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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani asking about Suhani. She says I saw the letter on her name. He sees letter for Suhani from some bank. Yuvani says its bank letter, Suhani is written on it, that’s why I asked you. He says maybe this letter came by mistake. Soumya feeds icecream to Yuvani. Suhani asks Yuvaan not to call Sharad as Guru. Yuvaan asks why can’t I call him, everyone has nicknames. Suhani gives basketball to Yuvaan and asks him to take it along. He thanks her. He says intelligent aunty said I should take anything I get with love. Bhavna smiles and says Suhani’s son is giving lecture to Suhani. They all laugh.

Menka gets her son and comes to Dadi and Rags. She asks Rags why is she sitting here, I had to leave food as my son was crying, you could have helped me. Dadi says yes

Rags, Menka is right, Rags has no work and not even baby responsibility, Rags can help Menka. Rags says yes, I did not know Menka’s son was crying. Menka argues with her.

Dadi asks Rags to return the gold necklace and she will make some Bal gopal idol for the baby. Menka smiles. Suhani calls Sharad and asks where did he reach. He asks her not to worry. Bhavna asks Suhani not to overprotective, it will be problem for her. She gives milk and goes. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj and her moment. FB shows she says I m not overprotective. He says I can prove this, you are getting crazy and teases her. She asks him to say the Big B line well. He says see you are possessive about Big B’s line, you will do same with children. She says I will stop children if they do mistake. He says I can bet my life on this, I can see our son’s future, you will try to control your bahu too. She asks what. He says khadoos wife, mom and mom in law. She says I will take revenge with you when my children come. He says they won’t stay with you seeing your over possessiveness. She says they will leave you when you show your hygiene craze. She cries.

Yuvraaj calls bank and asks Sharma to remove Suhani’s name from his all accounts. Sharma says sorry. Yuvraaj scolds him and ends call. Soumya gives him water. He says sorry. She says Yuvani read this, so you got tension. He says I was really scared when Yuvani asked that question, I don’t make Suhani’s name to be mentioned here, why are you silent, do you think I m doing wrong, maybe you are forgetting that you are here…. Because of Suhani. He apologizes and says maybe I should have not said this, thanks for managing Yuvani. She says Yuvani is my daughter too, I did not differentiate between Yuvani and Krishna. The girls come and say we will sleep here today.

Soumya talks to the girls and laugh. Yuvraaj sees the letter and gets angry. Suhani recalls Gauri and Yuvraaj. She wakes up from sleep and says Gauri….. Bhavna comes and hugs her. Suhani says same dream again. Yuvraaj thinks I can never forget this. He sees Soumya and daughters. He tears the letter.

Its morning, Dadi talks to the girls. She sends Krishna and sits to talk with Yuvani. Yuvani shows the competition form. Dadi says I will fill it. Yuvani says no, mumma’s hand writing is nice, she will fill this, I like everything about her, I want to become like her. Dadi says fine, but you can wear clothes which suit you. She says racing is good for Krishna, but not for you, its not necessary, Lord made everyone different, Krishna’s face will glow in sun, not yours. Yuvani says it means I got tan. Dadi says yes, I got this tan remover cream, you will not wear light color clothes till then. Yuvani agrees. Dadi smiles.

Suhani attends a meeting. The man asks Akriti to show her designs. Akriti presents her designs and praises the material. The man likes the designs. Sandhya tells about the designs for housewives, why don’t we give them right to dress well, when we call them Laxmi of our house. She presents her designs and says the material is cotton, its good for warm temperatures, the colors are dark too, the stains of haldi etc will not be seen. The man agrees with Suhani. Suhani says beauty matters a lot, even for housewives and working women, if you are not beautiful, no one will like you. The man gives contract to Suhani by liking her designs and strategy, all the best. She thanks him. The man leaves. Akriti says if I had to not leave for Allahabad, I would have spoke to you in this matter, I disagree with your ideas. Suhani gets to know Sharad is not answering call.

Sharad is with Yuvaan at chaat shop. He says I was born in this city. Yuvaan asks really Guru. He says I can call you Guru here, I can’t call you Guru infront of mummy. Sharad says Suhani should not know this.

They have a talk and Sharad takes Yuvaan from there.

They have a talk and Sharad takes Yuvaan from there.

They have a talk and Sharad takes Yuvaan from there. Sharad answers Suhani’s call. He says Yuvaan had food poisoning, he is in hospital. She gets worried and asks is he fine.

Yuvani talks to Soumya and likes her colors and choice of clothes. Soumya says when you are good at heart, and happy from within, you look good. Yuvani gets glad and says it means Dadi gave that cream today, its very nice, I applied it and my face is glowing. Suhani asks her assistant to get ticket for Allahabad. Her assistant says I tried, but all flights are full.

Krishna comes with Yuvraaj and shows her shopping. Soumya says very nice. Yuvani asks her to show what she got for her. Krishna gets a dress. Yuvani shows the dress. Dadi signs to Yuvani. Yuvani says this dress won’t look good on me. Soumya says no, this looks good. Dadi says I will get shopping done for Yuvani. Suhani tries to get ticket. She sees Akriti coming. She asks Akriti about her Allahabad ticket, I want that. Akriti says I can’t give ticket, I m also going. Suhani says my son is in hospital, please don’t say no.

Yuvraaj leaves Chinese lamps which flies to Suhani’s car. The driver puts it down and says kids leave such lamps, it can hurt too. Suhani looks on and says my heart got hurt seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you for the written updates. ……..

  2. Nice episode. Precap is okay. So sharad lies about yuvaan. When i saw him shirtless i was laughing.

  3. Episode is good the writers r creating suspense very well.
    Dadi after 7 years leap looks young but lost her charm as a rich personality. Sorry to say ,she looks like a standard servant now. Her character is too confusing fr me whatever she is trying to do with yuvani is out of luv or hatred?
    What was yuvraj about to say soumya ?is she a widow or something else has happened with her? Whatever may be the reason it doesn’t mean that yuvraj has to get married to soumya or act as couple.
    Soumya very well knew that the chunari hving bomb was brought by krishna though sajan took advantage of that, then why is suhani blamed? or may be soumya is taking advantage of the situation since she wants her daughter’s upbringing in a ….. incase suhani comes back will soumya back out? What about the kids mentality. …. since it’s a show every thing is fine without any logics but practically thinking writers hv totally messed it up.

    1. Ya ur rite…it would hv been easy fr suhani and yuvraj to unite…bt Soumya came in btw .and nw its nt easy. kids won’t be able to accept the fact in a single day…Yuvani dnt evn knw abt Suhani….both yuvani and Krishna will be hurt..

  4. The show is oaf suhani not about yuvraj too so writters can get any other actor as suhani’s husband after bringging yuvaani to suhani

  5. What the heck is happening!!! Why are the writers taking so long to show how they seperated and all ughhh!!!

  6. Yuvraaj’s love for Suhani was conditional. It was not suchi pyarr (true love)

    Suhani always had to fulfil a condition to win Yuvraajs love. Sad to see his anger and the condition he separated from Suhani

    1. i am telling this fromstart that yuvraj love was not true.

  7. Nice epi.. N precap too.. Cant wait..

  8. Yuvraj was never right for suhani, she always has been and always well be too good for him. I just wish, that they got divorce before the children. Okay that fine, I hope that her daughter well find out who her mother really is. Oh that soumya what kind of friend she is, I would she feel if her first husband replaced her with another woman and her daughter called her mum. Well I have to say that I always knew that suhani is the strong one out of her useless ex husband and ex friend. I hope that the writers find a good husband for suhani

    1. yes rohan should re enter the show . he would match suhani very well with his joyful nature .

    2. agrre with u

  9. @sana. . I think even the writers hv not decided the reason till date they may analyse the viewers point of views & then come up with some lame reason. &then the history may repeat (soumya against suhani ) where yuvraj will be shown as a jerk once again .

  10. they are copying yhm

    1. ofcourse they are!!

  11. I think they have lost the big picture here about who to blame for this accident. Dadi got Barbi into that house that caused the whole cascade into what eventually happened to the Birla’s. I guess as usual her wickedness was kept safe and Suhani got the blamed for the entire Birla’s family problems…they deserve to live with themselves. BTW, Suhani’s house looks more lavish than the Birla’s so somewhere along the road she made it big because I don’t think she would have taken the Birla’s money…I hope her parents are still around.

  12. Dadi is the cause of everything dats is happening n now soumya don’t want to see suhani

  13. Dadi is the blame for what has happened to Birla all family problems before Suhani and after Suhani. She got what she always wanted. But why does she hates soumya? I remember when soumya left her first husband, she wanted yuvrajj to marry her. Is because now she has a daughter with someone else? either way soumya is a bad person and not the kind of friend you or any wants.

  14. yuvraj is too idiot… he always blaming suhani oly but dadi did all this he apologizes her..

  15. If it was Suhani in Soumya’s Place… She would hv never done this…lyk marrying bestfrnds husband…!

  16. Don’t shw such stupid ‘family scenes’ of yuvi,Soumya and kids…infact I dnt even want to see Soumya..coz she z wearing sindoor as yuvi’s wife(hope that’s nt true)…just dnt wanna see yuvi n Soumya togethr

  17. And Yuvan is took cuteeee….and superb acting

  18. Agree with saaya

  19. Agree with sharmi & saaya…..

  20. i also dont want to see saumya as yuvi’s wife. and suhani is now more pretty. yuvan is doing well. but I also want to know that what was happend after the blast in farm house.

  21. I think Krishna also would have died for which Suhani would have been the indirect reason and Suhani would have forced Yuvraj to marry Soumya and went away from him.

  22. I m confuse abt yuvani n krishna is 7 yrs old n yuvan is 5 yrs old…..hows tat???? Plzzzz anyone answer my question

  23. ahahaha saaz ur right they are twinz yet one iz 7 and yuvani 5

  24. Suhani looked stunning in saree with her hair untied..


  26. I have lost track of this series.
    What the heck is going on?

  27. aaj ke episode se zyada comment mujhe acha laga.

  28. Hi guys
    I knew something went wrong with after the farmhouse blast. Remember that yuvraj has said to suhani that she takes responsible if sanju does something wrong . She agreed for this responsible. So I think that suhani must have accepted the mistake and left the house and also they lost Gauri and soumya would have lost Krishna too. All these blame on Suhani.
    As one of comments I read is true that Yuvraj has not accepted Suhani wholeheartedly since he feels her beauty or her lifestyle is not his standard but he is never showing it out to hurt her.
    In my point of view I can see that Yovraj can’t stand in front of Suhani and he has never appreciate her some sort of her beauty or talents admired her. Can you point out that is there any scene that he admire her ?
    I just wish that Suhani getsher daughter back and leave the country with two kids and make a happy ending note. As I know Suhani cannot live Birla’s family.

  29. Please get yuvraaj and suhani together. This suspense is good but they are good as team. Please and get rid of Dadi she should’ve died

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