Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam coming to his room. He sees Krishna and asks what’s this. Krishna wraps blanket. She says I was feeling cold. He asks her to wear sweater. She says yes, I was going to swear sweater. She goes to cupboard. He asks her to leave the blanket for two mins. She says no, I will manage. She gets her clothes from cupboard. The blanket gets stuck in cupboard. She stumbles. Saiyyam sees her wearing a short dress.

Baby asks Dadi for whom is she making juice. Dadi says for Amma mai. Baby asks does this have poison. Dadi says no, you add sugar in this. Baby gets hurt by sugar and asks what’s in this. Dadi smiles and adds the powdered glass pieces.

Saiyyam covers up Krishna and asks why do you wear such clothes when you are not comfortable. She says Yuvani….

He says you are not Yuvani, no need to do this next time. He goes.

Suhani asks Pratima about children. Pratima says they are having food in their rooms. Suhani says I had to come back safe, as Yuvraaj and my sons came together to take me. Pratima says yes, I m glad seeing Yuvaan and Saiyyam solving differences. Dadi gets the juice. Suhani asks for sugar. Krishna goes too get it. Krishna gets sugar and says it was kept in bowl outside. Dadi asks Pratima not to use it. Suhani says its clean, use it. Pratima adds sugar in the curd. Dadi stops Pratima and says there is a fly in it, leave it. She asks Baby to get fresh curd. Suhani and Pratima say its good Dadi has seen it, and go. Dadi thinks Amma mai left juice glass here, what to do now. Yuvani takes the juice glass.

Yuvani comes and asks what happened. Krishna tells everything. Yuvani smiles and says he cares for you, it means he is interested to keep this relation. Krishna asks really. She hugs and thanks Krishna. Dadi comes and asks scolds Yuvani for taking the juice glass. She says I made this for Amma mai, ask servant’s daughter to make juice. Krishna says what was Dadi saying. Yuvani says leave it, she says anything these days.

Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s call. She says I m fine now, who were they. He says someone kidnapped you for money. Dadi comes there. Suhani says yes pandit, we have to do Shanti pujan at home. He asks what. Dadi gives the juice glass and goes. Suhani shuts door and says Dadi got juice for me, I will have it. He says have it later. They talk of Saiyyam and Yuvaan getting together, now family is getting complete and none can separate us. They smile and continue talking. Saawre…..plays………….. Suhani goes to sleep. She does not drink the juice.

Inspector says Yuvraaj Birla is not answering call, the goon is caught up because of him, he will go Birla house to take revenge, we should reach there soon. The goon enters Suhani’s room. She wakes up and he hides. She goes to washroom. Goon sees her gone. He looks for her. He sees the juice glass kept there. Inspector calls Yuvraaj again. He tells Yuvraaj that the goon has escaped from prison, he will reach your house to take revenge, I m reaching soon. Yuvraaj asks what, I will rush to Suhani. Pratima asks what happened. He says nothing, stay in the room. He rushes. Suhani screams seeing the goon on the floor. Yuvraaj hears her and runs. He sees the goons dead. He hugs Suhani.

Inspector asks how did he die. Suhani says don’t know, he was lying dead. Baby thinks if they know about juice then…. Inspector says his mouth is bleeding. Dadi says maybe he fell on knife and died. He checks the man and says yes, he is stabbed. Dadi says when anyone digs put for others, he falls in it first. Amma mai did not do wrong, how will wrong happen with her, my family is together, then nothing can happen to anyone, we take care of each other. Dadi looks at Suhani.

Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and says Dadi slept, what are you seeing in laptop at night. She says its good, I took risk and came here to meet you, you are seeing girls. He says I have just seen you since many years, what’s the big issue if I see any heroine. She says I m not jealous.

He asks how did smoke come in this entire room. She argues. He runs after her. She plays song Baahon me chale aao….. he goes to her and she gets away. She smiles. He asks her not to move. She tears a pillow and throws cotton on him. She dances on the bed. Yuvraaj turns and shows all the cotton on his head. Suhani laughs. She cleans his face and hair. She cups his face. He hugs her. Dadi and Baby get shocked seeing this. Dadi says what’s happening. Baby fills her ears.

Dadi tells Baby that Amma mai’s beauty will get ruined, I will ruin her face. Baby smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mystery

    Wow saiyyam don’t scold her….grrat

  2. Mystery

    Wow saiyyam don’t scold her….greattttt!!!!!!!!

    1. See you dumbo…don’t jump to conclusions you should first understand the chrctr then comment,

      1. Laavanya

        Hey, don’t call her dumbo. Everyone has their own opinion, respect it unless it contain any offensive remark.

      2. Mystery

        M not dumbo….saiyyam hai hi rude….

      3. Swetha7

        no need to show that sayyam cares for krishna over and over again.we have seen so many time s and it’s more than enough for we need kriyam romance.i don’t like the way sayyam behave with krishna.she hardly speaks or smiles with her as if krishna married sayyam’s him married her forcefully.krishna has already trying her best to come closer but i don’t know what has happened to him……….by the way guys i am not sure whether we can see some kriyam dace in the party.cvs have never focused on kriyam yet.they only give us small kiyam moments and of course very lets see

      4. Hey sayyam…told ya yesterday too…calm down dear…she just has an opinion…

      5. *kriyam rocks told ya

      6. Aarti32

        Will u plzz stop disrespecting her views..If u hv your own views then say politely..Or else renain quiet..

      7. Swetha7

        we all are friends here…..Mystery says what she feels.let’s respect each others ideas.

      8. Don’t call her Dumbo she was jus sayun her opinion about a character buh u have no right to call her dumbo. Ur not even a registered member

  3. Saare saware back and also our old yuvani back super episode loved it last wala scene high light bana aaj ka episode dekhne ke bhad aisa lagha jaise serial two year back chala gaya purane yuvani unka pyar romance sub kuch tha bahut din se miss kar rahi thi purani yuvani ko our cute and funny yuvani back

    1. Nithu

      Evn i felt the same…..

    2. A.Tejaswi

      Aww.I missed the episode…

    3. Aarti32

      YuvAni scene was a cute one..Espclly Yuvraj’s face wid pillow cotton??

  4. Great
    Good to know that saiyyam can be influenced only by inner beauty and not external appearances. Seriously writers should give kriyyam a bit more attention as they do to yuvani.
    Today yuvraaj praised saiyyam but suhani was only thinking about yuvaan and telling about him.
    Looking forward to kriyyam

    1. I mean seriously i was thinking kaisi maa hai yeh?
      Even though he is nt his real father yuvraaj praised sayyam nd suhani was like yuvaan bhi tha.
      I felt like saying wo sirf tha ek dabbe jaisa kuch khaas kiya nahi hai usne

      1. Mystery

        Agree with u

      2. yuvaan really was a dabba yesterday…well said….haha

    2. Aarti32

      Suhani jst pampers Yuvaan!! Nothing else is important in her life..All d time Yuvaan Yuvaan Yuvaan..She doesn’t care abt any other kid of hers

  5. Awwww krishna?she was looking so hot?and sayyam yew should admire her beauty???

  6. Looking forward to tomorrow. As per spoilers, tomorrow dadi will ask everyone to wear saree and saiyyam will help krishna drape her saree.
    A dance performance by the whole family on the humma song is also coming up.
    So people continue to watch suhani si ek ladki for the best couple kriyyam(best couple for me,dont know about you)…

    1. Zai

      Me too really excited for tomorrow’s episode.
      Kriyam’s scenes of draping saree, dance song with everyone drunk, i hope we get to see kriyam scene together when they are drunk, it would be fun

    2. Yes can’t wait for tomorrow and will keep moving our favorite Jodi KRIYAM??

    3. Kriyyam is also my favourite

    4. Aarti32

      Me too vry excited..But how does Saiyyam know draping a saree?? Point to be noted na ?

  7. Arshi123

    Hi Kriyamites & YuvAnians 🙂
    I couldn’t comment for exam.But,I hv read previous updates.
    Many of u r also having exam, ALL THE BEST & keep believing in ur self,u’ll definitely do well 🙂
    And plz frndz, pray for me too,my exams going well,but one paper was not that good,So plz pray for me.

    1. Laavanya

      Hey Arshi, all the best for ur remaining exams and ya offcourse, I’ll pray for u. 🙂

      1. P.S. laavanya…I love ur dp 😀

    2. All the best Arshi123….I’ll pray for u 😀 u’ll do great

      1. Laavanya

        Thanks Sana 🙂

    3. Aarti32

      Hey Arshi!! Missed u yesterday.. n all the best for your xams..Do well..Don’t panic..N get rid of xams soon..So dat u can comment more n more ??

  8. Arshi123

    Can’t say much about episode,I haven’t watched it last 2-3 days.

    But, it proves how simple Krishna is ,she isn’t expert in all these things.And Sayyam also didn’t scold her,it means he is trying to understand her.Great !!

    Waiting for upcoming episodes , May be lovely ones coming 🙂

  9. Zai

    He didn’t scold her, great. Saiyam cares for Krishna.???

    Waiting for tomorrow for kriyam scenes.
    Cvs needs to give a bit more of kriyam. Again only 5 mins scens….

    Nice Yuvani scenes. Their scenes are adorable too.

    Atleast the episode didn’t have much of dadi and Baby today today.

  10. Zai

    Nice sister bond between Krishna and Yuvani, hope It stays like that. And cvs don’t make Yuvani also negative.

  11. Wow todays episode was good thankfully saiyyam ne krishna ko nhi sunaya…. infact use kha ki agar woh short dress m comfortable nhi h toh use nhi phni chaiye….. great. At least he cares for her
    Yuvani scene was nice gud to see them together….
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.. kriyyam scene us on the way guys… felling happy nd exited tooo….

  12. Arshi123

    Yuvaani’s character is quite good not only bcoz she supports kriyam,she is really good at heart.
    Cvs may have spoilt her character,but they didn’t.
    Good job at last by this cvs .

  13. Arshi123

    Okay,friends.I hv exam tomorrow morning.Can’t continue commenting today anymore.
    Good bye for today

  14. Wow yar kya scene tha perfect scene of our beautiful couple yuvani aise scene ka tho wait kar rahi thi me i wish more yuvani scene like this super fantasic dil happy hogaya
    YuvAni rocks

  15. Wowww said yam saw Krishna in short dress so hot

  16. Humma! Humma!

    1. in love with kriyyam.

      Humma! Humma! Humma!

  17. I agree with you kriyyamite

  18. Beautiful kriyam scene So sweet saiyyam ne gussa nahi kiya krishna par krishna is so beautiful all cloth indian and westen

    1. Aarti32

      Yeah..Thank God aaj wo gussa nhi hua..He was too compared to yesterday’s episode

  19. Ittu sa scene the kriyyam ka but nice scene always kriyyam scene wonderful i am always wait for kriyyam scene

    1. Aarti32

      Yeah..Hamesha 2-2 mins Kriyyam scene deke..Baki pura episode Dadi n Baby ko dedicate kr dete h

  20. I hope tomorrow ka episode kriyam ka jesa socha hain besa hi ho saiyyam help krishna

  21. I can’t wait dance episode i am so exited this episode

  22. Yuvani_saraj

    yuvani scenes are awesome as usual….plz cvs show saiyam and suhani bonding also….

  23. Aarti32

    Both my imaginations came true..She wrapped a blanket..N he saw her too..
    But luuuuuuuuuvd how he wrapped d blanket around her..So cuteeeee scene ??

  24. Aarti32

    Again d same thing..two mins Kriyyam scene n rest of d episode was full of Dadi n Baby..??

  25. Aarti32

    But d funniest thing was….If a kidnapper comes to murder u..Y d hell will he drink juice!!????
    I guess he drank d juice, thinking he’ll become more strong for murdering Suhani ????

    1. Laavanya

      Lolz…….maybe he wanted to taste the BIRLAS homemade juice. They r tough competitor to Real n Tropicana Juices

      1. hehe…awesome…I died laughing…Birlas homemade juice…a trademark company…maybe that’s the company Sayyam’s working for!!!

      2. Aarti32

        U know wat!! Tropicana n real r nothing compared to d Birla brand????

      3. Aarti32

        @kriyam rocks.. Saiyyam working for Birla brands..It’s double lol????

    2. Mystery

      One min they even don’t have locks in room….so anyone can came to any room…wow……n the house is not having security….huh…….

      1. Aarti32

        It’s a ritual..Big houses hv no security..??

    3. Rockstr lmao right true man..cvs have taken a diploma in senseless no words…loved kriyyam scene though…sayyam likes her the way she is,he understands her…deir scene was so cute..

      1. Aarti32

        Yeah..They’re epic man

  26. Sanchayita

    Woww!!.. glad to know atleast saiyyam cares for Krishna so he told her not wear short dresses if she is not comfortable…so excited to watch tomo ‘s epi..

  27. I totally agree with u Aarti32

  28. Guys!!!!! I think we all were correct when we said that Krishna would cover herself with something!!! Sayyam expressions were bang on though…

    Krishna really needs to learn to understand her husband if she wants to improve relations with him…his actions literally screamed ‘concern’ today…even Yuvani understood…

    Sayyam really cares though…he’s bae…he told her indirectly to be herself and that there are other ways to look beautiful…can’t wait for the sari scene tomorrow!!!!

    Everyone was playing pass the drink today…first on the dining table, then to Yuvaani’s room, then back to Suhani’s nightstand…then into that poor guy’s belly…

    By the way did anyone notice that Sayyam was the only one who did not cringe or look away when the body was uncovered…LOL…that knife wound though…savage…

    No one gave a damn for Dadi’s parva-speech when the police were checking the body…btw…I told you guys!!! the police were not satisfied with their seven second cameo yesterday and came back for more..hehe…

    1. Aarti32

      Haha!! Seven second drama!!????lol

  29. in love with kriyyam.

    This is the first time Dadi killed someone.

    I think baby is going to use it against her, once Dadi get her memories back!

    As for suhani, if goes to show who is her favourite child is. It is yuvaan!
    It was saiyyam who came and rescued her. Well at least yuvraj has said, if it wasn’t for saiyyam.

    I can understand yuvani now, and why she didn’t listen to suhani.
    Out of the two twin, yuvani is the best.
    Suhani has to thanks soumya and Rags for that.
    If it wasn’t for those two women, I think yuvani, would have been like yuvaan. Same for saiyyam has well, someone in that orphanage, give him good up bringing.

    I think the problem with suhani, is that she lectures too much.
    But the problem with that is, you can lecture. But to put that lecturing into practice, is hard.
    That is why yuvaan has gone BAD.

    1. Aarti32

      Totally agree wid your comment..N Yuvaani is far better than her twin brother Yuvaan..Even after being surrounded by evil people since birth..

  30. I just don’t understand how an baby and dadi do all this and yet no one sees anything. How much longer are the writers going to continue with dadi’s fake memory loss? Especially saying ask servants daughter to make juice. Where was the fly in the curd? No one questioned where the money went either. So many loose ends.

    1. One thing that you have to understand my dear, is that the birla family are dumb!

      That is why Dadi get away with murder!
      I agree with all of you, but I would like to see more of kriyyam!!!
      I am getting sick of suhani and yuvraj romances scene. I mean for heaven sack, they are old age in their 60s.
      My parents are younger age, then them. But still I don’t want to watch, them. It is sick!
      It is time for suhani and yuvraj to act their age!
      Also NO Yuvani fans! If cvs choose actor’s the same ages of the characters. Like the actress that play Dadi. You guys well be complaining about it!

      I don’t suhani and yuvraj scene, but not to much of the romantic scenes. It was okay in the beginning, but now. NO!

      Anyway, I think Dadi killed Amma mai. The real Amma Mai!
      Sorry for not able to comment earlier.
      Internet down!


      1. I don’t mind suhani & yuvraj scene. But not to much of romantic scenes.
        More of KRIYYAMITE!

        Sorry miss types and spelling.

      2. The character’s of suhani and yuvraj age are 67!

  31. Mystery

    The whole family was dancing on humma song….

  32. Wen will the evil villain get back her memory n throw baby one side

  33. Hey like kriyam. Tho can’t wait till tmw

  34. I usually visit this site to read actual updates whenever I miss the serials on the TV. However these days I hate the fact that i have to keep browsing the pages to find the actual update..why does this site allows these so called loonatic to post fan friction everywhere!! God knows how on earth do these people come up with such stupid ideas! Just read the updates and keep your
    loonatic fantasy to yourself instead of posting it for the world to see.

  35. Seema, y insult ff writers? Aap ko nhi padna hai, fine, evn I dnt read, but no buzness being mean. Use filter to get only wu.

    1. Akshu I m just fustrated that’s all…mein kisi ki insult nahi karna chahati nor do i want to be mean or anything. But to see unofficial stories in every single serials really annoys me as I have read few silly posts in the past thinking it’s an actual update. Didnt wanted offend anyone.

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