Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad trying to open the door. Menka thinks whats Sharad doing here in Soumya’s room. Sharad asks Krishna how did this happen. Krishna says mumma went to bathroom and door got stuck. Sharad asks Soumya not to worry and opens the door. Soumya comes out and hugs Krishna. They thank Sharad. Menka looks on.

Suhani is upset and says I don’t want anyone for my son, I can raise him alone, I have my family, even Yuvraaj is there for Yuvaan, I don’t want such father for Yuvaan, I don’t want Sambhav. Yuvaan comes dressed as superman and says this costume is gifted to me by Sambhav. Sambhav comes and says its farewell gift. Yuvaan asks where are you going, when will you come. Suhani says he has work, tell him bye. Yuvaan says bye Papa, come soon. Sambhav shows

a little gift and opens it. He gifts a watch to Yuvaan. Yuvaan says its very beautiful, thanks Papa. He hugs Sambhav. Sambhav makes him wear it. He says till this watch will be on your wrist, you can’t forget me. Yuvaan says does anyone forget Papa and hugs him.

Golu tells Pratima that Dadi has gone out with Yuvani. Krishna asks why did she not ask me. Sharad says its okay, we will go and have golgappas. Soumya gets pancakes and asks who will have it. Menka says I want one. Soumya says Sharad uncle will have one first, as he is taking all of you out. Menka thinks why is Soumya after Sharad, I think its black dal cooking here, poor Bhavna does not know whats happening behind her back.

Suhani gets thinking about what happened and thinks to talk to Yuvraaj to get some advice. Yuvaan shouts mumma. She gets shocked seeing him standing at the balcony. He says this is special dress, I can fly, Papa said I can fly. Suhani says no, this can’t happen, come down. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to say. Sambhav comes there and poses like flying. Yuvaan asks him to start counting. Sambhav asks Suhani what shall I ask your son, shall I ask him to jump, he will fall. Suhani asks why did you come. He says you did big foolishness by rejecting me, so I decided that I will come here and make you value me, shall I make Yuvaan jump. Yuvaan says I m coming, ready. Sambhav says wait, I will tell you. Suhani says anything can happen to Yuvaan, you love him, bring him down. Sambhav says I still love him and want to stay with him, but you are keeping me away from him, you are very adamant. Yuvaan says there is magic in this costume. Suhani says no, I understood, get him down. Sambhav asks will you obey me. She says yes, I will agree to whatever you say, get him here. Sambhav tells Yuvaan that he forgot to give him magic rope and asks him to come. Yuvaan says I wanted to fly, oh no, fine I m coming. Suhani gets relieved and cries. Sambhav says remember this moment. Yuvaan comes to her and she hugs him. She asks did he get mad. Yuvaan says I was flying. Suhani says humans don’t fly, there is no magic in clothes. He says Papa never lies. She says I m your mumma, whom will you agree. He says sorry, this won’t happen again promise.

Menka says I want to ask something. Bhavna asks what. Sharad takes kids out. Soumya gets clothes. Menka asks did you get clothes from Bhavna’s room. Soumya says yes, will you get? Menka says no, I m not maid. Soumya says I m also not a maid, I share the work. Bhavna asks them to stop arguing and leave, I will do my work. Menka coughs and asks for water. Bhavna goes to get. Menka hides Sharad’s tshirt.

Sambhav plays with a doll. Suhani says I will not bear your torture. Sambhav says don’t call police, call hospital, see this watch, I gave similar one to Yuvaan, that has a bomb. She gets shocked and asks him not to threaten her. Sambhav says no Suhani, I m not threatening. He keeps the doll there and moves Suhani away. He gets the remote and explodes the doll. Suhani gets shocked. Sambhav says Yuvaan’s watch has bigger bomb than this, if you don’t agree to me, this will happen with your son. She asks how dare you do this. He laughs and says its your mistake, not mine, you could not understand my love, this has become a passion now, don’t go anywhere, else I will kill Yuvaan, if you try to remove the watch, the bomb will explode on its own. She cries.

He asks her to listen to him silently, else she will regret a lot. She sees the burning doll and sits on the bed. Menka sees Soumya’s lipstick and same color on Sharad’s tshirt. She stops Rags and asks about Soumya’s lipstick color. Rags says red cherry. Menka asks about color on tshirt. Rags says I don’t have time for waste things and leaves. Menka sees Dadi and goes to her. Dadi is busy and goes. Menka thinks where to go and confirm.

Yuvraaj calls Suhani. Sambhav says perfect timing, answer his call Suhani and tell him your relation ended today, pick up the call. Yuvraaj says why is Suhani not answering, she was behaving strange at night. She answers. Yuvraaj asks Suhani is she fine. She says yes, don’t call me from today, I will call you if needed. Sambhav asks why did you not tell him what I said. She says he would get doubt. She goes. He smiles.

Sambhav asks Suhani why did she not wear the Natth. She says I did not wear it before. He asks did Yuvraaj not like it, you will wear Natth today, I will pierce your nose.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruksy

    if this torture does not end then there is no point in watching. Rohan was 100% better than sambav who agrees.

    1. I agree with u….rohan was a great lover….its always yuvi fault to let his wife go into others hands….i really miss rohan

      1. Ruksy

        i miss him too i want him to come back.

    2. Nithu agree wid ..i want to kill sambhav now

  2. What d heck is happening…horrible precap…will yuvraj save her?…no guarantee hez always late…kya wo khud ko bachane ke liye sambhav ko maardaalegi!!!…atleast by 2morrow …they should put a fullstop to this nasty track…..yuvi save her man….tum baap bete ki vajese…wo uss sambhav se shaadi ki hain…omg!!!…suhani???

  3. disgusting show so now suhani will sleep with sumbhav so irritating

  4. BAKWAS episode………itni bewkoofi kisi serial mein nahi dekha….stupid……ab ssel gaya bhad mein ….writers are doing worst …..suhani pagal ho gai hai kya ? Apne parents ko bata sakti thi,yuvraj ka phone aaraha tha on karke sab kuchh suna sakti thi ….yuvraj ke detective kya kar rahe hai? Kisne raste mein gadda khoda? Koi pochhne wala nahi hai…..

  5. Ruksy i agree wit u dont want to see suhani in trouble please make yuvraj to know truth n help suhani asap n plzzz dont drag sambhav track so long n unite yuvani asap

  6. Disgusting episode … can’t tolerate this track anymore ..yuvi come n save ur lady love before its too late please

  7. Aqsxxh

    I hated Sambhav since his entrance, when everyone liked him- I still hated him… Now its too late. Hated this episode.

    1. Nithu

      nd now they are making sharad and sowmyas ttrack how disgusting….ssel is loosing its charm…

      1. Aqsxxh

        I am seeing how they are doing that slowly without the veiwers noticing because they are too focused on the Sambhav track. I am utterly disgusted >-<

    2. i too hate sambhav at peak from starting.i don’t want sambhav in this show any more .plz end his track asap.

  8. This yuvan is such a dumb kid. What a tool

  9. The point of this show is the writers cannot take their dump all at once. They can’t finish evil quickly, they like to take their sweet time so that the show is doomed.

  10. I think yuvaan will hear him n tell him to get out

  11. What the heck you writers and directors are doing. Have you totally gone insane.. what is the need to telecast it. You only want to give agony to the viewers.

  12. I hope so, Leila ….apne liye,apni galti sudharne ke liye ,SUHANI ko khud koshish karni chahiye …. Sambhav ko kuchh zyada ugly character wala dikha rahe hai……koi good friend, se psycho lover kaise ban sakta hai , ki wo jaan tak lene ki koshish kare…..bahut ho gaya precap dekh kar bura laga …writers hadd se zyada kheech rahe hai…..

  13. Horrible! How can you writers give such bad ideas to the public? Please think before you write suck FILTHY CRAP!

  14. OMG! How horrible the precap is..
    The writers have ruined the hope with the show anymore. Post the leap only nonsense is showing.
    I’ve never wanted Sambhav to be evil and not because I like him, but the thing is I wanted at least a single friend of Suhani is trustworthy.

  15. Stupid show. Noncense. Utter rubbish

  16. no wonder you have so many crimes committed against females in India when you have show’s like this constantly endorsing bad behaviour. If it isn’t the in-laws its the husband. Wake up producers / directors when are you going to write it into your script’s that crime does not pay and offences against women / girls will not be tolerated.

  17. Please give written update for today’s episode

  18. i know for a fact Suhani will not let that ugly and horrible Sambhav touch her,i wonder if she is going to kill him,the ugly fool deserve death,and i think if she had told Yuvhan about Sambhav he would have understood her he listen to his mother,and what the hell is that stupid menka up to?why do people find girls like that for their son’s is beyond comprehending they dont help with the house hold chores and to add fuel to fire they cant see anybody happy they are only creating mischief,and i never like Sambhav he reminds me of those cannibals from wrong turn lol honestly

  19. wat d hell z dis…whoz suhani shez powerful women y d hell r d writers making such disgustings writings u r degrading power of women plz stop dis nuisance… suhani doesnt nd any1s help to save her…shez capable of saving her…plz jst stop ds nuisance dnt make her weak …………….i dnt knw wer writers c feedback plz if any1 knw paste it der

  20. Whr is d update of ystrdy’s episode

  21. when will sambhav be caught by yuvi the whole serial is in taking revenges but not showing suhani yuvi and they children happy together.first barbie came and servent then nakli dadi then sambhav do the whole serial will be like this.

  22. Arajyalakshmi

    Its most cruek stone age torture of piercing the nose. What great TRP rating is achieved by this nasty rorture. Tv soaps go extreme but not in this direction. Star plus tagline is Ristha vahi soch nayee. Nos piercing is not soch nayu Its insulting already supressed women

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