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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya and Suhani having a talk as they have managed it well today. Pratima comes and says talent never hides, am I right Suhani. Yuvraaj hears this and stands behind her. Rags comes and tells Soumya that Dadi is calling her. Pratima says she wants to talk Suhani. Yuvraaj leaves. Dadi gives her an envelope for cooking well. Soumya is shocked seeing 1 lakh cheque. Pratima says I know you cooked the food, why did you cheat Dadi, did you do this before. Dadi tells Soumya to trust her and wait till morning. Soumya says I m feeling strange. Dadi says I m feeling strange as you are refusing this, you have to take it. Soumya leaves. Menka tells Rags that Dadi does not value us. Rags says we will play Suhani and Soumya’s band, Dadi did the right thing, tomorrow morning will

bring entertainment.

Pratima says I don’t know what will happen, but you always did the right thing, how can you lie today to Dadi for Soumya, its wrong. She asks her to go and take rest. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that you should have known it that Suhani made the food. Yiuvraaj says maybe, but she did not say it. Sharad says Suhani can do anything to help others. He says he is happy that Pratima did the mistake and he married Suhani. Yuvraaj says but I don’t love her. Sharad says but you care. Yuvraaj says Suhani deserves love, I felt Soumya is same, the girl I loved, but no, she has cheated me even today.

Soumya comes to Suhani and says she wants to talk. She says Yuvraaj has more right on you. Suhani says yes, but he went for walk. Soumya says sorry, she wanted to tell Pratima and Dadi that you cooked food, I should not take your credit. Suhani says yes, you did mistake and you will be punished. Soumya says whatever you say. Suhani says you are my sister, I m happy that everyone accepted you. Soumya thanks and hugs her. She says you are my life’s biggest support and see this, Dadi gave me this cheque for cooking. Suhani says 1 lakh rs. Soumya says yes, I refused but Dadi gave me, I m thinking to return her tomorrow, what do you say. Suhani says leave it, lets see tomorrow.

Soumya says you take rest, I will go, good night. Yuvraaj comes on the room and sees Suhani working. He asks is she fine to keep room clean. Suhani says you are talking bitter. He says did I? I was just surprised. She says no, you taunted me like an old mum in law. Yuvraaj sees her annoyed. He asks whats this now. She says can’t you see I m annoyed. He smiles and asks really, you don’t know to get annoyed. She smiles and says you are right, I should not be annoyed, I got a good family, everyone loves me, and you, you are Sadu, but you take care of me. She says she loves him after Amitabh, and thanks for coming in her life.

She says Lord gave me so much happiness, I wish Soumya also got a good family, a husband like you….He gets angry and goes to bathroom. Its morning, Menka tells Soumya did not come till now. Dadi asks her to sit quiet. Soumya comes and greets good morning. Soumya tells she can’t take the cheque, she gave her place to stay, its enough, why this cheque. Dadi says you will get answer in evening, till then keep this. She asks her to call Suhani, and asks Rags and Menka to call their husbands as she has to talk. Krishna gets ready and asks for breakfast. Rakhi comes and says she is not feeling well. He asks her to view tv less and leaves.

Dadi tells everyone that she has called the press conference at home for choosing face of the year. She says make guest list with Saxena. Saurabh says I will make with Anuj. Anuj says call him at home. Anuj and Saurabh leave. Yuvraaj smiles. Dadi calls Suhani and asks her to do the arrangements. Suhani says yes, this time there won’t be anything wrong, as Soumya is with me. Dadi says no, we are going parlour with Soumya. Pratima says then Suhani will also go. Dadi says she does not like. Soumya says she hates it. Menka says Rags’ hair was cut last time, and this time nose can cut. Dadi says Suhani has work, till I come back, everything should be done.

Suhani says yes, and asks Soumya to have fun. Pratima gets annoyed and leaves. Suhani does the arrangements and Saurabh praises it. He says its tough to impress Dadi and Rags. She says but you married her. He says yes, I m talented and they laugh. She says why don’t you make her model, Saxena is finding model. Saurabh says Dadi has stopped her, as Rags was a model before marriage. Suhani says what do you think, whom will Dadi choose this time. Saurabh says lets see and focuses on her. DAdi, Rags, Menka home. Suhani says you all look good, where is Soumya.

Dadi says she is coming, its good if she comes late. Dadi taunts Suhani and they laugh. Suhani says sit, I will get water. Rags asks Saurabh where is Yuvraaj. He says he will be in his room. Soumya comes and hugs Dadi. Dadi says you are looking pretty. Soumya thanks her. Rags asks her to meet Suhani, as she wants to see her. Soumya goes. Menka says but Suhani is in kitchen, Yuvraaj is there. Dadi says I want this, Yuvraaj should see her and he should realize what he could have got, and now he is with Suhani. Soumya comes in room and sees Yuvraaj. He is shocked seeing her.

Saxena calls Yuvraaj to reveal face of the year. Pratima says Dadi always did it, whats the matter today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think suhani is a face of the year. I hate sowmya supid

  2. wow great soumya will get launched soon n yuvi and soumya will be together

  3. Suhani always helping everyone to make them happy…y don’t this stupid dadi always taunting her…colour is not a problem…character is important…sourya doesn’t deserve suhani’s friendship and tat 1 lakhs. … Birla family always looks for outside beauty except pratima and sharad …

    1. I agree with u pragya……

  4. Face of the year??????? Oh no…..i dnt beliv dadi…….frm wer she is geting ths stupid ideas…….i dnt undrstnd y se cant evn see the eforts of suhani atlest once……

  5. I hate somya, please, she cheats every one

  6. I hate somya, she cheats every one

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