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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri saying she does not like Diwali. Suhani and Pratima pacify her and say about many dishes, decorations, gifts and crackers. Gauri worries and says she dislikes Diwali. Pratima says its good festival, your thinking will change this year. I will leave now, I have to prepare for the puja. Rags talks to Menka and says I wonder how does Mili study. Menka says she is topper of her school. Rags jokes on her and asks her to shut up. Dadi hears them. Rags says don’t know how did Mili know our address. Menka says Dadi will not leave us, we did not do her work. They see Dadi and get tensed.

Suhani shows the scrapbook and asks Mili did she write it. Gauri says yes. Suhani asks why is she scared of Diwali, did anything happen. Gauri cries and sits to draw. Suhani

thinks why is she doing, maybe drawing can give some clue. Menka tells Dadi that she has scared Mili, and told her a lot. Dadi asks Menka to do what she said, else Mili will think you just threatened her, If you really scare Mili, I will not punish you. Menka agrees.

Rags asks Bhavna to show her hand to their pandit, he says right fortune. The pandit tells Bhavna’s yog of having a son and a daughter. Suhani says its really good. Menka asks pandit to see her hand and say how many children are there in her fate. The pandit says its Pratima’s yog to have 4 children in this house. Suhani says 4. Rags says Pratima has 3 children. Menka says Sharad is also like her 4th child, he will get property share too. Suhani thinks whats pandit ji saying. Dadi looks on.

Suhani tells Pratima that she has to talk something imp, and takes her along. Suhani asks Pratima what pandit ji said. Pratima cries. Suhani asks did anything bad happened with one of your children. Suhani asks Pratima to say. Pratima says nothing, pandit was saying about Sharad. Suhani asks really. Pratima says I have work. Suhani asks her does she have just 3 children, it means pandit said wrong about your kundli yog. Dadi comes and asks them to come for puja. Suhani sees Pratima’s hand shaking and asks her. Pratima makes excuse and leaves.

Dadi says whatever Suhani does, she won’t win. Suhani says you lost at Yuvraaj and my marriage time, you will lose today too. Dadi says I will never lose, I won’t let this happen. Suhani says person can’t fight with fate, you could not stop us from going Suhagi and getting Mili here. Everyone do puja. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she upset. She tells about Rags and Menka troubling Mili. He says everything will be normal in few days, forget about it.

Rags says Dadi, this time Menka and I will bring cow for Govardhan puja, else last time… Suhani says we have to find cow. Rags says Dadi permitted us and we will get the cow. Anuj says Diwali puja is done, we will go now to burn crackers. Mili says good night and runs to her room. Dadi signs Rags and Menka to scare Mili. They smile.

Suhani recalls pandit’s words and asks Sharad to give her some crackers. He asks why. She says I have some work. She thinks whatever incident happened with Mili, she remembers, if I make that similar situation, maybe she will say everything. Rags and Menka hide seeing Sharad with crackers. Rags tells her plan to Menka. Menka tells Sharad that Golu is crying, Bhavna is not there, go and see Golu. Sharad rushes.

Rags says we will go to Mili’s room. Suhani brings Mili there. Rags and Menka hide. Suhani sends Mili. She feels sorry but she wishes to help Mili, she has to know who is Mili and why she became like this, what happened with her. Rags and Menka see Mili and say their plan got easy. Suhani gets crackers and puts around Mili. Rags and Menka also put some crackers. Suhani lights the crackers. Gauri starts screaming by the crackers light and sound. Rags, Menka and Suhani look on. Gauri recalls her childhood incident, where she fell down a cracker burnt her face. Gauri shouts and Dadi smiles seeing her. Gauri faints and Suhani holds her in her lap. She gets worried for Mili.

Suhani asks Mili did she come here before. Gauri says yes. Suhani asks when did she come. Dadi, Rags and Menka looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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