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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying I won’t ask Soumya to leave, Krishna is my daughter. Yuvani takes them out and shows the beautiful decorations and dinner arrangements. Soumya looks on and says they have forgot everything. Yuvaan gives the cute menu card. Suhani says its written good, Krishna has written this right, her drawing is good. Krishna asks them to order food. Suhani and Yuvraaj say the fusion food. The kids run. Yuvraaj says the kids are doing much for us, can’t we do anything. She says yes, I will also do something. The aarti plays which reminds Suhani the blast.

Saurabh checks music player. Kids get the food. Suhani says I m getting headache and feeling unwell. She leaves. Yuvraaj too leaves. The kids get sad. Bhavna says we will take food for them to their room. Dadi

asks Leela to get a bag for her. She thinks I have to give money, if everyone knows he truth, it will be bad. Leela thinks she will put money in bag and give me.

Rags asks for the baby. Radhe talks to her. He receives a courier and gives to Rakhi. Rags asks what is it. The papers fall down. Rags checks the baby’s DNA reports.

Radhe says I have done that, we feel this is our son, look at his face. Rags worries. Menka comes and asks what happened. Radhe checks reports and says he is not our son. Rags gets relieved and asks did you know it now, you want to steal other’s children by running crèche, its enough, I won’t come here, I will get this crèche shut. She asks Menka to come and they leave.

Suhani meets Yuvraaj and says I should have not left yesterday. He says we can take kids out. She says the same and agrees. She thinks where did Dadi go. Menka tells Rags that she got courier outside. FB shows Menka asking the guy to give her the reports and pays him money. She then changes the reports. Rags says thank God, we won’t let our baby come here.

Suhani looks for Dadi. Dadi goes to storeroom and keeps the bag. Leela checks bag and gets a balloon which bursts some powder. She coughs and faints. Radhe calls Rakhi a big fool. Rajjo calls Radhe and says I m giving you last chance to know about your baby, you have to give me money to know about your son, else forget him. Dadi throws water on Leela’s face. She scolds Leela and asks for jewelry. Suhani says Dadi went with big bag, where did she go. Leela asks will you kill me for jewelry, I won’t say. Dadi injures her. Leela screams and Suhani hears it. Dadi makes Leela run away from window and asks her not to show her face again. Dadi screams for help and injures her hand. Suhani goes to storeroom and sees Dadi. Dadi says Leela injured me and run away.

Dadi rests in her room. Suhani asks what did Leela do. Dadi says Leela is thief, she has stolen jewelry and gives a note. She says I was going to catch thief and give money, I did not know Leela is thief. Yuvraaj asks why did you not tell us, we could have helped. Dadi says you were busy in marriage preparations. Bhavna says I can’t believe Leela has attacked Dadi. Dadi says yes, Suhani came there and Leela has run away. Saurabh says don’t worry, we will catch Leela. Dadi smiles.

Rags and Menka ask Bhavna to pass bowl. Menka asks why is anyone not eating food. Bhavna says Dadi was attacked and we are worried. Menka says I m also worried, all jewelry got stolen, its good we will get new jewelry. Saurabh comes and says police could not find Leela. Yuvraaj says I won’t leave her. Dadi comes there and says I know you all are worried, Bhavna do haldi arrangements. She asks Rags and Menka to help Bhavna, I want you all to have smile on face, no need to discuss about old jewelry, we will get new jewelry, you all are with me, what else do I want. Menka says haldi, right. Sambhav goes.

Suhani meets Sambhav and says Yuvaan was finding you, he tried calling you. He says I went out to think few things, anyway goodnight. She says it was good when we were friends, Yuvaan used to play with you, why did you change. Sambhav says time changed and person has to change too. He leaves.

Soumya cries and says Krishna gave his life, I will fulfill his dream by giving good future to my daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    I want to kill sowmya…

  2. Why is Soumya still wearing sindoor on her maang????? She is not married,,,,

    1. Yea, now that everyone knows the truth there’s no need fr her to act but I guess it’s fr her daughter krishna.

      1. Bt Krishna knws evrythng now na,,,,

      2. Yes, don’t know what these writers r upto. …Infact I hated yuvraj also saying, he won’t let soumya to go &krishna is his daughter too .Soumya being in birla yuvani will never lead a happy life .

      3. yea,,,,,Don’t knw wat they are upto

    2. hi roz,meeting after a long time

      1. Hai Linsa,,,, 😀

  3. Soumya intensions are not bad though she is seperating Yuvani she is only trying to give a good future to her daughter.

    1. She betrayed her own child hood friend sumya is two faced

    2. To give a bright future for her own daughter she is not supposed to ruin others life.

      1. yea,,..She is not an orphan,she is not frm a poor family,,,she can raise her daughter well without any help,,,

    3. No now her intentions is not Krishna’s future but her own comfort
      Even after Dadi,Suhani even Bhavna assures her that they will treat her well and she can stay there but still she wants to separate Yuvani and become a Birla bahu

  4. Boring episode

  5. sambhav… today u look good and handsome… .

    and yuvani’s dinner date prepartion was it too cute 😉 .. somwya was changed full cunning.. what she ‘s planning now????
    am waitimg fr more twists ..
    rocking ssel

  6. Are u mad Aliya?????why she is still want to seprate yuvrak suhani????….bakwas …..yuvraj ko ab to sahi galat ka pata lagna chahiye …why writers making us fool…..kuchh to mind se socho yaar…..hadddddd hai yaar……yuvani ke six years barbaad ho gaye soumya ke husband krishna ki wajah se fir bhi use koi kuchh kyo nahi kahta..??? Soumya ko dhakke maar ke birla house se nikalna chahiye……

  7. I feel very hopeless,…..very upset ….pata nahi show mein dikhana kya chahte hai…..yahi sab chalta raha then i will stop to see ssel….

  8. If she only thinking for her daughter then only suhani husband she can marry sambhav too any man can take care of this too or she looks educated she can take care of her daughter

  9. I hate soumya she looks cunning to me since starting… now it’s tomuch krishna kept did blast so why suhani suffered due to his mistake and 9n top that his daughter n mother lived safe life suhani has live her house n family

    1. So true &above that she feels krishna has sacrificed his life.

      1. true…she speaks as if krishna showed some desh bhakti….as if krishna is some army man and sacrificed his life for the country….bakwaas

  10. How did Menka get so smart that she change the DNA results? Who is she to open other peoples mail. The writers better do something that rags and menka get punish for their bad deed. PUNISH real good. Menka KNOWS that baby isn’t hers. Why haven’t no one mention Anuj, he doesn’t love “his” baby? LOL.

  11. Very cute Yuvaan, Yuvani and Krishna hosting a dinner date

  12. I still am insisting that the birla family question Dadi for all her wrong doings..why are the so called birla useless men not men enough to ask this..instead dumraj blames Suhani but not Dadi who paid a nurse to steal the child.Dadi bought in Barbie whose brother..sarjan caused problem..but again Suhani is blamed for trusting him!! AND to top it all it was Sourface Soumya husband who caused the blast…and again Suhani get spoken to rudely but Soumya is bought into the house to live a life of luxury and that with her best friends husband…SO WHERE IS THE JUSTICE YUVRAJ?? About time the serial needs to run on the truth and send message to the janta that truth always prevails and evil are destroyed…does not matter whether it is a rich or poor family.I am disappointed that Yuvraj is clean freak but why is he NOT cleaning the dirt in his own family…evil Dadi..lazy Rags…mental Mehka and selfish sourface Soumya..Why You so blind Yuvraj…stop this ego of yours.

  13. Saumya has a rich mother to fend her. Why is the mother silent and let loose her daughter to destroy her best friend’s married life? Bizarre


  15. Ya Anita writers jaanboojh kar ye points ignore karte hai….show ko lamba khichne ke liye….but iski jarurat nahi hai ssel ki basic story itni achchhi hai …usee ko thik se dikhaye
    ……plz zzzzzz

  16. I think Yuvani is Sowmya’s daughter and krishna is Suhani’s daughter. Sowmya must have swapped the babies for her daughter’s future. What do you guys feel? This twist is possible right?

    1. Cherry If what you are saying is the truth..Then why would soumya care for Krishna so much? And she never spoke a word about this earlier too

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