Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani, Saiyyan and Krishna coming to Pankaj’s house. Pankaj does their aarti. He says I feel like Soumya is coming home, seeing Krishna. He hugs Saiyyam and says I m proud of him today, see he is equal to me in height now. Suhani says Pankaj does not know about your marriage Krishna, they were out of city. Krishna says fine, leave from here, I can’t do acting to be normal with you. Suhani agrees. She tells Pankaj that she has to go temple, I have to leave. Pankaj says whose decision was this about Krishna’s marriage. Krishna says Suhani’s. Saiyyam says mine. Pankaj says you did right, Soumya and Suhani dreamt to get their children married. Krishna thinks mumma would have never let this happen.

Sambhav comes to Yuvraaj and says you will be going to Suhani,

when she takes test, you will be there. Yuvraaj asks you think I will do this. Sambhav says yes, you have no option. He reminds Yuvaan’s watch and says there is bracelet in Suhani’s wrist like this. Yuvraaj says you are lying. Sambhav says I gave it to her at night. FB shows Sambhav apologizing to Suhani and says I have done wrong, forgive me. She thinks how to test him, he loves me. He makes her wear a bracelet. He asks her to forget everything. FB ends. Yuvraaj asks what, is this your love to kill her. Sambhav says yes, my love is different, don’t give me lecture, come, its time for your test, pass in that test, else I will kill Suhani and even your mum. Yuvraaj says I will kill you. Sambhav says remember this anger, you have to perform well.

Pankaj does tika to Krishna. He gifts Saiyyam. He says this is Lata’s grandpa’s watch, I want to give this to you, I could not spend time with you in your childhood, forget it, and live in present, we can stay together now and have happiness. Saiyyam takes it. Pankaj says you went on Suhani and know things are not valued by price.

Yuvraaj comes home. Suhani gives him prasad. He sees the bracelet in her hand. She thinks what happened to him. He sees the camera fixed there. She asks are you still annoyed. He says there are many things by which I m annoyed, there is nothing fine at home. She says I know, but it will take time. He thinks sorry, I can’t help you. I can’t tell you that your life is in risk. She asks him to forget this. Sambhav looks on on camera feeds and says how will you forget it, I will remind it. She asks Yuvraaj do you remember our suhaagraat. Yuvraaj says yes, I was angry. She asks what did you do to scare me. She thinks just Sharad and Yuvraaj know this.

Yuvraaj says I said snoopi sleeps with me, he cheated me. She laughs. He says you were afraid by him. She thinks he is Yuvraaj, my doubt was wrong. She says Sambhav killed snoopi, its good Sambhav died. Sambhav says I wish your wish came true. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to have food. She tests him by spelling a dish wrong. She reminds how they fought. He says yes and corrects her. Sambhav says they have much love between them, it will be fun to separate them.

Saiyyam angrily cuts the wood and says they have no reason to love me. Krishna looks on and thinks what happened to him, Pankaj gave him love and he is angry here. She gives him water. He asks why shall I trust you, you don’t know difference between water and kerosene. He checks water and drinks. Sambhav sees Suhani and Pratima talking. Suhani says Yuvraaj passed in test, there is no question to doubt. Pratima says fine, I will check him now, I will test him. Sambhav says take many tests, he will pass. Yuvraaj thanks Pratima for the salad and holds her hand. Suhani says see, he is praising the food. Pratima asks you remember whats tomorrow.

He remembers its Gauri’s birthday tomorrow and says if I answer this, their doubt will end. Sambhav says what happened Yuvraaj, I will make things easier for you. He switches off lights. Dadi says what happened to lights. Yuvraaj sees suhani’s bracelet shining. Yuvraaj asks why are you taking my test. Suhani counts down and asks him to answer. Sambhav says if Yuvraaj does not answer, bomb will blast. Yuvraaj says stop I m telling you. He says its Gauri’s birthday tomorrow. Pratima hugs him. Suhani says I told you, Yuvraaj will never forget Gauri’s birthday. Lights come. Pratima goes to make jam rolls. Suhani asks are you fine, I felt you want to say something. He says I had to say that I love you. She says I m not angry. Dadi says but I m angry, how dare you do this Suhani, and Yuvraaj what happened to you, I told you what Suhani is going to do with you, even then you are acting, I heard Suhani and Pratima, they feel you are a lookalike. Yuvraaj says its fine. Dadi says why, Suhani was testing you to see you are Yuvraaj or not. Suhani says its not like that, I will explain. Yuvraaj says I understand, calm down.

Suhani explains why they doubted. Dadi scolds Suhani. Pratima says I told that to Suhani. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to calm down. Suhani apologizes to Dadi. Dadi sees the bracelet and asks whats this, who gave this, Yuvraaj? Sambhav looks on worried.

Dadi removes the bracelet. Sambhav says what is this old woman doing. Yuvraaj sees cameras.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t like sambhav character… But when he says budiya…. Really he makes laugh…
    Dragging so much… End this sambhav chapter


  2. Lol for once dadi did good
    Really happy that saiyaam and krishna went from that house of horror, after finding sambhav game suhani should also Join them but not just go to her parents house but far away .

    1. Amalina

      haha i agree. dadi never did a grt thing but today! wow! today is a good day………

  3. Just throw this stupid sambhav out of the show and show unity among the family just like yeh hai mohabatien

  4. I just loved sayyam and Krishna bcoz of them I used to watch this serial

  5. Still can’t decide whether Dadi is dumb or acting dumb,,,,,Hope Yuvraj will do smthng,,,,and Good that Pankaj loves Sayyam,,,, why they allowed Suhani to leave him in the orphanage then….aaah anyways hope Sambav will be out soon

    1. I am starting to think it is fake dadi who came back with sambhav . It is weird , dadi has a grudge against dark skinned people( and orphans) but she accepted baby while she rejected suhani for the same reason . The family is breaking as fake dadi always wanted . If it does happens , i will also be happy fake or real both are evils

  6. I think now saiyyam comes to know of sambhav’s truth from pankaj….atleast now make yuvraj d real hero by saving suhani from clutches of sambhav but at d end i want sambhav to b killed by his own son…krishna’s acting mein dum nahi hai…she should improve a lot..actually suhani did a favour to her by getting her married to saiyyam otherwise her lyf would b lyk hell amongst those birla alliens juz like how suhani life is..issliye shukkar mano krishna coz ur nog married to yuvaan the dumbo…anyways end this sambhav track by revealing every damn thing to everyone

    1. Yaa i completely agree with u ..
      I like krishna bt she shud improve her acting.. and yuvan is such a dumbo character… yuvanis acting is good bt i think writers shud work on her character…

  7. Love you saiyyam

    I think Krishna is better than suhani
    At least she cares for saiyyam
    Whereas suhani proved she is worst mother

  8. Love you saiyyam

    Guys I hate baby very much but one thing I must say baby loved saiyyam truly she always defended him
    She doesn’t love yuvan she only wants his money
    Agree or not

    1. I believe baby cares for saiyyam, like a friend. She understood what he is really going though.
      They are more like brother and sister.
      That is why saiyyam tells baby off. When she goes to far.

      I think Krishna is coming to understand saiyyam pain, it is a shame that suhani doesn’t.

      That is why I don’t care what sambhav does to suhani and yuvraj.
      To me they deserve it.

      Yes I agree baby married yuvaan for money. Which I am glad.

      1. Agree that Baby married Yuvan for money and can’t say anythng abt Baby’s love for Sayyam,,,,,maybe she care,,,n onethng more SUHANI DON’T DESERVE THAT RAPIST …Whatever Sayyam is doing towards her is justified and that’s what she deserves….NOT SAMBAV THE RAPIST

  9. Hii friends
    I watch this show only for Sayyam and Krishna scenes.And I think it’s good that suhani bring them out of that haunted birla house.Lata and Pankaj are not aware about the problems related with Krishna and Sayyam marriage.So Krishna will definitely try to show that they are normal couples.Suhani is not there so Sayyam does not try to hurt her too.
    That means they may share some good moments.

  10. precap is interestng what will yuvaraj do? bt these cvs will surely cheat us..stupids

  11. are you going to tell me that Dadi will remove the bracelet and yet Sambhav will return without Yuvraaj getting to tell the truth…my god, how dumb are these writers. I know they want to prolong their show but it’s better to end it with a story that people appreciate than the BS they keep adding on….if they want to keep Sambhave around then let them but show that he ran away or something not this stupid putting bomb bracelet BS to control people…

  12. Honestly I don’t like this drama that much anymore because people die and come back just like that.

  13. Nithu

    Guys…if writers really dont want to end sambhav track …then why the hell they took a leap…

  14. I’m glad dat dadi remove the braclet but suhani need to be careful of Wat she is doing

  15. krishna ?Sayyam

    If Krishna don’t care for sayyam they y does she always care for him . And y does sayyam get concerned about her if she gets hurt or an thing if he don’t like her . They both live each other deep inside

    1. Because love is happening, you have to be patient.

      It is early days, Krishna is still upset about yuvaan.
      Now I can’t wait for the romantic scenes.
      I found today episode boring. It was mostly about suhani and yuvraj.

  16. I don’t like sayyam & Krishna. Yuvan & Krishna look good together

  17. Fuk this show

  18. Jawata Yashna

    I wnt kriyam & yuvani yuvi’s acting as sam. what sayyam did 2 suhani she deserve it.

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