Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela saying Suhani made the food today. Dadi asks Leela why did she embarrass them by making guests cook. Suhani says I wanted to make food, Leela will cook from tomorrow. She tells Pratima that she made suji ka halwa today. Soumya says it will be full of ghee. Suhani says I know Soumya tortures Pratima by making salad, today Maa will gave halwa. Pratima says yes. Krishna says I don’t like anything cooked here. Rags asks her to manage today. Soumya says I will cook. Suhani says I will make it. Soumya says its okay, I will make pasta for Krishna. She asks Yuvani to have food which Suhani made.

Rags tells Menka that elders can’t work which kids can do, we should not target Soumya, we should target Krishna. Menka asks what, she does not matter. Rags says yes, if

we say this again and again to Soumya, think what will happen to Soumya and Suhani’s friends, you won’t understand this, I have to do something now.

Soumya tells Yuvani to check plaster covers, and wear it if you like. Yuvani asks Soumya to make her wear it. Soumya says no, aunty will make you wear it. Suhani says sure. She checks the plaster covers. She likes it and makes Yuvani wear it. Yuvani thanks Soumya. Suhani says Soumya’s choice has always been good. Soumya receives a parcel. Krishna asks what is it. She checks it and says it’s a flute, like in pied piper Hamelin story. Yuvaan asks Yuvani don’t you know this. Krishna says no, Yuvani does not read story books, she just reads fashion magazines. Suhani gets thinking.

Yuvaan asks for whom is this. Soumya says for you, I did not give you any gift till now, that’s why. Yuvaan touches her feet and thanks her. Soumya asks who will say the story to Yuvani. Suhani tells the story. She hugs Krishna and says sorry, I could not make food for you today, I will make tomorrow. Yuvani tells Soumya that she will not go to Suhani.

Leela gives kesar milk to Yuvani. Yuvani asks where is mumma. Leela says she is with Krishna. Yuvani says I want milk by Soumya’s hand and throws the glass. Suhani comes and sees this. She asks what happened. Yuvani says I want mumma. Suhani says fine, but why did you throw glass, anyone can get hurt. Yuvani says I don’t care. Soumya and Dadi come there. Dadi asks Soumya why did she not give milk to Yuvani. Soumya says I thought Suhani will give milk. Dadi says its mother’s work, who is Yuvani’s mum. Menka and Rags look on. Menka jokes. Suhani says Soumya is Yuvani’s mum. Soumya asks them to go. She hugs Yuvani and says I will never leave you. She thinks you are doing this for Krishna, I promise she will also do something for you.

Its morning, Yuvaan asks Suhani why did Yuvani throw food, its not a good thing. Suhani says I don’t know. He asks Suhani to explain Yuvani. She says yes, I will. She takes breakfast for Yuvani. Yuvani says I had food and medicines, mumma gave me, she takes care of her. Suhani says fine and goes. Yuvaan explains Yuvani that she should not throw milk like this, many children in the world do not get milk. Suhani hears them.

Soumya tells Rags that she is calling Yuvani’s friends and giving a party to cheer her mood. Rags says wow, Suhani would know who is Yuvani’s mum, I appreciate your efforts. Soumya asks her to give her ideas daily, so that she will surprise Yuvani. Rags says don’t hide your insecurity. Soumya says I m not insecure, Suhani will go soon. Rags says you know once she comes, she won’t go. Soumya says we will see that. Yuvani is angry on Leela. She tell Suhani that she did not get a nice dress. Suhani says your friends are coming, clothes do not matter. Yuvani says it matters to me, I want to look best, my mumma knows about me. Soumya gets a beautiful dress for Yuvani. Yuvani thanks and hugs Soumya.

The party begins. Krishna introduces her friends to Yuvaan. Dadi tells Suhani that they raised Yuvani well, she has everything. She goes. Suhani thinks they are equating love and care with money, what did they make Yuvani. Yuvaan was playing. Suhani asks Krishna to be careful, Yuvani would have got hurt. Dadi scolds Krishna and says Yuvani would have got hurt. Soumya says why did you tell Krishna. Suhani says I did not say much, Dadi started scolding her.

Soumya asks the kids to play. She gives juice to Yuvani. She says Yuvani, you are doing everything perfect, you have to one more. Yuvani agrees. A girl gives bouquet to Yuvani. Yuvani throws it and says I hate roses, its cheap. Suhani asks what is this way to talk to your friend, she got gift by love, see emotions, not price. Yuvani says she should get special gift for me, I m Yuvani Birla. Suhani says you should not apologize to guests, say sorry. Yuvani refuses and kicks her. She asks her to get out. Everyone get shocked. Rags, Menka and Dadi smile. Suhani looks at Pratima and Soumya.

Yuvani scolds Suhani and says I will not listen to you, who are you, you are not my mumma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow yuvani is such a spoil brat!!! Suhani should teach a lesson to yuvani and what is soumya doing?? Krishna is no nice and she’s not even teaching manners to yuvani. Soumya is a bad mom!!! Oh and what did you say yuvani? Suhani is not your mumma um why don’t u find out the truth first and see. If she is not ur mumma why are u dark like suhani?? Why is Krishna and soumya light!! I think u should go find this out first and then blame suhani!!! So much ego??

  2. wow fast update thank.u amena.
    yuvani u spoil u character .. as views are hates to u.. as much possible yuvani knws about real mother defintly she hates sowmya.
    sowmya said in mind voice yuvani am did this fr all krishna not fr yuvani.. so she 1st perference with krishna not yuvani..
    sowmya not a good mother evil mother oly

  3. why pratima look at stone fr yuvani did this .. she lyk same at past and now ill be..

  4. that hurts……poor Suhani

  5. I knew that this would have happened, even if Yuvhani find out, she well never accept Suhani as her mother. Like I said so many times, suhani should move on. It is the whole Birla family fault on the up bringing of Yuvhani, Suhani should accept that her daughter doesn’t want to know her and simply move on. This is not about wining or losing, this is about getting on with your life. Have you ever thought the only person who can teach Yuvhani, yuvraj and dadi a lesson, is actually Soumya.

    1. Dear how a mother can move ob by seing it..

    2. I agree with you Lucy, Yuvani will never accept Suhani, she is always complimenting Soumya, and she is always saying that her mom is the best.
      Suhani should go from Birla house, she is just being insulted by everyone, and for what? For a daughter who will never accept her

    3. I agree with Yuvani. How can a mother find out she has a child but still move on?

  6. I think Suhani should reply to yuvani that yes I am your mom, I have given birth to you and not just leave. It’s about time yuvraj came back and heard what happened from pratima. Even pratima should overhear soumya thanking yuvani for doing what she did to Suhani.

    1. I too want the same…coz stupid dadi smiled seeing Yuvani’s behaviour towards Suhani

  7. if i am suhani i will take out yuvani out from dadi to teach dadi a good lesson for snatching her daughter away like that and creating her as a spoiled kid. seems like dadi still thinks what she does is right hate that character

  8. N I think Yuvi never supports suhani…..he his more concern towards de.somu ..
    N even he has no feelings for suhani..
    By due to dis Sambhav and suhani come closer

  9. why dadi is not punished

  10. Soumya said that she doesn’t feel insecure, then why do what she’s doing. I think the writers need to create situation where Krishna and yuvani find out the truth about their parentage. Dragging this storyline isn’t going to help. Yes, I too think Suhani should take yuvani out of birla house. Why doesn’t anyone, especially pratima take a stand against dadi. In fact she should take yuvani to suhani’s house. Where is menka’s husband.

  11. Two options…. first the easy yet hard way for Suhani…forget Yuvani…let her and Birlas be the way they are and just move away…. let the truth unfold whenever it does…even then Yuvani will not like Suhani for all the things Soumya and Dadi have told her and because Suhani as per her is not as beautiful as Soumya!

    Second would be file a legal case and get Yuvani’s custody and groom her as a better child – she is only 5-7yrs old and still be trained.

    Irrespective of what Suhani chooses…she should leave Birla house as soon as possible…she is only being insulted and irritated and not loved there…. it is not helping her anyway. Plus Yuvraj does not love her and is more eager to be with Soumya. Its time she thought of moving on and either go somewhere very far or find another partner in Sambhav(that way atleast Yuvan has a father)….where is Sambhav!!! if he is to be her future partner then you better be around in this need of hour of Suhani….Please bring back Sambhav!

  12. As we all know Krishna’s mother was not a good woman I want a precap scene where she don’t want somiya’s daughter though she has a daughter when somiya was pregnant and took her for abortion somiya did not know anything about it then suhani saves her daughter ,and somiya remember that moment and become good pls pls

    1. That is asking for too much too quick 🙂

  13. Wtf… wat d writers wants to prove… cmpltly irritating by d way of yuvani’s bhaviour

  14. Watz d writer teaching kids? To be rude and mannerless? Pls punish dis wicked Dadi of a woman. Let Suhani leave with Yuvan and Yuvani so that they all learn in a hard way

  15. I like Suhani but to be honest suhani has a cheap thinking. I know yuvani shouldn’t have thrown the flowers but why always talking about these morality… She starts giving gyan to everyone…. Ok, if I am dark and I want to look good, why shouldn’t I be allowed to do so/ just because my mother was dark and refuses to look good and embarass my family members previously? Suhani faced so much trouble because she looked bad. Why does she want her daughter to go through those same problems? We all know that these days external beauty is more prioritizes. Then why does Suhani want to keep her daughter backdated?? I just can’t figure out why she wouldn’t let yuvani use fairness cream. Why mean what’s the big deal if I can get fairer by using it? Does that make me bad if I want to look prettier? See guys, I know internal beauty is most important but when a person looks good his/her self confidence increases. So why does suhani want her daughter to be ashamed of her skin tone lifelong?

    1. Do not agree with you…First of all Yuvani is spoilt beyond just using creams etc… she does not respect the elders and the needy. All she cares for is her own comfort and to be called the best of all. This is a wrong attitude that Dadi has embedded in her. Soumya and Yuvraj too are equally to be blamed for letting this happen. If Soumya was a good mother then she should have protected Yuvani from Dadi’s ill teaching. She is teaches good things to Krishna but not to Yuvani..why? she is taking care of Yuvani only because she feels that will give Krishna a family and a good future. Had Yuvraj been poor do you think she would have taken care of his daughter? let alone marrying him?

      Secondly, no beauty cream can make you fair…you are what you are born with…you can only make people love you by the way you behave with them with love and respect. Now that Suhani has transformed herself – she outs makeup, jewellery, designer clothes… do you think she will stop Yuvani from doing it? No…. she just does not want Yuvani to be doing all this so early in life and especially when she will not be getting the desired results!

  16. Soumya is a b*t*h…randi ….

  17. Stupid epic.writers r creating stupid epic and waste the viewers time

  18. Exol chanyeol saranghaeyo(i luv u)

    Somya is not at all preety i dnt like her face ..if looking like her is pretty then ugly people can be called pretty and being dark doesnt mean u r ugly its more s*xy…..but not tooo dark….and even if we r fair with no gud features it cannot be called good lookin

  19. Yuvani ur so ugly ya i jst hate u and shameless soumya, i think the makers of ssel didnt find any other child then yuvani, her face is lyk a goat face chi…

  20. ~Suhani is lead actress, then why is Soumya leading ?????????????????????????///

  21. I think suhani should slap her lil ass or just leave from there now

  22. Yuvani needs to be taught some manners and suhani is the only one who can do that there is nothing to hide every body knows she is suhani’s daughter so she needs to take her in hand now before its too late as the saying goes ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ and suhani is not the type to do that she needs to show her who is the boss mind you i am not saying she should whip her but take away the luxury that she is use to and granny needs to be put in her place she should back off and leave suhani alone and somya needs to back off too what say guys?

  23. i think i agree with you raven, only suhani can teach yuvani a good kesson and whats d point in hidding she is her mom? i no soumya is doing dis to make suhani leave but i bet she is in for a big suprise

  24. Is dady try to spoil yuvani ,not soumiya there is must something in the middle to teach suhani lesson ,am sure somiya didn’t teach yuvani that kind of behaviour

  25. Somiya is not responsible for that rag and dady are responsible for all we all know somiya can’t even talks by her own she always doesn’t intefere much ,she avoid problems however she pamper kids alots ,and dady doest like krishna as well ,but to be honest what director want to prove ? This is wrong .

  26. I hate Stupid disgusting Dadi and disgusting selfish saumya. Suhani should not be polite with saumya and Dadi. Pratima and yuvraj should fight for suhani. Saumya can never be a good mother in fact she is the most selfish mother,selfish wife,selfish friend. She doesn’t love yuvani otherwise she would have taught yuvani how to have manners, how to talk with everyone. Krishna is so cute with manners. Yuvani is very disgusting having no manners no beauty . what writers are trying to teach children . Writers should stop showing this irritating episodes . children will become more demanding and mannerless watching such TV shows. Please stop these bakwas writers

  27. Firstly lets not forget the yuvani is a child and to use face cream to look fair at this age..gross.Secondly if Soumya is said to bring up yuvani than why has she allowed Dadi to teach her to be arrogant and rude?
    Why is Pratima letting all this happen??Saurabh how can you still be with really that blind??Menka such a twit..good Anuj..don’t come back.Soumya such shameless and greedy woman and yes would she have stayed with yuvraj if he was poor..NO WAY..Suhani stop getting insulted..go and file greavience against old hag Dadi for stealing your child,bribing the nurses.IS this not a crime in India??Expose Dadi’s all evil doings in court..this will send message out to Janta..evil will not be tollerated by society.Forget Yuvraj..he is blind and no brain cells.Sharad and Bhavna you two are solid people..get on with your lives..cos Pratima will not stand by you and you don’t need Bukwas Birlas.

  28. What is Sowmya doing

  29. The worst part in these serial is Somya
    She has no right to come in youraj life or birla house…she can’t snatch anyone home like that…yes I agree her husband died it does mean that she can snatch anyone home
    For krishna future she shd do work and secure her future or else marry to someone but she didn’t marry youraj
    And take suhani place in birla house
    Before episode suhani told correctly to Soumya that you never understand me Soumya she is very selfish
    It’s time to yuvraj back in birla house
    How his daughter is speaking to his wife
    Now Soumya snatching yuvani by telling bankwass stories
    Show is dragging ….

    1. Agree to u…..

  30. Suhani is very happy with yuvan
    Yuvan hav good values given by suhani
    Dadi and Soumya spoiling yuvani..

  31. I just hate Soumya she is worst character
    And has noooo importance in the serial
    Simply she came to birla house
    Dragging drama false
    Dadi ke bareme baath karna bekar hai
    Ithna worst character ko Mene kabhi nahi deka
    Actually Barbi ke laya koun dadi
    Pratima and suhani life’s are in danger bczz of Barbi
    A nd no punishment for her
    She is big devil fed up to see her
    Dadi i s fulll make up and her wigg
    Menka chiii she is worst better to end character

  32. Dear…..first of all yuvani impossible…n I don’t think ie yuvani.ever accepte mother..

  33. very sad to have rewatch this episode

    Yuvani kicking an elder person and that person is her mother.

    Yuvani throwing bunch of flowers away insulting a little girl.

    Yuvani throwing glass of milk on floor and mistreating the worker, Leela.

    This is very bad viewing for western countries it is disgusting behavior

    1. Dear now suhani never leave bh.plse gives one tight slap to urs daughter..

  34. tell me if i am wrong guys but my say on all of this is not suhani’s fault remember it was dadi who brought barbie home if barbie was not there then sajan would not have been there either and all his would not have happen suhani only hire him to help her it was krishna who brought the bomb had dadi not brought barbie there all this would not have happen so suhani needs to tell dadi its her fault and not hers as far as i know suhani she tells it as she sees it am i right guys dadi is to be blame for everything your comments please

    1. Yes ur right…but suhani mistakes is she is protecting dadi

  35. by the way where is barbie? and i want dadi and barbie to meet one on one and barbie should put a good trashing on her lol am i being ridiculous guys? if my comments upset anyone then i humbly apologise

  36. hey leila good thinking yaar yuvani needs a little something from suhani indeed before she leave birla house and she should give rags somya dadi etc a good little lecturing before she leave

  37. Stop watching this serial…. It’s useless… I just want to kill all those bad characters like Dadi, rags, meneka and saomya….

    Dadi ko bhi to yuvraj ke haatho punishment milni chahiye… She has spoilt everyone’s life… She kept away pratima’s daughter from family for a long time and yet is forgiven by everyone so easily…
    Gauri and Krishna died coz she let that stupid Barbie enter the house and yet no punishment for her.. Cheeee stupid an. Worthless writers….
    Plz write something new…. we want Dadi, rags and meneka to suffer now for their cheap thinking….
    Plz writers do something otherwise u r finished….

  38. I feel that Sambhav should come when Yuvraaj comes and Yuvraaj will get jealous, Soumya will hopefully fall in love with Sambav and YuvAni will unite because I really love this couple, but it’s just Dadi ruining it… I feel that Suhani should say something to all of them that hurts them and leave… It’s the only thing that will get them to think… Why couldn’t Soumya raise her child by herself? Suhani did it perfectly and raised a very cute and well mannered child! Soumya is only for the luxuries and a gold digger why couldn’t she just live with her mum? Her mum is rich?!? I used to adore soumya’s and suhani’s rfriendship but she has become tooo jealous as she knows Suhani is the best. ❤️?

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