Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya smiling and holding a gift for Yuvraaj, taking to herself about her friendship left behind and now she just loves him, happy valentines day Yuvraaj. Suhani comes to her room and Soumya places the gift in Yuvraaj’s cupboard after recalling Suhani’s words. Suhani comes to the door and goes back to receive call on landline. Soumya smiles and shuts the cupboard. Suhani says no, its wrong number and goes to her room. She opens Yuvraaj’s cupboard and sees his clothes arranged so well.

She says I should learn from him to keep things tidy and sees the gift. It has Soumya’s name on it. She opens the gift and smiles seeing a I love You show piece of a groom and bride doll. She says that’s why he wanted me to check his cupboard and bring wallet. He acts

so simple and he gave me surprise, I won’t hear I love you like this, he has to tell me. She keeps it back and leaves. Soumya says don’t know will Yuvraaj like that gift or not. Suhani comes to her and shares about Yuvraaj’s romantic surprise. Soumya asks really?

Ramesh comes and asks Suhani to come as Pratima is calling her. Suhani tells Soumya that she will be back and tell her everything. She leaves. Soumya says its strange, that he is planning it for Suhani. Yuvraaj sees the gift and sees the I love you gift. He says Suhani, how to explain you I don’t understand all this. He turns and sees Soumya smiling.

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Soumya asks do you like it. He asks did you keep this, its not done, whats going on in your mind, I hope Suhani did not see this, come with me. He takes her to terrace and says we spoke yesterday and why are you doing this now, I said yes to friendship as you saved Suhani, but this does not mean you take advantage. She says its friendship gift. He says friends gift does not have I love you written on it. Suhani looks for Soumya and asks Menka about her. Menka saysshe went to terrace.

Suhani says I will see new avatar of Yuvraaj. Soumya says sorry and asks him to keep it. He says no, you take it and gives it in her hand. He says don’t say no, you have to keep this. Suhani looks on and says this gift was for me, why is he giving it to Soumya. Yuvraaj leaves. Suhani comes to Soumya and asks why did Yuvraaj give it to her, its I love you written on it. Soumya says actually… Suhani says I will ask him. Soumya says I will tell you.

Krishna talks to Lalita and argues about Soumya. Murali asks her not to tell anything to Krishna. Krishna says it will be good if you don’t come between me and Soumya. Murali scolds her and leaves. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj gifting Soumya and cuts her finger thinking. Pratima comes and cares for her. Suhani cries. Sharad comes and asks what happened. Pratima says she has cut her finger while cutting vegs. Sharad does the first aid. Pratima asks is she fine, what happened. Suhani hugs her and cries. Pratima asks why is she crying like this.

Suhani says nothing, when finger cuts, it pains a lot. Pratima jokes and makes her smile. She leaves. Sharad asks Suhani about tomorrow’s arrangements. Suhani says yes. Sharad asks her to smile. Suhani says its good Yuvraaj is not here, and sits in her room. Yuvraaj comes and is shocked seeing the gift back. He says he needs to talk to her. She says no need, Soumya has told me everything.

She recalls what Soumya told her, that Yuvraaj got gift for her and felt odd to gift you, I asked him why is he shy to say I love you to his wife, and then I recalled you both want to take things slowly, and I took this gift, keep this, its yours. She says thanks even when you did not give it to me. He thinks does she doubt on Soumya and me. She says she will say Ramesh about making lunch. He says Ramesh will make it, why don’t we go out to have lunch and chat. She is surprised and asks how did he think this.

He says just like that. A courier comes for Soumya. Ramesh sees Dadi and gets tensed. Dadi takes the parcel by bribing the man. She sees its from Krishna and asks him to tell him that he gave the parcel to Soumya. He says lets see whats happening in this house.

Dadi asks Suhani is she not happy seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh my god
    this soumya is so cunning

  2. Yuvraj atleast stop believing that Soumya now ……………… she is playing game with u pls just stop believing her

    When will this devil leave the Birla house…………..

  3. Stupid serial stoped watchng it.

  4. Oh! my god she is crying a lot 4 gift how will she react when she came 2 know abt the truth i pity her……..

  5. How long dis soumya continues?..
    Start a new topic…
    Move the show fast..

  6. Get soumya and dadi out of this serial irritating people..

  7. Dadi u r so ugly and soumya u also .

  8. Writers speed up the show… How long will dis continue,,..

    Just bring up the truth of sowmya and Dadi… let suhani shout on them

  9. It is high time Suhani recalls the past incidents and realise what Soumya is upto instead of suspecting Yuvraj. When will this Soumya track end ? It is getting really irritating. Sharad, please put some sense into Yuvraj about Soumya’s intensions.

  10. both show as well as comments are getting monotonous ….here s a thought
    m gonna skip watching the show for a week or so,,,and see if anything changes…highly doubt though…!!

  11. Today no saw-re so boring:->

  12. what they r thinking about viewers
    there is no logic and no connectionbetween the story characters
    y krishna is not call u soumya or suhani
    y he is not try to meet suhani to think about their future bcoz suhani gone his house to meet him but she cannot meet him next he cannot take any further step

  13. Pls this serial is really going too slow. .writers pls don’t make this so boring n make things go in fast pace

  14. get this show on road man

  15. Soumya.. kabab meh haddie. I hate you. You are a piece of shit…ugly face devil

  16. I don’t think Dadi or Soumya are ugly (that’s too harsh) but I think their character is very mean spirited and it comes across on their face when they are acting…writers need to write some good lines for Suhani, like make her wise to Soumya’s evilness

  17. it so boring and rediclus suhani is so dumb vo samjhti hi nai hai ab show mai changes lana chaiye aur saumya ka track hatana chaiy and yuvraj is so stupid i m goint to stop to watch the serial

  18. Writers please hurry up, this serial is been on this topic for a long time, people are loosing interest, make something good and interesting happen so that it is fun to watch.

  19. I have not read the update, but chose to read the comments first. You all indicate the same complaints as to how Souyma and granny are evil and both Yuvraj and Suhani are stupid. Further, many of you are refusing to watch the show now.
    Writers to you want to hear that your viewership is declining? If not listen to your audience on on some of comments and make changes accordingly.
    If the doesn’t receive the ratings YOUR SERiAL WILL BE CANCELED! This will be awful for those who have invested time, effort and money.

  20. I agree with every1 dis serial is becoming boring. We want things to move on now, writers pls wake up, u r gonna lose viewers

  21. Soumya kitni baar Suhani ko chutiya bana chuki hai….phir meri Somu ……sach Suhani serial ki heroine hai per sabse badi chutiya hai…us ki saas se bhi zyads jo logon k names nhi yaad r akhti……Yuvraj k saath aj tak s*x toh dur ki baat hai….pyar se kissing bhi nhi hui…..itna educated hone k baad koi itna chutiya nhi ho sskta

  22. This is for the writers of this pathetic serial, BE CREATIVE and NOT UNIMAGINATIVE!

  23. Writers this is serious .. we have been faithfully watching this serial and were expecting more fire-works from yuvani duo …… something like ishita and raman,,, Please dont show suhani as stupid with a low IQ . Bring a change… low trp can result in cxl of the show ……. and we would be very disappointed . Cut-down the Soumya quotient ….show a supportive yuvraj …. show a responsive yuvraj .. a committed yuvraj ,…. its ok if u want the romance angle to go on for some more time . But atleast show that Youvraj is a fair human being

  24. i enjoy the show but like all other people on the comments, the show is getting very boring. Yuvraaj, show more compassion and love for suhani. Soumya is not even divorced and she is wanting love. where is morality which makes marriage a mockery . Can more exciting things occur between suhani and Yuvraaj. ARE they really married. They are more like two people just living in the same room. change before everyone gets totally bored.

  25. BORING serial will not be wasting my time anymore watching this any!

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