Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima shouting she will never bless this relation. Dadi says Pratima is in shock, and blesses Barbie and Yuvraaj. Menka tells Rags that you have to do grahpravesh now. Shakuntala thanks Dadi for keeping her promise. Dadi says I always keep my words. She asks Barbie to keep Yuvraaj happy. Yuvraaj says I will just talk to Maa and come. Dadi says meet her later, she is angry. He says no, you know I can’t leave Maa alone. He goes. Dadi says Barbie you are bahu of this house now, Pratima is imp for Yuvraaj, you have to win her trust. Barbie says don’t worry, I will take care. Menka says this marriage happened for baby, why is Dadi saying this. Rags says I knew this, Barbie has some other plan that’s why she married. Barbie asks Rags to do her aarti according to the

bet. Rags asks Barbie to follow what Dadi said, don’t come in my way. Rags leaves. Dadi asks Barbie not to get in these matters. Barbie hugs Shakuntala and says see what dramas happen in this house now. She smiles wicked way. She asks Ramesh to keep her bags in Yuvraaj’s room.

Rakhi tells Lalita that Soumya gave away money to people. Soumya says you asked me to become Devi, charity is also imp. Lalita says I think, we have to teach her. She tries hurting Soumya. Soumya gets angry and takes a trishul in her hand. She asks will you tell Krishna. Krishna comes and asks what do you want to tell me Rakhi.

Pratima is angry on Saurabh. Sharad says we all know this, its not Saurabh’s mistake. Pratima says what, you all got Barbie here in this house by supporting Dadi. Barbie asks Ramesh to get kesar milk for her. Rags and Menka taunt Barbie. Pratima asks all of them to get out of her room. Bhavna says listen to us. Pratima says Sharad, you forgot that Suhani fought with everyone to get your rights and place, and Saurabh you are my son, you cheated me, how. You don’t have any solid reason to do this. Yuvraaj comes and says we had a reason. We lost Suhani, but I don’t want to lose this baby, it was Suhani’s last wish, we did mistake once, we had no way, Barbie was going for abortion, this baby is Suhani’s last sign. Pratima says no, Suhani is fine and she will come back, why are you all staring at me, you all feel I have gone mad, that Akhand jyot did not blow off that day, why did you all not wait for Suhani, what will Yuvraaj answer her when she comes back. Yuvraaj hugs her and asks her to relax. Pratima cries. Yuvraaj sends everyone. He says we will sit and talk. He says we need this baby. She says no, this was not needed, how can you do this with Suhani.

Krishna asks whats happening here. Rakhi says Soumya did all this and shows the video to Krishna. Soumya asks Krishna to trust her, this video is incomplete. Rakhi says she did all this. Krishna slaps Rakhi. Lalita says its Soumya’s mistake, not Rakhi’s. Krishna scolds Rakhi for making video with Soumya when all this happened. He asks Soumya when did this happen. She says 2 weeks ago, they are scaring me by video and making me do bad things, they are looting people by making me Devi. Krishna says why did you not tell this to me about this. She says I felt you will get angry and leave me. He hugs her and says I have to teach them a lesson now.

Barbie argues with Rags and asks her to manage her husband. Rags says stay away, don’t dare to come close to me. Barbie acts to fall down and Rags asks did you get mad. Barbie asks why did you push me and cries. Rags says stop it, I did not push you. Sharad and Bhavna come there and hold Barbie. Barbie says this baby is of this house. Saurabh scolds Rags. Yuvraaj comes and asks whats happening. Sharad says Rags pushed Barbie. Rags says shut up Sharad, I did not do anything. No one believe Rags. Yuvraaj scolds Rags and says Barbie is pregnant, behave yourself. Rags asks Saurabh to believe her. Saurabh says you messaged Maa and told her, see Maa’s state now. Ramesh gives kesar milk to Barbie. Barbie says doctor asked me to eat something every two hours. Yuvraaj asks Rags to be away from Barbie. Menka tells Rags that Barbie is very dangerous. Dadi looks on.

Rags and Saurabh argue in the room over Barbie and coming baby. Rags says you will know I m right when Barbie snatches everything. He blames her for all this, as she refused for having a baby. Yuvraaj recalls Pratima’s words. He thinks Suhani is not coming near me. He gets sad and reads Suhani’s diary what she wrote about her wedding night. He recalls the first night and smiles.

She writes about snoopi who was with them in the room, thanks to snoopi who ended her fears and made her close to Yuvraaj. He laughs and says Suhani is so stupid, just come back once. He cries. He wishes Pratima is right, come back, I will tell this story to our child, I promise I will see amitabh’s movies, just come back.

Dadi scolds Barbie for shopping over 5 lakhs and booking jewelry also. Barbie says you have to pay the bill, else I will tell everyone that you lied to them about my pregnancy, I m not pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only rags part is gud…all others are so dumb,,,I evn felt lyk slapping Bhavna…they confirmed Suhani’s death so easily…!stupid…Pratima shld never 4give them…^also Rags cried 2day..I hv never seen her crying b4…

  2. Thank God…Barbie is not pregnant…She fooled evryone…anyways they deserve this…they knw all that wat Dadi did till nw and still obeyed her for no reason..they deserve this..fools

  3. For once Rags is telling everyone the truth and no one believes her. Maybe now dadi might think she’s made a mistake. Re the pre-cap, hope someone overhears them talking. Still no hint of Suhani coming back.

  4. I knew it that its dadi’s plan..but can anyone please tell me that how did suhani got in this when suhani will come back they will show another pregnancy,divorce drama.but if they go practicaly then according to law when 1st wife is alive and not divorced then 2nd marriage doesn’t exist and they can send barbie to jail in blackmailing and fraud charges.but as we know its GREAT INDIAN TV the will drag with some crap of divorce

  5. Kill dadi and barbie.

  6. WHAT THE HECK!! SHES NOT PREGNANT OMG SUHANI WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE COME BACK!!SAVE THE BIRLAS ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN YUVRAJ AND HIS BROTHERS!!PLEASE COME BACK AND I CANT BELIEVE IM SAYING THIS BUT PLEASE ALSO SAVE RAGS AND MENKA FROM BARBIE!!I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT DADI I DONT CARE IF SHE GOES BANKRUPT BUT SUHANI PLEASE COME TO SAVE YOUR YUVRAJ AND THEY GOT MARRIED HURRY UP SUHANI BEFORE BARBIE DRUGS YUVRAJ TO SPEND A NIGHT WITH HIM!! YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS AND DETERMINED THIS BARBIE IS PLEASE COME SOON!!!! Btw all of you who are saying suhani shouldn’t forgive yuvraj! Why are you guys saying that what yuvraj did was under pressure and they were emotionally blackmailing him and yuvraj would’ve never married Barbie it was only because dadi and Barbie were emotionally blackmailing him using the word “suhani’s Baby” you all are so hard towards yuvraj like it’s not his fault and he wasn’t even happy when taking phera’s you guys only see suhani’s pain but what about yuvraj? Also he did wait for SUHANI where did he not look he looked for her almost everywhere but he got nothing why because Barbie always came in their way at least he himself didn’t offer to he married to barbie he did it under pressure and only thinking about suhani right! I don’t understand why you all just look at the heroine’s problems at least sometimes look at it from the guys perspective too!!!

    1. Sorry i don’t agree with you.
      what do you think ? This is possibble.ab tak kusiko ye nahi patha suhani ko kya she alive or not?uska dead body bhi nahi mila.pyaar ka ek roop intezaar hota hai.or pyaar mein himmath bhi hoti hai.yee haar manene walo ka pyar ka kya matalab ho saktha jai.agar pressure mein hum kuch bhi kar sakthe ho tho phir zindagi ka kya matlab hai.presdure mein agar use kahe maa ko maro?kya wo karega aise.wo kya hum.koi bhi nahi karega.iske pehle hum apne aapko maar doonga.
      suhani ko jakar ek hafta hua hai uske baad ye sab hona kya yuvi shak karna chahiye.kyuki jin halotho mein suhani gayab hui wo itna normal tha hi nahi.kam se kam ye pata karna chahiye what happened to her?no one expect pratima forget hr.

      1. I don’t agree at all and ur comment on slapping a mom that’s just overthinking it and Suhani is alive for your information:)

    2. i am agree with you sana they all are blaming yuvraj only

  7. today pratima portion are tooo good…

  8. Pratima &rags were too good.
    Good to see krishna supporting soumya &not being a dumbo. Plz come back soon suhani, missing u. ……

    1. ya Krishna’s part was too good….

  9. Tmrw Suhani will come iam sure about that

  10. suhani looks so good in her new look

    1. I also wana see.. Plz help.. 🙂

  11. What a load of BS — no one in their right mind gets married a day after their supposedly wife has passed away – blackmail or no blackmail

    It was never confirmed Barbie was pregnant- just her word obviously is good enough

    In respect of Rags yes it is nice for her to show she has some feelings towards Suhani

    Dadi could Kill someone cold bloodly
    But the family would forgive and forget – I mean she’s already got away with so much

    They give her silent treatment and that was her punishment lmao

  12. Sandra s thannickal

    Plz bring back suhani.

  13. pls suhani should come back now that shows in the pre cap berbie confessing that she isn’t pregnant, berbie and dadi needs to be exposed to the entire family and barvna if suhani was I your position she wouldn’t have given up on you even if everyone did anyway its just a show but I love suhani she have a good heart and believes that everyone deserves a second chance pls make her to appear more cautious of people now regarding about berbie and dadi.

  14. Shraddha Sharma

    I was thinking right that this barbie and dadi want Suhani to leave yuvraj and make yuvraj married to beautiful girl…
    I hope iss baar rags and menka dadi or barbie ka sach bahar le kr aaye or sudhar jaaye and dadi and barbie ko jail ho jaaye itna bada crime krne ke chakkar me…. or suhani yuvraj ko or sbhi ko itni badi galti ke kabhi maaf na kre….

  15. I always read the updates but don’t comment but after today’s episode i just can’t resist
    It was awesome
    Finally Rags became mature enough I mean she got some sense and menka too 🙂
    I hope the three of them (rags menka and pratima) gets to know about dadi and barbie’s plans soon

  16. Has anybdy seen Suhani’s new look? If yes,plz gv me d link..

    1. Hi dis s my frst comment in dis page bt everyday i will read all comment u asked suhani’s new look rite

  17. OMG!!! barbie is not pregnent…very nice precap..dadi ko toh aisa hi hona chahiye..

  18. thankgod! barbie is nt pregnent

  19. suhani ki ye halt kaise hui?can anyone please tell me?i mean who is responsible for her this state?

    1. Suhani was kidnapped by goons arranged by Barbie.Suhani was thrown in the forest, all family members got the information of Suhani in the forest and went there to find Suhani. Barbie noticed Suhani lying down unconscious and pushed her down further so that none of the family members find her. The police saw blood and informed them that Suhani might have been killed by wild animals.After 3 days some people saw Suhani in the forest and admitted her in the hospital. But all the family members assumed that Suhani is dead except Pratima.

  20. fools…… hw cn yuvraj cn evn thnk suhani is dead..

  21. Stupid bh members how could do this for suhaniii…
    but happy soon she enter bh for revenge..
    super exciting

  22. What a nonsense.we can’t bear this anymore.It’s too boring without suhaani.It’s too dragging.please make suhaani come back atleast for the sake of the rating of the serial.please…

  23. Check out Suhani’s new look here.

  24. i want some1 to slap dadis face….like soumya or sme1 …bcus its no use calling her the elderly of the family if she herself tries to create misunderstandings ,,,,,,,and act quite immature for her age…………………

  25. suha come fast we are missssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuu sooo much

  26. i think aj ke precap me yahi dikhayege ki suhani is bach

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