Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thanking the girl. She asks her name. The girl says I m Balwinder, I want a job, I m good in raising kids. Suhani says we don’t know you, I will find some other job in some organization. The girl says I m not handicapped, I m able to do work. Suhani says you don’t have your ID. The girl says my face is my ID, take pic of me. Suhani and Pratima ask Dadi to think. Rags says no need, maybe that girl will attack Dadi as its shown in news. Dadi says its good, its better to die, if my three bahus can’t give me a grandchild. Dadi hires Balwinder as maid, and sends her with Ramesh. Suhan says we will see your work for 2-3 days, and then decide. Dadi says Suhani, I hired her as she saved your life. Suhani thanks Dadi. Balwinder stares at Dadi.

Pratima plays

with Golu. Rags asks Pratima to think well, if Balwinder kidnaps anyone, can she be trusted, did you check her. She asks Balwinder who is she. Balwinder teases her. Sharad greets her and says thanks for saving my son’s life. Balwinder says its fine, I came to ask help and got chance to help. Suhani calls Balwinder. Balwinder sees Suhani counting money. Suhani gives few notes asking her to get some items form market. Pratima tells Suhani that Rags does not trust Balwinder. Suhani says don’t worry, her truth will be out.

Dadi asks Manisha how did her granddaughter run away from mandap, she won’t be happy wherever she stays. Balwinder goes to take list and sees Bhavna busy. She sees gold bangle kept with the list. Bhavna goes. Balwinder stays there and looks at the gold bangle.

Pratima asks Dadi how did she come so soon. Dadi says Manisha’s grand daughter run away from marriage, she wrote letter that she does not love that guy. Suhani says why did she wait till now, she would have refused before. Daid says children don’t know parents wants good for them, our upbringing is good, Yuvraaj married Suhani when he did not want to. Pratima says my choice was good. Dadi says yes, its good your bahus don’t want child, now you have to take care of them, I won’t be there. Suhani goes to Dadi and says we all love you. Dadi says I don’t think so, if you love me, give me a a grandchild at year’s end, talk to Yuvraaj.

Suhani says I like kids, I want to have kids, but Yuvraaj and I can’t manage this big responsibility. Dadi asks Bhavna to tell Suhani what preparations she did for having child. Bhavna says nothing, I got to know I m pregnant and I realized something changed. Dadi says you had a life in you, its strange feeling. Bhavna says its our blood, for whom we always stand. Suhani asks did you not get tensed. Bhavna says yes, but I had to see baby. Dadi tells Suhani that a mother’s heart and mind adjusts according to the baby. Bhavna says when you take baby in arm, all pain goes, I can’t see that happiness, its tough to express. Suhani smiles. Balwinder hears them.

Bhavna tells Suhani that bangle is missing, your doubt was right. Pratima asks what happened. Suhani says I gave money to Balwinder and kept gold bangle over item list, now bangle and Balwinder are missing. Bhava says she did not come back. Menka shouts thief, it means she is thief. She runs out shouting. Everyone wait for Balwinder. Rags says I told this will happen. Suhani says I did this to check, its 1000rs loss, the bangle was not of gold. Rags says we should get her arrested. Suhani says we did not see her taking bangle.

Rags says she had taken it, that’s it. Suhani says its not important that person is like what she appears. Balwinder comes with the things. Menka asks why did she get late. Balwinder says I don’t think you went there sometime. Menka says yes, you are smart. Suhani says but I know how much time it takes, I go to ration shop. Balwinder says I went in sale and got items from there to get free items. Menka laughs on Suhani saying this girl also buys things from sale, she is like you. Dadi asks Menka to shut up. Snoopi comes running and plays with the bangle.

Yuvraaj comes to room and thinks what is Suhani reading so silently. He reads about anxieties when a woman is planning a baby. Suhani says this is wrong, don’t read my things. He asks what is she reading. She says nothing. He asks why are you reading about pregnant women. She says no, I was reading what to do when someone does family planning. He asks why. She says I was reading for Soumya. He says it means Soumya can’t read. Balwinder says she is seeing this so that it can be use for her. She keeps the juice.

Yuvraaj asks who are you. Suhani says Dadi hired her to help Ramesh. Balwinder says after 9 months of valentines day is childrens day. She laughs and goes. Yuvraaj and Suhani go out of room. Balwinder checks laptop. Rags sees her with laptop and asks what are you doing. Balwinder says nothing, I was seeing this pic. Suhani asks her why did she come back. Balwinder says I came to take tray. Rags tells Suhani that if any of my things get missing because of Balwinder, I will not leave you. Suhani closes laptop.

Yuvraaj comes back and says I know whats going on in your mind. She asks why did you send Rags. He says she was spying. She says don’t do this. He says does not matter, what you are trying to do, that won’t happen, I will make sure of that. She hugs him and asks really, whats going on in my mind. He says don’t act smart, I will show you. She asks won’t you have dinner. He makes a pillow line on the bed. She says you think I can’t cross this line and come to you. He says you can come, that’s why I m saying no kids till 2 years, please don’t move these pillows. He goes. She gets upset.

Balwinder says men refuse for kids, as they feel they can’t take the responsibility, but once they get responsibility, they manage well. She gives some idea to Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think Dadi knows that yuvraaj won’t kids. And she use this to get yuvraaj and Suhani separate.

  2. nice epi

  3. yes ofcourse dadi intentionally gives pressure on suhani.I think suhani should hear yubraj’s advice as he is her husband. Please suhani listen to yubraj’s advice.He is r8 in this matter.

  4. Why Balvinder?

  5. i agree with you rani episode was ok precap also

  6. Why is he refusing for doubted.whenever yuvraj come close to suhani he always stay doubted that is he really love hr?

  7. Who is this balvinder? Is she related to someone in birla house?

  8. Suhani was so childish &stupid today ,she should give first preference to her husbands words .V don’t want any yuvani baby track. …..
    Wish this girl (balvinder) to be saxenas daughter &has entered bh to take revenge on Dadi.

  9. I agree with you rani. Who is that balvinder?

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