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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being in the party and asking about Suhani. Sharad says he feels Dadi is giving her bangles and jokes on Menka. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and says she is doing wrong with him. She asks what did he do. He asks her can’t she smile for him, its big celebrations for their big win. Suhani says Krishna is in jail. He says that’s his punishment and this is our win. She holds his hand and talks.

Soumya goes to police station and talks to inspector, saying he can keep her mangalsutra and bail out Krishna, she will arrange money till tomorrow. He says no need now, he got the bail. She asks who did it. He says Mrs. Birla. Soumya sees Dadi. Menka says Dadi left these bangles with a note, that she went for some work. She asks Rags does she not work this and smiles.

Suhani comes and Pratima tells Yuvraaj that she has come.

Dadi says she will leave, she has to go in party. She tells Soumya that they are celebrating, as Suhani has thrown a party for her victory. She leaves. Soumya asks Krishna till when will come out. The inspector says in 20mins. She says fine, I m outside, you call me. She stops Dadi and asks why did she bail Krishna. Daid says you stay happy, you wanted this. Soumya thanks her. Dadi says I was annoyed with you, but I can’t see you sad, I don’t care for Krishna, but you were sad because of him, I can’t bear this. Soumya says Krishna did not steal. Dadi says explain this to Suhani, she has many proof, you tried to snatch her husband and she has settled scores.

Soumya says Suhani is not like this. Dadi says she likes her more than Suhani even today and leaves. Rags asks Dadi where did she go. Dadi acts rude. Pratima tells everyone that today is special for her, thanks to everyone for coming, and grateful to the family. She says she is proud that she has three sons, but she is more happy that I got a daughter in Suhani, and praises her. Everyone clap. Dadi comes and asks is this any party, and asks Yuvraaj about dance. Yuvraaj says its there, we were waiting for you, where did you go. She says she went to do some work.

He plays music and they all dance. Partima hugs Suhani and asks her not to cry, and smile. Sharad asks Suhani to dance with them, he knows she is upset for Soumya. Yuvraaj says this is the song which played in his friend’s party and they have seen Suhani’s dance talent. Menka reminds Rags what happened that time. Rags says shut up idiot.

They all dance on the song Intehaa hogai intezaar ki………….. Yuvraaj initiates and Suhani dances in full rhythm. Yuvraaj says my number is third, after Big B and Soumya. She says no, it after mum, dad and Bhavna and runs. He runs to catch her and they stop seeing Krishna and Soumya at the door. Suhani asks did you get free of jail. Soumya says yes, he got bail, as few people are not pretending like you, I got these flowers as I m including you in my happiness, while you are celebrating after sending Krishna to jail. She hands over the bouquet to him. Pratima says she can taunt Suhani if she is wrong, but now Krishna is wrong, they have proof against him.

She says she knows this that Suhani has kept friendship with her always. Krishna says fine, if Suhani is true, then why is she shocked seeing me out of jail. Suhani says she is hurt seeing Soumya with him. Soumya says don’t worry for me, you worry for yourself. Yuvraaj calls Krishna a thief and argues with him. Krishna taunts and scolds Suhani. He takes Suhani and leaves.

Yuvraaj shuts the main door and sees Suhani crying. He says sorry. Dadi says sorry, this was my employee who did theft and was acting now. She requests them to enjoy the party. Lalita sees Krishna and is glad he came home. Murali asks her to thank Soumya. Lalita does his aarti and tilak, to welcome him home. Menka talks to Rags and says how did Krishna get bail.

Suhani thinks there is something wrong which she is not able to see, and sees a shadow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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