rags says so what, this is your career, you have to do this in your life, you want to become model or not. Yuvani says mum asked me to become something by studies. Rags says its big thing to become successful model, if you win this concert, you will be selected by big model companies, you can study later and give exams. Dadi also convinces Yuvani and says if you want to become model, then focus, I will manage your mum. Yuvani agrees and hugs Dadi.

Krishna and Yuvaan drink the juice in the competition. Suhani wishes Krishna wins. Pratima asks her to drink her share of juice then. Suhani says why, she will win herself. Pratima says Krishna was young when she became an orphan, you kept her in your shadow and loved her a lot, that’s why she has become a coward, she can’t fight for herself. Suhani worries.

Yuvaan asks till when will you not talk to Dadi. Suhani talks to Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. whats wrong with this , suhani’s life is like living in hell

  2. Dadi spoiling yuvaani, not to study and concentrate on modelling. What if she doesn’t get selected then? Suhani should go back to birla house for her daughter.

  3. That guy is sambhav’s son I think.

  4. Same with Krishna, Suhani giving her more importance like pratima said.

  5. Who is that guy… Really boring…. first leap she had a nightmare abt guari incident n now she recalls sam torture … I love the suhani from starting but now it I just hate the show.. Really I hate saiyyam…. again poor fool suhani will get trap… again bichare yuvraj will come 2 rescue

  6. Really boring without yuvraj

  7. If he is sam son…. no meaning….. I really wish the show shud offair…. but I think he is sam who had gone through plastic surgery… nd come 2 take revenge

    1. may be ???

  8. This seems ultra boring now…after dat cheap story …lost d essence of yuvani…even if dey reunite how awkward it looks…kyunki sambhav won d battle…i really wish guy is sambhav and came to reveal that nothing had happened to her that day and he was juz bluffing so that she would live with him life long with dat guilt..i agree im expecting more…and dats impossible

  9. he is not sambhav son… guys r u think that man look like teenager…
    he is looks an adult oly ..again suhani ill traped by this idiot ah.. aftrll few months yuvraj …he suspecting all things and foundout all then coming at last minitue rescuse suhani ……then some one as killed by suhani …yuvi ill again go to jail… they taken another leap..soo stupidity

    1. No he is yuvraj with different face

      1. Y yuvraj will behave lyk dat…how do u…i think dats impossible

      2. no swethakannan.. its impossible to he is yuvraj…..
        if he is yuvraj means then y he reacting like stranger on infront of suhani and y he hurt krishna .???
        he someone of that???

  10. Sambhav son would only be 14 years old…unless he had a child before

  11. Where the hell is yuvraj! The show has gone BS since!

  12. Where is yuvraj now,

  13. I really don’t no where this is going n where is yuvraj n wat that son of a gun want with suhani

  14. It’s so boring without yuvraj

  15. I really hope Suhani comes back to her daughter. Dadi supposed to look older and she’s young. I think dadi is angry with suhani as yuvraj took blame for sambhav. Suhani should be there for all her kids. Writers repeating the story after gauri died where Suhani took yuvaan but now she’s got Krishna too. Why are pankaj and Lata looking after her?

  16. Sorry I meant why aren’t pankaj and Lata looking after Krishna like they promised soumya?

  17. hello there. can anyone tell me where are sharad, bhavna and Golu? have i missed anything?

  18. No dear rosy,
    U missed’s a magic show where anybody can disappear for no reason,no story…when they will need them they will bring them back…may be in form of alien….or whatever dey want illogical

    1. @niharika: hehe:) yes .. thank you…

  19. Guys, the show has lost everything after the rape incident…. And now too suhani itself is irritating…. And yuvraj appearance can bring something ….. Coz new actors r really… Yuvani n rags always hugging is so much irritating…
    Stupid show… Now i think yuvraj has quit the show…. No meaning in acting such spineless show….

    1. Hiii dollz…. Serial gossips r fake…. But I don’t know if yuvraj will come with different face means sahil is quitting…. So I waiting 4 yuvraj to show but if it happens… I’ll not read update also

    2. What??…y will yuvraj burn board n suhani photo…harm krishna….and he is too young(saiyyam)….he cant be yuvraj….y will he talk abt barbaadi and badnaami of suhani…its meaningless

  20. I think the new hero is sambhav’s brother.He cant be syhani sambhav he must be yuvraj will come.I think cv r finding new one.or ye bhi ho saktha hai sahil is serial kea end mein aa gaayega.mathlab sab kych teek hone ke baad.Thab yvraj replace bhi na hoga yuvi suhani milan bhi hoga.aur hum fans fool bhi hi gaayega.last din aayega. ek din ki shooting.serial bhi poora hoga.kya dimaag hei writer ka.
    but genueinpy i dont want that.

  21. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    cvs just play with fans emotion by showing this new guy.. tat guy whoever b.. but not show him as suhani sambv son..really backwas.. or it may b possible suhani did somthing GUD with tat boy family n 15 yr leap.. all new generations not charming like yuvraj and suhani… all looking old and suhani ki badi behn jaise hi krishna and yuvani..even rags dadi looking tooooo young…. i cant accept this new generation i dont knw y… but sahil not quit d show.. he ll come.. upto tat cvs make us to the backwas boy.. par muje kabhi kabhi lagta hi.. cvs cheating us by using sahil ki entry… fans were watching ths bakwas becz aaj or kal yuvi will come… cheated felows cvs..!

  22. I agree with meena…,If that guy is sambhav’s son then his age should be 14….I think he is sambhav’s brother….

  23. I have been reading all comments regularly and this is my first. I think like most of you that the writer is insane. How can anyone justify giving birth to a child conceived out of rape? The argument that what is the fault of the child does not hold truth in real life. All said and done Sambhav is the winner in the end. Even if he is dead he is the real hero because he achieved what he wanted. Suhani and Yuvraj are losers because Sambhav separated them for years. In the end they did not get anything as they are not together, the children did not get the love and attention of both parents. Husband-wife, brothers-sisters, uncle-aunt, parents-children are all separated. Even if rape did not happen it is all useless now because Suhani has lost 2 imp people in her life – Yuvraj and Yuvani. First also she didn’t think of Yuvani when she married Sambhav and now when she left her with dadi and Rex. The production house has proved that only evil wins. And yet more evil is to follow. Actually we cannot blame them because we have got so used to watching crap that they also know that never mind if it is an insult to our intelligence we will accept whatever crap they dish out to us as we have been doing for months. I think Suhani addressed the new villain as beta in yesterday’s episode so he is not Yuvraj.

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