Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna helping pandit with puja items. Yuvraaj thanks Sharad for supporting Suhani. Sharad says she is my sister, if I don’t take care of her, what will I do. Yuvraaj hugs him. Suhani asks Krishna where is Saiyyam. Krishna says don’t know, I don’t care for him. Suhani thinks where did Saiyyam go. Baby asks Yuvaan to forgive her. She says I will not break your trust again. He says fine. She promises and hugs him. She thinks he won’t tell me anything even if I do kidnapping or murder. Baby collides with Rags. They argue. Yuvani jokes. Dadi asks them to come for puja.

Pratima and everyone pray and thank Lord for saving them from big danger. Suhani thinks where is Saiyyam. Yuvani asks Dadi shall we take a family selfie. She asks Baby to come. Suhani sees Krishna

away and asks her to come. Krishna refuses and thanks her. Yuvraaj asks Krishna to come. Krishna comes. They all take a selfie. Pandit does the aarti. Suhani waits for Saiyyam and looks at the door. Saiyyam comes beating the dhol. He says its celebration today, some music and wine should be there. He drinks wine. Suhani asks him to stop it. He asks why shall I, I have much to do. He showers flowers on Suhani and says my mum is mad in a stranger’s love. Yuvraaj shouts Saiyyam, stop this misbehavior.

Saiyyam asks did I misbehave, is it not misbehaving to have an affair with someone else’s wife. Dadi asks Saiyyam to stop this drama. She asks Suhani to kick out this junk. Saiyyam asks am I junk, is their illegitimate relation pure. Suhani shouts Saiyyam. Saiyyam asks did you think of me and my dad, what’s in this man that you burnt my dad alive and left me in orphanage to die, Yuvraaj is such a good looking guy, but did you just get a married woman to have an affair, did you not have options. Suhani raises hand on Saiyyam. Yuvraaj stops her.

Yuvraaj says I m Suhani’s friend and respect her, I love her. Suhani holds his hand and says Yuvraaj is that man which your father could not become ever, I got happiness with this incomplete relation with Yuvraaj, I got just sorrows and pains with your father, don’t know what was that unlucky moment when I met Sambhav. Yuvraaj says Suhani, no one can call our relation incomplete from today, no one will point finger at our relation now, come with me. He takes Suhani to the temple area and fills sindoor in her maang.

Everyone look on. Saiyyam gets angry. Yuvraaj says Suhani, our life has no place for Sambhav now, we were one, we are one and we will always be one. Baby makes a face. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to forget Sambhav. Saiyyam congratulates Suhani for her marriage.

He says I want to gift you something, from today, we both are dead for each other, when you did not keep any relation with my dad, I don’t want to keep relation with you, you will see my real avatar now, I promise I will not let you stay happy with this man, I will make your life worse than hell. Suhani gets angry on him. Saiyyam says none is born a devil, you left me alone and made me such, I could become criminal but I was not so unlucky, you have special talent, you can make a good person bad, tears won’t do anything, you did bad with us, you will have to bear its punishment. He asks Krishna not to see their drama, you are my wife, its your duty that you stay with me, come. Krishna recalls Suhani’s words and goes with him.

Yuvraaj consoles Suhani. He says Saiyyam is your son, but he is Sambhav’s son too, what can you expect from him, he finds some excuse to become bad, its not your mistake. She says its my mistake, I did not raise him, I left him alone. He says don’t blame yourself. Pratima comes and says its Suhani and our mistake too, we did not stop Suhani from giving Saiyyam to orphanage.

Dadi gets angry and throws things. She says why does Suhani become my bahu again and again. Rags says you were supporting Suhani against Sambhav. Dadi says I had to get Yuvraaj back, else Suhani and I can’t unite, I can’t see Yuvraaj upset, problem is Yuvraaj just likes Suhani, we have bear a lot by his wrong decisions, what to do to stop him. Rags says even I m tired, don’t know how to get rid of Suhani. Baby hears them and smiles.

Pratima says we flowed in emotions and saw Sambhav’s crime in that baby, none thought what’s that baby’s mistake, why did we punish him, and today our punishment changed in his anger and hatred, so its responsibility to explain and change him. Suhani agrees. She says we will change and accept him. Yuvraaj says yes, I will try my best, I see Sambhav in him. Suhani says he is my son too. He says I will help you. She says we will change Saiyyam.

Baby tells Dadi that Saiyyam raised hand on Yuvaan, its because of Suhani. Dadi says I can’t do anything. Baby says I have a plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow! We where saying this for weeks.
    Well good luck to suhani.

    What did we tell you guy’s, this time you can’t blame Dadi.

    1. U people are so mean ie who wants suhani to suffer and deserves this..And coming to the point for me nor Saiyam is wrong nor yuvi nor suhani ..All are right ..But really amaze how anybody think ie suhani ye deserves Karti he..

      1. It nothing to do with being mean.
        What we are trying to tell people, it is the choice in life, that well affect on how your life.

        Look what suhani did to herself, and try to understand it.
        It might be a character in a tv show.
        But story are made to guide us.
        I know yuvraj is not right for suhani, and I have made that clear enough time.
        We all well have our disagreement, on this matter.

        The rape was not suhani fault, I have said this in past comment.

        But the decision that suhani has made, is now affect her.
        If suhani was honest with herself, and had that abortion, then this would have not happened.

        Since made, the decision to give birth, and raised saiyyam. Then again this would have not have happened.

        I am thinking as a mother and a woman. The meaning of motherhood, my mother teach me. The meaning of motherhood, is in every faith.
        All the baby’s in the world are innocent.
        suhani made the call, even patima admits that, she didn’t try to stop suhani, both women’s admits that, they decide to punish saiyyam. Now patima realised, what they did was wrong.

    2. So true mo.
      As for suhani, she well need it, a lot of luck.
      What can you do, we were told that people that agreed with us. That we are wrong.
      They thought that we didn’t understand these characters.

      We have something, what they don’t have, that is life experience.
      We only wanted to show the right path.
      Sometimes these right path, are not what everyone well agree, like divorce and abortion.
      So again the writers agreed with us.

      I know why now yuvraj birla is helping suhani, to change saiyyam.

      Remember this is the wrong way about it. But sometimes we do the wrong thing, for the right reason.

      Yuvraj Birla is doing this, because he wants, the only thing, that sambhav loves, in this world, yuvraj want sambhav, to lose him for good. That is saiyyam. Yuvraj is going to take saiyyam away from sambhav.

      Remember this, if sambhav, was dead. Then saiyyam, for yuvraj birla, is the devil son. He wouldn’t have cared for saiyyam. Because sambhav is a live, yuvraj is doing this. That is why it is wrong.
      So yuvraj has to accept saiyyam, as his son. It might be a good thing, but we all know about yuvraj other half. Yes Dadi and yuvaan.. yuvraj has to put his foot down. If he really love suhani.
      If yuvraj does, this right and make this work. Maybe yuvraj might end up being a father to saiyyam, for real, like actually care for saiyyam.
      Look like that the battlefield is on.

      1. Exactly! Mo & r.
        Yuvraj is only doing this, because sambhav is a live. Or he wouldn’t have cared for saiyyam. That is why I have gone off yuvraj, but I want to see suhani and yuvraj, to work hard, to get saiyyam on side.

        As for suhani, looks like even patima, admits it today.

        So guess what, suhani is a bad mother.
        Now that is cold, of suhani, actually punishing a baby, and we all thought that Dadi is was only the bad person in this show.
        That is why I said suhani deserves this. Suhani is only doing this because yuvraj, has given permission.

        But I want saiyyam to become a good character. Because I know despite, what people might think, saiyyam is good at heart.
        Also I want to see kiryam, romantic scenes.

  2. Hurray….!!! We got yuvani reunion….
    Loved u pratima, yuvraj n suhani…
    Dadi is the big devil….. From starting she has problem with suhani n know she will plot against krishna..

    Baby baby baby…really stupid baby…. Why she is creating so misunderstanding… Even rags is good at some point but this dadi n baby…… Saiyaam open your eyes learn truth ….

  3. It’s all suhani’s fault and poor krishna…

    1. Yeah! It is. Well it is time for suhani, to stop doing drama, and starts fixing every mistake that she did.

  4. So now baby will plan with dadi. Why don’t suhani just tell saiyyam the truth. This serial is just going round and round in circles.

    1. Really…. Fed up with dadi n baby…. This dadi will never change

  5. Aarti32

    Someone plzz tell me when will dis oldie, who takes injections for looking young (although she looks terrible as hell, like a shrinked grape) die? When d hell will Dadi die!! She even more irritating than dat BABY!! I nvr watched dis show regularly, but I’ve started watching dis week only for Kriyyam. But dis Dadi n Baby r testing my patience ????

    1. Aarti32

      *She is

  6. Esther

    woah,,,,,,are waah Prathima,,,,You made a point today,,,else as usual Suhani would have blamed herself for evrythng that happened,Yuvi would have consoled her and the matter would hv ended there itself,,,,,now they took a new step to understand Sayyam’s POV bcoz of Prats,,,also, this tym it’s not for Krishna’s sake …….
    Prathima is a special kinda character,,,,either she will speak sensible things or will not speak at all and will remain dumb

    LOL Dadi changed her avatar in a sec,,,,poor Rags must be confused,,,Rags is what u call a real puppet,,,,,Dadi’s puppet….’Dadi loves Suhani,then I too loves her,,Dadi hates Suhani,then I too hate her’….oops Dadi never loved Suhani and will never love her,,,,that’s the ultimate msg given by the show

    1. So true…. Ur last para…. Made me laugh…. N it is so true abt dadi….

      1. Esther

        Hehe thanx yaar….

  7. Esther

    Baby too made a point,,,,Yuvan won’t go against her even if she kills someone,,,,she’ll say sorry and he’ll soon forgive evrythng saying ‘U r too cute,U just killed someone….! awww that’s also cute’
    Now let’s see on whose side will Yuvani join,,,,,Baby is back with her plans and Dadi is not at all bothered that Baby was the one who brought Sambav to Birla house

    1. Hahahaha! I just cant stop laughing ‘ur too cute u just kill sm1 awww thats also cute.awwww u ve made my day dear .seriously yuvaan is wife’s puppet

      1. Esther

        ??? hehe I’m glad that it made u laugh….ty tyyy

  8. Esther

    whatever Sayyam said was right but calling Yuv-Ani relation illegitimate was funny,,,,>>sry if I hurt anyone I dnt have any bad intention when I said it was funny<<,,,,,i was thinking abt Suhani's situation…now she has to prove her relation with Yuvi as legitimate one….I know that Sayyam is totally unaware of the past happenings,,,, in his mind Sambav is Suhani's
    hus and Yuvi is Suhani's illegitimate BF,,,lol,,,,kyaa haal he,,,,,,and actly ,,,Suhani married Sambav without giving divorce to Yuvi,,,,,
    well my comment is kinda confusing,,,,I was nt able to express my views properly,,,bt it's nothing against Sayyam/Suhani/Yuvraj/Krishna….so plz dnt misunderstand

  9. Aarti32


    All d silly mistakes of SSEL

    1. Esther

      hahaha these are all not silly mistakes dear,,,they are all great blunders by the cvs,,,, I already stopped finding logic in the story line,,,,,,put ur brain aside while reading the update

  10. Really I want saiyaam to b yuvani son… Saiyaam always insult yuvraj n now soon as per spoiler…. Saiyaam will learn how cruel his dad was….. N this will make him feel guilt n he will leave the bh…. N soon suhani will realize his missing n she will search for him to n fro

  11. why suhani not telling Saiyyam that yuvraj is her 1st husband…???
    why she is not telling anything???

    why didnt she tell Saiyyam how he born?
    Suhani is not telling anything to Saiyyam….
    She is waiting for what???

    1. Esther

      well,,I think Sayyam knows that,,,,,Suhani 1st married Yuvraj then Sambav ,,,till now Sambav didn’t give divorce to her and she z not married to Yuvi,,,so as per Sayyam’s pov they are not married and he called their relation illegitimate
      actly Suhani revealed as much as truth she can,,,the one and only incident about which she never talked to children is that rape,,,,,she won’t be able to do that…u knw,it’s tough for a woman

    2. As per spoiler, soon saiyaam will know dat he is rape product…. N he is confront his dad sambhav…. Where Sambhar will reveal dat he raped suhani…. After knowing the truth he will feel guilty n leave the bh…. Soon suhani will realize saiyaam missing…. This is going to happen….


      1. Oh that would be beautiful to watch. I can feel the emotion now.

  12. very very happy tat YUVANI got married,.. this dadi never change n even baby yuvaan pair is gud… saiyyam suhani bond is going to rock… bt pl cvs try to show other 2 children also.. even they are leads…

    1. Really happy 4 YuvAni…. I too want yuvan n yuvani must get screen space…. They r the leads kid…. If they r showing saiyaam as second lead… Then may b he is yuvani kid…. @Aarti32 agree with u…. It’s time now ssel must rectify their mistakes…. If he is yuvani son it means ssel is at least
      satisfying age of kriyam…

      Today’s best dialogue was… No more sambhav between yuvani

  13. i agree somi i m happy for yuvaani remarriage m v yuvaani marriage aise hi chahati thi i love that part jab yuvi suhani ko pakadkar god ke saamne le jata h and put sindoor in suhani maang i like when yuvi said ham ek the ek h or ek rahenge

  14. sarita sharma

    hurray yuvaani remarriage happens

  15. OMG, can they ever stop with this over melodrama between Dadi, Suhani and now that ugly idiot baby…who the hell she think she is. just barged in their family and make herself comfortable with Dadi…I guess Dadi color blind because he hated Suhani for her dark complexion but Baby darker than night…these writers keep forgetting where the initial story line came from…

    Please don’t tell me we are going to see this dumb hate relationship continues for another year. Time to cancel this channel…not paying extra money for some wholesome entertainment but get to watch this crap

  16. What a load of BS – total rubbish
    Yet again producers writers to want to unveil the truth — and all the family stand like statues
    Someone ring me when this drama ends – then I can watch something interesting
    It’s like watching the paint dry that’s how boring and predictable it has become

    U.K. – 0781625113

  17. Next week will be a tough week for saiyyam he will get to know da truth bechara he will be broken i bet now we will get to see suhani and saiyyam bonding and maybe kriyam love story will kickstart hopefully.

  18. Krishna age not matter krishna saiyyam se badi hain aap log kehte rehte ho ek ladki ladke se badi nahi ho sakti kiya ladka ladki se bada ho sakta hain ladki kyo nahi aap logo ki soch kesi hain aap humse kehte ho hmari soch choti hain sns main dekha hain dharam meera se kitne bade hain phir bhi people like it phir kriyam se kiya problom hain samajme nahi aata

  19. Really kiran N thankyou kriyam ki goodnews dene ke liye i am waiting kriyam story

  20. @saaya – when sambhav and suhani married, Yuvraj and suhani wasn’t divorced, they lived separately due to the bomb track. So sambhav and suhani’s marriage didn’t exist, she was still married to yuvraj. It’s best if saiyyam does find out the truth about his birth and what happened before that. Why does dadi like baby so much? What will she do if anything happens to yuvaan through their plotting?

    No matter what happens suhani will always be the one to help dadi in crisis. Where was the others, although being together, suhani bore all sambhav’s challenges. Why did dadi call suhani when saiyyam broke into bh?

    1. Esther

      Yeaaa….she married without giving divorce….Aari…this shud also be included in the list…after the leap cvs lost their mind and we got to see so many loopholes in the story

      1. Esther

        *Aarti——sry splng msitk

      2. Aarti32

        Exactly..But trying to find any one or even half logic in dis show is itself illogical

  21. Aarti32

    Plzz whoever sees watever spoiler, plzz send d links so dat we can also enjoy reading those spoilers. Even if we type ssel spoilers, on Google, there r old spoilers?

    1. Pls check suhani SI ek Ladki toi

      1. Aarti32

        Thanx somi

  22. Syedul

    I want to c kriyam romantic scenes

  23. Im just awaiting for kriyyam love story i dont know it its actually gonna start any time soon so we cN just hope.

  24. Well i hope kriyam love story starts thats what i think will be the next track sai suhani bonding and kriyyam love story but lets see wat cvs have in store for us.

  25. Okay kiran N tumne kaha hain yahi big compliment hain you are like kriyam may be like it

  26. I don’t like that stupid ugly indiscipline baby is baby ko bahar kro yar serial se ????

  27. i agree mahima

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