Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking why Rags always takes credit, this was your idea Suhani, I won’t let Rags take credit in front of time, I will go and see Baby. She goes. Suhani says they are thinking Baby is scared of bulbs, but the matter is something else. She calls Yuvraaj and could not connect. Baby is worried. Bhavna goes to her and keeps an eye on her. Baby says who can do this. Bhavna tries to make the bulbs on by the remote. Baby sees a parcel for her in the lawn and runs to see. Bhavna says yes, Baby got scared. She collides with Rags. She says I m following Baby. Rags says you want credit right. Bhavna asks her to take credit later and come to follow Baby.

Baby dumps the letter in bin. Suhani picks the paper and checks the torn pieces. She reads Champakali and says who

is she, why did Baby get so tensed. Baby gets the parcel. She opens the parcel and sees her own pic. She gets shocked. Dadi says great Baby, did you get this painting, its nice.

Baby says yes. Rags asks why are you so scared, did you see anything. Baby says nothing, I will take this painting. Suhani keeps an eye on Baby. Baby throws the painting in dirty water and acts to slip. Bhavna asks what happened, where is your focus, your painting spoiled. Baby says nothing, I did not need this painting. She goes. Rags and Dadi talk that idea flopped again. Bhavna argues with Rags. Rags says I knew this useless plan will fail. Suhani says who has sent this painting to Baby.

Baby goes to room and shuts door. She says who can it be, no one knows about this. She throws the things and says if Suhani did this, I swear I will not leave her alive, I will kill her. Suhani sees Baby through the door key hole. She thinks even Baby does not know this. Baby gets a man’s audio message. The man says we are going to meet tonight Champakali, I have to settle many scores. Suhani thinks to see who is coming at night. She takes a hockey stick and sits. She sees Baby going with a knife in hand. Someone comes. Suhani thinks is he threatening Baby.

She hides and follows the man. Baby hides. The man says I know you are here, once I get you, see what I do. Suhani comes there and looks on. She makes something fall. Baby pushes the cartons on him and runs. Suhani switches on lights and goes to hit him. She gets shocked seeing Yuvraaj. She asks when did you come. He says I came before and did not come here, I was scaring Baby. She asks why. He says that girl is not Baby, she is Champakali, Baby and Saiyyam were in ashram in childhood, Baby was not so bad, she died in train accident, this girl is Champakali and staying in disguise, we have to prove her truth. She says we will tell everyone about her. He says no, she is very clever, she did something and managed always, I have a plan to expose her, there is risk of life. She holds him and says I don’t care for my life, and won’t let your life fall in danger. He says I will die if you hold me such. She says sorry. He says I want to die from your hands. She says I decided to kill you when I married you. He says it means I have less time. She says yes, more 30-40 years. They laugh.

Baby sits worried. She sees someone and goes out to see. She shouts who’s there. Yuvraaj scares her. She gets tensed and hides. He goes. She runs to her room and shuts door. She says who can it be, who was that man. She hears ghungroo sound. Someone knocks her door. She gets a knife and opens door. She sees Yuvraaj. She drops the knife. He says I heard you screaming, so came to see you. She says yes, I got a bad dream. He picks the knife. She says I was hungry and going to have apple in kitchen. He says fine, if you need anything, tell me. He goes. She shuts the door and gets tensed. She says I have to find that person soon, and end the matter.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani since when did you fall weak. She says my strength went with Yuvaan. He promises her to never leave her. He holds her to kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg no kriyam no yuvani i hate dis baby

  2. What is trp of suhani for this week

    1. Laavanya

      TRP is 0.5

  3. NO WAY!!!!!
    That means that the “Baby” Sayyam knew was not bad…they ACTUALLY must have been good friends?…wow…that’s definitely a revelation!!

    I really want to see some childhood memories of Sayyam and “the real Baby”…I also want to see Sayyam punishing this “Champakali” girl for impersonating his friend Baby…

    Btw, I’m kinda surprised Sayyam doesn’t know that Baby died?…I guess it happened when Sayyam had come to the Birla house…

    One question though…how come this “Champakali” girl had Baby’s memories (the chocolate that Sayyam got her, etc.)

    Anyways…good to know YuvAni is still romancing…even though they’re technically becoming grandparents? (even though the pregnancy news is fake?)

    Still waiting for Kriyam…
    and waiting…
    and waiting…

    1. Also guys, the countdown has started!!
      Three more days until I update the first chapter!?
      Can’t wait to finish this math exam?

      Love you guys!!

    2. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      Maybe those memories were of ‘champakali’ when she was impersonating baby.

  4. Was champakali having same face as baby.
    If baby died in train accident y does saiyyam not know anything

  5. hopefully karan back in goa tonight and srishti to already back karan 14th April he started shooting i am so happy and so more kriyam scene ho i hope

  6. Thank god yuvraj is back BT don’t know how they r going to show him further. very happy to c yuvani scenes BT very very scared y they talk about death.. Precap excited n waitingwaiting for it but this may b the last moment of yuvani . pl CVS don’t show yuvraj dead it will be disaster to this whole journeyjourney. couldn’t even heartfully enjoy their scenes becoz of sahil quitting news. BT anything shud accept it .. Hope for the best.

  7. guys this week trp is 0.5 kriyam love confection and mostly baby baby that’s all so trp so low 0.6 se increase 0.5

  8. boring episode

  9. Swetha7

    This week TRP is law because of no kriyam and yuvaani……guys why Yuvaani fans insist to make this show off air without’s true they are main lead.but what about kriyam fans…we haven’t even seen kriyam proper love yet…..let us see their love guys.don’t request such thing…..

    1. Sarita

      swetha agar karan ssel quit karta to aap show dekhate.aap v chahate show offair hojaye happy note ke saath.or dear hamare chahane se hota kya h ham to leap nhi chahate the suhani ka rape nhi chahate the suhani sambhav ki marriage nhi chahate the yuvan ki death nhi chahate the or ab yuvraj ki death v nhi chahate h but cvs ne sab diya or ssel ka offair hamare chahane par nhi ratings par depend karta h ratings aayegi to ssel onair hoga nhi to offair ho jayega.ham yuvAni fans h to itna chahane ka to rite h na hamara

    2. Sarita

      swetha ye trp is week ki nhi last week ki h jisme kriyam ne milke work kiya tha kriyam confession or cons tha is week ki trp to next week aayegi

    3. Arshi123

      Look u made only a comment here about this issue
      and see …………….Swetha ………..

      I’ve gone totally mad seeing all these on IG , like its a war for some of the fans .
      No offense to anyone, but it sounds kiddish now that Yuvraj leaving so show should be off air .And this request of stopping to watch SSEL and such poles started before Sahil mehta declared to leave .It started coz Yuvani fans was unhappy with Less Yuvani scenes.

      So I just stop interfering with all these ,I actually have had enough of it ,,,,,,,,,,not here .But I know how they’ll react .

      So the kriyamites ,Better leave it to them .Coz I don’t want to face any of u like this .

  10. Laavanya

    Champakali make me remind of chipkali n later one suits this fake baby alot.

  11. Laavanya

    This is so surprising to me that Saiyyam doesn’t know about his close friend death.
    Maybe, she died after Saiyyam move out of ashram but still they r so close. ??
    And how can this champakali aka chipkali know about the memories of Saiyyam n real baby.

    Fake dadi, fake Yuvraj ( Sambhav), fake baby. I wonder in future, they might introduce fake Suhani who is living in BH for so many days, months or years or whatever. ?

    1. KartikK

      Your cmnt makes me feel that suhani is not suhani but someoneelse who also loved yuvraaj

  12. Aarti32

    Didn’t they get any other name.. Champakali!! It’s so…… Blah?

  13. Chamkali is such an ugly name

  14. Wtf fake baby! ? I’m dying because this is so dumb! Let’s wait to see if the whole family is fake. And how does sayyam not notice that that’s not the ACTUAL BABY. Next thing you know Baby is alive. Guys can someone tell me WHY I’m hoping for kriyam scenes. Does anyone know when they are coming back. I haven’t watched this show for months, just read it if something good happens then I watch it. Just waiting for kriyam scenes…..?.

  15. Ruksy

    This show is doomed. Ever since Yuvaan and yuvani were born yuvraj and suhani have been separated by someone or the other. Now it’s a stupid girl who is the age of yuvraj andidn’t suhani’s child. Next yuvraj will also quit. This show has no future.

  16. aarti Yeh kkr bali gautam gambhir ki pic hain n you are watching a i p l mera to favourite cricketer hain gambhir kiya tumhara bhi favourite hain tabi to tumne pic lagai hain

  17. Please get rid of Baby from the show. Don’t like her at all.

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