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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Bhavna about Aditya. Bhavna says we should know about Gauri first. Rags argues. Yuvraaj asks Dadi what does she mean. Dadi says don’t know, I m selfish and doing this to settle Gauri, but she is not in state to marry. Rags says Dadi is not wrong, whats problem if a guy likes Gauri, and Suhani.. you show you are broad minded and today you got narrow minded about your brother and Gauri. Yuvraaj says I took this decision, don’t say anything to Suhani. Saurabh says yes Rags, this is our decision. Pratima says Suhani is refusing for Gauri’s good, if Gauri was normal, Suhani would have said yes first, you won’t understand Rags.

Rags says we should ask Gauri, you all did what you all wished, why Gauri should not get this freedom. Gauri comes there.

Yuvraaj hugs her. He says I will make things fine. Rags asks Gauri does she like Aditya. Yuvraaj asks Saurabh to tell Rags to be in limits. Saurabh asks Rags to stay out of it. Gauri says yes, I also like Aditya. They all get shocked.

Yuvraaj goes out. Suhani sees him and goes to talk to him. He says whats this, Gauri likes Aditya, does she know meaning of liking someone, how can she say this, that’s why I said not to allow Aditya here, you should have called me, I should have explained Gauri. She says I called you. He says its my mistake, I should have not gone. She says we can’t change this now. He asks what to do, shall we get Gauri married. She says we will find a way and talk to mum and dad. He says if Aditya told this infront of me, I would have… I m sorry, I did not mean that, I know he is your brother. Suhani says I understand, Gauri is your sister. He leaves.

Suhani thinks of Gauri. Bhavna says what shall we do now. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that Aditya is not so bad, he teaches Gauri well. Pratima comes there and hears them, she says it’s a proposal for Gauri, it should be a good news for us. Sharad says yes, we all are with Gauri, Aditya is Bhavna and Suhani’s brother, we know him. Pratima says yes, Aditya is part of our family. Bhavna and Suhani talk about Aditya being a big flirt, why is he interested in Gauri. Suhani says Aditya wants Birla name, how can we tell this to everyone. Bhavna says no one will understand. Suhani says Yuvraaj will understand, we have to prove this that Aditya is not right for Gauri. Sharad comes and asks what are you saying, what will happen now. Suhani asks what happened. Sharad says I just explained Pratima and Yuvraaj that Aditya is not so bad. Suhani and Bhavna scold him.

Pratima and Yuvraaj see Gauri sleeping. Yuvraaj says she just started dreaming. Pratima says yes, even I m worried, but I have seen Aditya with her, Aditya is right for her, I know he will not break her dreams. Yuvraaj says I hope so. Suhani asks Sharad to rectify his mistake. Sharad asks how. Bhavna says by helping us, we have to show Aditya is not right for Gauri. Suhani says we have to bribe Aditya and he will be trapped, then we will see. Bhavna says bribe of money. Suhani says yes, we will see will Aditya choose money or Gauri, I have a plan.

Its morning, Dadi is taking botox injection. Menka looks on from the door and slips. She falls inside the door. Dadi gets disturbed and injection falls. Dadi scolds Menka. Rags comes and asks Dadi does she need any help. Dadi says what will you help, Yuvraaj is not angry on Suhani. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that he has thought a lot. Suhani comes. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Sharad said something about Aditya and Gauri. She asks what. Yuvraaj says I m getting late. Suhani asks Sharad what did he say. Gauri comes and greets them as Aditya taught her to greet and compliment.

Yuvraaj asks her do you really like Aditya. She nods. Rags says Dadi, this was Aditya’s plan and this is not any coincidence, she always does the planning and pretend as if she does not know anything, Yuvraaj liked Soumya and married Suhani, Suhani is clever, and she got Sharad married to Bhavna, Suhani will take everything in her control. Menka says Dadi’s state will be like mine. Dadi says never, I m not a fool, I don’t care what Suhani does, Gauri’s future is necessary for me. She goes. Rags asks what happened to Dadi. Menka says don’t know.

Lalita cries and Radhe asks what happened. She says I got ruined. Radhe starts crying assuming Lalita became widow. Rakhi asks why is he crying and asks them. Radhe hugs Rakhi and asks her not to cry, your dad has died. Rakhi gets shocked. Rakhi shouts. Lalita slaps Rakhi and beats Radhe. She calls him a fool, nothing happened to your dad. Krishna and Soumya come and ask what happened. Radhe says I understood by her words. Lalita says my money is stolen. Soumya asks what. Lalita blames her to act. Soumya asks what will I do this. Lalita asks her to say. Krishna says Soumya can’t steal money, I will bring the thief out. Yuvraaj says I will leave now. He stops seeing Aditya. Suhani and Sharad worry. Yuvraaj says I will come after lunch and leaves. Bhavna says so Aditya has come, Gauri was waiting. Gauri smiles.

Suhani tells Aditya that he got a high paying job and monthly salary is 3 lakhs. He gets glad. Yuvraaj tells the family about this idea, if Aditya chooses job over Gauri, then we will get our answer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice planning but i am sure that Aditya will choose Gauri…i have seen love in his eyes for gauri…the way he looks at her awwww!!!!!! Loved Suhani’s acting…The three monkeys are kind of becoming love cupid for Aditya and Gauri!!!

  2. nice!I think so that Aditya will chose Gauri….

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