Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guy leaving after igniting fire. Suhani and everyone come and get shocked. Suhani asks Yuvaan to get water. They blow off the fire. Suhani asks who was he. The waiter says the guy was mad, he misbehaved and went. Yuvaan runs angrily. Pratima says someone stop him. Krishna runs to stop Yuvaan. Suhani calls inspector and informs about the incident. Krishna asks Yuvaan to come back. Yuvaan says I m not going to leave that guy. Krishna says he is gone, don’t increase Suhani’s tension.

He says fine, I m just listening to you. They come back. Suhani makes Pratima drink water. Krishna says Suhani takes care of Dadi. Pratima asks Yuvaan where did you go. Suhani asks Yuvaan not to do this again. Yuvaan says Krishna is around me like satellite. Krishna says I m

Suhani’s fav. He says there is nothing, you do all this to become mumma’s fav. Suhani says yes, she is my fav. She asks Yuvaan to go. Yuvaan and Krishna argue. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj. Pratima asks them to go and sleep.

Yuvani, Rags and Dadi come home. Yuvani says whatever Yuvani does is best, we will go out to celebrate. Dadi says no, outside food is not healthy. Yuvani says I really want to go out, and wear my new dress. Rags signs Dadi and says just because this is your wish, I will come with you, but for fitness, strict lifestyle is necessary, else you can also become like Suhani, she was lucky to get Yuvraaj, don’t know about you. Dadi says don’t get Yuvraaj in between. Rags says I mean to say, Yuvani should control diet. Dadi says yes, see I m fit than Pratima. Rags says yes, your beautiful skin wil spoil by oily food. Yuvani says fine, I can do anything to become like both of you. Dadi thinks its good Rags explained Yuvani, I don’t want yuvani to become like Suhani. Dadi goes. Rags asks Yuvani for her gift. Yuvani hugs her and they smile.

Suhani recalls Yuvraaj and gets sad. She sees his pic. Pratima comes there. Suhani hugs her and says I missed Yuvraaj. Pratima says I know its not easy for you. Suhani says so much time passed, I feel if I understood that Sambhav…. Pratima says no need to think of that bad dream. Suhani says but everyone had to pay for it, I did mistake and everyone had to bear punishment, you are away from Yuvraaj, children did not get father’s love, because of my mistake. Pratima says but we got happiness, and pacifies her.

She says the children are Lord’s blessings for us, who give us courage to fight in trouble, your fight will get easier, Yuvraaj will come back for sure. Yuvaan asks Yuvani how did Dadi and Rags not take pics of the big performance. She says I was on stage and no one has taken pics. He says some mad guy has burnt the shack board, don’t tell mom that I have told you. She says there is so much happening there, my life is simple and sober. He says I can’t live simple, I will end call now. She says fine, I have to study. He leaves video chat on and goes to sleep.

She plays music and dances on the bed. Suhani comes to Yuvaan’s room and sees him sleeping. She hears the sound and stops. She does not see Yuvani’s face and thinks maybe it’s the girl whom Yuvaan went to meet today. Rags comes and ends video chat. She asks Yuvani why did she not check video call did not end, if he saw you then, Suhani would have made you like her. Yuvani thanks her. Rags asks for gift and hugs her. Yuvani says I will give a gift tomorrow.

Yuvaan asks Krishna to do parasailing with him for his sake. She is scared but agrees. She prays that Yuvaan does not do parasailing himself. She thinks Yuvaan will feel bad if she does not listen to him. He goes on a call. The man says we have a VIP guest, and asks her to wait. She says let me go before. The guy comes and says throw money on their face and do the work. Krishna argues with him. He says all this is mine and I can break the line anytime I want. He asks Krishna to get out. She waits for Yuvaan. Krishna makes an angry face. The guy throws sand in her eyes. She screams. He smiles and goes.

Waiter goes to police station. The goons come there to the shack and break the things. They vacate the shack and slap waiter. They threaten the waiter and leave. The guy sees the goons throwing the chairs, and jumps down in the sea leaving the parachute. He goes to the shack and beats the goons. The goon aims gun at the guy. Suhani comes there and looks on.

The guy asks Suhani her name. She smiles and says Suhani Birla. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. History repeats “halke daari bikare baal” n the scene in water…. what they r showing new…. same rags, dadi n yuvani is such a stupid… she is playing double role…one sankari n one kamini… suhani was looking beautiful in pre leap… but now again she is given the dark makeup n she looking fat also.. atleast they recalled yuvraj….

  2. Same old story.
    Reportedly sambhav’s son will marry yuvani and torture her just like sambhav did to suhani.

    1. Sambhav son will be yuvani bro…. so I think he is not sam son… May b he his relative of sam… cousin bro

  3. Dadi still hates Suhani but when there’s trouble, who sorts it? Why didn’t they change rags and dadi’s way of thinking after the leap?

    1. @TUFFY dadi and rags never changed but I’m shocked they have yuvani living with them and I’m really curious wat happen to yuaraaj after the leap at least they do a flash back on that I don’t know if he is dead or coming back I’m confused it not too much detail cuz I don’t see bhavana pankaj shard anuj menka shraubh golu wat happen to all them.

    2. Because they are still VERY BAD.
      THIS IS GOING ROUND IN CYCLE. As the cycle goes around and round again.
      Like you said evil Dadi and Rags. Now evil Yuhani!
      What more do you want?
      I am not having a go at you, I am just angry with the Show. So peace.
      I stop watching this show for now on. I just read update.

  4. Repeating same story by showing krishna & yuvan’s chemistry as suhani & yuvraj

  5. I don’t think the new guy is subhav son if he is then how come suhani don’t know about him and even he don’t know that she is suhani

  6. Guys where is yuvraj?

  7. I don’t no where this is going

  8. Maybe he is sambhav’s son and suhani put him up for adoption that’s why she don’t know who he is but he does somehow.
    @queen menka quit the show and not sure about anuj as he wasn’t shown before the leap also. But where are pankaj, bhavna, Golu, saurabh? At least show flashback, what happened before the leap after sambhav’s death?

    1. I dont think he is subhav son…coz if suhani put him for adoption then she is the worst mother in the world…moreover she is not dat type…and it gives d worst message…as it always gave to d audience.

  9. Subhav son age should be less than yuvani and krishna how come they are planning to show love triangle that too bro sis chee

  10. If really he is subhav son and suhani put him for adoption she will be the worst mother forever what is the mistake of that child why he has to suffer

  11. Rajashree Bhushan

    Please show wat happened to yuvraj and why is suhani and yuvani not together

  12. The mentality of this show didn’t change, just a change of cast. Same old round about story about looks vs. evil. Evil seem to have won twice before, the do the leap and evil leaps along…nothing really got sorted out, no real family harmony. They first leap, Suhani left with one kid and her sister family…btw, what happened to Bhava and family…the story on how her husband died never came out…this show is such a waste of time

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